Let’s be honest, okay? I talk too much. I know I do. I try to curb my tongue, but it’s so hard. Books. Favourite books. Travel. Favourite destinations. Family stories. Clothes. Favourite or not, I just love to talk about clothes. And anything, that strikes my fancy, really. Which is why blogging is such a great outlet for me. I can talk and talk and talk. And I do. Ha. And you guys are kind enough to listen, or read, or read and listen.

So brace yourselves, my friends. I’ve just finished editing my November Vlog and it’s a long one. I apologize. I do. It’s all about makeover stories. And it covers two topics that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while. Our bathroom renovations, for one. And skincare and makeup for another.

And another thing…

We’ve had work done on our one tiny bathroom this fall. It’s been completely gutted and replaced with a new shiny bathroom. Change is good. But hard sometimes. And we had decisions to make. How much work to do? And what changes would be going too far for us? Especially considering the age of our home, and our age too. We had to decide where to draw the line. But, I’ll let you watch the video to see the beginning, the middle, and the end of our bathroom journey.

Yeah, yeah, I should shut up now, I know

And because someone asked me if I would consider doing another skincare and makeup vlog, that is the second part of my video. I know they seem like totally unrelated topics. But really, I think they are related. I mean they are both about makeovers, of sorts. And we all love makeover stories.

So for my vlog this month, I filmed myself getting ready for my day. It shows my skincare and makeup routine. And then I talk. Quite a lot. About some of my favourite products. A recent mascara quest. And the three new products I purchased in Montreal recently that I am in love with.

At the end of the video, I do philosophize a bit, as I am wont to do. About aging. And about the constant debate to fight or accept the changes wrought by age. We’re all aging. I’m aging, you’re aging. And as a result our skincare and my makeup needs to change among other things. But how much anti-aging intervention are we prepared to do? I’m always asking myself what aspects of aging should I accept? And what should I fight against? Where should I draw the line? That, my friends, is a debate we all have to have with ourselves. And it’s a topic worthy of discussion, I think.

Anyhoo. I gotta be me. I tried and tried to cut the video down. But I was unable to make it as short as I’d like. Not without cutting huge segments that I wanted to keep. The bathroom stuff is first if that’s what you’re interested in. The skincare and makeup part is second. Feel free to scroll through what you are not interested in hearing about. I won’t be offended. Because I’ll never know. Ha.

So put on a pot of coffee or tea, my friends. And let’s talk, okay?

As usual, all and any comments are most welcome. Let’s continue the conversation, shall we?

P.S. I have listed all the products I used in the video, and their corresponding links, below… and in the description box on YouTube. Please know that I only link products which I use and love.

Skincare: Biossance Squalane+Vitamin C Rose Oil. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream. Clinique All About Eyes. Biotherm Aquasource Hyalu Plump Gel.

Makeup: Laura Mercier Pure Canvas primer. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion concealer. Laura Mercier Eye Basics eye shadow primer in linen. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick cream eye shadow in Rose Gold and Amethyst. Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow eye shadow palette in “light.” Chanel Le Gel Sourcils eyebrow gel in “blond.” Chanel Inimitable mascara in black. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick compact in Rose. Bobbie Brown Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips in Pale Pink.

For Canadian readers here are links to Bobbi Brown and Chanel products at Nordstrom.ca. Chanel Les Beiges eye shadow compact in light, Inimitable mascara in black. Bobbi Brown Pot rouge, Shimmer Brick compact.

Haircare: Goldwell Creative Texture strong spray wax.

P.P.S. The above links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay my blog expenses.


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71 thoughts on “November Vlog: Makeover Stories”

  1. Lips! That is where I’ve lost color most and am bc at a loss for products. Leaving color aside, my holy grail would be a very moist (but not a gloss) lipstick with some staying power. But almost all stick formulations seem to be dry, even if they aren’t marketed as matte or long lasting. They don’t blend into that “my lips but better” look but seem more and more Joan Crawford as the hours go by. Or they are such light formulation as to disappear. You look like you are wearing something, very pretty and natural, but didn’t mention it.

