I have been wearing makeup for over fifty years. I know. That’s a long time. I must be an expert by now, eh? You’d think that after fifty years I’d be hard-pressed to learn any new makeup tricks. Not so, my friends. Not so.

I started wearing makeup back in grade ten. It was 1971. I was fifteen. After much nagging, I was given permission by my mum to wear a little makeup. And my sister Connie bought me my first makeup starter kit for Christmas … a soft coloured blusher and a small tube of mascara. Thus began my relationship with painting my face.

Gradually over the years, I wore more and more makeup. That kind of culminated when I worked in cosmetics for two years in the early eighties at a department store in Ottawa. Gad, I wore so much makeup back then. But it was the eighties. Everyone who wore makeup wore tons of it. Shoulder pads and too much eye makeup were de rigueur.

But for the past ten years I’ve slowly been pulling back on how much I paint my face. A few years ago I eschewed foundation for tinted moisturiser. I’d never been able to find a foundation that didn’t look cakey on my dry skin. Then a couple of years ago I discovered Laura Mercier’s cream eye-shadow sticks and pretty much stopped wearing powder eye-shadow. Now if I try to wear it, it looks too dark and overly made-up to me, and I wash it off. I stopped wearing eye-liner under my eyes years ago. And I stopped wearing noticeable eye-liner on my upper lids once the lovely girl on the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom taught me how to tight-line.

And recently I was forced to cut back even more. I left behind me at the security check-in at Ottawa Airport a small bag of several items of makeup that were supposed to be in my carry-on bag, and which I had to remove and place in the plastic bin. And in the struggle to repack my bag, find my ipad, put my scarf back on, and my coat and boots, I abandoned the little bag of liquid-ish things. Eye-shadow primer, under eye concealer, and my tube of tinted moisturiser. And, except for the eye-shadow primer, I’ve not missed them at all.

Especially now that I have found Jones Road Miracle Balm.

So what new makeup tricks have I discovered this spring? Well, that I need way less makeup than I thought I needed most of my adult life. And even less than I’ve been wearing these last two or three years. I feel that the less stuff I wear on my face the better my skin looks. Part of that is the Miracle Balm. It gives me a glowy look with a hint of colour. I’m wearing the colour “Pinched Cheeks” on my cheeks, and the highlighter balm “Happy Hour” dabbed just above my cheekbones. Sometimes I put a dab of the Pinched Cheeks on the bridge of my nose. And I use it as a dab of lipstick over my sheer lip balm, like below.

My new almost-no-makeup makeup back in April.

And now that I’m wearing less and less makeup, in the way that these things go, I’m seeing the almost-no-makeup look almost everywhere. Like in the Donna Karan spring 2024 ad campaign photo below. Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta, both age 50, looking beautiful and quite undone in their Donna Karan outfits. Of course they are wearing makeup. On their cheeks and eye brows and lips. But it’s all very understated. Especially the eyes. I love the undone eye. In fact I love their whole look, the way they are made-up to look, well, like themselves. Too bad Vogue didn’t do something like this with their September “Nineties Super Models Return” issue. But I think I said enough about that back in this post. So, let’s not go there again.

Donna Karan: New York Spring 2024 source

And finding that Donna Karan ad reminded me of all the kerfuffle around Pamela Anderson at last fall’s Paris Fashion week. The blonde bombshell of Baywatch emerged from her Paris hotel in her designer duds and no makeup. That sounds snarky, I know. I’ve never been a Pamela Anderson fan. And like the journalist Valerie Monroe, who wrote this article, I kept thinking, “What’s the catch?” I just could not see Pamela Anderson as a style icon. And after reading Monroe’s article, I guess maybe Anderson doesn’t see herself as a style icon either. Maybe she is tired of being a bombshell, and at age 56 she simply wants to redefine herself. And that’s fair.

