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Styling My Anti-Haul Haul

I’m styling pieces from my anti-haul haul. And talking about the whole idea of hauls. Just when I was sure so that term was dead and buried.

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ethical shopping

Fast Fashion Lapse

I’m mostly a slow fashion devotee. I buy quality and keep my clothes a long time. But lately I veered over into the fast fashion lane.

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closet organization

Is It Possible To Be An Ethical Shopper?

It’s the dead of winter here in Ottawa, the dead time between New Year’s and the return of normal life. Back in the day, I would fill this weirdly unreal time (between the craziness of Christmas, and the start of …

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40+ fashion

In Praise of Slow Fashion

Contrary to appearances, shopping is not my favourite activity in life. I know that many people, who think they know me better than they actually do, will gasp in shock when (and if) they read that sentence. I love clothes. …

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