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Meanwhile… Back At The Ranch… Taking Stock

Let’s have an update on our fall so far, shall we? Our painful adventures. Or should I say, our adventures in pain. Back at the ranch.

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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods… or… Algonquin Bound Without a Canoe

This week Hubby and I went for a walk in the woods. A couple of walks, actually. Along the trails in Algonquin Park.             Usually when we walk in these particular woods, we have three or four …

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Carol Burnett

Sometimes You Just Really, Really Need A Good Laugh.

So. Things have been pretty fraught around the old homestead lately. Pretty tense. I’d say we’re living in an atmosphere of anticipation and dread in equal proportions. You see Hubby had a bad fall last spring playing hockey. He hurt …

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being alone

All Alone. And Loving It.

The house is quiet this morning. Really quiet. Except for a few creaks. The birds chirping in the backyard. A lawnmower starting somewhere over the river. And the sounds of my keyboard clicking. Hubby is away all week canoeing and fishing in …

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Burritt's Rapids

Training for the Tour… Motivating Myself to Stay Fit

    Less than a week to go now, before the start of the Tour de France. I’m a big fan. But you probably already know that if you read my blog regularly. A highlight (actually two highlights) of our …

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Anna Maria Tremanti

Can Eating Right Be Wrong? My “Clean-Eating” Journey.

I heard an interesting segment on CBC radio one morning a few months ago. Anna Maria Tremanti, the host of “The Current,” was interviewing Dr. Steven Bratman, along with psychology professor Thom Dunn and registered dieticians Casey Berglund and Mélanie …

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cross-country skiing

Surviving Winter and Staying Fit… AND Sane.

It has been a great winter for snow so far. And by great, I mean that we’ve had lots of it, although nothing like the huge dumps they’ve had further east. Hubby says that it’s been many years since we’ve …

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cross-country skiing

Fit After Fifty: It’s All in the Numbers

Yesterday Hubby and I went cross-country skiing for the first time this season. The weather was gorgeous… sunny and -5 Celsius. Perfect skiing weather. The river looked beautiful in the sunshine. I’ve been sick with a cold and sinus infection this week, …

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Fit After Fifty … The Saga Continues

At the beginning of September I wrote a post about staying fit after fifty, and after retirement. Battling what I call “slippage.”  I was writing about my own life, the difficulty of keeping fit over time and the changes wrought by …

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Bull Durham

Why I Love Golf

I love golf. I started to play not long after I met my husband. He’s an avid and excellent golfer and has been playing since he was a teenager. It all started with his teaching me to swing the club …

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