I know that I talk a lot about wearing what I own. About shopping my closet and trying to stay reasonably excited to wear what’s in there. But in the dead of winter, this is hard. Harder than at any other time of year. No matter how much inspiration I glean from Pinterest, or my favourite fashion or shopping sites, turning fashion inspiration into reality in winter is not easy. That’s because there’s fashion reality, and then there’s winter fashion reality.

Of course, turning our fashion inspiration into reality is always limited by what we have in our closet. But winter throws extra constraints into the mix. I can’t put into play many of the styling tricks I employ at other times of the year. I mean, how many times have I used white sneakers to make a look more casual or lighten up an all dark outfit? Too many to count. But sneakers are no go in the snow. Ha. When we have to don boots and a warm coat and scarf, our choices are more limited. And we have to devise different ways to play with our clothes and achieve what we want. Turning inspiration into winter fashion reality takes way more effort. And patience.

So this week I had a go at trying to turn a few of the looks which I had on my Pinterest board (see above) into a reasonable sort of winter-appropriate outfit reality. I want to try to get more wear out of my tan wide-leg dress pants. I have a favourite look for them in the summer: black flat sandals, black belt, fitted black tank top. Or in spring: sneakers, white tee, and a white blazer. But they’re harder to style in winter. I envisioned trying them with my chocolate-brown, suede pointy-toed Prada boots with the small heel. The boots looked great with the pants. But I had nothing appropriate to wear on top.

No, nope, and no again.

So I switched to my tall black boots which have a slightly more pointed toe than my chunky ankle boots. And added my black crew-neck cashmere sweater and a black belt. This looked okay, if a bit predictable. But my horse stumbled on the next hurdle. The coat and scarf challenge. See above.

My long black down coat looked dreadful with the dress pants. I’ve worn the coat and scarf here with my chunky ankle boots and my faux-leather pants and it looked great. But the combo above does NOT work for me. I could have tried another scarf. And the outfit would be okay if I needed to battle the cold and snow on the way to a bus stop to go to work. The coat would be warm, and I could take it off as soon as I arrived at work. Then the pants and sweater would look good on their own. Simple, and I’m okay with simple.

But I don’t go to work anymore, and I wanted an outfit that would stay intact throughout the day. I’d probably be wearing it shopping, getting in and out of the car several times over the course of an afternoon. The short down jacket would be better. Easier to lug around the mall. And the white would be brighter against my face. Then I had the big idea to match the scarf to the pants and not the sweater, and I hauled out this tan, cream, and burgundy double-sided scarf. I was amazed at how it did not look terrible next to my face. I’d more or less given up on beige and tan when I stopped colouring my hair.

Wow. This look was a pleasant surprise. I love this scarf. And I’d never thought to try it with these pants. It looks great with the black sweater, and the jacket, and the mix of browns and tans works perfectly with the pants. I’m so pleased with this outfit. And pleased that I persevered and did not give up at the first hurdle.

Better. Much better.

Emboldened by my success, I tried for a new skirt outfit. I do not get enough wear out of my faux-leather skirt. And inspired by the Pinterest images swimming in my head, I began. I kept the cashmere crew and the black boots on, and swapped the pants for the black skirt. Plus winter tights under the skirt. Ha.

The basics

Inspired by a couple of Pinterest images, I rustled up this silk neckerchief out of a storage drawer. And I added pearl stud earrings. I rarely wear my pearls. But the edginess of the faux-leather skirt makes me more comfortable wearing earrings as conservative as these.

Add an old silk scarf and pearl earrings.

Then to make the whole thing more casual I added my denim jacket. And a black and rhinestone vintage brooch to tie in with the cream and black of the scarf.

A jacket and a brooch.

I’m excited about this look. I love it. Especially with the flat boots which, besides being easy to walk in, make the outfit more casual. And work against the classic elements of the outfit to keep them from being too classic and conservative. I feel as if this outfit works with two of my three style words which were classic, modern, and minimal. Definitely classic (silk scarf, pleated skirt, pearl earrings) and modern (the faux leather, and maybe even the denim jacket, although jean jackets are pretty classic too.) But not minimal.

