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family memories

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want. And sometimes, despite that, you still get what you need. And live a pretty privileged life.

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convoy protest

On Siege Related Rabbit Holes

Yep. It’s one big party here in the nation’s capital lately. For some. But for those of us who live here it feels like we are under siege.

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cross-country skiing

Of Winter, Logging, & Bologna Sandwiches

Sunny winter days remind me of my very short career as a logger. Or a logger’s assistant. Or something. Such a treasured memory of mine.

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The Vicissitudes of Winter

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of navigating the vicissitudes of winter this week. And having flashbacks about hard winters of the past.

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getting up early

On Being a Morning Person After All

I am NOT a morning person. I love nothing better than to crawl back into bed and burrow under the duvet. Except under certain circumstances.

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Christmas journeys

Christmas Journeys

I’ve made a few Christmas journeys in my time. I made a video of my Christmas Journeys so far this year. Hope you enjoy it.

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Home Again, Back Again, All the Agains

My blog is back again, and I’m hoping that things run smoothly

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daily life

Late November Doings

November has been a wonderful month this year. Even late November, which is usually a dark, wet, harbinger of winter. But not this year.

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On Constraints and Herding Cats

Sometimes getting our thoughts in order is like herding cats. That’s why a little structure and a few constraints can make life better.

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What Does Solace Look Like?

What does solace look like for you? A warm bath and candles? A soothing and engaging book? A sisters’ shopping adventure? All of the above?

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