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Star Wars Day Report: Physics, Food, Fashion.

On this Star Wars Day, 2021, here’s my report of the state of my world. A little food chat, some physics, and a bit of fashion.

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Our Healthy Eating Journey

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages. Ever since Hubby suggested it. Because food is such an important part of our lives, and always has been. When Hubby and I first met, I used to laugh that we …

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Anna Maria Tremanti

Can Eating Right Be Wrong? My “Clean-Eating” Journey.

I heard an interesting segment on CBC radio one morning a few months ago. Anna Maria Tremanti, the host of “The Current,” was interviewing Dr. Steven Bratman, along with psychology professor Thom Dunn and registered dieticians Casey Berglund and Mélanie …

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"Twelve Days of Christmas"

The Order of Good Cheer… Twenty-first Century Style

Yes, we Canadians have been dispelling the cold and the darkness of winter… not to mention scurvy… for many long years now. It all began when the original French settlers came to Canada (or New France as they called it) …

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