In fact, my friends, I’ve been questioning the choice of my third word ever since I posted about my three words last fall. Perhaps casual would be a better word for me than minimal. When I think about many of the styling choices that I use to make an outfit feel more like me, I realize that they also usually serve to make it more casual. Then again when I review why I decided on minimal as one of my words I can see why I chose it. I hate ruffles or anything frou-frou, I’m not feminine or boho, I often add jewellry and take it off again as being “too much.” Maybe I can just be all four words. And really, who cares whether I choose three or four? Right?

And I’m happy with this one.

Now the challenge, once I have an indoor outfit with which I am happy, is to spin this into an outdoor look that I love just as much. Winter can easily throw a monkey wrench into our plans to wear jackets. We all know the discomfort of squeezing a blazer or jacket under a winter coat and feeling virtually unable to bend our arms. Or even move. Ha. But what if we have recently purchased a very roomy winter coat? Huh? A coat which is roomy enough to accommodate the jacket. Something like my prized Max Mara coat? Let’s see, shall we?

But will the green coat be a mistake?

You knew where this was going, didn’t you? I have to confess that I did not start to build this outfit with the idea of the green coat in mind. But I love it with the skirt and boots. And the print scarf. I tried a small black cross-body bag with the outfit first. But it was too dark. Too boring. I think this Kate Spade black and cream summer bag bought back in 2014 picks up on the cream of the scarf, and the black of the skirt, and makes the whole look more fun.

Love the coat and the Kate Spade two-tone bag.

Maybe, as someone said in the comments when I first posted about this coat, green really IS a neutral.

Is green really a neutral, do you think?

So, I’m pretty happy with the two new outfits I cobbled together from what was in my closet. With a bit of help from Pinterest. What is so cool about pinning outfit ideas is we don’t have to take them literally. We don’t have to choose to wear exactly what the woman is wearing in the photo we’ve pinned. Although we can do this if we want. But we can also use the photos as “guidelines.” A list of ideas about proportion, or colour combinations, or maybe even a reminder to wear that silk neckerchief we always forget we have. A collection of ideas that inspire us to dig into our closets.

Now that I think about it, that’s what you can do when you read this post. At least, that’s what I hope you do when you read my fashion posts, my wittering on about what’s in my closet, and what I might do with what I already own. I hope that it starts you thinking of what you have in your closet. And how you might turn fashion inspiration into reality.

What’s your biggest challenge, my friends, when it comes to winter dressing? Do you struggle to turn inspiration into reality?

P.S. Here are a few affiliate links to pieces I mention in my post. Or as close as I can get if the item is no longer available.

Everlane cashmere crew in black, here in other colours on sale. Paige jean jacket. Brown Fossil bag. A more refined version of my Kate Spade top-handle bag. Faux leather pleated skirts here, here, and here. Max Mara coat. Lots of lovely silk scarves on Etsy at various price points. And if you like to shop second-hand here’s a page of vintage Max Mara coats on Etsy.

And here are non-affiliate links to pieces I own:

Aritzia black puffer coat. Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket.

P.P.S. If you make a purchase after clicking on an affiliate link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog. Links to Uniqlo and Aritzia are not affiliate links but are provided as a courtesy.


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80 thoughts on “Turning Fashion Inspiration into Reality”

  1. The outfits you came up with are lovely, but I have to say how much I am LOVING your hair. You are so fortunate to have that color naturally! And the cut is perfection.

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I am liking my hair. Although the texture is so very different from my “younger” hair. Much softer and silkier which looks good when it’s freshly done, but doesn’t hold the look. Hmm. Maybe there’s a blog post in this topic. 🙂

      1. Lianne MacGregor

        I was also going to comment on your hair…in pictures of your younger self it appears to be very thick and curly so I’m amazed by how straight you’re able to style it. Does the curl ever break through – eg in humid weather?

