Let’s NOT talk about Black Friday this year, okay? This year I am going to eschew my usual doom and gloom about the state of our world that Black Friday always engenders. And instead I’m going to count my blessings. Or at least admire and be thankful for my blessings, otherwise known as what’s in my closet. Ha. We may laugh, my friends, but when one is trying to ignore exhortations to shop the myriad of Black Friday sales, closet musings are de rigueur, I think.

More green coat outfits

Obviously, I’m not against shopping. Nor am I averse to getting a good deal when I do shop. But in the face of the deluge of Black Friday marketing emails I feel the need to remind myself of what I already own, how much I’ve purchased recently, and how much I love what’s already in my closet. Thereby holding onto my fashion values and sticking to my plan to shop consciously. Except for the odd splurge, that is.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the green Max Mara coat I bought recently on a trip to Montreal. That was an impulse buy, I’m afraid. An impulse splurge, I should say. But I love it. I’ve worn it a few times lately. To two book club meetings: styled with a black turtleneck and black cargo pants to one meeting, and with my navy turtleneck, navy dress pants, and white sneakers to the other. You saw both of these outfits in my last fashion post.

And the other day, for running errands in our village, I wore the coat with my new navy COS turtleneck, and my striped COS sweater. Someone had suggested this combination in a comment, so I gave it a try and loved the look.

But, you know, I had to try on pretty much every pair of jeans I owned before I found a combination I liked. Was it possible, I mused, that I didn’t own a pair of jeans that would work with this outfit? Surprisingly I settled on these old AG skinny jeans tucked into my tall black boots. I thought I was done with skinny jeans. Turns out I’m not. Especially when paired with an oversized sweater and a loose coat.

Max Mara coat, AG jeans, COS sweater and turtleneck.

Then for a breakfast meet-up at a local restaurant with my former colleagues, I wore the outfit below. I was really pleased with this combination. My skinny jeans again. Yep. Here I was swearing off skinny jeans and now I’ve worn them twice in one week. Anyway. I paired the skinny jeans with my new COS turtleneck, a navy scarf that I bought years ago, my new socks from Simons, and my black Stuart Weitzman ankle boots. The navy and green are so good together.

Skinny jeans are back…. at least on me.

And because the turtleneck is form-fitting, and so are the jeans, I pulled on my Vince navy v-neck sweater. The sweater is loose and works with the tighter turtleneck and jeans. You can’t see the sweater in my photos here, but you can get a good look at it in this post. I worried that all that navy was too much, but the turtleneck is a lighter shade similar to the jeans, while the Vince sweater is very dark navy, much like my scarf. I thought that the different shades together worked, and made the outfit look more interesting.

MM coat, AG jeans, COS T-neck, Vince sweater, SW boots

You can see the earrings I bought at COS in Montreal below. They have a stripe of green inside the hoop that you don’t notice at first. I love that teeny, tiny pop of bright colour with the navy.

My new earrings from COS.

And just to prove that I haven’t completely abandoned my old coats for my new one, here is the outfit I wore to lunch with a friend last week. My Max Mara pink tweed coat from 2016. My old burgundy, boot-cut jeans from NYDJ. A long, burgundy mock-turtleneck from Akris that I finally found in 2017 after mucho looking and looking. And this slouchy burgundy Marc Jacobs bag.

What’s with me and one colour these days? I seem to be into “tonal dressing.” I like that term tonal dressing. It makes my decision to wear a lot of one colour sound more interesting and less boring.

To lighten the all-burgundy look I wore my white Veja sneakers, silver hoop earrings, and a small silver vintage brooch on my collar. I realize that the young fashionistas who wear vintage brooches like to wear several in a cluster. And I’ve tried that. But you know, it just isn’t me. It feels too contrived to me. Or at least on me.

MM coat, NYDJ jeans, Akris sweater, Veja sneakers.

And speaking of closet musings, thinking about what I own, how much I love what I own, and how much I don’t need to shop, let’s talk about jeans, shall we? My quest the other day to find the best pair of jeans to go with my striped sweater and Max Mara coat had me musing that maybe I needed a new pair of jeans. I tried my Frame boot-cut and the Frame straight-leg with the unfinished hem, below. No and no.