So this is me, below, moving the makeup bar even lower earlier this week. I set off for a massage appointment with almost no makeup on. Except my Jones Road Miracle Balm, a swish of mascara, and a little eyebrow tint. No eyeshadow, no eyeliner, no cover-up to disguise my eternally red nose, no powder, no bronzer, no tinted moisturiser, no concealer. Just me with my bare (or almost bare) face hanging out… as we used to say when we were kids. As I sat in the car waiting for my appointment time, I decided to do the no-makeup-post thing on Instagram.

And I received a comment from a friend who used to work with me in the cosmetics department at Simpson’s back in the eighties. “I haven’t worn any makeup for a long time,” she wrote, “What would the Simpson’s girls think of us?” Ha. “What, indeed?” I thought. And chuckled.

Mostly make-up free last week

I can’t promise that I will always wear as little makeup as I did that day last week. Probably not, in fact. I’ll still wear brow tint on my brows so they don’t disappear. I still love eyeshadow, but applied with a much lighter hand, and a teensy slick of tight-lining at the base of my upper lashes, and mascara. And some cover-up around my nose which is always very red. And of course my Miracle Balm. But like the less-is-more makeup in that Donna Karan ad, I feel my new less-is-more makeup still makes me look like me. Not to mention the fact that since I stopped wearing tinted moisturiser on my face and concealer under my eyes, my freckles are clearly visible. I’d almost forgotten I had freckles.

Anyway, it’s not all about new makeup tricks this week. But about new styling tricks for a jacket which I didn’t love. And which I love a whole lot more now that I’ve replaced the buttons.

I wore my new white jacket with its new buttons yesterday.

My newly refurbished new jacket.

Here’s a closer look at the matte silver buttons chosen for me by the lovely owner of Darrell Thomas Textiles in Almonte, Ontario. You can see their button selection here, if you like. But, trust me, it’s much more fun to shop there in person.

Close-up of my new buttons from Darrell Thomas Textiles.

On Friday, I wore the white jacket with the new buttons, my black stretch ankle jeans from Uniqlo, a high-neck tank from Everlane, my Veja sneakers, and the COS bag I bought in Montreal in February. So I wore new purchase #1 and new purchase #2 when I went to shop for new purchase #3. But I’ll tell you about that in week or so. Only two more pieces to go if I am to meet my Rule of Five Challenge goal. And six more months left in the year. I will have to be strict with myself. Wish me luck.

Uniqlo slim ankle jeans, COS bag, Veja sneakers, Everlane tank

You know, I’m aware of the irony of choosing to talk this week about wearing less makeup and shopping for only five new pieces of apparel this year. I mean Monday was the Met Gala… the pinnacle of excess, of over-the-top fashion, of unwearable-in-real-life fashion. Where tickets go for up to $75,000. Not to mention the cost of the elaborate dresses. In which the celebrity guests appear on the red carpet only after they have been helped up the stairs by several assistants because their dresses are not conducive to actual movement.

So talking about “less” in a week when overconsumption was so clearly exhibited is ironic, I think. I’ve given short shrift to the Met Gala for a few years. For its representation of the ostentation of our culture. For its resulting orgy of celebrity worship. But this year it seemed so obviously tone deaf to world events.

The dress code this year was taken from a J.G. Ballard dystopian short story “The Garden of Time,” about a wealthy elite couple who hold off hordes of marauding poor threatening them and their hoarded wealth and security and privilege from the other side of a garden of magical flowers. I mean… did anyone attending actually read the story?

And if they read the story. And noticed the protestors outside the event? And juxtaposed the protestors’ message with the array of unbelievably costly, unwearable dresses, could they still miss the point? I mean, could they? Or is it all about wilful blindness?

Anyway. That’s it for me, this week, my friends.

As usual, please weigh in on anything you want to say in the comments. Controversial or banal. Complimentary or critical or whatever. Personal opinion, personal experience, commiseration … as long as you are polite and not rude… we’ll listen.

P.S. Here are links to the beauty products I’ve mentioned. Jones Road Miracle Balm. Chanel Inimitable Mascara. Chanel Le Gel Sourcils eyebrow tint. Laura Mercier Caviar cream eye shadow sticks.

