You may recall, my friends, that I had black dress pants, or tailored trousers, on my spring shopping list. And I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I found a pair at Aritzia. They are the “Effortless Pant“, high-waisted and wide-legged, and they come in several colours. In fact they are the exact same pants I bought two years ago. Except in black.

I should say right off the bat, that I don’t love them. I like them. They are fine. I can wear them a number of ways with what I already have in my closet. They fill a niche that needed filling. They look good. But they don’t make my heart sing.

I have come to the conclusion that dress pants or tailored trousers with a wide leg will never make my heart sing. Will never be my best look.

That’s because I am short-waisted, with a flat bum, a wide waist, and a burgeoning frontal mid-section. Ha. Usually if wide-leg, loose trousers fit me in the waist, they are too big in the hips. Or they may flatter my butt, but show my abdominal problem area in all its “glory.” They may look okay from the front, but hideous from the side. They often make me look heavier than I am, emphasizing my large waist and short body. And they cover up my best feature, my long legs. Women with small waists look fabulous in them. Me. Not so much.

I have by times over many long years gone on the hunt for flattering, wide-leg, pleated dress pants. Sometimes I am successful. Like the Dana Buchman suit I bought in the late nineties. Or the pair of BCBG pin-striped trousers I found at Holt Renfrew in Montreal in 2008. Mostly I am unsuccessful. And for the past couple of years as styles have changed, as pant legs have widened, and as dress pants are now worn more casually with sneakers, I’ve been once again hunting for wide-leg, tailored trousers. Of course, I do have my old Max Mara navy dress pants. But seriously, even they will eventually bite the dust.

So if a pair of tailored trousers fits me, I will like them. But with the exception of my navy Max Mara pants and those pinstriped BCBG ones, I will never love them.

Woman standing on a deck with her hands in her pockets, wearing black Aritzia dress pants, white Everlane tee shirt, white Theory jacket and white Vejas sneakers.
Outfit #1. Not loving it. Not even really liking it.

Back in 2021, just for fun, with no real expectation of success, I ordered a pair of the Aritzia “Effortless Pants.” Amazingly, they fit me. They fit across the bum. And they were high enough in the rise with sufficient pleats in the front to hide what I wanted hidden. If I hitched them up to my natural waist, they fell straight in the front, and didn’t look hideous from the side. This, my friends, is not an attribute to be sneezed at. If you’re interested, you can read posts I wrote about styling those original pants from 2021 here and here.

Woman sitting in a red deck chair wearing tan Aritzia tailored trousers, white linen jacket, white tank top, and white Stan Smith sneakers.
I prefer this outfit from 2021 to the one above.

So this spring, since my search for black trousers was looking as if it would be fruitless, I headed back to familiar territory… namely Aritzia. I tried several pairs of their other dress pants, and eventually settled on the “Effortless Pant” again. That’s one great thing about Aritzia, they offer many of the same styles year after year.

Yesterday, I had a closet rummage to find ways to style my new tailored trousers. With varying degrees of success.

The first outfit I tried I assumed would be a no-brainer. Turns out I was wrong. I paired my black pants with an Everlane white box-cut tee, my white Theory blazer (selection of Theory blazers here), and white Vejas sneakers. I thought the black with the white was too stark together. Or maybe it just looked too waiter-ly, too choir-member-like? For whatever reason I much preferred the white jacket, tee and sneakers with the tan pants. I wore this outfit back in 2021 when I first bought the tan trousers.

The next combination I tried involved my black Everlane box-cut tee shirt, an old brown suede belt, and a pair of flat brown sandals. I liked this look.

Woman in black Aritzia tailored trousers, black Everlane tee shirt, brown belt, brown flat sandals,tan linen jacket, tan straw bag.
Outfit #2

The tee shirt is loose and, when bloused over the waist of the pants, made the outfit look almost like a belted jumpsuit. I rolled the arms of the tee up a bit, and wore small gold hoop earrings. I wished that I owned a tan sweater to tie around my neck. But my old linen Max Mara blazer looked good too. Especially when paired with my Eric Javits straw bag. I like this look. The loose tee makes it super casual.

Woman in black Aritzia tailored trousers, black Everlane tee shirt, tan linen jacket, tan straw bag.
This look is okay.