Frame bootcut & straight-leg jeans, Paul Green boots & loafers.

I moved on to my Levi’s, the men’s 511 jeans and my newest pair of loose-fit dad jeans, below. Nothing seemed right. Too short, wrong shape, wrong colour with the coat. Everything I tried seemed too… something. Except my old, dark-wash skinny jeans. Which I had thankfully hung onto even though I had to rummage a bit to find them.

Don’t get me wrong. All these jeans still fit me. I still like them, most of the time. Even if I go through phases where I love one style more than the others. It kind of niggles me, though, that I can’t find a looser pair of jeans that are the perfect length. I’ve been turning the dad jeans up to make them look cropped because I’ve found that worn full length they are just that bit too short with my sneakers or boots. Sadly I was wearing my Birkenstock sandals when I bought them and they looked great. Rolling them at least makes them look intentionally short to show off my socks, which is better than awkwardly too short.

I fear I may be on the cusp of persuading myself that I need a new pair of jeans. And, oh gad, I know how frustrating and soul-destroying the search for perfect jeans can be. If you’ll pardon the hyperbole.

Anyway. I know my closet musings are beginning to sound like whining. Writing this post has helped. I was forced to search out photos of outfits to show each of my numerous pairs of jeans. And in doing so, I began to wonder why I haven’t been wearing some of the outfits depicted. I mean, why have I not been wearing that camel blazer with my boot-cut jeans, my Paul Green ankle boots, and that green and pink scarf I bought at Chatsworth in 2017? I could swap the blazer for the green suede jacket and wear it all under my new green coat. Why have I not considered that? Green on green on green… might look great.

Levi’s 511 straight leg, Levi’s dad jeans, Vince T-neck, Paige jean jacket

Anyway. That’s enough closet musings for today. Thinking of what I own and what I’m excited to wear makes me stop wondering if I should take advantage of the Black Friday sales. I do not need clothes. Especially since I have made several purchases this fall. When I survey what’s in my closet, count my blessings so to speak, I’m thankful for what I have. And all I need to do is start wearing what I own, instead of thinking of what I don’t own. Most of us could benefit from doing more of the former and less of the latter, don’t you think?

Having said that, if I had a niche that needed filling in my closet, if I had done my homework and knew what I wanted, I’d not be averse to taking advantage of the Black Friday sales. And I may still do so. Not for myself, but as gifts for my family for Christmas. But I’m still thinking. Trying to NOT be affected by the hype. And all the palaver to shop before it’s too late. I hate that.

I mean, I really hate that.

In fact, the whole idea of Black Friday usually brings on a rant about shopping hysteria, bargain chasing, and the lengths people will go to save money while spending money on things they probably don’t actually need but have suddenly developed a desire for because of skilful marketing and the dastardly phenomena now known as “fear of missing out.” FOMO. I saw that acronym on someone’s IG post a while ago and had to look it up. I’m always behind on my acronyms.

Last year in my Black Friday post I commented that Black Friday 2021 seemed “just a blip on the radar.” If only to me and my friends. However, even consumer prognosticators seemed to think that the pandemic had wrought a change in consumer buying habits. At least in 2021. Although they did not hold out much hope that the newly-converted responsible consumers would stay converted.

This year, though, experts say that high inflation rates have put paid to the frenzied spending of years gone by. As a result of inflation, shoppers will still be looking for bargains to make their money go further, but they’ll be shopping more carefully. And because the sales started early and the deals last longer (Black Fri-day becoming Black Friday week) shoppers this year face fewer lineups and much smaller crowds, here in Canada, anyway. So perhaps the old-school Black Friday frenzy is history?

Some experts even went so far as to say that this year FOMO isn’t as strong as in the past. Hmm… I’m not sure I buy that one. Pun intended. Ha.

There. I said I wasn’t going to talk about Black Friday, and I ended up talking about Black Friday. Ah well, at least I kept the ranting to a minimum.