P.P.S. The above links to makeup and clothes are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a small commission which helps to pay for the blog. If you’re not interested in shopping and you want to support my blog, you can always buy me a coffee. 🙂


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76 thoughts on “Old Dog Learns New Makeup Tricks”

  1. There was little to enjoy about the Met Gala this year. I found the extremely revealing outfits on many of the women to be concerning and many of the dresses were extremely ugly. The event jumped the shark for me quite a few years ago.
    I wear very little make up and have done so for years. Like you, I’ve never found a foundation that was comfortable to wear and I tend to use a tinted sunscreen when I’m going out during the day. Jones Road isn’t available here yet but I’d like to try it if/when it arrives.

    1. I just find the whole over-the-top production of the gala such a metaphor for what is happening in our world. I get that the money goes to help the Met Costume Institute… but wow…so much money and opulence in one place is kind of stomach-turning to me.

  2. Valeri Johnson

    I totally agree with your assessment of the Met Gala. Very ironic yet totally lost on the attendees and most watchers weren’t even aware of the protestors.

  3. Sue,you look amazing in your almost no-make up look,in full sunshine light. This Miracle Balm seems great. I’ve never wear a lot of make up, even in the evening,but a blush was/is a must,and a lipstick,a little bit of colour
    New buttons changed everything,you’ll wear your jacket a lot
    Completely agree with you about Met Gala

    1. I’m liking the jacket more and more. I didn’t put a link to it, though, since I can’t in good conscience recommend it. The quality is not very good. Hope things are good in stylish and lovely Zagreb. 🙂

  4. Makeup. Gosh. You’re lucky you have such an even skin tone. Me without makeup is a pretty ordinary sight. I’m blonde with pale eyelashes and eyebrows, many freckles, a red tint due to rosacea and there are scars from skin cancer.
    After SPF moisturiser, I wear a light foundation, a blush dust on the cheek apples and a lipstick of choice always held in place by a lipliner. But my eyes are the thing – I will always spend time on my eyebrows as they are after all, the frame to everyone’s eyes and eyes are the window of the soul.
    I use a dust of powder shadow. After the eyebrows, I always prime my lashes, allow the primer to set and then use one coat of mascara very carefully applied and spoolied. That’s it. Fifteen minutes tops. I’ve worn less, don’t like the pallid, red cheeked look and so will keep painting a picture each day. Here’s to it all working!
    Love your blog!

    1. I always do my brows even if nothing else. And I have started using an eyelash primer too. Ever since I was given a sample of one at the Chanel counter. It really helps stop my mascara from ending up on my face later in the day.

  5. Daily I fill-in my eyebrows, and apply lipstick when leaving home. Sometimes mascara if going further than my small town. I put on a brown cream eye shadow recently for a night out and received so many compliments. It clearly made a difference. I have been wearing less make-up for many years. I never wore foundation regularly and my hubs hates it. You look just as fab with less.

    1. After being told years and years ago about brows they are always a must for me too. But even when I do wear more makeup I rarely wear lipstick. My lips have enough colour and I feel better with just a sheer balm.

  6. I wear less and less makeup, too. This started during COVID when I couldn’t go in person to the makeup counter. I’ve wanted to try Jones Road but I’m not sure how to pick the correct color of miracle balm or quite sure how to use it. My mom always said a little blush and lipstick can go a long way and she is and was right. Now on to the Met Gala, except that it’s a charity function I’m not nor have I been impressed with all the hoopla. The ones who chose not to go are the ones I’m impressed with. These days I find it exasperating that people who entertain such as movie or sport stars make so much money and people who keep our society going make so little. But this topic is for another day.

    1. I just took the Jones Road quiz and they recommended a colour. I tried my sister’s “flushed” when I was in New Brunswick but prefer “pinched cheeks” because it has a bit more colour.

  7. I was struck by how the Met Gala was a real word recreation of the hideous excess and equity gaps of the capital city in the Hunger Games books and movies. Yet again capitalism and patriarchy showing all their negative qualities.
    Your new buttons make such a difference!! Love that jacket and that outfit. I think you have got this for the rule of five!!

