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Packing for Portugal

This week, I’m packing for Portugal. Planning, making lists, trying on outfits, getting ready to pack for a month away from home.

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What’s Your Travel Personality?

To make travel enjoyable, everyone needs to know their travel personality. What you like & dislike. What you want to do & what you don’t.

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Travelling and Unravelling

This week we’re travelling. Camping in the Ottawa Valley. And as we sit by the campfire we’ll be waxing nostalgic about other trips we’ve taken.

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On Breathing: Croatia Part III

We schedule time to breath into our travel plans. Time to slow down, to do nothing, to recharge our batteries.

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Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Now that we’re retired we find it easy to travel within our travel budget… and we don’t do “budget travel” either. Here’s how we do it.

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how not to look like a tourist

On Being a Tourist

It seems that looking like a tourist is something to be avoided at all costs, according to my research. Pah. What’s up with that?

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emotional fatigue

Plan, Pack, Unpack, Repeat

Only one week until Elizabeth and I fly off for our long hoped for, and finally happening, trip to England. I say “long hoped for” because we wanted to make this trip, hoped to make this trip, years and years …

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Planning for England.

  Only two more months and my friend and I will be winging our way to England. We’re trying hard not to be excited. Not yet. There’s too much planning to do before we lean back, take a sip of …

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40+ fashion

Planning a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

We’re heading off on a big trip to South America. I will need a varied wardrobe. Packing for travel can be complex. So I’m doing my research.

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