What are you musing about this Black Friday week, my friends?

P.S. Here are some links to pieces I’ve shown or talked about in my post. Or as close as I can come if the item is no longer offered. If you’ve done your homework and have a niche in your closet that needs to be filled, you might find them useful. Some of the pieces are even on sale.

COS striped sweater (similar). COS turtleneck. Max Mara coat. COS earrings. AG Farrah skinny jeans. Vince cashmere sweater. Stuart Weitzman ankle boots (similar.) Simons socks. NYDJ boot-cut jeans. Frame boot-cut jeans. Frame high-rise straight. Levi’s 511 jeans. Levi’s dad jeans. Paige jean jacket. Everlane long-sleeve tee. Paul Green boots. Paul Green loafers (similar.) Veja sneakers.

P.P.S. The above links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog.


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72 thoughts on “Black Friday Closet Musings”

  1. You might like this one
    JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out, the antidote to FOMO and is essentially about being present and being content with where you are at in life.
    Your green coat is fabulous.
    Thanks for posting, I don’t comment much but I always appreciate them.
    Suz from Vancouver

  2. It’s always tricky when you introduce a new silhouette shape to your wardrobe isn’t it ? It changes the balance of things . I’m not keen on the all baggy look ie oversize tops with long flowing bottoms . Perhaps I haven’t ‘got my eye in’ yet but things have to feel right for me whatever the fashionistas say . You look great in all these outfits & , with your height , you could carry off the baggy look far better than me . Have you tried a more ‘banana ‘ ( for want of a better word ) shaped denim , loose in the leg & narrowing at the ankle ? That might balance the coat differently. I have trousers from Toast in that shape which I reach for more than any others these days .
    I like Suz’s new acronym .

    1. I wish that stores here had a better array of different styles of jeans that I could try on. In fact many stores only seem to carry two or three styles…. and only one length… alas… one that is too short for me.

  3. I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday either. The sales start in October and it’s so overwhelming I wouldn’t know what to buy even if I tried. On another note, with pants and jeans trends changing silhouettes it’s making it harder to put together outfits these days. My style tastes are changing too. Maybe it’s being 63.

  4. I love the MM coat. It just seems to swing about and would in my childish estimation be a great coat to twirl in! That’s was and is an essential criteria to enjoy my clothing. I hate jean shopping and I detest black Fruday frenzy. So I skipped out on all the hoopla. I simply need less and less. I’ve paired down my jean selections to 5 pair which fit. That does include a pair of skinny jeans. What else can you wear with knee high boots for a casual look? Skinny jeans are not out in my opinion. I am short so the oversized clothing looks like I have been swallowed by a bolt of material. All your outfits are beautiful and suit you perfectly showing how important it is to know who you are and how you wish to be seen. You put a great deal of thought into that so even a splurge buy fits perfectly. Love your blog and hope your mom is doing well. Best

  5. All the outfits are fab but I particularly love the pink tweed coat one. Your new earrings are perfect – a simple statement (is there such a thing?) 🙂

  6. Just love your new coat and agree that the silhouette calls for a slim pant. I look best in slim pant silhouettes (e.g. cigarette), so although I have embraced slouch jeans for some days, I still hew to the styles that suit my body best.

    I love your fashion posts even though I’m not much of a shopper anymore. It’s fun to imagine and reimagine outfits.

    I also loathe the whole mass consumerism thing rolled up in Black Friday (which they have started to offer in Italy, too, which is crazy). I’ve always understood why Canadian retailers feel pressured to do this. That said, I did take advantage of the Black Friday sales to buy some base layers (for sports and lounging) that I needed (to replace some pretty holey and mended ones!) and wanted, but had put off buying. I love my merino base layers, especially colourful Nordic ones. I also bought a new pair of winter (snow) boots, from a Canadian company, but paid pretty much full price. Otherwise this year I’ve bought a grand total of three things: a nice pair of shoes from a shoemaker I like in Italy, a pair of slouch jeans on sale, and two t-shirts. I don’t know why I’ve become unwilling to buy clothes. I’m sure one day that will go up in a puff of smoke and I’ll splurge again.

