I’m taking a few minutes from my packing to write this post. I’m sending it out a day early because Hubby and I are off for a week and a bit to visit friends in South Carolina.

All day, when he wasn’t out for one final ski, Hubby has been pacing and watching the weather channel, examining forecasts which are worrisome… 25 cm of snow here… freezing rain, power outages and downed trees there. You know, typical February weather. Typically unpredictable. I sent an email to our friends saying that one of us was glued to the weather channel and the other was trying on outfits, and they should guess which of us was doing what. Ha.

I remember the days before our trip to South America in 2017, the huge dump of snow we had before we left, the fears that we might not get to Toronto on time for our ongoing flight to Santiago. Or the year we flew to New Zealand, our first big overseas trip, for which I had taken a semester off without pay. Hubby was so nervous that he called our friend who was driving us to the airport and asked him to come two hours early and put him out of his misery.

But this trip we are driving, so no worries about cancelled flights or connections. Just concern for bad weather and poor driving conditions. It is February after all.

So we’re ready to go. Outfits have been chosen. Bags are packed. Trip lunch for the first day is in the fridge. Toenails have been painted… sandal weather awaits. Hopefully.

We really need the time away. More me than Hubby who is loath to give up a week of cross-country skiing. But I’ve been finding winter this year a bit of a struggle. Perhaps more of a struggle than I’ve lead you to believe based on my perky posts. But as I said to a friend the other day… I AM perky lots of days. Just that there have been more of the opposite kind of days than is usual for me.

So I’m looking forward to being on the road. To catching up with our friends. To walking on the beach. To eating shrimp. I’m even looking forward to those fast food breakfasts which are a feature of our road trips. I’m just anxious to get moving.

South Carolina 2016

I will not be blogging when we are away. There will be no post this time next week. But keep sending your hair stories and photos. The big hair post will be on March 11. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated. I’ve loved reading about your hair struggles and revelations. I’m excited to introduce you to each other.

See you in two weeks, my friends.


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22 thoughts on “Off on An Adventure”

  1. Exciting ! I looked up the route & mileage – over a thousand miles . Good job you two get along 😁 I use to love the hustle & bustle of flying but it suits me now to throw the bags in the car & make our own way . I can see why you need a break . This is such a dreary time of year . We will be spending most of March in Scotland but I won’t be needing my sandals . I hope you have a wonderful time & look forward to hearing all about it .

  2. Bon voyage! I’m happy to think of you road-tripping your way to warmth and sunshine with friends. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Safe travels. We’ve spent February in Ottawa but will be driving back to North Carolina on Wednesday/Thursday. We used to make the trip in one [very long] day, but no more. We could probably drive the route with our eyes closed (not advised). I hope the other Carolina treats you well.

  4. Oh how exciting for you! Road trips can be delightful. I hope yours is lovely and with uneventful driving. I admit that I love the winter, but I also find it starts to drag around March sometimes. Hope this trip is everything you need it to be.

  5. Enjoy your escape. Winter in Ontario gets tiresome by the end of February for me. I’d be happy to skip March and April as well. I’m looking forward to London April 2nd followed by a month in France. It is lovely to have trips to look forward to.

    Have a great adventure!

  6. Safe and happy travels, Sue and have a wonderful time with your friends. I love the anticipation of a road trip! Walking barefoot ( or in sandals) on a sunny beach sounds lovely and very therapeutic!
    Take care and love to you both.
    Rosie xx

  7. Wonderful, safe travels. Enjoy the road, the food, the adventure. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  8. Hi Sue, wishing you a wonderful trip. It’s great to have something to look forward to. Here in sunny Spain, well it’s not really been very sunny but thankfully not as wet as February normally is! I’m very exited that March is around the corner, I have my e beautiful Daughter arriving from Northern Ireland to stay for a week with us, minus her hubby and 2 Children. I am so looking forward to some fun with her, definitely quality time together. On a different note, I will miss your blog next week, have a great trip and don’t forget to take some photos from your strolls on the beach.

  9. Road Trips are the best! You don’t have to worry as much about what to take….. cuz there’s always a bit more room in the vehicle! I make a “shoe closet” under the seat! Have a wonderful safe trip!

  10. Have a safe drive and a wonderful time in warm South Carolina. Walking along a beach in bare feet something I can only dream of at the moment – very envious.

  11. Everyone needs a getaway!!! The anticipation and journey are as enjoyable as the destination! Have fun, stay safe and know we are all looking forward to the stories your adventures give us!

  12. Have a wonderful trip!! Ah warm weather sounds wonderful. I’m in the northern part of Wisconsin and we have so much snow we don’t know where to put it!! But I’m also heading to warmer weather this week.

  13. Bon voyage and may you belt out all the best tunes and nibble all the best snacks on your road trip! And may there be all the sunshine you need when you get to South Carolina! xo (your friend in not-always-perkiness 😉

  14. Have a great time! My sister, who lives in North Carolina, said that the daffodils are in full bloom there. You are sure to escape winter.

  15. You’re DRIVING to South Carolina?? Bless your heart. (Insert winking emoji here if I knew how to do that.)

    Enjoy! I look forward to reading all about it.

  16. Just back from our own adventure and finally catching up on the blogs I follow. We spent two weeks visiting friends who live in Coatepec, Mexico in the highlands about four hours east of Mexico City. Hope your trip is as fun as ours was!

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