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Not Just Sittin’ Around, Grace.

I’m retired from teaching as most of you know if you read this blog regularly. And if you don’t, well… I’m retired, as I said. And Grace Coddington is not. I retired three years ago after thirty years in the …

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Chateau Chambord

The Last Post… About France … Cue the Bugle Music ♫ ♫

I feel like I should quote a Beatles’ song to describe most of our trip this spring… you know the one that goes…”the.. long.. and.. winding road…♫ da-da-da.”  That’s because we did a whole lot of driving in the month …

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Causses et Cevennes

Wishing We Could Linger in Languedoc

So, back to my story. Now where were we…. literally? Oh yes, we had just enjoyed a sunny, albeit windy, week in Provence. And we were headed north to the Loire Valley. Hubby had done his research and plotted our …

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Provence and Sunshine… Our Ongoing Journey Through France

Finally, finally two weeks into our trip to France, we arrived in Provence, and encountered sunshine and warmer temperatures. It was even hot one day. Ahhhh. That felt good. The best thing about staying in self-catered accommodation is the freedom …

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Alpe D'Huez

Up, Up, Up… On the Trail of the Tour De France

Remember the opening line of the “Friendly Giant,” that lovely children’s television show from the sixties? “Look up…. look wa-ay up?” Well, it kind of sums up the next couple of days of our trip. That’s because we were on …

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Enroute to Provence. Looking for Sun and Stress-Free Living.

Yep, we’re in Provence….finally. After several emotional days in the World War I battlefields of the north we were ready for sun and stress-free living. Ha! Let’s see, where shall I start? Rain, wind, GPS troubles, narrow one way streets with …

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A Moveable Feast

Paris Dreaming

The view from my window these past three days has varied, to say the least. From brown grass and ice-covered river, to sideways snowfall, to nothing while the freezing rain pelted my window and obscured the view altogether, and finally to a limp, …

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