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clothes therapy

In Need of Some Clothes Therapy

I've been in need of some clothes therapy, my friends. Dreaming of outfits can sometimes fix what ails me. And it worked a treat this week.
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cold weather dressing

Winter Deep Freeze Closet Edit

I completed a winter closet edit this week. The deep freeze edition. I needed to get out my heaviest sweaters and pack away the light ones.
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2022: Year of the “New Frugality”

How does an avowed slow fashion devotee get excited about a new year of shopping? I have a plan. And I'm calling it Sue's "New Frugality."
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Black Friday shopping

Black Friday: Just a Blip on the Radar?

Did you shop the Black Friday sales? Me neither. Can we hope that the Black Friday frenzy is perhaps becoming unfashionable? Nope. Not yet.
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being an influencer

Courage of Their Convictions. Or Not.

Do "influencers" have the courage of their convictions when it comes to promoting slow fashion and mindful consumption? Maybe yes. Maybe no.
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curated closet

Essentials in My Curated Closet

I'm digging into my curated closet this week and restyling some essential pieces. To see if I can get excited about wearing them again.
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downtown Ottawa

Out and About in Downtown Ottawa

This is a non-travel travel post, my friends. I'm going to walk around downtown Ottawa and go for tea at the Château Laurier. Want to come?
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fall fashion

Playing with Fall Fashion: October Vlog

In my October vlog, I'm playing with fall fashion. Trying to style two old sweaters to avoid buying a new one. Shopping my closet. Again.
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fall blazers

The Fall Blazer Window

I'm loving these weeks of crisp, sunny fall days. Great for wearing blazers as outwear. I call it the brief and wonderful fall blazer window.
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Building My Jeans Wardrobe

After years of searching for that one perfect pair of jeans, I have given up. I am embracing the concept of the "jeans wardrobe."
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