  8. Sue: I consider your blog appointment reading so I’m not sure how to file my comment whether it be controversial, banal or critical. I have found those little facial razors to be a god-send for removal of facial peach fuzz, the bane of the post-menopause set. I hate to see a photo of me with my fuzzy aura backlit in the shot. They are game changers!


    1. Susan, have you considered that it isn’t necessary to express every single thought that runs through your brain? You might try filtering in the future.

      1. Ouch – I like Sue’s musings as they seem similar to how so many of us ruminate. I do at times speed read if her “thoughts”don’t resonate with me that day. But I’d miss her style if she tried to change. If it’s “your” blog do it as you want.

    2. Susan I shave my peach fuzz, but not everyone does. Sometimes I think the hair on my face grows faster than the hair on my head! I mainly object to the coarse black ones though. I don’t much care about peach fuzz but if it’s in the way, off it goes!

    3. Well, not sure how to reply to your comment, Susan, which I assume was kindly meant. I’ve always had “peach fuzz” as you call it… not just since menopause. So the “fuzzy aura” is not new to me. But what is new is people drawing attention to it. Not sure how to respond to that, actually. I guess if it doesn’t bother me, I’ll just ignore advice as to how to deal with it.

  9. Oh I’m very interested in your experience of the Jones Road Balm. I’ve read a lot of comments about how greasy it is and that put me right off. I don’t think older women look quite right with very glossy skin. So I’m curious about your experience. Did you find it greasy? What are your thoughts about the very glossy look for older women?
    I loved the photo of the two women in the Donna Karen advert but let’s not be fooled. They are truly beautiful women who would look good dragged through a hedge backwards. My guess is that quite a few products went into that no minimal make up look, plus the expert lighting. I recently heard a make up artist talking about all the products that went into a similar shoot and it was mind boggling. I think these photos give us mere mortals false hope whereas you look great, healthy and attractive. It’s a great look on you. Do tell me more about the Jones Road stuff before I waste more money on false hope. I’m thinking about going with the rule of 5 for make up but not skin care!

    1. I’m not fooled by the photo, Susannah. I just admire the attempt to make these beautiful women NOT look like they are still teenagers which is the norm. The fifty-something women photographed for the September issue of Vogue which I alluded to were so made up and photoshopped they looked as if they were in their twenties. While the two models in the Donna Karan ad very clearly do not .
      Not sure what you mean by glossy in your question. Have you seen the Jones Road videos which show older women using the products? They look great with a bit of gloss.
      I don’t think I would call the balm greasy. But you do have to emulsify it a bit in your hand before applying it. It doesn’t look greasy on at all. At least in my opinion. It is expensive though. I only bought the highlighter first. Then I tried my sister’s blush/balm, liked it, and ordered my own.

      1. Thanks for responding, it’s nice to feel a bit known. I do agree about “that Vogue “ issue . I felt really disappointed and then a bit silly for imagining they would do it any other way. And yes it’s great that older women are being given other images to try and play with other than
        images of very young women. I’m going to look up the Jones Rd videos with older women, I haven’t seen those so thanks for that. I know the balm isn’t cheap but apparently it’s quite a decent amount you get and lasts for ages. I love your Sunday morning reads. It’s like getting a letter and settling down with it. Thanks .

  10. >>I feel that the less stuff I wear on my face the better my skin looks.
    I totally agree. Less is more.

  11. The Jones Road Balms look wonderful and fresh on you Sue. Like Susannah, I’d heard it was greasy and that there is a bit of a learning curve to using it properly. Did you find that to be so?

    1. I don’t find it greasy. But I did have to play around with it. I also didn’t find the “flushed” which was the colour recommended for me did not have enough colour. I prefer the “pinched cheeks.” It does have to be reapplied after a few hours though. That might be because I applied it directly after my skin cream with no foundation or anything. I’m going to try to wait until my cream has set more and see if that is better.

