Sweater Weather and Other News

Blazer and sweater weather is my absolute favourite time of year. You know, when it’s cool enough to wear light merino sweaters under fall blazers and still warm enough not to require a winter coat on top. When it’s chilly enough for wearing socks, but there’s no snow yet so loafers and sneakers are still doable.

The weather has been most cooperative for blazers and sweaters since we came home from Portugal. But seeing how I was drowning in laundry the first few days, and then feeling pretty rugged (as my step-father used to say) for a few days more, this week has been my first chance to get out and about in blazers and sweaters.

This is what I wore to my dentist appointment earlier in the week. A navy cashmere turtleneck from Uniqlo, my old Max Mara dress pants, Paige jean jacket, and my Veja sneakers. I love this outfit. I feel like myself in it. Classic and casual, but with a pinch of edge. I also like that even though I bought this jacket back in 2014, Paige is still making this classic style.

Max Mara pants, Uniqlo turtleneck, Paige jacket, Veja sneakers

I think this may be the final outing this year for my old Max Mara dress pants. They are summer weight and should probably be packed away now. But this old navy Uniqlo cashmere turtleneck looks so good with them I couldn’t resist.

My dress pants were a bit breezy, but I was warm on top.

This is what I wore, below, to run errands. My new slim straight black jeans and the wine merino sweater, both from Uniqlo and both purchased for our fall trip. My Stuart Weitzman ankle boots, black Holt Renfrew saddle bag, and black Max Mara blazer. The boots are seven years old, and the bag and the jacket were both bought in the nineties. Virtually vintage. Ha. The soft lilac scarf I bought when the girls and I were in Montreal last fall.

Max Mara jacket, Uniqlo sweater and jeans, SW boots.

I like this outfit. The pants look much better with my ankle boots than they did with my sneakers. I have a wool, double-sided scarf that has the exact shade of wine in it, but I preferred the lilac. I like that they don’t match. I bought the black Uniqlo jeans to wear on our trip but they didn’t make it out of the suitcase until the trip home. Turns out they’re too heavy for hot weather wear. I did wear the merino sweater a couple of times to dinner with my white jeans and burgundy loafers. I really like the weight and fit of this sweater. It has a tidy crew-neck but is slightly loose through the body. Not clingy at all. I may purchase another one in a different colour.

I’m glad I bought this Uniqlo merino sweater.

Below is what I would have worn yesterday when I was struck down with the dreaded plague. Just kidding. Well, only slightly kidding. I wasn’t feeling up to snuff when I took these photos. Oddly enough my hair would not cooperate. Seriously, it hurt to comb my hair. Then I just felt worse and worse as the day wore on, until I finally took a Covid test. It was positive. I had all the symptoms. Cough, sniffles, sore throat, nausea, fatigue, headache, aching chest, aching everything else… including my hair. Ha. So, I’m down for the count. For the foreseeable, anyway.

I like this all burgundy look.

I really like this all-burgundy look. These jeans are NYDJ from 2015, the Akris sweater I bought a couple of years later. I searched and searched for a simple, heavy burgundy turtleneck before I found this one at Nordstrom. I like that the only embellishment is the cabling down the arms. The Uniqlo vest is from 2018, and the burgundy bag is from a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few years ago. When Anniversary Sales were good, and when we still had a Nordstrom here in Ottawa. I like how the different textures work together, the shiny vest, the pebbled leather on the bag. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to wear this outfit. But, when I’m feeling up to going out again, I won’t have to plan an outfit.

Do I look sick, folks?

So sweater weather continues apace here in Ottawa, my friends. But I will not be partaking in the sweater wearing. I feel as if the fashion gods are against me this year. I was so sick of my tank tops and tee shirts when we came home from Portugal. So looking forward to wearing fall clothes. Hopefully the rest of November will continue coolish, but sunny, warm enough for sweaters and blazers with no coats.

And … if sweater weather does turn into coat weather before I’m out and about… I can console myself with my green Max Mara coat. I am really looking forward to wearing that baby again this year.

