Ah, fall is truly here, my friends. The nights are chilling down and the days are mostly cool enough to wear fall clothes. That’s what I talk about in my September vlog, the top five reasons why I love fall. All fashion related. I pull out the five things in my closet that I am most excited to wear now that the weather has cooled down.

Not that I’ve been going anywhere this week to wear them. My back has been posing problems for me for several days. So I cancelled most of my “holiday plans” (my semi-annual Hubby-is-away-fishing holiday, I mean) except for binge watching The House of Eliott in between physio appointments. Sigh.

Friday was a good day, so I took the opportunity to film some outfits and commentary for the September vlog. This week’s post will be short. I’ll let the video do the talking for me. Hope you enjoy it.

Of course I love fall for reasons other than what I will wear. Like everyone, I love fall colours, not just in sweaters. The crisp temperatures at night. Sleeping with the windows open and an extra blanket. The fog on the river in the early morning. And even the sound of the geese.

We are off on our fall camping trip in a week or so. My favourite camping trip of the year. Hopefully my back cooperates. Keep your fingers crossed. I seriously do not want to miss my wine and marshmallows beside the campfire. Ha.

And now it’s your turn, my friends. What’s in your fall closet that you are excited to wear?

P.S. Here’s the link to my post about the pink tweed coats at Chanel.

P.P.S. And some links to what I’m wearing. Or as close as I can come if the item is unavailable. Everlane cashmere crew-neck sweater. Aritzia Modern cargo pant. Paul Green loafers, similar. Stuart Weitzman loafers. Similar fuschia tweed coats here, here, and here. Paige denim jacket. Uniqlo cashmere turtleneck sweater. Veja sneakers. NYDJ bootcut jeans in black. Fossil Jolie Hobo bag.

P.P.P.S. The clothing links above are mostly affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog. Except for the Uniqlo link and the Aritzia link which are provided as a courtesy.


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44 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I love Fall”

  1. Life would be boring without detours, Sue. Lovely vlog, lovely outfits and great geese!
    I’ve always worn socks with cool weather shoes as my feet don’t cope well in enclosed shoes otherwise so I’m lucky that’s cool nowadays, and there are some gorgeous socks to choose from.
    Your pink coat is delightful as are your brooches. I’m going to miss seeing the late Queen’s amazing collection of brooches and do hope some of the other Windsor ladies take them out for a spin from time to time.
    I understand what you mean about “ladylike” veering into too fussy territory but Jackie O and Audrey H were always ladylike and never too fussy, so while I have little in common with them physically, I take them as inspirations and am happy to veer into ladylike territory. Perhaps my very curly salt and pepper hair, Mediterranean colouring and advancing years add enough eccentricity 🤷‍♀️

  2. As someone with a wonky back , I sympathise & hope it eases soon . Lots of interesting points in your vlog & I love your denim jacket outfit . I really like black & navy together . You’ve persuaded me to get my brooches out too. I know it sounds pretty shallow but I’ve enjoyed spying the royal jewels over the last few days . Much of it is too over ornate for me & the pearl strand necklaces are rather dull but there have been some interesting articles in the press looking into the history of the royal tiaras – though to be as many as fifty . I thought the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly did a wonderful job , updating but not changing the Queen’s own style . I was always rather envious of the wonderful fabrics used in her official outfits , such quality . One fashion expert discussing the Queen’s unchanging style had this quote –
    Most of the women who have influenced our style in modern times , such as Audrey Hepburn. Jackie Onassis , Jane Birkin & , most recently , Kate Moss , have in common a core wardrobe – colours & shapes they rarely divert from , even if they are tweaked through the years .
    I think we would agree with that .
    Nice to hear Helmsley get a mention . It is a lovely little town . We visited in the snow last winter & it was a ‘picture’ .
    Look after that back .

    1. I can still conjure up the image and sound of that Helmsley vicar. I love reading about the symbolism of the jewelry worn by the royal family. The Canadian commentators were discussing that today during the Queen’s funeral. Two of the commenters were mother and son, Ann MacMillan (retired Canadian journalist) and her son Dan Snow (historian.) They were so good. Ann MacMillan is the sister of the well respected Canadian academic and author Margaret MacMillan. Stu just loves her. He though her book Paris 1919 was really good. In fact, Max might enjoy that one with his interest in war history.

      1. Yes , Max is a big Margaret MacMillan fan . I think Stu & Max would get along well – Max loves foraging for wood & increasing his log pile too , just like Stu 😁

  3. I keep casting loving glances into my cedar wardrobe and sighing as I realize fall and my sweaters and wool blazers will still be a while off here in the southern US. I hope your back cooperates and you have a lovely fall camping trip. I am now looking at those cargo pants online, as I have been on a yearlong search and they may just fit the bill. Did you order your usual size(some people stated in the reviews they stretch out a bit). I am built much like you, not as tall perhaps, but so frustrated shopping and returning online. Thanks for providing the link to them!

