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dressing for dining outdoors

Rugging Up For Lunch

Now that fall is upon us rugging up for lunch or dinner on a patio is essential. We want to be warm, but not too hot, and still look good.

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Closet editing

Fall Rite of Passage: Turning My Closet

I’m turning my closet today. A seasonal rite of passage. Storing spring and summer garments and bringing out my fall clothes.

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Fall 2020 Musings… Fashion and Otherwise

I’m musing about fall 2020 this week. About crisp mornings and cool evenings. About new fall clothes and old friends.

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back to school

Feeling Fall-ish?

It’s almost fall. Time for fall fashion, and for the kids and teachers to go back to school. Are you feeling fall-ish yet?

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fall colours

Fall Rhapsody in My Closet

Now that we’re home from our trip, I’m excited to not be living out of a suitcase. And to be wearing all the fall colours in my closet.

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curating my closet

Curating My Fall Closet

Let’s talk fall fashion, shall we? It’s almost the end of August and high time I did my fall closet inventory. Time to look at what I own, decide what I plan to do with what I own, and figure …

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40+ fashion

Thoughts of Boots

I once had a biology professor who could see the lighthearted side of just about anything. I remember one morning he strolled to the front of the lecture hall, stood for a moment stroking his chin pensively, and began,”Imagine this. …

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Shifting Into Fall

It’s September and here in Ottawa we are shifting into fall. Big time. With dropping temperatures, cool nights, and rainy, windy days. And I have been shifting gears as well. Not like in the old days of lesson prepping and …

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fall fashion

Seeking Fall Inspiration

Fall will be upon us before we know it, folks. And when it comes time to look critically at my fall and winter closet, to do my inventory, and make my list of what I might need, or want, I …

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40+ fashion

Miracle on 34th Street … Finding My Perfect Fall Coat

  I’ve been fall coat shopping. For a while now. I needed a coat for those fall days when it’s a bit too cold for a blazer, and not yet cold enough to haul out the winter coat. I want …

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