    Thank you – fascinating vlog!!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I’m not wearing lipstick in the video. Just some clear lip balm which is what I wear most of the time. Sometimes if I’m taking outfit photos I will wear a soft pink shade from Laura Mercier but always with a clear balm under it to make it less lipstick-y looking. I’m afraid I grew up in the age of lip gloss and never really adjusted to the feel of lipstick. Even though I have several most of them free with gift with purchase promotions from my favourite brands.

  2. The bathroom looks wonderful and I hope you have many happy soaks in that tub. I have a new kitchen tap and am so delighted every time I turn it (smoothly) on…heaven knows how you feel. I was chatting with friends last week about extreme old age (three of them have mothers still living but well into their 80s now) and it struck me that at my time of life (mid 60s) the time has come to get fit for old age. So my makeover has begun! Cut down the calories, up the walking, plenty of sleep and finally grasp those irritating mental processes that wear you down. A lip colour that doesn’t make me look like an old barmaid c1960 would be good but not urgent. And mascara and I no longer see eye-to-eye, so to speak. Re talking too much; it is your blog, say what you like. As a fellow blogger, nothing annoys me more than people telling you what you should/should not be saying. Poor form.

    1. We had a kitchen tap replaced a couple of years ago. It hadn’t turned for years and for a long time I would forget that it does. Such a joy to be able to move the tap from side to side! Ha. Small things…

  3. Your bathroom is looking really good , we’ll worth the turmoil . We have the same colour scheme , with grey walls & shiny white tiles but we opted for a dark wood effect floor with navy towels etc . A bathroom is so permanent which makes decisions quite stressful .
    Like you , I used to wear way more make up than I do now . I agree that our colouring fades & you have to resist compensating by slapping on heavier make up – always have Norma Desmond in mind 😁I have a simple routine with very few products , most important is a factor 50 daily moisturiser . I’m pleased with the Laura Mercier concealer you recommended last time though . My weakness is hair products . I’m always searching for that magical something to give body to my soft , fine hair without weighing it down & making it dull . So I shall look into the Goldwell range . Thanks for all your research .

    1. I forgot to mention SPF cream. I use SPF 50 when I’m walking or cycling or skiing. But most days I just go with the tinted moisturizer which has a factor 20. Ditto about the Norma Desmond thing. Ha.

  4. We just did our bathroom as well…but we took the bathtub out…hate bath tubs. Yours is a big improvement for sure! Enjoy 😊. All the makeup tips are great. You may want to consider peach fuzz removal…makeup goes on much nicer.

    1. Yes. Our new bathroom is a big improvement. Some parts of our old bathroom were at least thirty years old. I’m so pleased with the new bright look. Much better for applying makeup too.

  5. Sue, how do you do it? You always blog about something so timely in my life. Aging!! Just diagnosed with spinal osteoporosis! Terrified! The good Doctor will give me an infusion of medication once a year and we’ll fight this. In the meantime, closet turn. Get rid of all, and I mean all my oversized handbags. Sold a few to consignment and donated the rest. Listened to my son-in-law and put somethings in my car. Ok, lightened the load. Now to live to an old age comfortably. With my consignment money I plan to buy more skin care. Thanks for the video. Love your new bathroom, enjoy.

    1. Speaking of timely. I recently had a bone density test and it showed I had osteoporosis in my lower spine. I was shocked. I expected osteopenia… but not the other. I was bowled over for a few days, then found some good exercise programs for strengthening sent by a friend. Feeling a bit more relaxed about it now.

  6. Enjoyed your vlog – per usual!
    Will you please tell me more about your eyeliner & how you used it?
    I WILL be trying the Inimitable mascara – I, too, am challenged with exactly the same issues you have with it & also hated tubing mascara!

