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Are You in a “Friends Recession”?

Retirement can trigger a friends recession if you let it. You need to take the initiative, and not let old friends disappear from your life.

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Merry Christmas from “The ‘Tick.”

Merry Christmas from “the ‘Tick.” Hope you have a good holiday, that makes you happy and content no matter what your Christmas traditions are.

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On Family Drama

Family drama. We all have it. But we should be careful how much family drama we make public. Because we can’t always take back our words.

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Here and Then There

No post this week, my friends.

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bathroom renovation

November Vlog: Makeover Stories

My November vlog is about makeover stories. Our recent bathroom renovation. And an exploration of MY daily makeover wrt skincare and makeup.

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Running on Retirement Time

Now that I’m retired I run my life on retirement time. Which is great. Except that I now seem utterly incapable of being on time.

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conversations over the backyard fence

Over the Backyard Fence

Let’s pretend that we’re standing in our backyards, holding our cups of tea. And we have a good natter over the backyard fence.

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Sister Support Network

When family dynamics change family relationships can suffer. But this week I’ve learned that my sister support network is alive and well.

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This is a test post

Good morning. This post is a test to see whether my emails will go out via Mail Chimp. If you’re getting this email…. hooray…. the problem has been solved. If not then it’s back to the drawing board. The photo …

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Staying Chic in the Face of Adversity

We’re undergoing bathroom renovation at the moment. That has caused major adversity when it comes to staying chic. Or at least presentable.

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