Anyway… if Covid… and not participating in sweater weather are the two worst things that befall me this year, I count myself lucky. Many, many are NOT so lucky. As I am very well aware.

Now… I’m heading back to bed. I had a burst of energy and thought I would try to bang out this post before it subsided. Hope you are all well. And enjoying the splendours of autumn. Unless you live down under where it’s spring, isn’t it?

P.S. Some of the pieces I’m wearing are still available. They are linked in the post with affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog.

P.P.S. I thought I might add a few words about Uniqlo since a couple of people have asked in the comments. I’m not sure where my head was yesterday, but I forgot to add info about sizes. I’ve become quite a fan of Uniqlo over the past four or five years. At first I dismissed them as fast fashion. And while I do not know their track record as far as sustainability goes, I know the pieces I have purchased have all been of good quality and wearable for years. As far as sizing goes, I think it depends on the item you want to purchase and the fit you like.

Let’s talk about sweaters first. I like a sweater that fits loosely and does not hug my body. I would say that most of my sweaters no matter the brand are size large: Everlane tees and sweaters, my Vince tee shirts and sweaters. However if I happen to stumble into Zara (which is not often) even an extra large is often not big enough. My “fine merino” sweater from Uniqlo and my cashmere turtleneck are both large. So I did not size up when I bought it. It fits quite loosely as you can see on the model on the website.

Both my down vest and jacket from Uniqlo are size extra large. I bought them both several years ago so I don’t know if the sizing has changed.

The black “slim straight jeans” I bought are size 29. I haven’t worn a size 29 in years. But the pants are so loose around the hips that I needed to size down to keep then on. I like the loose fit, though.

As far as Uniqlo’s reputation as running very small, I had heard that too. And now I’m wondering if after years in the North American market they have adjusted their sizing.


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58 thoughts on “Sweater Weather and Other News”

  1. Sorry to hear you have caught Covid, Sue. Hope it is a milder case and that you are over it quickly. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to heal. Hoping your hubby doesn’t catch it as well.
    Your all burgundy look is gorgeous. I have been hearing that there are a lot of monochromatic looks all over Europe. I would think the trick to pulling a monochromatic look off is to have items that have different textures? The weave on your sweater and shiny vest work perfectly. Hope you get better soon so you can wear it out and about.

    1. Hubby tested negative this morning. So we’re hoping that he doesn’t get it. I can’t say of I have a milder case yet… I have definitely felt like “death warmed over” as Mum used to say. I like a monochrome look, and as you say, varying textures keeps it interesting.

  2. I have heard that uniglo runs small, I’ve been looking at their Merino wool sweaters, I generally wear a medium, so I was going to get a large they are telling me I need an xlarge. Your thoughts please, I really don’t want the hassle of returning a purchase

    1. I have found it depends on the item, Brenda. I know Uniqlo has that reputation. But I wear a a size large normally and bought a size large in my wine-coloured merino sweater. I’d definitely say to not go for extra large. The sweater fits quite loosely as it is. If you like a loose fit, I’d go for the large. But then I don’t know your body shape. I added a piece to the post about sizing after I read your comment. 🙂

      1. Follow up to Sue’s sizing comments… I’m usually a medium, but I buy large in the Uniqlo merino sweaters, and love them! I also buy large in their down vests and down jackets/coats. My daughter just gave me one of their sweaters for my birthday in large (a beautiful lavender) and it seems a little large…it may shrink slightly once I wash it, although I do lay flat to dry).

  3. Damned Covid. Enjoy the warmth of bed, cups of tea and watching the leaves fall outside. Here in Edinburgh the colours are spectacular this year and the weather kind. Good for the hunkering soul.

    1. I am trying, Annie. But right now the rasping cough and aching chest make enjoying anything hard. I know I’m whining! Oh for the old days of a normal cold when I was a kid, when Mum would make soup and toast for lunch and then we’d watch afternoon soap operas on TV.