    1. I use a cake liner for “tightlining” by Laura Mercier. I dampen my brush bought for that specific task (very thin with a straight edge) and muck it into the liner, then apply to the inside water line on my upper lids only, dabbing the colour right at the base of my lashes. A cosmetician at Nordstrom taught me how to do it a few years ago and I never wear regular liner anymore. Here’s a helpful video which shows exactly what I do. https://youtu.be/0eIDVM4LGN4

  7. Hi Sue,
    I look forward to your blog every week. You look fantastic as always, and the bathroom looks perfect. I love the grey sweater, a very good colour for you. Please let me know the brand and where you were able to purchase it.
    Thanks Sue
    Wishing you and hubby “Happy Holidays”

  8. Such a wonderful chat this morning. I love to talk about skin care and makeup, among all the other female fun stuff. I find that I am wearing more than I was a few years ago, but softer looks. It is just such a pleasant experience to spend time getting ready. I have been watching numerous blogs on makeup ideas and pick and choose what works for me. Now, the hair, that is another story. Well, enjoy your gorgeous new bathroom, and thanks for a delightful Sunday morning diversion.

    1. I find getting ready enjoyable as well. Almost meditative. When I was working I’d do my hair and makeup and plan my day. It helped me feel like I was approaching my day in a calm and organized fashion.

  9. You’re so down to earth and lovely. I enjoyed the makeup and aging “chat.” I’m a wee bit younger than you are, but agree fully with what you said at the end of the vlog about finding one’s comfortable place. What’s important I think is allowing oneself to adapt and change one’s perspective….and to have fun with dressing up and doing one’s makeup.

    I have spent most of my life not really wearing makeup. I was never very accomplished at applying it, and having been an athlete in my twenties it was inconvenient to wear things on my face. My mother also never wore makeup or coloured her hair, which I think has a big influence on a girl. My makeup routine has pretty much ever only consisted of wearing mascara (and no hair colour) – with occasional forays into eye liner (and very unsuccessfully darkening my brows and wearing red lipstick in my twenties, which shows up in some vary garish looks in photos!). I finally figured out that I’m a muted soft person in colouring, which I seemed to understand intuitively as a teenager, with my shimmery pink go-to lipstick, but rebelled against it in my twenties.

    Now that I’m in late middle age, however, and starting to get over the gloom of the early pandemic period – went through a complete plumbing stack renovation in Sept 2020, toilet in the hallway at times (cry!), so I felt for you during the bathroom renovation (nice final reveal!) – I’m experimenting a little bit with more makeup. I even shocked myself by buying a lipstick while wearing a face mask and actually liking the colour and product I bought (Clinique Bare Pop) I’m wearing it around the house, since I have nowhere to go.

    Keep up the generous, approachable blogging.

    1. Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to tell a quick story. When I first moved back here in my thirties I rented an apartment from an older man who was originally from France (grew up in a village during the war). He was a classical musician and artist and as I am also artsy I loved having dinner with him and chatting about art in the evenings. I remember one time saying something about aging (crazy – I was in my thirties!) and the dark circles under my eyes. I remember him telling me that when he was growing up he absorbed the idea that older women were attractive/sexy, and that when he was a boy he thought that the shadows under a woman’s eyes made her alluring. It made me smile and still does, now many years after his death. Beauty and allure are in the eye of the beholder.

    2. Thanks so much, Stephanie. I remember trying different makeup things that were definitely NOT me. Including dark lipstick. I love Wendy from York’s description that wearing too dark lipstick made her feel like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Or even the Carol Burnett parody… Nora Desmond. You may be too young to remember that Carol Burnett skit. So funny! Look it up if you get a chance.

      1. Ha ha yes – Norma Desmond is a great description. I loved Carol Burnett but I don’t know if I remember that parody. Will look it up!

  10. I’m usually just a voyeur on blogs and vlogs, never commenting, but I have to say if you change anything TALK MORE! I love your blog and absolutely love to hear/read thoughtful, philosophical, yet pertinent thoughts.

  11. The bathroom is lovely! We redid our (small) bath in our previous home. I recognize the huge hanging sheets of plastic 😬 and the orange Schluter waterproofing. It’s a lot, but it really makes a difference. So nice!