        Also – that coat! I bought it in the blue and I absolutely love it. It’s a coat I’ll have and adore forever. Thank-you for introducing me to it.

        1. Thanks, Lianne. My hair has changed a lot since I stopped colouring it. No more frizz. I haven’t used my straightening iron in a while. So glad you like the navy MM coat. I tried it on too when I was in Montreal. It’s a lovely coat.

          1. I am so with you on this! Though I live in Italy, it gets SO cold this time of year and I can’t understand how those bloggers in the UK go out with just a jacket.
            Love your outfits!

  2. Wow. The denim, the bag and the green coat with a faux leather skirt??? Never would a million Milligans put that together, but I really love it. Sleek and quirky – perfect.

  3. I have an inspiration board in our home office for each season. Unfortunately, winter hits and on many days I look like a war time refugee fresh off the boat. Sweat pants, old tees, well worn sweat shirts and heavy socks are worn with passion less ardor. If we had a house fire I shudder to think what the first responders would think. I love both outfits you created, your sharing the thought process behind the same and your creativity. I agree the MM coat adds that vibrant third color and really is perfect! Love your hair too, both the cut and the color. Am still struggling 16 months after stopping my hairs chemical addiction cold turkey.

    1. Me too. I started a physical inspiration board in my den when I retired. Doing this feels like when I used to build bulletin boards when I was teaching. And I’m with you on the “at home” wear. Sweats, heavy socks and turtlenecks. I can’t stand to be cold. If we had a fire I’d have to save my MM coat first. Partly because I love it and partly to hide what would be underneath. Ha.

  4. Both outfits look great on you, the green coat is luscious Love the black and white bag. I also like brooches on jackets especially denim jackets. I have some favorites that were my moms
    For me I am not a fan of wide leg pants but to be honest my straight leg Levi’s go everywhere but a wedding or funeral. It doesn’t generally get as cold here in Essex County as it does around Ottawa. Another blog I read had a post about does where you live contribute to how you dress, the choices you make. I think it does more so than price points

    1. I so wish I could find a pair of straight-leg jeans that were long enough. Everywhere I look their longest leg is 30″ and I need a 32″. The search continues.

      1. I agree winter dressing is hard. I really have to credit you with keeping me looking decent day to day, especially at home days, instead of sweats and hoodies and socks I have a collection of jeans, sweaters and long sleeved under or by themselves tops. We moved into a townhouse 3 years ago and I feel like I’m more likely to be seen by a neighbour than when we lived in our house so I feel pressured to not look like a total slob!

        I know they are cheap and cheerful but for me the fit is perfect and the “tall” designation is the perfect length. Reitmans jeans. This year especially the high waisted vintage in “Tall”

      2. You have occasionally mentioned over the years that you do not have a sharply defined waist and that you are not over-endowed in the bum department. Perhaps you would find jeans to fit your slender, long-legged figure in the men’s section of stores and catalogues. The 32” inseam you need is among their shortest rather than beyond the longest available as you have sometimes found in women’s wear.
        Thank you for all the work you put into your very interesting essays. Your students were lucky to have you teach them how to write.

        1. Good idea. I have shopped for men’s pants before. Especially with respect to sports wear. Ski wear etc. The pants are smaller in the hips and longer in the legs. I bought a pair of men’s Levis a while ago. Still wear them but they don’t fit as well around the middle as they should.

  5. Winter cold does take over rather & there’s no point looking fabulous if you’re nithered ( Yorkshire word ) Though I find it equally difficult to care about fashion in a heat wave when I’m mafted ( the opposite of nithered ) The current layering trend is very helpful just now though . I’m enjoying wearing big blanket scarves under my winter coats , as in your last illustration from Pinterest. Puffer coats are wonderful , warm & weightless , but I wish the makers would vary the fabrics . I was really pleased to find one recently in a black & grey herringbone effect . Made in Denmark , sold in Scotland – both countries that know about practical clothing with a stylish twist . You’ve found two great outfits there , hiding in your wardrobe . You’ve also shown the value of hanging onto scarves & finding a good hairdresser .