  4. COVID seems to rampant this fall. I love all your looks. Talking about older clothing items. I’ve become so appreciative of the older clothes I have, because I just can find anything better to replace them with. I have a Gap jean jacket I bought at least 20 years ago and it’s still going strong. On another note. Which Uniqlo jeans did you get? The link takes you the website but not the actual product.

    1. I’m sorry about that Robyn. I’ve changed it a couple of times to reflect the exact pair of jeans but then when I check it the link only goes to the website.The jeans are called slim straight, in black. I bought size 29 because they are very loose, and my normal size 30 was too big. They are quite stretchy and heavy, good for winter, I think. Not as it happened for Portugal in October. Ha. The Canadian site still shows them. I don’t know why the link keeps switching.

  5. Oh no. I do hope you recover quickly. So far I’ve managed to avoid COVID but I presume that at some point it will catch up with me. Hopefully not soon, as I simply don’t have time to be ill! Feel better in time for the remaining sweater and jacket season.

    1. Chère Sue ,
      Vous me manquiez !Votre style et votre humour sont un plaisir ,même traduits .En Provence ,C’est le temps des pulls ,mais pas encore des blazers .Du moins pas superposés.
      Je dois choisir ,soit je porte un débardeur sans manche et une veste de tailleur ,soit je porte un pull .
      Votre tenue bordeaux est magnifique ,De toutes façons ,votre silhouette longiligne vous permet de tout porter avec élégance .
      Personnellement,je suis petite et plutôt menue ,mais avec une morphologie en sablier .
      Il faut tout raccourcir ,les manches et le bas des pantalons …
      Je suis habituée depuis le temps que ça dure !!!!
      Prenez soin de vous !Ici il y a beaucoup de rhinopharyngite…
      J’ai peut être le COVID ….. Je reste au chaud et je ne vois personne ….
      Bon rétablissement.

      1. Thank you, Celia. I know I have an easier time wearing certain styles of pants etc because of my height. That was not always the case, though. I spent many anxious hours in high school trying to stretch jeans that were never long enough. 🙂

    2. Thanks, Stephanie. It seems several of my friends have Covid right now. Ironic, I think, that after all my worries about catching Covid while abroad I had to catch it in Barrhaven. Ha. We tried to get our booster shot before we left but were not allowed since it was still only September. Then, when we returned our waning immunity put us at risk, I’m assuming.

  6. Sorry you’ve got the dreaded Covid . Hope you are soon feeling better & that Stu is keeping well away from you . Like the previous commenter , I look at items in the shops & think I have better quality stuff at home . So I can understand your affection for your denim jacket . All I’ve bought recently is a green padded gilet by Finisterre & a green fleece gilet by Jack Wolfskin . I seem to be collecting green gilets ? But I love them both & they will get lots of wear . I like the way they can add an extra layer to a lighter top coat or jacket & also let you play with different colours & textures . Which you know all about . Hope your hair has stopped hurting .
    PS I actually don’t like the word gilet – I really like the word jerkin

    1. Hi Wendy! I’m not sure what a gilet or a jerkin are? Would it be what we call a vest? . I know what we always call a sweater in Canada is referred to as a jumper in England. Funny how we have different terms for different clothing items.

      1. Yes Ruth , you might go out in public in your vest & pants but we definitely wouldn’t ! We’d be in our underwear 😁

  7. Sorry to hear that you have covid! We came home 3 weeks ago from Prague and Germany with it, it was our first bout of it. The first week was not good and the second better but we were fatigued. It’s almost sweater weather here in Arizona and I was able to wear some in Europe so I got a nice little taste of coolness. Hope you feel better, get plenty of rest and keep hydrated!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I will. After being away for a month I was anxious to get back to “real life.” Ha. Real life for the next while means pyjamas and sweat pants. I guess.

  8. I would never know by the photos that you have Covid Sue. Love all of the looks you have posted, especially the burgundy monochromatic look, well done!

    Sending healing thoughts your way Sue.

  9. So sorry that you’ve got Covid,Sue. I hope that it will be short and mild one. Agree with Glenda,you look so good in your outfits,who would know…
    Autumn here is a very unusual one-sweather weather but with very thin sweathers :), so far (with rain this week).