    2. Kim, I find that the Miracle Balm feels kind of greasy on my hands as I’m softening it but never on my face. I’ve been using it for a couple of years. I’m 84 and have coloring very close to Sue’s…probably more wrinkles though. LOL

  12. First I have to say I do like the silver buttons much better than the gold.

    Second I was delighted you mentioned Jones Road Miracle Balm.
    Since I stopped coloring my hair and of course with aging I’ve been struggling with makeup and waisting lots of money. About six weeks ago I decided to try Miracle Balm in “Pinched Cheeks” and I love it too! I also purchased her lipstick product and loved that also. Now if I could only figure out how to do my eye makeup.

    1. Thanks, Paula. I love mine too. Hubby and I went shopping for plants for our flower garden the other day. I had on only mascara, eye brow tint and my Miracle Balm. He commented on how good I looked. Ha. That made me laugh. He is not a makeup kind of guy and loves a fresh healthy face. Guess that’s how I looked to him.

  13. I love your freckles! And I too have been wearing less makeup. Covid made a difference, of course, and also my aging skin. I use the same tinted moisturizer (LM) that you did, and I’ve been considering Jones Road. How did you choose your color? And like others, I have read reviews that it can be greasy. That might actually be good for me, as I have dry (dry, dry) skin and have all my life.

    1. I went onto their website and answered the quiz. They emailed me the colour they thought I should wear. I tried it (“Flushed” is the name of the colour) at my sister’s in March because she had some in that colour, but I found it wasn’t enough. I’m much happier with “pinched cheeks.” I don’t find it greasy. More moisturising, I think. I love that it is sheer and you can see your skin through it.

    2. Laurel, I started using Miracle Balm when it was a brand new product a couple of years ago. At that time there were only a few colors. I bought 2 and found that both looked good. I think the first one was Flushed and the other was Dusty Rose. I’ll try Pinched Cheeks next. My coloring is very similar to Sue’s. Their test gives a couple of options but I think as long as you stay away from what is obviously too dark, you’d be OK.

  14. I listened to Pamela Anderson’s, autobiography Love, Pamela. I too am not a fan of her but listening to the obstacles from her childhood that she has overcome helped me understand her more. She really does understand who she is, so that is why she had the confidence not to wear any makeup !

  15. No new clothes and no makeup-no way! Life is hard and I need these things to lift my spirits and express me. I don’t do either one to excess, but enjoy both , especially now that I can finally afford them. You are lovely as always and I admire your stance, but to me this all feels so depressing!

    1. I can see your point, Jill. But I found all the news about climate change and the fashion industry so depressing that doing the Rule of Five Challenge makes me feel as if I’m doing something. It’s not much admittedly. Plus I love to read about the other women who are doing the same.
      P.S. I don’t plan to do without makeup. 🙂 Just trying to find what works for me at his point in my life.

  16. I hadn’t heard of Jones Road until you mentioned the Miracle Balm on your IG account, and I have been eyeing it ever since. And also just thinking a lot about makeup in general. I have a pretty decent collection of products that I almost never use, and I’m trying to figure out what my sweet spot is in terms of how I want to look on a daily basis. A full face of makeup no longer appeals to me, but I feel as if I appear a little more alert and engaged with the world if I take five or ten minutes in the morning to apply a little eyeliner and mascara at a minimum. Most days, I don’t bother even with that, and I don’t know why I seem to have decided that it’s not worth the effort to do so.

    I like your look very much, and you’re a great illustration of “less is more”!

    1. I’m finding that if I do nothing else eye brows, a hint of mascara, and some Miracle Balm make me feel like me. This has become my go to look for walking or running errands in the village.

  17. Jones Road sounds like it might be perfect for me, as I too have moved to a more minimalist makeup routine. LM tinted moisturizer (which isn’t sold in Portugal – I bought my current tube in Dubai), a little eye makeup and blush, but only if I’m going out – not for daytime for the most part. Jones Road hasn’t made it to Europe, so I may have a friend bring some when she comes to visit in July, or I’ll visit Liberty of London when I’m in London in October, as they apparently carry it.

    I love the new buttons on the jacket – what a difference! Great transformation, and so much more chic.