    Another fan of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer here and will have to try the illuminating primer. Like you, I have tried a few foundations as I’ve aged, but they inevitably leave me with a cakey look which I found really aging.

  12. Like you….so much money wasted on mascara. I get the flakes, the shadow, the rubbing off and raccoon eyes….sigh…even waterproof mascara somehow rubs off on me. I tried tubing mascara as well and yes…one brand does NOT come off but I did find a brand that really washes away when I wash my face at night. Blinc from Sephora. Happy December from Alberta where we have been having unseasonably cold weather. -32C with the windchill on Thursday morning…what the what?

    1. When the tubing mascara didn’t work, I started brushing translucent powder under my eyes to help absorb any oil on my skin and it seems to work a treat.

  13. You like to talk/write…we like to listen/read. You display a lovely combination of common sense and practicality, and yet, you also exhibit a genuine wonder of discovery–in small things and in the larger, more complex aspects of life. It is what makes your vlog/blog so very enjoyable. Thank you.

  14. Oh, I have so enjoyed your vlog on make up. Sue, you look incredible, you have such beautiful skin and I just love your hair! Great to get tips on makeup, I’m always trying to update myself with some new products. I am a fan of a Spanish skin cream called Natura Bisse, I use their Essential Shock Intense Cream along with their serum.
    I am a fan of Kiko, it’s Italian and is very reasonable to buy. I use their lipsticks which are moisturised and their Eyebrow Sculpt. I love Bobby Brown eye shadows, the little box with four colours. I have just run out of my kiko mascara so I’m going to shop in El Corte Ingles in Alicante tomorrow to buy the one you recommend. Your vlog brought back memories of when I was in my early 20s and au pair in Paris, I was very influenced by Twiggy the English model who used to paint eyelashes on her bottom lashes. I’ve many a photo of myself trying to look like her! But, that was then, I’m more natural now. If I were left on a desert Island I would make certain that I’ve a store of my lipsticks with me. I’m a firm believer that the correct lipstick brightens up any face, that along with my eyebrow sculpt I am never seen without in putting the bins(garbage) out! On a different note, I love your new bathroom…it’s clean line, sleek and chic. The grey is beautiful as are you wearing your grey jumper. It’s certainly your colour with you skin and hair. Christmas is coming so enjoy the festivities. Thank you for making me smile on a Sunday.

    1. Grey seems to be the colour for me these days… in everything. Ha. I remember my friends and I lathering the mascara on my lower lids when I first started wearing makeup back in the mid-seventies. It’s a wonder our eyes didn’t stick shut. Ha.

  15. Great Vlog Sue. I was settled in and enjoying listening and all of a sudden you were finished. I found I was disappointed that your recorded 29 mins went by so quickly- lol. So like the other commenters mentioned, please feel free to Talk More 😊.
    What I have discovered is that a lot of the cosmetic companies seem to be changing their formulas and colours. I am wondering if they will be offering fewer choices to cut down on their costs? I am looking for a new foundation as my old one is now discontinued. So disappointing especially when you have found something that works. When visiting the various cosmetic places, there is such a list of things that can be used on my face that I find it overwhelming at times. Nice you were able to find someone to work with our generation of skin & makeup concerns.
    Your new bathroom looks beautiful and has lots of cupboard space which is always handy and often missing in the new builds.
    Thanks for sharing pics of your bathroom renovation and for all your makeup info on your Vlog . Also, for all your work in putting it together. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks so much, Carolyn. I was pleased that those young girls in Montreal so easily understood where I was coming from. That doesn’t always happen.

  16. The new bathroom is a winner! I enjoyed watching your makeup routine immensely. I’m nearing 80 and also wear the LM Tinted Moisturizer. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of makeup products through the years and have ended up with some absolute favorites – Hourglass bronzers and blushes and Victoria Beckham’s eyeliner in Navy Noir. You mentioned your hairy face – age has cleared mine, but I used to shave every other day in the shower and it even improved my skin.