    1. Ah… the camping trip has been cancelled. My back has not moved forward in any significant way and Hubby cant set up the tent trailer on his own. So… we’ll stay home. Still the bright side is that we’ll have more time to prepare for our bathroom reno which is due to start a couple of days after we were to return home. A warning about the cargo pants; they are quite slouchy because the material is very sturdy. They do stretch out a bit, but not really around the waist. So I ordered my usual size. I am wearing a size ten and I am 145 lbs… if that helps.

      1. So sorry your back continues to be problematic. I hope you see some improvement soon. The bathroom renovation sounds exciting and being well prepared is always a good idea.

  4. Hi Sue, with Fall in the air, I am most excited to wear my heavier blazers, cargo pants, cashmere sweaters and jeans. I find jeans too hot to wear in our Summers in Southwestern Ontario so I pack them away until the Fall. I do love my loafers but also enjoy bringing out my boots. Your tweed coat is beautiful and made me realize I have no tweed in my closet, something I will have to remedy. Enjoy your “favourite camping trip of the year” Sue and I’m sending healing thoughts that your back continues to improve. Thanks for another fun vlog!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Glenda. But we cancelled the camping trip. My back is too precarious for clambering in and out of the canoe and for setting up the tent trailer. Ah well… next year, hopefully.

  5. Pat from Wisconsin

    I definitely can relate to the wardrobe color adjustments that go with white hair and am so glad you brought this up. I always thought of myself as an autumn due to my reddish gold hair color, but those colors are now no longer an option. Navy, burgundy, Kelly or forest green, turquoise, red, charcoal, black, cobalt, and white seem to work much better. I am going to try to find some cool browns, to see if they will work. Totally agree about pastels being no bueno.

    1. Me too, Pat. I always had reddish hair as a kid, and a redhead’s complexion. But turns out that I am what my former hairdresser called a “cool” redhead. I think I got away with wearing warm colours because of my hair. Not anymore, though.

    2. Kathy from Washington

      I agree that white hair is a consideration for color choices, no matter what “season” you are. When my hair was blonde, I could wear a wide range of colors. White I could not, but now I can! Now, browns and beige or cream do not look good.

  6. A very nice visit with you this morning on a favorite topic. Yes, sweaters, of all sorts, cashmere is a top choice when I can, but many others in the mix. Thanks for the reminder to have another look into the brooch collection ( my own, my mother’s and two aunts ) There are many that need to have outings. I have been checking out the boot situation, tall and short, and just purchased a new navy short boot this week and am happy that I have a good selection for the upcoming weather. Of course socks, my feet must be warm or I am not a happy ‘camper’ so to speak. I will be looking into your links to see if the coat of my dreams is in there. I hope your back gets better each day and you are able to have that last camping trip this year and eat lots of yummy toasted marshmallows.

    1. Sadly, no camping for me this fall. We have cancelled the trip. Still, more time to play in my closet. I wouldn’t be packing my tweed to take canoeing. Ha.

  7. I love your tweed coat! It looked familiar to me, but I don’t think we’ve seen it for awhile. A good friend of mine in high school had a tweed blazer close to that colour, and I always coveted it.

    Quite aside from the look of fall clothing, I love the cozy feel of needing to dress for warmth after a hot summer of trying to keep cool. I’m an avid knitter and have a drawer bursting with handknit socks … it always feels wonderful to wear a pair for the first time each fall.

    I’m sorry to hear that your week was not optimal due to your sore back, and I hope you’ll be pain-free soon!

    1. You might have seen that tweed coat. I bought it a few years ago but haven’t worn it much since 2019. I plan to remedy that this fall. Now you have me thinking of knitting. I might just try socks. My mum used to knit all my step-dad’s work socks. I’ll have to find wool that is not itchy, though.

  8. Start wearing your brooches in clusters of a minimum of three if you would like to be very high fashion!! I agree with every one of your favorites!!!

    1. Absolutely wear three brooches or even five especially on a denim jacket or it looks kind of mumsy. Go for a theme of flowers or glittery fifties costume or bugs etc. Surprised this just hit the radar because the cool kids have been raiding Mom’s jewelry boxes and doing this for a few years. On a tweed ‘dress up’ coat maybe just one statement brooch like the black cameo or a big silver dragonfly that wiggles. I have one (my mom had a thing for statement bug brooches) or something a bit louche like the pewter ‘swear’ pin I picked up a few years ago literally: @#%&?! It’s a great pin. I saw The PoW’s beautiful brooch, it looked great on her black coat and lovely that she wore it to honour QEII. I read that the Queen often chose her brooches to quietly convey an opinion. Word was that when Trump visited her she boldly wore a brooch previously gifted to her by the Obama’s…we’ll miss her.

