Hello from New Brunswick, my friends. I’m here at my mum’s for a week. And I hope you’ll understand if I just drop by to say I won’t really be dropping by this week.

I’m on a plane… selfie. Ha.

With all the traffic here in Mum’s little house, plus trying to squeeze in as many visits with friends and family as I can… I haven’t been able to write a post.

Airport Selfie

I’m here until next Thursday …. when I’ll be flying back to Ottawa. I’ll talk to you from there. As usual. Next weekend. Thanks for understanding. 😊


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38 thoughts on “Here and Then There”

  1. Hope all is well with your mum! Looking forward to next weekend’s post, but can certainly hang in there and wait if you end up needing a little time to catch your breath.

  2. I’ll miss our little chat but will look forward to your next post . Give your mum a hug from your ‘ blog family ‘

  3. Spent last evening reading some of your older winter fashion posts from 2019 and on. Go enjoy your mom and family. Hope all is well. Look forward to talking at you next week!

  4. Hope your Mom is well. Sue, I noticed your mask. We’re wearing them again, as well. This is just a suggestion, get some N95 masks, as they filter out contagious secretions. They are readily available in the US and worn by all medical staff. Wishing you, Hubby, and your family a happy Holiday! Merry Christmas❤️

    1. Mum is well, thanks. I do have some N95 masks. I know they are better, but as they are harder to find I’ve been saving them for more crowded situations. The plane was half empty.

  5. Hope your mom is well. The selfies made me chuckle as I know our airport and our airport bathrooms well. I’ve stood in front of that mirror many times! (You are so chic for travel – love the scarf especially, and its length, and the skinnies with the boots, and of course your new coat.)

    Per the comment from the last commenter: I wear masks all the time and have found good Canadian suppliers of both 3M Auras and Canadian-made N-95s, if you”re interested. I wear the Auras on all of my international trips, as they seal beautifully over the nose, but my favourite Canadian ones are made by Vitacore in BC. I have to take extra care as those at my destination are older and have health issues. So far, in six or seven international trips I’ve managed to get nothing.

    I wish they hadn’t lifted the mask mandate on federally-regulated transportation, as it’s such a small thing they can do (even though many people weren’t wearing masks properly during the mandate), to help those of us who need to be careful. Anyway…hope all stays well.

    Take care

    Take care!

    1. We’ve had trouble finding N95 masks. I’ve kind of been rationing them. The airport in Ottawa and the plane were not crowded so I use$ the other kind. Not ideal, Ali know. 😕

  6. You’re giving your Mom the best Christmas present ever by spending your week with her. I hope you have a great time together. Sue

  7. Hope you have a good visit with your Mom. You know it means a lot to her. Don’t worry about us out here, we miss you, but we’ll manage. Enjoy your friends and family.

  8. Have a great time with your Mom Susan, I would give anything to be able to spend a day with mine, you are so lucky to have her! ❤️


  9. My first message got swallowed up by the authenticity-checkers, so I’m trying again. From personal experience, I know how much your visits mean to your mother, and I know that you are and will be glad for all of the time you spend with her. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.

  10. Safe travels to you and Season Greetings to your Mom.

    I wonder which books will be talked about and which Xmas movies will be enjoyed? I do know, nothing beats mother daughter time! 💕 Enjoy to the fullest! 💕

  11. Hi Sue,
    enjoy the family time with your loved ones in Brunswick.
    My mother is just turning 96 and I told her, that I regularly read a blog from Sue in Canada. Oh, Canada, she said quite dreamy. Canada is far away, isn’t it? Yes, Mum, I replied. Was I ever in Canada, she asked me after a while. Yes Mum, in the 90s, you visited your friends, Marion and her husband. Do you remember? Oh yes. Now we talk about, I remember, it was a wonderful journey.
    Dear Sue, you gave my mum and me a happy moment!Thank you.
    Hugs to you and your Mum from Susa and Therese from Cologne

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