Next I wanted to try this boxy Vince cashmere sweater from 2017. I love this sweater for the cut and the colour both. It looks so good with my striped A.L.C midi-skirt. And with my Rag and Bone checked cropped pants. I struggled to find appropriate footwear to wear with this outfit. I tried everything I own: sandals, sneakers, flats, loafers, nothing was quite right. What I need is a pair of flat, strappy pink sandals. But somehow I doubt I will buy pink flat sandals just so I can wear this sweater with these pants. I included the photos just to show the fit of the pants. None of the other pictures show the fall of the trousers in the front.

Three images of a woman in black Aritzia tailored trousers and a pink Vince sweater with high-heeled sandals.
Outfit #3. Best view of the fit of the pants.

The last combination is my favourite. In fact I wore this the other day to attend an event with Hubby. I’m wearing my new-ish Everlane ribbed, mock-neck tank. This top was made for these pants. It’s fitted, but loose enough to tuck in and then blouse slightly over the waist of the pants. I love the mock neck and the cut-away style of the shoulders. It has enough stretch to not get baggy with wearing, but not so much that it clings to every roll and bulge. Love, love. I wish they offered it in as many colours as they do their other tanks. I have their organic cotton cut-away tank in several colours. And I’m thinking of ordering one or two more in a bright colour.

Woman in Aritzia black tailored trousers, black Everlane mock-neck tank, cream sandals, with a yellow sweater around her shoulders, and a black and white Kate Spade bag.
Outfit #4.

This old yellow sweater that I almost gave away two years ago has been doing yeoman service lately. Seriously folks, if you have old summer sweaters or even light fall sweaters that you’re not wearing, throw them around your shoulders and wear them as an accessory. I have breathed new life into two sweaters like this. Plus I am able to get more wear out of my light cashmere fall sweaters by wearing them as scarves.

I know it’s an old styling trick to wear a sweater around one’s shoulders. One that in the past denoted one’s preppy credentials. But those days are gone. Back in the day, I’d only do this with a sweater if I thought I’d pull the sweater on at some point during the evening. Now I don’t even consider donning the sweater as a sweater.

Woman in Aritzia black tailored trousers, black Everlane mock-neck tank, cream sandals, with a yellow sweater around her shoulders.
This is my favourite look of the day.

So my closet rummage was moderately successful, as they usually are. I cast about for different combinations and hit upon one that I like okay, and one that I like a lot. Not bad for a pair of tailored trousers that I like, but don’t love.

I have to say that these Aritzia pants are well made, tailored like a pair of men’s dress pants around the waist. And they fit, which is, as I said, not to be sneezed at. I don’t particularly care for the crêpe fabric. I’d prefer a light, summer-weight wool like my Max Mara pants. But it was either these or go without. And I found that the positive points out-weighed the negative. I mean, if I wanted a pair of tailored trousers. Which I did.

I’ll always be a jeans, boots, sweater, and blazer girl. Or, in the summer, a jeans, flat sandals, tee shirt, and jacket girl. But a pair of tailored trousers that actually fit me provides some variety in my closet. And I found when I bought the tan pair of pants in 2021, that loose dress pants, flat sandals, and a fitted tank top was a combination that was beginning to grow on me.

Next on my shopping list… new sunglasses.

The day I was trying on my new dress pants, pulling sweaters and tee shirts and tank tops out of drawers, digging for a particular pair of sneakers or sandals in my closet, was my sixty-seventh birthday. And you know, my friends, it gave me pause to think that at my advanced age I was still pawing through my clothes, tossing tops into a pile on the bed, tripping over five pairs of shoes, in search of the perfect outfit. Okay, maybe not THE perfect outfit, but as good an outfit as I could make.

I bought my first pair of dress pants way back in 1973. I kid you not. The pants were baby blue. And I was seventeen. I remember them like it was yesterday. How thrilled I was that they actually fit. And I wonder how aghast I would be if I knew then that fifty years later I’d still be searching for the perfect pair of pants. I wonder if it would make me feel a bit better about myself. More confident, to know that one never outgrows some things. Or if I’d just find it plain depressing. Ha.

