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Windblown and Sun-kissed: Croatia Part II

We're in the second week of our Balkan trip. Driving down the Croatian coast, and remembering why we travel in the first place.
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October in Croatia: Part I

October in Croatia has been wonderful. The perfect time to travel.
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Travelling Our Way in Beautiful Slovenia

We’re travelling in beautiful Slovenia this week. Driving back roads, meeting friendly people, and doing what we love best.
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My Fall Travel Wardrobe

Planning, choosing, and packing my travel wardrobe for four weeks in the Balkans.
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Fall travel

Five Reasons to Love Fall Travel

Fall travel is the best travel in our opinion.
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On Slow Travel and Gratitude

We’re savouring our slow travel this summer. And feeling grateful.
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On the Road and Trail… Again

We’re driving, hiking, biking, and buying art in Quebec this week.
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how travel enriches our lives

Why We Travel: Establishing Our Travel Priorities

In preparation for planning our next travel adventure, we're talking about why we travel in the first place.
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Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Now that we're retired we find it easy to travel within our travel budget... and we don't do "budget travel" either. Here's how we do it.
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Canadian perspective on Italian fashion

Italian Chic: One Canadian’s Perspective

Italian women are so chic. Even in jeans they look great. And I was pleased as punch to see sneakers on women all over Italy.
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