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Apologies from the Sick Room

My meatier posts have been postponed due to illness my friends. So here’s a little rambling reminiscing about salt water gargling.

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evolution of language

Down a Language Rabbit Hole

I fell down a couple of language rabbit holes this week. Discussing words and expressions. Precipitated by my new Zara jeans.

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My Week in La-La Land.

I’m spending too much time in la-la land. Reading books & watching films that transport me to another time & place. And getting stuck there.

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Are You in a “Friends Recession”?

Retirement can trigger a friends recession if you let it. You need to take the initiative, and not let old friends disappear from your life.

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Merry Christmas from “The ‘Tick.”

Merry Christmas from “the ‘Tick.” Hope you have a good holiday, that makes you happy and content no matter what your Christmas traditions are.

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On Family Drama

Family drama. We all have it. But we should be careful how much family drama we make public. Because we can’t always take back our words.

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Here and Then There

No post this week, my friends.

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bathroom renovation

November Vlog: Makeover Stories

My November vlog is about makeover stories. Our recent bathroom renovation. And an exploration of MY daily makeover wrt skincare and makeup.

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Running on Retirement Time

Now that I’m retired I run my life on retirement time. Which is great. Except that I now seem utterly incapable of being on time.

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conversations over the backyard fence

Over the Backyard Fence

Let’s pretend that we’re standing in our backyards, holding our cups of tea. And we have a good natter over the backyard fence.

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