In my baby blue dress pants Christmas 1973

Now it’s your turn. Tell us about your style challenges. Do you have any “nemesis” pieces? You know, styles that you struggle with, but for whatever reason continue to hope you can make work?

P.S. Here are some other tailored trousers that I found as I was shopping on-line. I like these trousers at COS. And these cotton-linen Lafayette 148 tailored dress pants. But my favourites ones are these wide-leg cargo trousers from Theory at Nordstrom.

P.P.S. Most of the clothing links in the post are affiliate links. If you click my link and make a purchase I will earn a commission which helps to pay for my blog costs. The Aritzia links are not affiliate links. I provide them as a courtesy, in case you want the exact item I bought. I wish that I had an affiliate relationship with Aritzia. Since I’ve been shopping there more and more, they’ve been getting lots of free advertising. Ha.


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59 thoughts on “Searching for Tailored Trousers. Again”

  1. I think my personal fav on you is the cashmere sweater look, but that is probably because it is something I would wear. And, I would go for the pink sandals. I have numerous pink footwear, in a soft skintone flattering dusty pastel pink and find that I reach for them for many looks. Then again, I never wear black shoes.
    I really like the look of the loose trousers on you, and will seek out some of your suggestions as I have a nonexistant behind and a pretty much straight down waist, then a bit of a hip area, so have to try on many many pairs to be happy. I guess like works in most cases when love cannot be found. Ha.
    I have retired most of the skinny leg looks for now and will also be into more skirts now that the weather is warmer.
    I so enjoy your thought process as you decide on outfits.

    1. I’ve put most of my skinny jeans away too. Except for one old pair which I like with my Tod’s driving shoes. I still don’t like the look of wide-leg jeans with narrow shoes. Perhaps because my ankles are so skinny.

  2. I find it quite difficult to comment on your trousers . My body shape is not your body shape & with trousers it’s all about body shape . I am 5 ft 4 with longer body & shorter legs but I’m not curvy . When I used to wear that type of trouser it was never with flat shoes as I liked them to hang straight to lengthen my legs . I know they are very fashionable just now but they’re not for me . To be honest I never took to very skinny either so what do I know ? My go to style is Gabi by Toast & I have them in various colours & fabrics – love them . That have an elastic waist ( I know but they are not old lady trousers ) which you can wear on your waist or drop them a little lower for a looser style . This doesn’t help you though , with your enviable long legs . Had you thought of having an almost fabulous pair tailored to fit or even having some made ? Sorry to keep calling them trousers but pants are something quite different here . We don’t go out in public in our pants 🤭

    1. Hi Wendy, I had a giggle when I read your comment about Pants versus trousers! Yes, in this part of the World(Spain) as in U.K. we call them trousers and not pants! But we knew what Sue meant. I liked Sue wearing the all black…T-shirt and trousers but I would have preferred a pretty bow front court shoe rather than the sandels.
      I’m 5ft 2….size 10-12 short waisted but long legs.. neat bum but waist is growing! I prefer slim line trousers on myself with wedge type shoe or small heel court shoe with this type of trouser. Sue..always looks very chic and knows what looks best on her body shape and colouring.

    2. Ah yes, the trouser pant issue. I still remember your comment a couple of years ago, Wendy, that my saying I left the house in my pants caused you some concern. Ha. I’ve seen Emma Hill wearing some really great trousers with elasticized waists. Remember back in the seventies when only middle-aged housewives wore elasticized pants… or slacks as my mum would have called them then??

  3. Lifelong struggle with trousers here. Too short. Too curvy (when younger, classic hourglass), too…? I have found a pattern that works well in linen so I am going to a. wear them today and b. try making them in a heavier fabric for winter. As a hangover from my teenage years when I seemed to spend forever trying to cram myself into trousers with little or no luck – if it fit my hips it was far too big in the waist, if my waist was fine then the rest was like being wrapped in cling-film – I cannot stand feeling constrained in trousers. Biology often destiny.