    Something remarkable about your outfits is how pristine all of the pieces look. You clearly take care of your clothes. I’m one of those people who I fear looks a little bit haphazard at times.

    Enjoy the lovely Sunday sunshine!

    1. I love the green coat. Sometimes, you just gotta splurge! The texture of it is lovely and I can see it almost being used as a “neutral”.
      I just got the Talbot’s Barn Coat in the red and black buffalo plaid. (I seem to be unable to pass in anything buffalo plaid) and I’m struggling a little styling it.
      Actually I like all of your outfits on this, and your last post, even your “not sure abouts”. As much as I miss the warm weather, I do enjoy fall and winter fashions and enjoy seeing how you’re handling it.

    2. Some years Stu and I shop the sales for ski wear, base layers, toques, or weather-proof jackets etc. Actually that’s the only time we ever shop together. Ha.

  7. My favourite ensemble is the beautiful green coat with the blue skinny jeans with navy jumper and scarf…it’s fab fab fab!
    I bought a lovely Mar Cain teddy coat on Friday, unfortunately I didn’t get any bargain. I had bought a Marc Cain coat which I called ‘my labradoodle coat’ 4 years ago but as I have put on weight I thought I needed to replace it. I’ve just tried it on again and decided ‘actually it looks fine on me’ so I’m keeping it. Now I ask myself ‘ was that an impulsive buy on Friday?’

  8. I really love that green coat! You said in your earlier post it’s bright green, but it doesn’t look my idea of bright in your pictures – more of an olive green that’s one of my favourite neutrals. Am I correct?

    1. It seems bright to me. I have a very dark green long dress coat. And it’s much brighter than that. But it is a kind of olive. The mohair has other colours woven in which I love and which keep it from being too “in your face” green. IMO.

  9. Your combinations are well thought out and look great on you!
    I used to love straight jeans-so, nothing has changed a lot,two pairs I wear now are a little bit wider and I’m also thinking to replace my boot cut jeans (the old pair is not comfortable enough any more),but maybe later (or next year)
    I love JOMO,especially recently.
    Black Friday is not so big here as in US. I don’t like big crowd in shops and/or to feel pressure to buy something,the frenzy and the pressure makes me nervous. I understand that there are many people who can buy something that was too pricey before and this is ok,but majority just feel the need to buy more things than they actually need .A couple of years ago I decided to make a list of things I need/want, ready for the next Black Friday. This year (the year before as well) I’ve bought only a couple of gifts online (2 exactly) for Christmas,nothing for myself.
    And I feel good!

  10. As always, you’ve hit the target! I’ve deleted most Black Friday clothing ads without opening them. Instead, I’m shopping my closet (which is bountiful) with an eye for putting something new together every day even if I don’t leave the house. During Covid I got in comfortable ruts. I’ve also consigned clothes that don’t fit my retirement lifestyle and keep the proceeds separate for when I see a splurge worthy item.
    One more thing – I was thrilled to rediscover in a cedar closet a long camel coat that I bought when a high end department store opened 27 years ago. It’s as stylish today as it was then. What a treasure!

  11. That green coat is a stunner! such a great choice.
    You’ve got a great silhouette going on with the skinny jeans tucked into those boots!
    I confess I am a wardrobe minimalist and own only two pairs of jeans. I was wondering if I needed a new pair! Hmmm will keep my eyes open.
    Saturday I shopped and supported local stores for Christmas gifts…books, tea, linen tea towels.
    Vintage brooches are such a fun accessory…they feel very festive.

  12. I love your new coat. I bought a coat in a dark forest green (not MM but similar silhouette) 2 years ago and struggled a bit with what to wear with it. I mostly wore black, straight leg ponte pants, short boots and a black turtle-neck sweater. You’ve inspired me to try it with other pants and different colours and it’s the perfect rainy day to do a closet rummage.
    As for the Black Friday sales, I did not participate as I hate shopping when it’s crowded and I get overwhelmed trying to shop online.