    1. Thanks, Dottoressa. I was surprised it got so cold here so soon. Hopefully we’ll have some more of the nice fall weather before it snows. 🙂

  10. No, you don’t look sick. In fact, that’s a beautiful photo of you, but I’m sorry that you actually are sick and hope for a quick recovery with no long term effects.

    I’m a big fan of Uniqlo too and was delighted when a new store opened in Edmonton just over a week ago. Still two hours from home, but in an area of the city that we frequent when we’re in for appointments and such like. This year’s ultra light down vests are shorter and boxier than your and mine. I prefer the longer length and hope they reintroduce it in the future as I’d like to add a second one to my wardrobe.

  11. Very sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you’ll be out and about in time to enjoy some sweater weather before we’re into full-on winter. We woke up on November 1st to a blanket of snow. It was gone within a couple of days, but next time it may be here to stay!

    Take care, and take it easy!

  12. Arrrgh there is also a brutal cold making the rounds of Eastern Ontario and the flu as well. Our 26 had the flu in early October was very very ill and lost weight he could ill afford to lose. We returned from TO feeling a bit crappy after a large family party. Covid outbreak in #98’s retirement home..he is sick but not Covid it’s ‘just a cold’ the doctor says..we came home feeling a bit Covid-y but are negative so mild cold. Got our shots mid October ( flu & Covid) and going for RSV. We had THAT fun respiratory illness last year ….very sick and it hangs on!
    It’s all out there this year, waste water counts increasing for Covid but few mask anymore. Have noticed hand sanitizer offered in several stores ( ie Bulk Barn)
    So much stress going on this year too…International, personal, financial…yup I can see an uptick in illnesses.
    Rest well and when you can, get your shots.

    1. We went away too soon to get our booster shots, I tried to book shots for us in September but wasn’t allowed. And we returned just as our immunity was winding down. Bad timing all round. Hopefully Hubby will be able to get his since he’s been testing negative for Covid.

  13. Love all your outfits, so fun and fashionable. Sorry about the covid…the family and I are back from Texas for a wedding and we all have the covid. The ironic thing is we all got our booster shot before the trip. Can’t wait until I am up and around again, wearing fall fashion beats p.j.’s any time.

  14. Great looks. Sorry about covid…5 days of ivermectin and it will be over. I never took the jabs, hubby did, got covid gave it it me….but we had ivermectin and by the end of the 3rd day I said “I want beef” and put in a pot roast for the next day. Hope you quickly feel better!!!

  15. Supposedly spring “down under” but we’ve had so much rain with a lot of flooding around the country. Meanwhile bush fires have started in Australia already.
    Sorry to hear you have caught covid. I’m just getting over my second bout despite having had five vaccinations. This time round has left me with a horrible cough and complete lethargy.
    Love the burgundy outfit on you. I’m a big fan of Uniqlo and have ordered it online from USA in the past but they have opened shops in Australia so I go for a browse when we go to visit our daughter and her family. I’m very impressed by their Pima cotton tees and lightweight down jackets and vests. In fact have bought the jackets as gifts for some of the family.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. So sorry to hear you are ill. ☹️ You are reminding me that I need a CoVid booster shot!
    You look terrific in your outfits. I enjoy Uniqlo as well. Their Uniqlo U crewneck, short sleeve, t-shirts are my favorites. I have several of them in white, black, and navy.
    Thank you so much for explaining their sizing. I think I’m just going to have to make an hour drive and get into the store to try on their pants.
    Get well soon. I’m thankful this did not happen while you were traveling.

    1. I think that a good browse in the store and trying on all kinds of pieces even if I don’t want them at the moment always helps to inform my future on-line shopping. Now… go get your booster! 🙂

  17. We got our Covid shots last week and spent the next day moping around. After that we were ok. So many people have got it again in our area we are hoping we don’t.
    Take care.

