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Canadian perspective on Italian fashion

Italian Chic: One Canadian’s Perspective

Italian women are so chic. Even in jeans they look great. And I was pleased as punch to see sneakers on women all over Italy.
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Italy: The View from My Couch

We're back in Ottawa folks. And I'm still dreaming of and talking about Italy.
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Italy Prima Parte: Water, Water Everywhere

Despite the crowds and the flood (well, a small one) Venice was still wonderful.
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23 Days in Italy: Packed and Ready to Go

I'm planning and packing my travel wardrobe for Italy. Clothes for twenty-one days in one small suitcase.
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Planning My Travel Wardrobe for Italy

I'm planning my travel wardrobe for three weeks in Italy. Looking at old travel lists, and making decisions about what to pack.
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how not to look like a tourist

On Being a Tourist

It seems that looking like a tourist is something to be avoided at all costs, according to my research. Pah. What's up with that?
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Art Gallery of Ontario

Crazy for Georgia O’Keeffe Reprise

I may not know much about art or artists, but I know that I'm crazy for Georgia O'Keeffe.
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Tales from My Travel Journal: One More Portage

Years ago when Hubby and I were on our first canoe trip in Algonquin Park,  I thought we would never, ever get to our campsite. Paddling is slow business, and takes endurance and patience. Like the proverbial kid in the ...
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Tales from My Travel Journal: Adventures Downunder

Before I started writing a blog I was a dedicated writer in my travel journal. Here are some of my stories from our Australia trip in 2003.
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Tales From My Travel Journal : Ireland

I’ve kept a travel journal for years. I started recording our canoeing adventures back in the eighties, mostly because pictures cannot capture the essence of a trip like words can. Pictures cannot convey the misery of a sleepless night in ...
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