    The Met Gala photos had me in danger of my eyes stuck in permanent roll position – while there were a few lovely gowns, too many women bound themselves up in crazy fashion, having to be lifted up the steps! Talk about anti-progress.

    1. Over here you can only get Jones Road online. I didn’t know it was carried in stores anywhere. Those clips of videos of women at the Met Gala being carried up the stairs, or needing 3-4 assistants like Kim K. were laughable. I wanted to yell… Emperor’s New Clothes. But I guess it was more Hunger Games. 🙂

  18. I’m afraid to waste more money on makeup I can’t try in the store-Laura Geller mineral powder was my last mistake- and if Jones Road is the least bit greasy I can’t use it. Even at 72, my face is an oil well. How did you pick the color? I have ashy gray hair, brown eyes, pretty good skin but scars from skin cancer. I feel no big need to cover them all the way, but would like some new makeup ideas. My idea of full makeup is primer, a dab of foundation here and there, blush, eyebrows and if I go all out, tight line and mascara. Usually I skip the last two. It’s just not in my lifestyle these days….

  19. Flaunting wealth and influence is an arrogant display and illustrates social and economic delusion.
    Far less irritating when viewed as comedy relief.
    Your blog is delightful Sue.

  20. I so agree with you on the Met Gala. The amount of money spent on such an event has to be staggering, more than the GDP of some nations. I’ve always felt the same way about the “goody bags” given at awards shows such as the Oscars. How many people could be fed with the money spent on “treating” people who want for nothing?

    I’ve been eyeing the Miracle Balm. You said the color they recommended didn’t suit you. Were you able to exchange it for your second choice free of charge? Would those of us without a business relationship with the company be able to do that? My biggest concern about trying new makeup–especially one that isn’t inexpensive–is the costly mistake of choosing the wrong hue.

    You look great with the new minimal look!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I didn’t order the colour that Jones Road suggested (“flushed”); my sister had ordered it so I tried hers. It wasn’t that it didn’t suit me, I liked it. But I wanted something with more depth. The “flushed” and the “pinched cheeks” are very similar in their base colour, except one is more saturated. I haven’t investigated the return policy of Jones Road so I don’t know about that.
      By the way… I don’t have a business relationship with Jones Road. They don’t know me from Adam. 🙂 I’ve never received free products from them, nor have I been paid to provide reviews. I bought the products with my own money.
      I belong to a collective which allows me to use affiliate links to make commission from sales with some brands. But the collective has to have a relationship with the brand. And they don’t have one with Jones Road, though. Hope that makes sense.

  21. I love the balm on you and so immediately went to the website. I use a L’’Oreal color moisturizer over facial oil on my face so it sounds like it would work for me. Do you use it all over or as a blush? Where do you use the pencils? Gray wand on my eyebrows, Glossier cream for blush and Glossier lipstick and I’m done. I think Glossier is aiming for the less makeup approach too. I’m happier with myself when I don’t look washed out at 79!

    1. I use two Miracle Balm products, Pinched Cheeks as a blush, and Happy Hour as a highlighter. I don’t use any other Jones Road products. I’ve read about the Glossier products and have been curious about them.

  22. I’m with you on wearing less make up. I’m considerably older than you but never loved the process even when I felt as if I needed the products. I have very little patience with going from product to product. I started slowly cutting back when I retired from full time work in 2007 but I still wore it when I tutored. Then in 2013 I moved from Tennessee to Connecticut and no longer worked at all….more make up sat in the drawer except for church or special outings. Next came the 2020 Pandemic and I really loved wearing no make up 24/7. Since then, I’ve worn a tinted moisturizer and something on my brows. Then along came Jones Road a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the Miracle Balm. That’s it for me now except for keeping my brows colored so I don’t look like Casper the Ghost. I may try the tight lining. I feel so free…just like when I first let my hair go natural. I also agree with your Met Gala comments….such a waste….think if the money for those, at times, bizarre outfits would go to charity or even to the Met itself. The museum is a gem for sure.