  17. Your new bathroom looks fantastic! I love your blog and your videos and you can talk all you want….we are all listening.
    Can you tell me exactly which Goldwell creative texture wax spray you are using? I looked on their website and it seems they make more than one wax spray. Who knew? 🤷🏼
    BTW, your “new” white hair is a absolutely beautiful. If you wanted to do a vlog on hair care and products we’d love that too.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. The exact product is linked at the bottom of my post. But it’s Goldwell Stylesign, Creative Texture, Unlimitor 4, strong spray wax.

  18. Thank you for this vlog – I so enjoyed it! I am not interested in medical beauty aging management interventions either, and you’ve posed a resonant question regarding acceptance and giving up that has gotten me this far in my thinking: For me, acceptance denotes embracing something I can learn about or from, like and welcome, relax into, and live with comfortably. Giving up, on the other hand, feels like resignation, walking away from, and defeat. Saying “uncle.” I’m trying to accept aging (nearly 70, now), even when I don’t always understand it in myself because giving up seems like a decision that denies the potential to learn and, maybe, grow? Being successful with makeup now is much more challenging than it was even at age 60 – so when something works, the feeling of confidence it evokes is that much more energizing!

    1. I agree. Acceptance doesn’t mean doing nothing, just realizing that we are going to look older. Doesn’t mean we can still look good. By the way… wonder how many “young things” wouldn’t get that reference to “The Man From Uncle.” Ha.

  19. Love your new bathroom! I redid mine about 10 years ago, and can appreciate what you went through. It’s well worth the effort, and you will eventually forget how unpleasant the renovation was.
    I stopped wearing makeup during the pandemic. It rubbed off on the mask, and I rarely went anywhere. I’m older than you, but definitely don’t want to look like I’ve given up. Mascara may be too much effort for me, but I would love to find the right lipstick. That would be something moisturizing and light, but not sticky or too shiny. And a light, flattering color to add a little warmth (life?) to my face. Now I wear Chap Stick, which is fine except it has no color. Can you suggest something? This is the hardest thing to find, and I don’t want to try testers. The pandemic is still out there.
    I take good care of my skin, and have always thought the ideal situation is to have such good skin that you don’t need makeup.

    1. I am not a good person to ask for lipstick suggestions. I rarely wear any coloured lipstick preferring most days my clear lip balm or a gloss. I think some of the other commenters have mentioned lipsticks they like. Lilibet talks about a Chanel lipstick that she loves. Maybe scroll down to her comment.

  20. Your bathroom renovation is lovely Sue and so glad you are pleased with the results. As for my beauty routine, I did have my eyebrows micro bladed when they became very sparse and I am quite happy with the results. I also get an IPL twice a year to help with rosacea and use a skin care line that includes a retinol. I do enjoy colour on my face but use a very light hand. Lancôme’s Definicils mascara has been my go to for years. Loved the Vlog this month Sue! All the best of this holiday season to you and Stew.

    1. I use a very mild retinol once a week. Any more than that and I react. So I’m not sure if it’s making any difference. Hope you have a good holiday season, too, Glenda. 🙂

  21. I always enjoy your blogs and vlogs on everything from books and camping to new bathrooms, wardrobe and skincare… I don’t know how I found you, but I’m glad I did. This time you really hit it out of the park vis a vis what I need. I’m 82 and am just now exploring new skin care and make up products after a long hiatus. I worked into my early 70’s and lived in a more affordable part of the U.S. , so I got monthly facials and tried Botox (I was already too old for that) and fillers, which I did like. Then I moved to a state with one of the highest costs of living (to be closer to part of my family) and all professional skin care and hair color was no longer part of my budget. I was actually relieved to go bare faced. Two or three times a week I’d do a make up routine for church and other outings/gatherings. Then came the pandemic and there was no place to go. Other than a quick face wash and finishing up a few skin care products, I got lazy and even downright neglectful. Recently, thanks to gift cards, I’ve had off and on microdermabrasion treatments to get my skin back to that of a normal 82 year old (dry, sensitive with wrinkles etc.) and I’m no longer neglecting twice a day skin care. I too have white hair, which I love, and have always had very pale skin. At times I feel like a feminine version of Casper the Ghost SO now I’m researching a simple daily make up routine with added embellishments for leaving the house. Leaving the house is becoming more frequent as I’ve emerged cautiously from the pandemic. I look forward to trying some of your recommended products. I had reverse shoulder replacement last spring and am pain free for the first time in a few years and now I want a face to go with my rejuvenated shoulder. Thanks so much for your wise and thoughtful commentary. Happy Holidays.

