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“Hi. Happy New Year.”

I just dropped in to say Happy New Year. And to chat about nothing much, really. It’s amazing how lovely it is to chat about nothing much.

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coping with Covid-19

Thoughts on a Post-COVID World… by D.A. Wolf

Memories of pre-pandemic days. And hopes for the post-COVID world. A guest post from D.A. Wolf of the blog Daily Plate of Crazy.

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happy holidays

Happy Holidays: My December Vlog

Happy holidays, my friends. I hope you enjoy my December Vlog. We had a ton of fun making it. There’s tree cutting, baking, and even singing.

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Christmas perfection

Not Really A Christmas Post

This is not a Christmas post. Not really. It’s not a gift guide. Nor a how-to-dress for Christmas post. Mostly it’s about Christmas cake.

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fall activities

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Hubby and I are walking, and smoking (ha) and reading and reminiscing and walking some more. November Vlog.

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covid-19 measures

Hard Talk About the Holidays

With snow on the ground, Hubby and I have been thinking of our decision to stay home for the holidays. And have a celebration just for two.

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coping with Covid-19

When the Whole Year Is a Teachable Moment

2020 has been one heck of a year. A difficult year. One big teachable moment, in my opinion. And it’s not over yet.

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coping with anxiety

Bracing Myself for Winter and Whatever

Today I’m bracing myself for winter and whatever winter may bring. And by writing about my feelings I hope I can find a little sanguinity.

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Bye, Bye October: My First Monthly Vlog.

I’m excited to introduce to my first ever monthly vlog. A video about what Hubby and I are up to, what we’re doing and eating and thinking. Hope you like it.

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food memories

Memories of Food, Glorious Food.

Hubby and I share a love of food, glorious food. Good thing. I couldn’t be married to a man who wasn’t as obsessed with food as I am.

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