  4. Sue, I love The Effortless Wilfred pants. I have the regular and linen. The drape of the pant is wonderful and they are extremely comfy. Last year, I bought the darker neutral linen ones and wore them on repeat.-At least twice a week- This year I bought two more pair of linen pants, a light neutral and a black pair. Soon I’ll be adding the white. What I love most is how versatile they are. One night I wore the light neutral pants with a silk blouse, low hills and a blazer. The next day I wore the same pants with a jean shirt and silver Gizeh Birkenstocks. I do size up and even the short I have hemmed, but so worth it. For those who like a cropped leg I have the Wilfred tie waist pants and have worn them out. These days I rarely rave about new purchases, but these I do. My daughter has even started buying them.

  5. You asked to share struggles…haha…here goes…finding midi dresses that are not puffy sleeves, tiered, have “cut outs” or smocked…I remember prob. 5 yrs ago when this style first came out, thought it would be quickly gone…AND STILL HERE…I understand comfort but its just not a look for me as a 66 year old woman who wears a true XL. COS is my style I think but because it is a European cut and only goes to L…no way would it fit me..sad eyes here. Find some things at Anthropologie and Nordstrom but it takes a lot of looking. Oh one other thing…I do not have an unlimited budget so want dresses under $150.00 which adds to the whole shopping stress

    1. I am NOT a fan of the fluffy, frilled dresses either. I do find that COS sizes are often quite large, though. I had to size down for a shirt I ordered last year and wish I had ordered two sizes down.

  6. I struggle with finding dresses that both fit my body and suit my classic sensibility. I’ve been searching for a dress to wear to a baby shower for my daughter-in-law in August. I am a petite (5′ 2″ tall) apple shape with narrow shoulders and a long waist. I usually wear a size 12P. I would love to find a knee-length dress with elbow or 3/4 sleeves and a v-neck. And it needs to be in a fabric that drapes nicely and doesn’t cling to my lumps and bumps in my wide waist area, yet doesn’t look like a maternity dress. I’m pattern phobic (except for stripes or maybe a geometric print if I’m feeling wild) and stick to my “winter” color palette. Okay, so I’m looking for a unicorn. Is that asking too much? haha

  7. I think you wear the wide leg trousers well. It’s one trend I’m not into. I’m carrying a little extra weight at this time and find they make me look bigger. I put away my skinnies and moved into straight leg pants last year. This spring I finally cottoned onto the ankle and cropped pant trend. I’m enjoying those purchases as they show off your footwear and I’m big into shoes. You do have to wear a shorter top to get the proportions right. Yesterday, I tried on five tops before settling. All that fussing just to go to the salon. Lol I’m 69 and still want to look current. Like you, I still play in my closet and hope I’m still taking such interest at 80.

  8. I cannot see anything I your midsection that you need to hide…you’ve obviously done very well choosing the style and fit of those pants.
    I am curvy and short so finding pants that fit is very frustrating. I tend to stick with jeans and slim fitting pants like the Eileen Fisher basic black ones which are available in petites.
    I had a small closet cull out this weekend after seeing a photo of myself wearing a linen tunic top :-(( I looked like a house as the top was far too full…it didn’t come across like that when I bought it a few years ago ? My tastes are changing to find flattering garments that don’t swamp me but do a wee bit of tummy camouflage…
    Hope the sunshine has arrived at your place and that you are feeling well.
    BTW your hairstyle is perfection…good luck hunting for new sunglasses. 😎

  9. I always find your styling posts interesting, even though I’m younger and still working. I think we may have a few similar styling challenges. Coincidentally, I was rummaging through my closet for wide-leg trousers just yesterday! I have one nice pair that I sewed myself a few years ago and a couple of lightweight wool ones that are OK but were purchased during the low-rise trend so not quite what I’m looking for now. I’d like a linen pair but couldn’t find anything when scanning online. I think I’ll probably just sew a pair (although from your readers’ comments it seems I should drop into Aritzia when I’m next downtown at work!). Same issues as you though – have long legs for my frame, short-waisted. I don’t have much in the hips department and unfortunately my waist is gradually growing a bit (trying to keep that in check). I always look best in slim pencil pants, so I will never love wide-leg trousers either, although the tailor that I have my work suits made by loves me in pleated trousers. She convinced me to have her make pleated ones again for a suit she is making now, but in this case she uses a men’s suiting style with more of a tapered leg with a small cuff at the bottom. They do make me feel like a bada__ lady boss when worn in a suit combo, but not what I want for casual wear. 🙂

    Your styling is excellent and you’re lucky to look so great in sandals (I have the world’s ugliest feet, from years of running). I would splurge on the pink sandals, as someone else said!