  22. I don’t care what you talk about, you always make me laugh! Or you make me think. Best of both worlds. By the way, to me the difference between accepting and giving up the aging process is: putting on some makeup shows you still care, even if it’s very minimal. Not bothering at all means you’ve given up. I suppose there will come a time when I won’t care anymore (maybe when I’m 90? Am 74 now) and I’ll be okay with that. I guess the question is—am I still applying it for myself or for others? Frankly, on days I don’t see anyone, I go without 🙂
    Thanks for another great read.

    1. Me too, Judy. When I’m at home I just do skincare and no makeup. That’s why when I go somewhere after a few days at home except for my walks…. my makeup at first seems like too much.

  23. I am 74 and wear makeup every day. Done right it takes years off of a person’s face. I have been using Retin A for 20+ years and think it has made a big difference in my skin. I use Timeless vitamin C and an Elta MD sunblock every day. Those three things have the science behind them to actually make a difference. I like Chanel volume de Chanel mascara and their new de Chanel no. 1 foundation applied with a beauty blender sponge. I get compliments from people all the time about my beautiful skin(I have some wrinkles around my eyes and a textured chin) and I tell them it is just camouflage from my makeup!

    1. I have not had good luck applying foundation with either a sponge or a foundation brush. I wish I could use retinol more because I have also read that it works. But my skin seems too sensitive to tolerate it.

  24. Hi Sue. Always look forward to your posts and especially enjoyed the video about makeup today. I have some thoughts on the aging subject as well. I just turned 80 a couple of months ago and I still wear about the same number of products I always have. I just wear them differently. I am not a good judge of age myself but no one believes I am 80 and many people have guessed in my 60’s. I have come to believe what you put in your body is more important than what you put on it and found when I gave up sugar, or rarely eat it, my skin improved as well as my weight. I still watch makeup videos and have learned a few things that I do differently at this age. I am obviously not of the Tik Tok, generation but watched one that popped up and tried it. I now use my moisturizer and sunscreen (my products before foundation) let dry and apply translucent powder, then spray a setting mist. Let dry and continue with your usual products. Your makeup is set but the powder doesn’t settle in fine lines. My makeup looks very natural and lasts so much longer in my humid Southern state. I can usually touch it up in the evening and be ready to go out. I do use foundation but very lightly dab on with a makeup blender sponge. I use black brown eye liner and the same color for mascara rather than black and line the water line on my upper lid and just smudge some on the bottom third from outer corner at the bottom rather then lining all. As you can see, I too, am a talker so no short comment.

    1. That’s a good way to put it, Sara. I too use almost the same number of products just with a lighter hand. Well, except for eyebrows… I eliminated one product there.

  25. Your bathroom looks really good, love the cupboards for storage. I enjoyed your make up vlog and agree with another commenter who said you are a generous blogger sharing information and tips with the community here.
    I wore far too much make up when I was young in the 1960s – think Dusty Springfield (“rough cast in Revlon”) but when you’re young you can get away with that…much more challenging when you age.
    My bug bear has always been my hair which is naturally very curly and has been dyed just about every colour, straightened at one point and even sported a modified afro style in the 70s. Now in my mid 70s I can’t believe that my hair has thinned with age and has been grey for quite some time. And you know what? I don’t mind. If I can get to a hairdresser and have it blow dried it looks … respectable.

    1. We needed the cupboard space. That tall cabinet is our only linen cupboard. I have always obsessed about my curly, curly hair. I even had an afro in the seventies. Now my hair is not so curly, nor so frizzy. Another reason I’m glad I stopped colouring.

