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Home Again, Back Again, All the Agains

My blog is back again, and I’m hoping that things run smoothly

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daily life

Late November Doings

November has been a wonderful month this year. Even late November, which is usually a dark, wet, harbinger of winter. But not this year.

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On Constraints and Herding Cats

Sometimes getting our thoughts in order is like herding cats. That’s why a little structure and a few constraints can make life better.

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What Does Solace Look Like?

What does solace look like for you? A warm bath and candles? A soothing and engaging book? A sisters’ shopping adventure? All of the above?

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I Need to Get My Act Together.

I need to get my act together, to get organized for fall. So I can get done what I must do, and still find time to to do what I want to do.

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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Turkey, down sleeping bags, travel, chip wagon fries?

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covid masks

Crazy Mixed Up World

Some weeks it seems this crazy mixed up world of ours is going to the dogs. And I despair. So I decide to buy a cabin in the woods. Far away.

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blog title

Streamside Chic… or… How My Other Half Lives

Hubby and I are still camping. I’m writing this on Monday and we are currently hunkering down out of the rain. I was thinking of a comment on my last post about living in the wilderness, and since I have …

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fashion cure

Can Fashion Cure What Ails You?

This sounds hopelessly shallow, but sometimes fashion is the best medicine for me. A cure for worried sleepless nights and difficult days.

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first day of school

September Feelings

It’s the first day of school today. And I’m feeling all the familiar September feelings. With a bit of nostalgia thrown in.

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