    1. I am nithered most of the time in the winter these days. I will have to channel my grandfather Sullivan and wear my heavy long-johns in the house. I’m with you on the down coats. Everyone but everyone wears a black one. Including me. But I always try for a snazzy scarf underneath. My niece who has long dark brown hair always wears a black down coat with no scarf, half zipped, bare neck. It drives me crazy to see her poor cold neck. And it looks dreadful. But aunties, no matter how loving, are not allowed to comment on fashion choices. Her grandmother does enough of that. Ha.

  6. Scarves. I really do try, you know. I have things saved on pinterest boards but I simply look ridiculous when I try to tie one. Something about my neck – pretty crucial, you will appreciate. In the first lockdown, desperate to hide my hair from myself, I got into tying headscarves rather well and I might try that again. But round my neck. I have been trying for 40 years so this will be the year I throw in the towel. Coat = great.

  7. I love your winter dressing…and I’m pleased I don’t need to factor in that sort of weather for my wardrobe (in Australia)

  8. Love following your thought process and thanks for showing us how you work through your ideas. That MM coat is so lovely on you and looks so cozy for heading out in the blustery weather. Is the pink twead one as warm? We are getting more snow today so I think a bit of closet play is a great idea for a diversion and with much colder temperatures coming, I think I need to sort out how to look put together but still stay warm. Of course then there is the process of getting in and out of the car, driving, warming up, then back out into the cold and so on… lol.
    Really enjoy your fashion posts, especially on dreary Sunday morning

    1. Thanks, Diane. I don’t mind the cold, warm, cold thing… but I hate slushy snowbanks. One good thing about being retired. If I have to wade snowbanks to get from the car to the sidewalk… I mostly choose to stay at home.

  9. Love both those outfits. Very fun! Right now my biggest wardrobe challenge is how to keep my earbud with the navigation directions in my ear under the motorcycle helmet!!! A bandana works but not if it slips down my forehead in transit! Lol

    1. Bandana over the eyes is NOT recommended while navigating a motorbike, my friend. Stay safe. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures when you return.

  10. Green is God’s favourite colour, my gardening friend says. And I agree. I think your lovely coat will “go” with everything!

      1. Dear Sue, a seamstress will be happy to make your men’s jeans fit. And, they will be more comfortable too. 👍

  11. Love the outfits you put together, very chic. Really, really love your MM green coat, total envy. Winter fashion inspiration, thank you.

  12. My feeling is that if your outfit consists of neutral clothing pieces the top layer can be any colour you like. A bright coat is a joy to see one the depths of winter.

  13. Two really great looks here, Sue! And I see what you mean about the second not being especially minimal, but it’s still what I’d call a very clean look. Nothing distracting. Every element contributing to the overall aesthetic.
    You’ve got so many good pieces that work together brilliantly — and that MaxMara coat! So good!
    Our winters are so much milder than yours, obviously, but the challenges I face from November through March have to do with walking almost everywhere on sidewalks that are likely going to be wet or icy or (more rarely) ice-covered. So if pants are wide-legged, the bottom of that leg has to keep its distance from the ground. . . and footwear has to be water-resistant and/or have very good treads. Oh, and also, whatever bag I choose has to be shoulder-friendly for at least four kilometres. . . But we finally have sunshine here after weeks of grey and rain. Sunshine comes with frost, of course, but nothing like your cold, and I’ll take it!

    1. My boots… at least the ones I wear in the winter… all have a good sole with rubber treads. My Stuart Weitzman ankleboots have deep treads. Thanks to the lug-soled trend. I was so pleased to find my knee-high boots at Brown’s a couple of years ago. They have rubber soles and are so good for walking on recently plowed sidewalks. I remember buying a leather-soled pair back in the day and I took my life in my hands even getting out to the car. Soooo slippery. I hear you about wide-leg pants. I’m thinking mine will have salt stains soon.