  26. I started using the Biossance line a few months ago. I like all the products I have tried. My favorite BB cream has been discontinued so I am on the search for something similar. I’ll have to try the Laura Mercier products you showed. I don’t want heavy foundation either. I like that you apply your makeup with your fingers. Brushes and beauty blenders seem like a waste of money and a great place to harbor bacteria. Plus fingers don’t take up space in the travel makeup bag 😂
    Your bathroom redo is lovely. I’m glad it was finished before the snow started swirling! Now you can enjoy using it.

    1. I cannot master applying foundation or tinted moisturiser with a brush or a sponge. I always end up smoothing it with my fingers anyway. I am SO glad our reno finished before the snow came. SO glad. Ha.

  27. I love your blog!
    We are similar in many ways. I taught high school and junior college history for 45 years. I still teach an occasional month long course for seniors. Our coloring is similar too as well as product types. I have been using moisterizers since my late teens and that care is paying off now for sure. I have become a true believer in primers, tinted moisterizers, skinny brush mascara and the tinted brow cremes. Where I still struggle is with eye shadows. I definitely do not want “color”. I am thinking that I need to try more pink tones rather than beiges. Thank you for all your insights!
    Your new bathroom is lovely!

    1. I have been assiduous about skincare since I worked in cosmetics in my early twenties. So my hiatus from university wasn’t entirely wasted. Ha.

  28. I, too, use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It has such a nice finish. I am now going to try the primer, too.
    My aging issue is my eyelids. The eyelid skin is drooping more as I age. I have stopped wearing shadows to keep attention from being drawn there.
    You look marvelous with your hair color, hair style, makeup, and your gray sweater. So well put together, Sue.
    I will be heading into a bathroom makeover in the new year. It’s a concession to my aging and need for a walk-in shower. Did you design your own bathroom makeover or rely on a designer? Your finished bathroom is terrific.
    Love this post. Thank you for another enjoyable girlfriend-talk on your blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Charlene. No we didn’t use a designer. But our contractor had good ideas about the bathtub and the tile placement. Other than him… and Pinterest… all the choices are mine.

  29. The bathroom reno looks great, well worth the angst.
    Our big renovation some years ago which included bathroom, kitchen and laundry didn’t go too well. The Sunday before works were to begin the builder got a call from his colleague the plumber to say he’d broken his leg skiing. It was a tight schedule because after our job the builder was booked to go overseas for six months. Numerous phone calls later he found some one who was free to start immediately. He was available for good reason. Worst plumber in Australia if not the world. Every connection he made leaked, he used the wrong pressure valves, he dropped a hammer smashing freshly laid tiles, nothing he touched was unscathed by his ineptitude. Almost enough to put anyone off renovating. We can laugh about it now but it wasn’t fun at the time.
    I love your make up, polished but not overly done. Make up, as with everything else as we age is worth reassessing every so often to see if it still works for us and makes us feel good.
    Although they don’t seem to be advertising it, I wonder if Chanel are formulating and aiming some of their products at older women. Recently I bought an eye shadow palette, Les 4 Ombres that works on my crepey eyelids, the Rouge Coco Flash lipsticks are flattering semi sheer colour and don’t dry my lips and the new Noire Allure mascara is fabulous. I’d assumed the make up would be outrageously expensive but their prices are on a par with other brands sold here. On the other hand, their skin care range may well be good, but oh dear, not at those prices.
    I used to use a Bobbi Brown brow mascara that was discontinued so will look for the Chanel one. Tube mascara wasn’t for me either. Pellets/tubes dropped into my eyes, onto my cheeks and didn’t wash off with water as promised.

    1. I am really liking my Chanel eye shadow. And yes to the tubing stuff falling into my eyes, among other things. And I had purchased the one that according to a couple of articles I read was supposed to be the best. Ha. P.S. Great reno story!!