  13. Loving your green coat!
    I have never been a fan of Black Friday or that terrible day after Christmas when people return gifts. I just keep an eye out for sales at my favorite shop or two for Christmas gifts and purchase online. My daughters always want a cashmere sweater for Christmas and the price on those certainty has gone up. I have paired my closet down to items that I truly love, which does include slim cut pants for sure. Being a knitter, I love to create sweaters, so that curbs my clothing purchases. Now how to curb buying beautiful yarns!
    Your fan from Seattle.

    1. I am such a slow knitter that Hubby said if I wanted to start a new sweater I should plan for one I can wear in “the home.” Ha. So I may just enjoy the ones I knit long ago. Including that purple one I rediscovered a couple of years ago.

  14. Just musing about sitting on a bench in a green Max Mara while reading a Sue Burpee book suggestion. Is there a bibliography of the book suggestions mentioned in your various blogs? Thanks. May buy a pair of consigned Tod loafers, or not. Happy Christmas shopping.

  15. I wound up being an accidental Black Friday shopper this year. When we moved I managed to purge most of my Spanx tights – my go-to brand for price/durability/value. I didn’t realize this until I went to pull out a pair to wear to Thanksgiving dinner (first time cool weather “dressing up” since we got here) and realized I only have 2 pair. Which wouldn’t be a problem except that we’re headed to Christmas markets in Belgium and Germany later this week, and I like to have tights to layer when it’s cold. Our big department store, El Corte Ingles, has them online, but couldn’t guarantee delivery, and I don’t really have time to run into Lisbon in what might be a futile trip. Then I thought, “[BFF] (who lives here) is in Boston for T-day, maybe she could bring some back?” She okayed it, I went online to purchase from Nordstrom and have them sent to her hotel, and lucked into Black Friday pricing. Success all the way around! Otherwise I would have ignored BF like so many of us do. It has found its way into Portugal, which confounds me, because of my association with Thanksgiving, which obviously isn’t a thing here.

    1. I accidentally shopped Black Friday a couple of years ago when I met a friend for lunch at Nordstrom the day before Black Friday. I was able to get a sneak preview and found a great sweater. Lucky you to have a friend on the spot who can “deliver” your Spanx.

  16. I LOVE clothing, shoes and handbags!! Plus coats, jewelry and scarves!!! Brooches!!! Everything for a lady!!! But, I just never buy anything on Black Friday!!! This year I found the perfect thing for me to buy on Black Friday!!! Make-up!!! My brand had 60% off with free items added and free shipping!!! I’ve never been so happy!!! Just what I needed & wanted very much!!! This may be a new black Friday habit!!!! YES!!!!!

  17. How ince to be able to say something still fits. Think i will not read you any more. I have disasasis reciti and as an older person, not too much that can be done. except certain clothes do not fit! suggestions!

  18. in re-reding your comments. I am impressed at how articulate your readers are and what all they tell you. me included!Compliments on the bonding with your readers!

  19. I was pleased to see several local retailers posting messages that countered the pervasive Black Friday advertising. My favourite neighbourhood boutique for example, posted, “Black Friday we offer Same customer service, Same quality garments, Same devoted loyalty” and further, they promise to donate 30% of Black Friday’s profits to a charity.
    I do realize that those on much tighter budgets than mine rely on sales to furnish homes and clothe children, but it’s too clear how much Want gets whipped up by the Black Friday frenzy and quickly becomes transformed into Need. And once acquired, the desired object fails to fill the emptiness that too often motivates our retail impulses. I’m not nearly as organized and measured a shopper as you, but I do try to do what you’re doing in this post — taking pleasure in what I already have. (although if that green MaxMara coat had been heavily discounted on Black Friday I might be singing a different song 😉 It looks wonderful on you — and so does the pink tweed. My brown Harris Tweed patchwork coat which was a coup de foudre last year seems dowdy in comparison — so I’ve been going to my closet to introduce some colour via scarves, hats, and boots. And indulged myself with a new pair of red gloves and a new mustard-yellow beret. . .