    PS I also own a couple of those Everlane cutaway tanks. I want to love them, as the fabric is perfect, but for some reason they don’t fit me perfectly and gap a bit around the armholes in my usual size S. I’m super perfectionist about fit in my clothes, I’m afraid. Could be my slightly larger bust on a small torso; perhaps I need to try the XS. They’re very convenient for hot days in the summer. I’d be curious about the type of bra you wear with them (strapless? racer back?).

    Enjoy the great weather we’re having!

    1. I remember when I would show up at work in one of my serious suits my colleagues always knew I had a meeting at the board office. Ha.

  10. Hi Sue,
    Your pants issue is so relevant to me! My waistline is a size 18 and is a size bigger than the rest of me. It’s very difficult finding pants that fit. I’ve bought several pairs that I thought fit well at first, only to realize later that they were actually not comfortable in the waist or that I looked shapeless in them. It’s discouraging but I’m not defeated. I’ve had the most luck in JJill. I went shopping yesterday and tried on two different pairs of tan linen pants. One pair was light tan with narrow legs, the other, darker and fuller legs. I liked the color of darker tan pair better but I went with the lighter tan because the narrower leg defined my legs better. Wide-leg pants look good on you because you are thin, but I’ve concluded wide leg pants are probably not for me.
    PS-Your black t-shirt with black pants was a nice combo and looked really nice on you.

    1. I think that we should all wear what makes us feel good. I am having fun with my wide-leg trousers, but they will never be my favourite look.

  11. J. Crew has a city crepe pant that I love; it’s very similar to your Aritzia trousers (which I’ll take a look at). Right now I’m searching for a similar pant but in beige, for travel. I’d too like to find wool but will likely need to settle for poly as there’s so much of it out there (and it is sometimes done quite well).

    I love posts like this which remind me of the importance of thoughtful consumption…so important these days. Thank you.

    1. Sadly we no longer have a J Crew store here in Ottawa anymore. And now that Nordstrom is gone I am really limited in my shopping since I don’t fancy the fast fashion stores much.

  12. Firstly Sue, I think you look great in your wide legged trousers. You asked for our style issues…how long should this post be! I laughed at your description of yourself, as it would fit me too, though I am a bit taller. I have narrow shoulders, a waist not very defined anymore and definitely a flat bottom! I do find it difficult to get the correct length in trousers or pants. I try to go for the cropped style in summer as it is easiest to wear with sandals or sneakers. My issue with full length wide legged is footwear. I rarely wear heels now I am retired, our lifestyle is way too casual to buy more than the few I kept. I hate pants dragging on the ground and getting dirty. I have found Alyssa Beltempo and Melissa Merrell who both have style vlogs on YouTube to be very helpful for ideas to style clothes in a different way. Their styles are different, but still useful, particularly Mellissas channel as her is about dressing different body shapes. Maybe some others may find her helpful. This post is too long already, so I will not even get into the current fashion for ruffles and tiered dresses that are what I wore at 17!

  13. Pants are my nemesis too. I’m tall (5’8″) and slender, but built like a boy… no hips. If pants fit at the waist, they bag at the hips. I haven’t bought dress pants in years. I have a couple of pairs from my teaching days (15+ years ago) that still fit and with their wider legs, they’re even back in style again.

  14. Hi Sue, I love the pants with your black tshirt! I struggle with pants too…I’m 5’4”, but short waisted with long legs, and a bit of a belly. I struggle with the idea of tucking in my shirt, but that does give me the best look from the front (maybe not so much from the side). I like the wider leg look too, and recently tried on a pair of Kokomo light wash jeans at Off 5th (Saks). I was shocked at how cute they were on me! I didn’t purchase and have mentally kicked myself since!