  14. Love your Max Mara coat, it was a wise purchase, and yes I think it is a neutral, but with a bit of a pop. Thank you for showing your process to choosing an out fit. I have to dedicate a day to myself and my closet. Your ideas resonate with me, I also follow Alyssa Beltempo and her YouTube videos. She is so great at recreating outfits, not exactly as on Pinterest or fashion sites, but with the same vibe. I like that she is realistic about Canadian winters! Enjoy your blog posts Sue, thank you.

  15. I have to say I love scarf #1. Not great with the pants but beautiful. I LOVE denim and pearls. Love dressy with casual mix. The green coat is completely sold out. It is so beautiful and I bet it looks good with whatever you put with it.

    1. I love that grey and black scarf too. Thanks, Pat. And it looks good with the black coat. Oddly enough my white hair keeps that combination from looking too dour. 🙂 I looked and looked for anyone still selling that green coat. So I’m assuming that the link I finally found is now sold out as well.

  16. Thanks for a great post. Sharing your process is really helpful. Though our weather is mild in Southern California compared to yours, it has still been a cold, rainy winter for us so far. This year all of my winter clothing is getting a workout which is not always the case. I love scarves and really like what the first scarf did to enliven the outfit. Thanks again for the inspiration, and a Happy Sunday wish for all.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I didn’t even think of the tan scarf at first. Just looked at it longingly when I realized it would work with the pants. Then I tried it on and was totally surprised that it didn’t look awful on me. It must be because of the rose/burgundy bits in the print.

  17. Agree with Laurel,your hair is amazing!
    And green MM coat rules!
    Two lovely outfits-I love the combination with the jean jacket!
    Love your inspiration board! I have no problems with coat combinations-like the lady in the last photo (cream/grey),I wear my coats mostly open,but I guess it is a rare possibility in your climate! And when it is really cold here- there is a down coat (I’ve wear it only once this winter,the real one! Uniqlo lightweight down jacket is more in rotation )

    1. I prefer to wear my coats open as well. With a scarf showing like in the Pinterest photo. But not when it’s snowing… which it has been for days. Feels like weeks. Stu is pacing because it’s too blustery today to ski.

  18. I saw a lot of blanket scarves in Paris last week, and we’ve had a “cold” snap here (lows around 5 degrees centigrade, highs around 10 or 12) so it’s a good time to pull the ones I have out and play with them. I walk to/from Portuguese class in the evenings and since it gets cold as soon as the sun goes down, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit and add a little something different to the mix.

    I love both your outfits, and can see why you’re happy with them. I especially love how you mix the “lady-like” of the pearls and scarf with the edge of the denim and faux leather. Gives me ideas….

    1. Thanks, Carol. I think blanket scarves are great if they’re light enough. Otherwise I find them overwhelming. But I could do with some of those temperatures you’re getting. 🙂

  19. Hi Sue. Just love your blog. It’s my favourite and I always look forward to its arrival in my in box on Sunday morning. Weather is much the same here in Mount Forest ON so your post is so relevant. I just pulled a silk scarf out of the donate box! 😉 Thank you!

  20. Another amazing post! Thank you!
    Sue, I love your style and your fashion sense. Mixing the various items in my closet to get that perfect, balanced and chic outfit is one of the hardest things about getting dressed.
    You do a great job of showing the way. I love seeing the outfits that don’t quite work with your explanation of what’s wrong. Your example gives me the inspiration to keep trying.

    P.S. I’m wearing my pearl earrings today.