    1. I remember that last year you lucked into some lovely pieces at that store. Or was it the year before? I’m sad that all the independent stores at which I used to shop are now closed. 🙁

  20. I wonder if the pandemic put a pause on the early-morning, in-person shopping frenzy we used to see here in the US. Most of the marketing seems to have migrated to online bargains. Fun to browse online to get some ideas but I’m always far too frugal to pull the trigger on most of what catches my eye. I’m glad you found a new use for those old skinnies. Lately I’ve been putting high-quality clothes that I’ve stopped wearing in a holding area to reappraise when tastes change. I like how you have an archive of great pieces that are several decades old in some cases. If only I had known I wouldn’t be able to replicate the quality of some of my oldest clothes (some handed down from older relatives) that I donated long ago. I feel I am well-equipped for clothes currently and recently bought some new jewelry to freshen things up. Love the new green coat in all its iterations!

    1. I hate scrolling through sale offerings. I don’t have the patience. Especially when there’s nothing I’m liking so I click away. Good thing, I guess.

  21. Keep the skinny jeans! Wow you look Wunderbar in them…the bulky top needs the balance of the skinny bottom…the navy with that green looks awesome and the striped sweater adds interest. Looking good!
    Not sure if it was you or another worthy blogger who suggested to keep a list of basic but $ things that need replacing and going shopping with that list on Black Friday. I did all my Christmas shopping first ( because I subscribed by email to these retailers I received early access and some freebies) once that was done I turned to my own list. I have been a wishing’ and a hopin’ for a Lands End black cashmere cardigan not because the quality is so grand but because they offer petite sizing. I have a black turtleneck which has impressed because it doesn’t pill and is a nice weight. Also (blame you;) I have also been lusting after a cashmere hoodie…LE had 70% off ordered in a slubbed grey so it is practical but with some interest. I am in need of a light cotton knit duster sweater in navy for summer ..bagged the duster as well as a black hip length packable down vest..these do yeoman duty under a rain coat or by themselves over a sweater (cashmere hoodie:) in cold spring/autumn weather or hanging around the mall in an Ottawa winter. Over all a practical list of garments that will work in my wardrobe. Saved myself over $500.00CDN with the biggest savings on those two cashmere items. Shopping with a list kept me from buying for the sake of buying and I can honestly justify the purchases guilt free to myself ….FOMO is bad but PPCCBR is worse, that would be: PostPurchaseCreditCardBillRemorse. I’m retired and there’s a recession looming so AM I GOING TO ACTUALLY WEAR THE STUFF???
    The answer is yes because I know that the items I ordered will fit well into my closet and lifestyle for years to come.

  22. I don’t partake in Black Friday shopping. I don’t like crowds and the feeling of pressure to buy. However, I did go out on Thursday morning for an early Black Friday sale at a store I frequent. They sent out a notice to loyal customers for an early pre shop. I really needed sweaters.
    I love your new coat! It looks fantastic on you. I was doubtful when you first showed it but was I ever wrong. “The lady in the green coat.”

  23. Love your green coat but also the pink one with the burgundy. Very stylish.
    We have Black Friday here in NZ followed by “Something or other” Saturday then Cyber Monday. However the retailers seem to manage to make it all last over a week. I don’t go near the shops during that time as the crowds and “buy, buy buy” message is totally offputting.
    I have bought clothing from the USA online during BF in the past ready for our following winter but the exchange rate is horrendous for us at the moment. Everything is almost double the price in $NZ and to be honest I really don’t need anything. I think what I need to do is cull the deadwood from my wardrobe as I don’t wear a lot of it since I retired. Perhaps that will be my new year resolution.

    1. Thanks, Kenzie. I hate all the shouty signs… and the crowds at big sales. Especially crowds. I need to be able to think clearly when I shop or I just go home. Now I just stay home. Ha.

