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Tales From My Travel Journal : Ireland

I’ve kept a travel journal for years. I started recording our canoeing adventures back in the eighties, mostly because pictures cannot capture the essence of a trip like words can. Pictures cannot convey the misery of a sleepless night in …

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Our Top 5 Tiny, Quirky Travel Destinations

It’s snowing today. And it’s still only November. Sigh. Just like last year. So this morning… as snow wafts down past the window of my den, Hubby is out chopping wood for the fireplace, and I’m sipping tea and leafing …

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Eirinn go Brach : On Irish Books and Ireland

I’m a binge reader. If I  find an author I like or become interested in an era or a place, I will read everything I can get my hands on written by or about my new interest…fiction, memoir, biography…anything. One …

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