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Season of Change?

I've always seen fall as the season of change. But now I'm wondering if I love fall for the changes it brings. Or for the opposite.
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death of Queen Elizabeth

The Week That Was

It sure was a week, my friends. A historic week in which we lost Queen Elizabeth. And many mourn her passing.
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Recalled to Life: Reflections on September

I always feel recalled to life in September. As if real life has been stalled all summer. And cooler weather kicks life back into gear again.
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it takes a village

Tales from the Village

It takes a village to raise a child. So, here are some tales from the village. The one which raised me and the one I was part of as a teacher.
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currently reading

When the World Is Too Much With Us

When the world is too much with us, my friends, what do we do? Withdraw, retreat, put our feet up, and read, read, read.
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Algonquin Park

Roads Less Travelled: June Camping

I made a video of our camping adventures this past week. The roads less travelled that we ventured down. Either in the truck or in the canoe.
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Reality Check 66

Time passes in chunks for me. And every few years I realize that a big chunk has gone by. And that is always a huge reality check.
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All About May

May is a complicated month emotionally don't you think? I've been thinking this week about May and what it means for me now, and in the past.
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On Love and Laughter and Having to Pee

After my latest sojourn in New Brunswick, I've come to the conclusion that love and laughter are the secret to growing old with equanimity.
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The Positivity Problem

Don't underestimate the power of positivity. But don't overestimate it either. Sometimes we need to reach out to professionals for help.
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