  15. I can hear you,Sue! Completely! And,as a serial buyer,I agree on new (old) Aritzia trousers. When one finds something good,there is always another colour (or the same,why not?)….I like tailored trousers (especially tailored to me from the scratch,but this is quite impossible now)- but pleated ones are not for me,too long legs,too short-waisted,- one would think it is perfect,but nope for pleated trousers! I can wear wide leg trousers though,flowy ones…like old silk Cos or MM,but have to be very careful with styling.
    Nevertheless,I love your stylings! You’ve nailed it,your new trousers look excellent in your combinations!
    I wear sweaters around my shoulders more than forty years in spring and summer as potentionally sweaters/ accessory ,and during autumn and winter as only an accessory 🙂

    1. Thanks, Dottoressa. I can’t remember why I stopped wearing sweaters around my shoulders. I used to do it years ago….seventies maybe… and I only recently started doing it again. I love the added texture it gives to an outfit.

  16. Dear Sue, I am short waisted, long legged, lost my behind giving birth, too much tummy and hate wide legged pants on me! Searching for new pants is agony. I basically settle for jeans with some spandex and tight legs, always a bit short, but I live in ballet flats so it doesn’t look to bad. I love your baby blue dress pants, also love your yellow sweater. Good call, hold on to it.

    1. I loved those blue dress pants back in the day. But… man… I was skinny back then. No wonder I had trouble finding jeans and pants to fit.

  17. I find wide leg trousers impossible to wear though I like them on other people especially the summery floral/patterned flowy ones that are everywhere at the moment. I look twice my size as soon as I put them on. I did find a pair of slightly flowy blue geometric patterned trousers recently that are I guess more a bootleg style than wide as they kick out at the knee which I can take but can’t have excess material around my thighs. They are very comfy and were great on holiday. I do remember loving Oxford Bags trousers when I was a teenager and 5ft 8ins and slim! I can’t judge what height you are Sue but you look great in the wide legs with the boxy top.

      1. Ahh ……good to know when looking at your lovely photos. I just touch in at 5ft 8ins so similar height. Thank you.

        1. Just thinking about your reply Sue, you don’t really do patterns top or bottom do you from what I have seen having followed your blog for quite a long while? Is there a reason for that? I’m trying not to buy patterned items as I have a lot and I think I am correct in saying that more classic fashion tends to be plain in colour. Do you not like patterned items at all? Just interested in your views. I watched a TV series recently and the exquisitely dressed female lead was almost always in beige, caramel, cream or fawn from head to toe – all block colours!

          1. Well spotted, Margaret. I don’t really care for patterns much at all. Striped tops, tees, and sweaters are an exception. And aside from a checked pair of navy and white Rag and Bone pants I own… and love… I don’t gravitate to trousers with a big pattern.

  18. Ann Yakimovicz

    Pants appear to be an issue for most of us. When I had a corporate job, I had 4 bespoke pairs that were perfect and were worn in regular rotation. Alas, the pants no longer fit on retirement and were passed on to someone else. My shape is somewhat similar to yours – no hips, no butt, short, wide waist – the proverbial rectangle. Add a long rise and short legs for complication. I spent several years searching ready-made pants and grabbed a pair of ankle pants from Anthropologie while the very high rise style is trending. The Aritzia Conan pant fits well. I am grateful for both fit and wide color choices, although I’m not fond of the thin crepe fabric. Aritzia’s other styles have narrower waists that don’t allow me to breathe. Sadly the past custom of providing a decent seam allowance for alteration at the waist is gone. So, I’m going back to a tailor to fill the two gaps in my closet for linen and tropical wool pants. To think of the time I wasted in shopping!

  19. Sigh… trousers. I wore skirts and dresses much of my life until my mid-40’s when I finally gave up my (negative) obsession with my short, hobbit-like legs! Nothing every seemed to fit — I’m a curvy hourglass, short inseam, about size 12, and finding trousers (and jeans) was as traumatic as swimsuit shopping! I then discovered Eileen Fisher ‘system’ pull on Ponte pants, as well as Raffaello Rossi’s ‘penny’ pull on trouser (in the shorter length of course!). Game changing… Since I’m not one to tuck in anyway (my nieces have been teaching me the “half tuck / quarter tuck” and I almost have it down), a nice top or blouse skims over the waistband and actually looks good. Recently I found (consignment store for $7) a pair of Olsen long trousers similar to yours, and the longer flowy fabric (as long as I can belt it and do my half tuck) works great!