  18. Leslie in Oregon

    I’m so sorry that you have COVID, Sue, and I hope that you start feeling better soon. I gues the question for you when you recover will be whether to get the latest booster anyway. As far as I know, I haven’t had it yet, but given the number of friends who have recently tested positive for it, I have resumed masking up when indoors in public. Unfortunately, I won’t qualify for the latest booster until 2024.
    The color burgundy suits you well, and your burgundy clothing and purse look especially fine on you. (I love the jewel tones!)
    Wishing I live close enough to bring you some chicken soup, Leslie

    1. Ah, thanks, Leslie. We’ll be getting our booster but not for a bit. Our doctor is advising us as to how long to wait. But once we are out and about, we’re also going to start masking in public again. I think this latest rise in cases has caught so many people off guard. And we have NOT enjoyed our time with Covid. Not just the sniffles, that’s for sure. The cough alone is reason enough for me.

  19. Fingers crossed you start feeling better soon! Thank goodness you didn’t get sick in Portugal – some friends were there in the late summer and started covid symptoms the 3rd day of a 2 week trip! Fortunately they were able to extend in their first lodging and there were local food places that delivered, but it didn’t sound fun!



    1. Getting sick while travelling is the worst. We’ve had times when I was sick with a very bad cold, but Stu was healthy… I can’t imagine us both being down with Covid in a foreign town.

  20. Just a question for you, were any masks on your flights? Still think I would mask up even over the Atlantic (for hours)

  21. Margaretanne Clinton

    Dear Sue ,
    The Burgundy outfit is so simple and chic. I’ve been looking for a burgundy light down vest for years ! With the lovely sweater with cable down the arms its wonderful. Finally ,the burgundy bag. !Wow.
    I Love monochromatic outfits.
    All of the outfits look good on you.
    I hope your health is quickly restored .

  22. I think I just may have those burgundy NYDJ pants in my closet! Love that look, will try to replicate it. So sorry your wonderful trip has brought you to COVID. My whole family of 3 got it last Thanksgiving, and while it was not pleasant, we all got over it quickly, so grateful no long COVID here. If you are struggling with the coughing, get the Mucinex 12 hr tablets for cough. They are over the counter and worked wonders to help me sleep. No more old fashioned cough syrups for me, this was much better and recommended by my doctor when I asked for something to help with the cough. First time I tried it but I’m a believer now.
    Feel better soon sweet Sue!

    1. I am going to look for those tablets. Thanks for the recommendation. Sleeping has been an issue for me with a racking cough that nothing seems to touch. Not sure our trip caused the covid. We were fine for over a week after our arrival home. I’m pretty sure I picked up my bug in a local crowded coffee shop. Especially considering the number of people I am now learning are sick here.

  23. Hi Sue … Covid after a trip ( or even worse during it! ) seems to be coming more the norm … so sorry you’re feeling so unwell with it …( I recognise the feelings and symptoms ) but glad you’re home in your own bed and Stu is testing negative atm. I’ve heard of lots of instances where one partner tests positive and the other doesn’t and remains well, so here’s hoping!
    Reading your comment to Carolyn R my mum used to say “ death warmed up” when feeling unwell … similar to your mums saying.
    Hoping you’re soon up and about and the weather remains amenable to your outfit choices. They all look great and I’d feel very “me” in them as well lol
    Take care and keep cosy.
    Rosie xx

  24. So sorry to hear about Covid messing with you. Hope you start feeling better soon. Your photos don’t show the slightest signs of that miserable feeling I had once it had set in.
    We’re enjoying a month in Tassie-beautiful food, weather, scenery- and a very relaxed style of exploring.
    Get better soon.xx

    1. And twelve hours later I as feeling like death. Enjoy your Tassie visit. We sure loved it there. I have a friend whose Canadian daughter owns a chic little shop in Hobart. Wish I knew the name of it to tell you.

  25. I have bought quite a lot of Uniqlo clothes over the past decade. Sizing can be variable, but overall I find they run large, particularly their summer stuff. I love love their basic v necked t shirts, and their long sleeved round necked t shirts. All of mine have been washed to death and still in great shape.

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