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bad hair days

Hair Management: Learning to Live With Wilful Locks

You know, sometimes when life gets very serious, it’s good to stop and stress about something not so serious. Like hair. Wilful, mind of its own, totally misbehaving, unmanageable hair. Like mine. Because as you are no doubt aware, if …

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curly hair

The Ongoing Battle With My Authentic Hair

So here’s the story. For months now I’ve been battling with my hair. Or to be more precise battling with myself, over my hair. Trying to back off, be a little less controlling, a little less of an annoyingly anal perfectionist. …

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’m a bit obsessed with my hair. I’ve been like this as long as I can remember. Partly because my hair is so very hard to control, always going its own wavy way, frequently frizzy, with crazy curlicues in places …

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bad hair cuts

A Hair Story

Is it just me or does everyone obsess over their hair?    Natalie Goldberg said in her book Writing Down the Bones that when all else fails…and you can’t come up with anything else to write about… “write a hair …

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