  20. Firstly, many happy returns for your birthday! It’s so nice to see you playing in your closet. It’s a creative and practical outlet that gets the most out of what one already owns. I’m overdue at “turning” my wardrobe, putting the warm weather tops on higher shelves and making the winter tops more accessible.
    I love outfits 2 and 3. The navy top and pants (both pants and trousers are happily used here in Oz) with all the cream looks lovely and fresh and I do love your Vince sweater, which is a great shape and colour. Do buy some strappy pink sandals for it – I’ve been surprised at how useful unusual coloured shoes can be, going with more things than originally imagined.
    After a couple years of craving and wearing bright coloured tops, our cold autumn has brought back my affection for black – not all the time, but occasionally. I say this to justify the recent purchase of a long line woollen sweater. I also bought a new green coat – I wanted black or navy but couldn’t find one I liked in 100% wool.
    By the way, your look in 1973 nailed the aesthetic associated with the wonderful “Biba” store, all sweetly curling hair, big eyes and soulful expression, that I remember from my trip to London in 1974 – what a good trip that was!

  21. I think you look great in the wide leg trousers. So much depends on the cut and fabric of the trouser itself and then on the body. I found some last year at Target and they work wonderfully. They came with a wide belt the same fabric as the pant. I never wear belts but these work on me. I would love to be able to wear sleeveless but I don’t like my arms in spite of all efforts. I love your writing, fashion musings and book recs. Thank you.

  22. Margaretanne Clinton

    I like number one. But , it won’t look cool on me. It does look chic on you .
    I love number too. And I have each element.
    Can’t wait to copy it. Thanks for the look !
    Best , Margaretanne
    Great ideas you have. Really creative. Its work putting the looks together taking photos and posting. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
    It’s simplified my getting ready to go out.

    1. I never seem to get beyond trying and photographing three (at the most four) outfits before I give up. By then my hair is standing on end and I think everything looks terrible. Just like when I’m shopping. 🙂

  23. I have precisely the same issues with wide leg trousers -no waist (if it existed it would be short!), flat bum, definitely not a flat tummy and long legs. I’ve tried on so many pairs and couldn’t understand why ‘frumpy’ was the only description that sprang to mind.😂 Love your blog by the way!

  24. While perusing your blog today I came across a post about impossible hair. Meaning coarse curly hair. I don’t want to straighten my hair again but with all the conditioners and moisturizers it’s still unmanageable you talked about some product that made your hair do what you wanted it to do. Could I please have the name of that product? Thank you.

    1. I cannot remember any specific product I might have mentioned, Sandra. Except the Goldwell shampoo and sea salt spray that I use. My hair has become really soft and not frizzy at all since I stopped colouring it. So I don’t think anything I currently use would be helpful to you. Sorry. 🙁

  25. Hi Sue,
    I like the black tee shirt with the pants. Did you try on your patent leather “Birkenstockish” sandals with this outfit? I would think that they might work.
    You look good in the pants.
    Wide leg pants can be difficult. I tend to wear them with a chunky heel – clogs, boots, sandals with some lift. That way they don’t pool at the foot or on the ground.
    I have been searching for a casual jumpsuit that looks good on me for quite some time and I’ve had no luck. They make me look frumpy and shapeless. Years ago, I bought a dressy Ann Taylor jumpsuit that looked amazing. I wore it to a Christmas party. It was fitted and slightly lower waisted. A few years ago, I pulled it out from the back of the closet and wore it to another Christmas party. I still loved it. Other than that jumpsuit, I’ve never tried one on that worked.

  26. Michelle Hamric

    Hello, Susan! I’ve been reading your blog posts for several months and enjoy reading each one. I love your clothing style and hair cut and color. A year ago I started coloring my hair again after stopping the coloring during COVID. I kind of “caved” because of some negative comments even though most people loved my hair color and cut. Now, I kind of regret starting coloring my hair again. I’m 68 now and think my haircut and color was so much better than my style and color now. What age are you and how did you manage not caving in to (maybe) some negative comments?

    1. I’m 67 now, and I was 64 in 2020 when I stopped colouring my hair. I haven’t had any negative comments about my white hair. Lots of compliments. And some very loud silences which say to me that some people don’t like it. And lots of “its fine for you, but wouldn’t suit me” comments. The fact that I like it helps. And I’m glad I didn’t go back to colour. Hope this helps.

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