  30. I love the colour scheme in your bathroom-very similar to mine-all the hard work and inconvenience was worth it! Nowdays, I take shower (and hand wash my finer clothes in the bathtub!)
    Your hair is so beautiful (I always admire your hair,as I am,like Wendy from York,in a perpetual chase for the Holy Grail of something that will make my hair like Rapunzel’s)
    You’ve find so lovely make up things that suit you perfectly
    I don’t do anything like fillers ,Botox or anything similar. I massage my face with the cream myself and that’s it. It is acceptance ,not giving up,I still want to be the best version of myself ,my real self!
    I use tinted Avene spf 50,no make up,only under eye concealer,cream blush (yes,I need colour as well,even as a young girl),a little bit of setting loose powder,translucent wax lip liner and lipstick. Mascara very rarely,no eye make up, only a little bit of highlighter under eyebrows in the evening. I’ve tried Miracle Blur by Trinny London and it is perfect,but after some time, it looses its texture (staying in the pot),I love her eye shadows,too,but we don’t have it here
    I’m very sorry that we don’t have Laura Mercier as well (I have to buy make up ,for the first time, in a real store not online)
    Enjoy December!

    1. I really like my cream blush, but just rubbing it on makes my skin turn red. So I’ve started rubbing it on my hand first to warm it up before applying. It goes on much more easily. Otherwise it’s hard to tell how much of the red is me and how much is blush. Ha.

  31. I have been thinking lately about what would be a reasonable daily minimum of makeup. The vast majority of my life is spent bare-faced, mostly just because I feel I can’t be bothered with makeup. Ironically, I love watching videos like yours and actually have quite a decent selection of products. I recently came across a candid photo of myself on a day when I had taken the time to apply a little makeup, mostly just eyeliner and mascara, and realized how much more awake and engaged I look than on a typical can’t-be-bothered day.

    I love your look. The focus is your face and not your makeup, which seems exactly right to me!

  32. Hi Sue,
    Your bathroom looks great. So clean and shiny. You must be thrilled.
    I have the mascara problems that you describe and seldom wear it. I may try the one that you like.
    I know that I mentioned this on your last makeup post, but I spend very little time applying products and makeup. I only use makeup on a rare evening out. Since the pandemic, there have been very few of those.
    I faithfully apply sunscreen, because I have had a few MOHS surgeries on my face. I less faithfully apply lotion to my face in the evenings.
    Like you, I don’t think that foundation does a thing for my face. It is so obviously layered on top of my skin. Unfortunately, my skin is a little ravaged and primer (which I like) doesn’t cover up much. I’d love to find something that works to cover most of it, but I am somewhat accepting of the fact that I just need to live with the scars and discolorations. They are not terrible. I may need to try the LM products.
    My brows are slowly turning white, like my hair, so perhaps the brow brush would be a good investment.
    You look great with the added color. Your hair is so beautiful and you take really good care of yourself, so you have a good starting point for adding a little extra that makes you feel good.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. I find the new brow colour covers really well, Dottie. Although sometimes I need to wield a q-tip if I get it on where it’s not supposed to go. 😀

  33. Chris in Kentucky

    Of course! I almost shouted when I watched your makeup application. I’ve looked so pasty lately and it seemed my color disappeared soon after application. I don’t recall hearing how our color fades with age but it absolutely makes sense. I have a drawer full of blushers, bronzers, powders of all shades and will pay more attention to how I layer it all. With a slightly firmer hand. Really enjoy your blogs, vlogs and life in the wilderness.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I find the primer really helps keep the colour on. I know some people use pressed powder to set everything afterward but that never seems to work for me.

  34. It’s so nice that you’re enjoying your bathroom and no wonder. It’s classic, timeless and most of all functional. The vlog couldn’t have come at a better time. It has lots of tips that I’ll try when sprucing myself up for the holidays. I just wish I had your beautiful skin to start with. I have a roadmap of wrinkles so a light hand like you suggest is imperative. I also read all the comments that follow your post and find them a very good read especially as you take the extra time to add your own thoughts. Would you consider a health/fitness type of post in the New Year. I’d love to hear more about how you attain your effortless, polished look.
    Happy Holidays and thanks for blog. Sue

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