  23. Glad the Jones Road works for you! I ordered a starter set of flushed, dusty rose, happy hour and au naturel. Pros- it is moisturizing and it does give a little bit of glow ( au naturel, dusty rose & flushed) but …..
    Cons- sticky even after warming it up as suggested, I had a terrible mess of milia on my cheeks & chin it took a trip to the derm to get rid of the milia, and I have really dry skin. Non comedogenic it’s not.
    The glitter from the Happy Hour looked plain silly, maybe at a party or New Years Eve but it’s just so obvious. Felt like a craft project gone wrong, the sprinkles migrating into my wrinkles were scary haha…my three year old grand daughter gets to apply a dab of it now and then otherwise I’d toss it.
    The price is over the top and it’s in USD so I won’t buy it again.
    I know there are a lot of women of a certain age flogging Miracle Balm because BB was our hero in the early 2000’s but a dab of Vaseline gives the same effect at a better price point if one likes that ‘dewy’ look.
    I’ll stick to my YSL Touche Éclat, still my super hero…and my eyebrow pencil.

    1. Miracle Blur doesn’t sound like it work on my skin either. BTW what is the procedure for removing milia like?

    2. Not to sound sarcastic… but I’m guessing you are not a fan. 🙂
      P.S. Never wore BB cream because it always felt goopy to me. Each to their own I guess.

  24. Your jacket looks great , casual but ‘put together’ & I love the Celtic style buttons . Less make up here too – I’m still avoiding the Norma Desmond look 😁 The Jones Balm looks really good on you . I haven’t tried it yet but do use the dupe by Revolution . I like the effect but I’m sure the Jones one is better . That met gala stuff is like a bad dream .

  25. Sue, I think your no makeup look is beautiful! Your face looks fresh and healthy.
    I’ve never been very into makeup as I feel more like myself without it. Having said that, it’s time to lift my game a bit as I look a bit washed out without it.
    Thumbs up for new purchase #1 and #2!

  26. Generally not much of a make-up wearer unless a situation demands it and I don’t want to scare the horses. I am in Rome at the moment and my view of the Met hoo-ha is that perhaps each participant should be accompanied by a whispering slave reminding them of their unimportance, as in days of yore.

    1. Interesting thought! So many celebrities are in an oblivious bubble of admirers and it can’t be good for them.

  27. Interesting post and thought-provoking. I wear a lot of makeup and at almost 78 will continue this to the end! It’s partially my era as I always put on eye makeup – a smoky eye – even if I’m not going out and seeing absolutely no-one! It’s part of my idea of my actual self. And it is partially that without makeup I would look awful with a mottled (age spots) and very pale colourless skin, therefore I swear by a CC creme by the South Korean brand Erborian. Then it’s a touch of Charlotte Tilbury’s filter on the cheeks – hate blusher for the pinkness and artificiality of it. But eyebrows and eye makeup are a must.

    I also do a lot of prep and exfoliate, and mask once a week, plus always use a toners and moisturisers. Increasingly I am leaving behind the more expensive brands and going for much cheaper ones from our wonderful UK chemist, Boots. There appears to be no difference in these cheaper brands and I am very passed with them.

    The Met was disgusting and the revealing gowns…. it is so sad that they feel they have to do this to get attention. As for their lack of understanding for the theme….says it all really!

    1. I’m with you on the skin care. Although I have pretty much stopped using an exfoliating treatment in favour of a light retinol. Seems easier on my sensitive skin.

  28. Thanks for a timely post. I find that as I get older (73) my previous make-up and application methods age me. You have a beautiful complexion and you keep up the main thing which is skin care. What you’re doing right now looks young, relaxed and fresh. I was a foolish sun worshiper when I was young and I have the skin to prove it. I mix a small amount of tinted moisturizer in with my sunscreen to even things out a bit. I found that even the really good tinted sunscreens had a very fake looking over the top tint. I’ve also found that covering my dark circles sometimes looks worse than leaving them alone. I’m going to try the Jones Road Miracle balm in hopes that it looks almost as good on me. The big plus of ditching most of my make-up is that I’m ready to go so much faster. My husband is also fan of a very subtle natural look.
    Your jacket looks great. Like they say, it’s all in the details. The new buttons elevate the look of the jacket so much. Lots of good hints in this post.
    Now I’m reading the books you write about and the make-up you wear!