  24. Cathy in Virginia

    Your pink and green spot scarf that you bought at Chatsworth in 2017 must have made a real impression on me! I subscribe to “the Bees Knees “ an importer of British goods run by a couple of lovely expat British Americans in Acton MA. This year they did a video introducing some new lines they had coming . and lo and behold there were these gorgeous scarves from Brontë Moon. I recognized it as yours. I ended up ordering one in lilac shades directly from Brontë Moon brontemoon.com and it came in a few days. Both have great service

    1. I found the scarf online too, Cathy. Apparently the brand is called Bronte by Moon made by Abraham Moon which is a mill in Yorkshire. So it makes total sense that they would have them at Chatsworth. I love my scarf because it reminds me of the wonderful three days we had there. Anyone else who wants to check out these lovely pieces can do so at https://www.sirgordonbennett.com/bronte-by-moon/

  25. Sue… you are always so inspiring but as Wendy of York says, my body type is quite different. Since I saw your high-rise Pants with belt look last year (?) i have tried to add that to my closet.
    I am beginning to feel guilty for the many pants I now have in order to get different leg widths, high-rise vs. medium rise, etc. Does anyone else have a similar challenge?
    Also, 2nd question for you and your community…how does one keep pant hems straight with all the boots with the loop at the back? Is anyone else dealing with this first world dilemma?
    Love Suz of Vancouver’s new acronym…JOMO. I need to jump on that bandwagon.
    TIA for any replies that come…
    Charlene H

    1. I hear you. I have several pairs of black pants. But they are all different. And speaking of that I do need a new pair of black straight-leg jeans. Ha. I had trouble with my pant legs and the tab on the back of my Chelsea boots. My lace up Stuart Weitzman ankle boots are narrower at the top and thus don’t interfere with my pant leg. But I agree it can be a problem if you don’t want to tuck the pants inside the boots.

  26. Black Friday has really taken off here in the UK, and I have resisted. Except that I needed a new phone and it came with a BF discount. Handy. I am going to make a list of what I need to get for Christmas (presents, that is) and then ignore just about everything else. It drains me, the constant exhortation to buy, buy, buy. Re the jeans: I advise keeping them all. One day, you will want the pairs you have discarded. And your snow is nice.

  27. Sue, The green coat is magical! It looks great with the navy and cream striped pullover and dark denim skinny jeans–casual chic at its best. I love the tonal look you created with the burgundy tweed coat, but I’d also like to see the green coat over the burgundy base with the burgundy bag. As one of your commenters mentioned, while a distinctive color, the coat complements the other colors in your wardrobe so well that it almost functions as a neutral. As I live in a small city with no interesting shops, I love your wardrobe musings and the community they inspire. — Dianne

      1. I hope it’s ok to mention this: Bridgette Raes has an excellent discussion of color theory and how to create artful combinations on her November 14 & 28 blog posts. Since you have such an analytical mind, I think you would really enjoy her deep dive. She is an FIT graduate and has an artist’s eye, and explains why rigid seasonal categories can be limiting and boring.

        1. It’s definitely okay, Dianne. I like to hear about new sources of fashion information. I agree that adhering rigidly to a specific season is not always helpful. Although the initial exploration of what colours do and don’t look good on us is really useful. I still remember my gasp when I saw the difference that peach versus fuchsia made on my skin. And now I find that I can identify warm and cool colours so much more easily.

    1. When I was a little kid my mom told me that green went with everything. Her rationalization? “Think about flowers. They’re all kinds of colors but every one of them has a green stem.” That bit of advice has stuck with me my entire life, and I’m not afraid to try green with various colors (remember green & pink in the 90s?). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always worth trying, I think. Just pretend you’re a flower.

