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Bay of Islands New Zealand

To Cruise… Or Not To Cruise

To cruise or not to cruise? Not to cruise, is our choice. Unless it's a small and short eco-cruise on a sailboat like we did In New Zealand.
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Algonquin Park

My Almost Last Trip to Algonquin Park

This ill-fated trip to Algonquin Park in 2014 could have been my last trip. Ever. And maybe it will be. But I am sure glad we went.
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Clingman's Dome

Mountain Time: Spring Road Trip Part II

Part 2 of our spring getaway was spent in North Carolina. Hiking, getting lost a little, driving some magnificent roads, and relaxing too.
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Spring Found… Our April Escape Part I

We are trying to get away from the last vestiges of a Canadian winter by escaping to Charleston South Carolina for some warmth and relaxation.
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Chateau Chambord

The Last Post… About France … Cue the Bugle Music ♫ ♫

This is my last post about our trip to France. Gorges, and hairy roads, chateaux, and charming accommodations. We were sad to come home.
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40+ fashion

Paris Etc… What They Wore, What I Wore

I'm reviewing what I wore in Paris. What I packed that worked. And what didn't. Sometimes planning pays off, and sometimes not.
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Causses et Cevennes

Wishing We Could Linger in Languedoc

So, back to my story. Now where were we…. literally? Oh yes, we had just enjoyed a sunny, albeit windy, week in Provence. And we were headed north to the Loire Valley. Hubby had done his research and plotted our ...
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Provence and Sunshine… Our Ongoing Journey Through France

We are in Provence this week. Continuing our wonderful trip through France. Seeing lots of Roman ruins and plenty of sunshine.
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Alpe D'Huez

Up, Up, Up… On the Trail of the Tour De France

Remember the opening line of the “Friendly Giant,” that lovely children’s television show from the sixties? “Look up…. look wa-ay up?” Well, it kind of sums up the next couple of days of our trip. That’s because we were on ...
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Enroute to Provence. Looking for Sun and Stress-Free Living.

Our trip to France continues with treelined roads, vineyards, great wine, and getting lost in the rain. All part of the experience, though.
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