    1. I agree about the dark circles. So often all the product on our face looks cakey and too overly made-up for me now. I hope you like the Miracle Balm. I had to fiddle around to get the look I wanted. but now that I have it’s easy and quick.

  29. Well, it would be a narrow, boring world if we all liked the same things…

    I gravitated towards the Jones Road “look” as soon as I saw it and grabbed a tub of Miracle Balm in Au Natural and a couple of pencils as soon as JR started shipping to Canada. It took some experimenting to figure out how the items worked for me, but, after two years, I can say I’m pleased with the results. At 75, my makeup kit consists of the Balm (added Dusty Rose), a couple of JR face pencils, a JR eyebrow pencil, a mascara, and a pot of under eye cream which helps the face pencils glide on more easily. My skin regime consists of a face was, a toner, a serum, a mineral sunscreen, a night cream, and a lip balm. Fits easily into a small bag and my lifestyle.

    My best friend (same age) has a drawer full of makeup and another drawer filled with skin products. She plucks, shaves, exfoliates, and is a whiz at using half a dozen products on her eyes alone. She teases me about my boot collection and my neutral wardrobe, while I’m amazed at her ability to combine prints and colors. Different is good!

    And, much as I have a soft spot for the creativity of runway fashion, I’m not a fan of “red carpet” fashion. To me, the former is conceptual textile art, while the latter is mainly gaudy attention-seeking—comedic but also pathetic and troubling.

    And, while I’m at it, can I also say kudos for how tactfully you handle unsolicited advice. That’s one part of teaching junior high I always found amusing…the presumption that I could be “improved” if I were only willing to adopt my students’ helpful insights and interventions. It was hard sometimes to keep a straight face.

    1. Thanks, Marily. I’ve been trying to whittle down the products I use as well. I love a tidy, edited makeup bag. Especially when travelling.
      P.S. I remember a friend who did not “do fashion” very cheerfully accepted the serious advice of her female grade nine students. One day she said two of them approached her desk and whispered, “Miss, did you mean to wear that sweater with that skirt?” She replied, “Not a good look?” And they proceeded to school her on textures and colours that went together. She was amazed at how much they knew.

  30. Sue
    Your makeup look is pretty much perfect. So fresh and elegant.
    Beautiful skin.
    I love your haircut too.
    And you were right. Those buttons look 100% better ! Success congratulations 🍾.I enjoyed this post. I’m hoping to try the balm.
    Thanks writing this post.

  31. Hi, I live in Finland and like your blog a lot. About eye lining…I got permanent eye linings and I am very happy with them. Now I have eyes without make up👁

  32. Interesting comments, all. Thanks. I am late to the party.

    Yes, I wear makeup every day, even for just myself, since things improve if I do. I got a surprise this morning when two friends called to say they were outside my gate. It was 9:30. (Some weeks ago, I had resolved to take a shower, get dressed, put on my face, select small-scale jewelry, and fragrance, and be ready for anything by 9:00 a.m. I tidy up the apartment before bed and do the same in the bathroom every morning.)

    Even amidst chaos, I would have welcomed them. But, I felt ready to have them and we had such a great time. I live in Ecuador so we conversed in Spanish and ended up talking a little about Marie Kondo, of all things. One of them has one of her books. She doesn’t read English but she was curious to review my library of books on many topics. After having our tea, the other one was ready to do dishes. Very typical here. They offer practical help. I told her that “during the first visit a friend is a queen. After that, she is a slave.” I’m sure she will be quoting that since she had a good laugh.

    It is good for each of us to determine our comfort zone about things these comments discussed and be content with how others see things. One reason I enjoy Sue’s blog.

    As for the Met gala, I watched a YouTube video showing the top 10 designs, according to one person. Most were strapless but no kidding, I wished most of the wearers of the fancy dresses had invested in better support for droopy bosoms. Well, I am not much for affected prancing with no smiles. Fifteen seconds/minutes of fame?

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