  21. Love all the outfits! Recently I’ve been wanting to add scarves into my outfits, not the big voluminous ones but silk or like the ones you linked. So many beautiful choices. As far as the three words I decided to ask my husband, daughter and very good friend to describe my style or what they thought looked best on me. I found their words very helpful. My husband said classic, my daughter and most trusted fashion consultant said crisp and my friend said fresh. So classic, crisp and fresh. Sounds good to me. I do find when I experiment with style I eventually come back to many tried and true formulas with a tweak here or there. In a way if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  22. Love your combinations today and especially like the tan and rose scarf. I’m a great believer in scarves for both warmth and brightening up an outfit. I knitted quite a few one winter so have a good range of colours. Last winter I favored smaller silk scarves, inherited from my mother, tied kerchief style around a crew neck jumper.
    Mind you at the moment the weather is so wet that waders and lifejackets, in place of your gorgeous green coat, might be the order of the day. We have a tropical “river” bearing down on us and have had three months rain in one day so floods and slips everywhere. Never rains but it pours as they say.

  23. I didn’t really pay attention so much to your outfits as much as to your great haircut!!! Love it!

  24. Fabulous outfits– really made me realize how lay I’ve become mixing things up. And green for you rally is a neutral. I’m going to have to try some out next time I’m snoop shopping!

  25. Love the outfit options and how to mix up what is in your closet. I really like the last picture of you in that fabulous green coat!! Also love your short hair! But you makeup looks to nice and natural in that photo. Could you share what you are wearing? I like that you look very natural and not made up with too much color on your face.
    I look forward to reading your blog weekly!

  26. The second outfit with the green coat is so stylish, warm and FUN! The outfit with slouchy pants might be ok for winter in SoCal but not in Eastern Ontario with 40+ cm of snow! Just can’t see dragging those lovely pant legs through snow and slush or the wet in car mats. Maybe skirts and tights do make more sense in our winter.

    1. Skirts and boot are definitely easier when there’s slush and snow banks to wade. I don’t think I’ll be doing much wading in my dress pants. 🙂

  27. I love your pleated skirt, I thought the little black jumper with the beautiful scarf and skirt looked classic. I think that the jumper needed the scarf around your neck or else maybe a string of pearls! I’m both a pearl and scarf fan, not the woolly scarves but the fine hand painted scarves that I can wind around my neck that really finishes off an item of clothing. I didn’t like your beige trousers, I didn’t like the jumper tucked in. I’m not sure what top I would have put with those trousers , maybe a fine polo neck or possibly a silk blouse with a pussy bow if the weather was warmer! But, like everybody else, I love the green coat. I just wish my expensive Marc Cain teddy coat looked as well on me as yours looks on you. I need to wear mine more often. Thank you Sue for brightening up my Monday morning , I look forward to reading your blog with my early morning coffee.

  28. I figured that the new green coat would come into play and you used it beautifully. I really like the outfit with the leather skirt, denim jacket, and scarf. It is such a nice balance of modern, classic and casual. I might need to add that outfit to a Pinterest board. The green coat works very well with the ensemble. Also, that closeup of your face with the coat’s collar depicts exactly how well the green goes with your skin and hair. Lovely. I think that green is a neutral. It could go with almost anything.
    I think that the tan pants are oversized enough that any long coat won’t work and your short puffer coat does the trick. I wonder if a navy pea coat (should you have one in the back of your closet) would work? I feel like navy might work well with the tan.
    I’m still living in jeans day to day and I wear them for shopping, etc., so I can’t really think of winter dressing challenges. I need to make plans to go out with some women friends and dress a little better for an outing.
    I have gone to friends’ homes for dinner a couple of times recently and enjoyed dressing up so much. Those evenings called for pulling out something a little dressier, so velvet got put to work. I have a short black dress with darker black dots all over it. It was a cold night and I put black tights under it and a low-heeled pair of Aquatalia ankle boots. I really liked the look.

  29. I enjoy your outfit posts, as they get me thinking. My favourite here is the skirt with the crew neck sweater and the scarf. It also looks great with the jean jacket, but I like the pared down version best. And of course the green coat is fabulous. I like the texture of it in particular (but the shape is great, too!).

