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Bull Durham

Why I Love Golf. And It’s Not Why You Think.

I love golf and it's not why you think. I played for years and liked it. But now that I'm not playing I love it. Guess why.
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40+ fashion

Getting Out More: The Secret to Healthy Aging for You and Your Wardrobe

Getting out more is the secret to healthy aging. With us and with our closet, with deciding to keep aging clothes or not.
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Not Just Sittin’ Around, Grace.

I'm not just sitting around in my retirement, and it bugs me when people think that I am. Even Grace Coddington.
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Happiness Is … What Exactly?

Happiness is... what exactly? It's definitely not comparing our life to the lives of others. Far better to be grateful for what we have.
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When We Were Grown-Ups

When are we officially an adult? When we move away from home, take financial responsibility for ourselves, or begin to chart the course of our own life?
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