  28. Looking at your green coat has cheered me up and enabled me to delete all the Black Friday adds without looking at them!
    Jeans and pants in general are such a problem. I’ve bought a pair of black straight legged ankle pants with a 16″ leg opening (8″ opening measured flat) that fit perfectly (after hemming). Every time I try them on, they look strange and different. I have a sweater, coat, shoes, etc. that look good with them, and guess I’ll just have to wear them. Change is hard!
    But know what? I don’t think I’m ever going to like really wide legged pants. I’ve tried many pairs, and there’s just too much fabric flopping around down there.
    And jeans! Why are they almost all too short, or much too long? Why is it nearly impossible to find a pair of jeans like those worn by all of the chic European Instagram ladies? These jeans are straight but not tight and long (full length) but not much too long. We have so many problems here in the USA, and we can’t even make a pair of jeans right!
    To calm myself down, I’m going to take another relaxing look at your beautiful green coat. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog!

    1. It’s odd, isn’t it, how one style can look so right one year and so wrong a couple of years later. I was shopping for Hubby’s Christmas gift today and took some time to shop for jeans. I tried on five different pairs of jeans at Levis. Every single pair was way too short. Seriously… where are all the long-legged people? We need to start a movement.

  29. I have a question regarding the sizing of the Max Mara green coat. Curious if it runs large?

  30. It’s Cyber Monday now and all of the Black Friday sales still seem to be in full swing. As you predicted, they are going on and on.
    I did a fair amount of online shopping over the weekend, taking advantage of the sales. I hadn’t done much shopping and I bought a few things that I hadn’t planned on, but liked. Some will be returned after I try things on and decide what I like best. I hadn’t bought much in the way of clothing for a while, so I picked a couple sweaters and tops. I also purchased gifts.
    What is it with the short pant lengths? I’m fine with some of that in the summer, but in cold weather, I want the legs of my pants to touch the tops of my shoes. I do not like my ankles to be cold.
    Your pink coat is so wonderful. Every time you include a photo of it, I smile. I like the color and the pattern. It’s so different from your new green coat, I can imagine how much you would enjoy wearing each one at different times.
    Navy with the green is a great combination. I’m interested in seeing what you do with green on green on green.
    Skinny jeans – mine are set aside, but accessible. I realized that I would want them when I wanted to tuck jeans into boots. I have a lot of high boots and a pair of cowboy boats that look best with skinny jeans.
    Good luck with a search for the perfect pair of jeans. I will experience JOMO while thinking of the hunt for the perfect jeans.

    1. Thanks, Dottie. I tried on jeans today when I was Christmas shopping. Five pairs…. two pairs were too big and too short, one was too tight and too short, and two fit okay but too short. And they were all the same waist size! The search continues. I may decide to let the hem down in my newest baggy Levi’s. Can’t hurt.

  31. Black Friday is compounded every year for me, as my birthday is in November so my mailbox (real and virtual) is also inundated with extra offers. This year, though, I keep telling myself that it’s not my mission to make sure that retailers make it into the black before the end of November :~). It also helps that I’ve seen a marked slip in quality from even my favorite brands (like Eileen Fisher, Chico’s, etc.) and higher end brands I’ve tried. So much like Sue, I am trying to re-work outfits from what is already in my wardrobe, and redouble my efforts to walk more and ramp up the exercise, so at least what I currently own will look good on me :~).

    1. A trip to the stores to see what’s on offer often results in my appreciating what I already own even more. Especially jackets and sweaters. Max Mara coats aside, of course. 🙂

  32. Sue, I was wondering if you or any other commenters can recommend what is best for removing pilling from sweaters? I have looked at various reviews on both the Cashmere stones and the battery operated de-pillars but I am not finding people happy with their purchases, in the review section. Suggestions anyone?

    1. I have a small battery-operated sweater shaver/de-piller which I really like. It’s years old. But still works great. Especially on fine cashmere like some of my more light-weight sweaters. It’s s bit slow. One pass-over is not enough. Emma Hill has a video devoted to knitwear care which you can watch here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE7NhQrd2dY
      But let’s also throw it out to other people to comment on what works best for them.

  33. Thanks Sue 😊for recommending Emma Hill’s video. Emma has some interesting suggestions. I like the laundry bag ideas for bigger items to keep them from getting tangled together, especially the sleeves. I have them for smaller delicate items but never thought of using laundry bags for bigger items. It seems the battery operated “de- pillers” seem to be easier to control?

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