    My style is different to yours and I’m about fifteen years younger and still working, so the challenges are different. I also walk everywhere (never drive, unless I have to go twenty-five km or more, as I live in a central zone of the city and work near Parliament). My outfits for shopping and the like tend to reflect that I’m outdoors and need to trudge through snow and stay warm. I have the inseam issue that you have, too, as I need a 32″ inseam and so often women’s pants are so short! Everlane jeans are my favourites, but they have typically required accepting a shorter inseam and wearing boots or styling them with different shoes anyway (though I have one pair of men’s 501s that are great and remind me of my uni days). Anyway…my wardrobe challenge has always been around skirts. I think the Pinterest looks you’ve posted with the swishy midi skirt and the oversized sweater might be a solution for me, if the sweater were slightly more cropped. I’m always looking for new ideas, so thanks!

    1. Oh and I agree with everyone else that your haircut and colour are terrific and suit you so well (and your makeup looks great)!

    2. If you live in the downtown core, I am assuming you have great need of a winter hat with your outfits. I remember back in the early eighties working on Sparks Street and standing on Queen St to catch the bus home. Or walking down Albert Street to go to my hairdressers. Those “wind tunnels” on Queen and Albert et al were sooo cold in winter. Now the coldest downtown walking I do is from the parking garage at the Rideau Centre up to the Chateau Laurier to take tea with my friend. Life is tough. Ha.
      P.S. I love those Pinterest looks too. And will be trying the big sweater-long skirt one.

      1. Yes! I live Glebe-Old Ottawa South way, i.e. past the highway, and so walking into the core requires a two-layer hat on cold days. I typically skate to work in the wintertime, but unfortunately this year is not providing us with that opportunity! You are absolutely right about the wind tunnels. I recall my mom visiting me years ago and walking down Elgin street one evening, huddled together!

        By the way, looking at your looks again I love the look with the jean jacket over it. Lots of interest there.

        1. Wow… that’s quite a hike to work you have every day. I’d be wearing two-layer hats as well. Sad that the canal hasn’t been cooperating this year. Not yet anyway.

  30. Sue, I love your “wittering on” about outfits. It’s a process I also go through…I just didn’t know what it’s called!

    The outfit with the green Max Mara coat is perfection. All except the brooch. I just can’t do brooches…I’ve collected several and I always end up removing them. Don’t know why. Maybe I have to play around some more.


  31. Love your Max Mara coat, it was a wise purchase, and yes I think it is a neutral, but with a bit of a pop. Thank you for showing your process to choosing an out fit. I have to dedicate a day to myself and my closet. Your ideas resonate with me, I also follow Alyssa Beltempo and her YouTube videos. She is so great at recreating outfits, not exactly as on Pinterest or fashion sites, but with the same vibe. I like that she is realistic about Canadian winters! Enjoy your blog posts Sue, thank you.

  32. Michelle Hamric

    I just stumbled upon this website. I absolutely love it! Your hair is GORGEOUS!! I love your whole look and style. I love classic chic styles and neutrals along with a “pop” of color, too. I stopped coloring my hair in 2020 since I couldn’t get hair color anywhere or get to a salon to have it colored. My hair color and cut was very similar to yours. However, fast forward to mid- 2022 to present. I started coloring my hair again in June 2022. I really loved the color and cut, but I “caved” because several of my friends thought it made me look washed out and/or too old; I was 67 when I started recoloring my hair. When I was running daily errands, I got so many compliments on how beautiful my hair was. No compliments since I started coloring again. HMM! Kind of makes me wonder if I should have left my hair color free.

    About a month after I started coloring my hair again, my husband announced that he had decided to retire the end of March 2023. The retirement part is fine. But if I’d know he was going to retire I would have reconsidered starting up coloring my hair again. After all, for most of us, eliminating extra expenses is necessary. So, now I’m uncertain what I’m going to do. I suppose this is a case where I ought to have listened to myself and not all the other voices.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation away from the website. Looking forward to more wonderful fashion and life posts.

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