      1. Yes, clusters of brooches has been around for years. I remember back around 2000 when tweed suits were big, I bought a Max Mara tweed skirt suit and wore my vintage brooches on it. I think that whether or not they look mumsy depends on the rest of the outfit. I’ve tried wearing three brooches and haven’t liked the look on me. Mostly because I thought it looked contrived. But that may be because my brooches don’t play well with each other. 🙂

  9. Fall is here on the prairie too… we haven’t had frost yet, but mornings are crisp, the leaves are just beginning to turn, and harvest is well underway. As much as I’ve been trying to cling to summer just a wee bit longer, I do look forward to wearing sweaters, blazers, and boots.

    Hope your back is better and that you enjoy your camping trip!

  10. I enjoy your tangents… your stories, your opinions, your humour… all make your blogs and video clips both unique and relatable. It’s similar to how you like to add something quirky/unexpected in your sartorial selections… no need to keep apologizing. It’s funny how much we apologize for our mere essences…
    By the way, the broach you’re wearing, in addition to picking up the white in your shoes as you say, was also (and perhaps more noticeably on video anyway) repeated in your lovely white hair! And the centre of the broach looked like a gold circle… mimicking the gold buttons on your jean jacket.
    Good one!

  11. I love socks, I never understood why they were considered out of style. Wearing socks with loafers and sneakers was something I continued to do stylish or not. Does anyone have any good recipes for socks?

  12. I’m so sorry your back is still giving you the irrits, Sue. My best you’re feeling better soon and your medical team do miracles !

    As for autumn, it’s currently spring here and while the weather is gradually warming up, I’m still in my snuggly winter attire and I expect to remain so for another month or so.

  13. Sorry to read about the back and the cancelled camping! I hope you feel better soon.

    There are many aspects of your post that I can relate to, and at the same time I find it interesting to see how carefully constructed your outfits are. Mine tend to be much more random and spontaneous I think. The tweed coat is lovely and looks great on you. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to look too ladylike. I recently made a floral dress, but I made it with military styling so that took the frilly out of it, if that makes sense.

    I also have been wearing brooches in recent years, but only one at a time. I love the white Parisian one that you shared. I was gifted an unusual, large beaded one by a relative of my partner’s a few years back, which is perhaps why I started wearing them again on my coats. Then my mom gave me a few old family ones and the habit continued. I admit that I don’t spend a lot of time exploring actual fashion trends, but of course we are all influenced by things we see around us.

    The one thing in your post that I’ve gone off for myself is cashmere sweaters. Not sure why. I have a number of them in my closet as they work nicely with work jackets, but I’m not feeling them for this year so they will stay packed away. I haven’t purchased any in a few years given concerns about how the raw materials are produced. I’m a knitter though and so I’m eyeing some more rugged knits using traceable wool at the moment. Sweaters are always a big part of my life.

    Agree with you completely about fall…and socks. Completely! Also the colours issue is interesting. I’m just going grey now and I find it curious to see how my perception of what works best is changing, even though I consider myself as a neutral veering slightly towards warm. It’s interesting to experiment. At least there’s always something to keep us entertained.

    Happy fall closet exploration!

    1. One thing I have found is that when I wear the wrong colours my white hair is much less forgiving than my dyed locks were. I think military styling would definitely take the frills out of your dress. Sounds perfect to me.

  14. I see no reason not to enjoy wine and marshmallows at home, of an evening, especially if it helps the poor old back. In fact, I am sure both would be beneficial.

  15. Hi Sue,
    I see in the comments that you’ve had to cancel your camping trip. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope that your back gets better soon.
    Your outfits look great. I like the pink tweed coat and I think that you can easily keep it from being too fussy. Dark brown goes with pink. Maybe a dark brown bag and dark brown pants?
    I like sweaters in the fall and I like sweaters in fall colors. I tend to run too hot for pullover cashmere or wool. I wear it sometimes, but it has to be fairly cold. I like cardigans, because I can keep them open in front if needed.
    I put off wearing socks and closed toe shoes as long as possible, but they are so cozy. One of the things that I am looking forward to wearing this fall (and I’m wearing them now) are my Dansko clogs. I have a few pair in different colors and I like the look, but love the comfort factor. I just got a new black pair and I’m quite happy with them.
    Take care of your back and have a wonderful entry into fall.

  16. I hope that your back is much better!
    I’m late due to some tech problems-hopefully solved,but still dealing with aftermath…So,I love your video outfit,and the video as well
    My favourites were spring and summer,beautiful colours,bare legs, linen in all possible colours (it was a time when I didn’t like silk…but things change,no?),long days…..
    Due to climate changes,springs are unreliable and summers are too hot,I spend more time inside than before
    So,fall….did I fall for fall? Maybe, although this morning was 8°C (and it is still summer),I love cashmere,turtlenecks,boots,oxford shoes and loafers,tweed and plaid, 50+ den tights,scarfs,jewel colours,nature’s changing colours,chestnut purree with whipped cream……….only not so early!
    Take care!

    1. Our fall is so short here. Soon enough it will snow and I’ll have to cover up the sweaters and blazers with a coat. 🙁 Hope you enjoyed your seaside holiday, my friend.

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