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Wrapping Up England: Peaks, Valleys, and Friendship

I'm wrapping up our trip to England. It was not the trip of my dreams. But we saw wonderful sights and met wonderful people.
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Doings in Bath

I have long wanted to visit Bath, England. And my time there did not disappoint. Especially my solitary Jane Austen fest.
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London Calling

Hi. This is London Calling. We're finally here. Tired, a bit stressed, but here. And it's wonderful.
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Bonnechere River

On Camping and Marriage

I've been thinking this week about camping and marriage. They're the same.
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On Winning the Birth Lottery

In Peru we learned that, however undeserved, we have won the birth lottery.
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how Peru changed my world view

Peru Under My Skin

Without too much exaggeration I think I can say that I’ve got Peru under my skin. And I won’t be done with thinking about it, and processing our experiences there, for a while. I guess this is one of the ...
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Loving Travel in Peru

We continue our South American adventure in Peru this week. What an amazing place. We are totally in love with Peru now.
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El Calafate

Patagonia: Like Falling in Love

We're travelling in beautiful southern Patagonia this week. Walking, hiking, eating, and enjoying the stunning scenery.
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40+ fashion

Planning a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

We're heading off on a big trip to South America. I will need a varied wardrobe. Packing for travel can be complex. So I'm doing my research.
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Fall Wilderness Wanderings : Good for the Body and the Soul

Fall camping is one of my favourite things. No bugs, few people, gorgeous scenery. Here's a bit about our recent trip up the Ottawa Valley.
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