Hello, my friends. We’re back from our camping trip. And happy to be home. Slightly bug bitten (especially me) and with mounds of laundry to do.

We had a good trip. Only two partly rainy days. Lots of great campfires. And one very peaceful, restorative day paddling up the Bonnechere River into Algonquin Park. I won’t blether on about our trip tonight folks. Besides doing laundry (ha), I spent the day making a short video of our adventures, and some of the roads less travelled that we ventured down this year.

The video is a bit over eleven minutes. I’ll let it speak for me.

Thanks to our friends Jo and Sandra Barkley-Probst for allowing me to use their song “Road Less Travelled” in the video. The sentiments in their song are perfect. Because getting out into the wilderness can be all about taking the road less travelled. It can be hard sometimes. Bugs, brambles, sinking mud, and a lot of effort… but the results are so good for the soul. I guess that’s why I continue to go camping and canoeing with Hubby year after year. Because it makes me stronger. Both as an individual and as one half of a couple.

I must add, though, that despite appearances which suggest otherwise, I do paddle the canoe occasionally. Ha.

P. S. While we were away this past week, my last post was having a kind of life of its own. I was bowled over when we returned to wifi country and I discovered the number of comments left. If you haven’t read the reader comments on that post, you should. Thank you so much for your interest. For your kind and supportive words. And mostly for your sense that this blog is a safe space where readers can tell their own stories, and reveal their own feelings and fears. I won’t answer all the comments individually this time. Some of you were generous enough to leave lovely supportive replies to the comments of other readers. Oh, I do love it when you talk amongst yourselves. Ha. And I continue to be amazed that I have stumbled upon such a wonderful community of “kindred spirits”, as Anne Shirley says.


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43 thoughts on “Roads Less Travelled: June Camping”

  1. Absolutely loved the video. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

    Rebecca in Australia

  2. People really do need to reconnect with nature whenever they can, I can see how this trip would replenish the soul. Thank you for letting us take a peek.

  3. Wendy from York

    Beautiful video . We are in Wales for a fortnight & having rain like yours today . Last week it was like the Mediterranean, this week it’s like ….Wales . Sunshine due back tomorrow 🤞

    1. Wales look like a beautiful place, Wendy. Stu and I often think we might like to visit there…. whenever we start travelling again.

  4. Thanks for the video- it is just what I needed to help me thru these difficult times- Mary Lou

    1. You are most welcome, Mary Lou. I had a lot of fun making it. I had so much footage of paddling that I had to be vicious about my editing.

  5. Thank you Sue,
    Getting back to nature and being with your soul mate does help us make sense of this chaotic world we live in. I look so forward to your posts.

  6. Margaretanne Clinton

    The African Queen part had me crying laughing.
    Later the rain (flooding)looked more like you could be facing building an ark.
    Such a great short film.
    I’m glad you went ,so I could see this.
    Great work.
    Your husband singing the little song was great.
    Fun way for me to start the day.

  7. A fun video that has left me a bit nostalgic for our canoe (we left it with a neighbour on the island). . . although not at all nostalgic for those downpours at the campsite!

  8. So. Beautiful. I once canoed in the Boundary Waters area of Minnesota. It was a beautiful experience.
    Our family will be heading to the very dry Sierras of California in two weeks. Not camping this time. Wish we could get some of that rain.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. My camping days ended years ago. When the kids were little we had a tent trailer and would head to the coast or the lake. We loved the smell of cedars, the breeze off the water, campfires at night but not the bugs so much and everything wet after a rain. We then upgraded to a small RV. I liked the not setting up part, being drier if it rained, and most importantly having a washroom. Now that we’re empty nesters we’te more the airbnb/cottage types or taking cruises. Gone are our roughing it days. I do applaud you for being such a trooper. Obviously, it is important to hubs.

    1. Thanks, Kenzie. Hubby thinks I used the music too much which may be true. And now I can’t get that darned song out of my head. Ha.

      1. I really loved the music!
        I think I too need to get “back to nature.” Thanks for sharing.

  10. I can see how that is good for the soul. Thanks!
    And, yes, I also really appreciate the community of ‘kindred spirits.’

  11. Thanks Sue. That was a wonderful video. I am glad that I slowed down and watched it. What beautiful scenery.
    I can’t believe that your husband had to drag the canoe over a bit of land, so that you could continue and how nice that you were able to stay in the canoe during that muddy part.
    I’m glad that you had a good time in a lovely spot and not too much rain. The pancakes looked like delicious part of the trip.

    1. He didn’t exactly drag the canoe over land, but around a bend in the river where the water was too shallow and too narrow to paddle, and ankle deep in muck when we tried to step out. Still. I’m glad he did. I’m always scared of leeches in that river mud. The pancakes were delicious. We were so full we had to have a nap afterwards. Ha.

  12. Thanks for sharing! Like others it reminds me of my camping days. Most of them throughout my childhood. Our “accommodations” were much like yours. We called it a pop-up camper. And when there were too many of us to fit in the camper, the extras slept in a 2-man pup-tent. I wonder if my husband would go for a weekend camping trip? I think there’s a tent in our basement…

  13. Your blog is definitely the best part of the week, or at least the thing that caps it off!

  14. Like others have said, this reminds me of my camping days of my youth. My dad used to take us as my mum hated camping and we always had a great time, even when it rained and we spent time playing board games or me reading Nancy Drew books. I never went anywhere without a book – ha. I’m in another part of the province, and out trips were in the Georgian Bay and Parry Sound areas, both with breath taking scenery. It brings back great memories – thanks for reminder.

    1. I don’t mind a day of rain for that exact reason. Quality book time and no pressure to do anything more energetic than deciding what to make for dinner.

  15. I absolutely loved this! Thanks for sharing Sue. We had a camper like yours when the children were young … such fun! I love camping … although we haven’t done it in a while. ( We were never as adventurous as you and Stu! ) The shots of Stu carrying your canoe never cease to amaze me!
    Rosie xxx

  16. I think this trip was much needed by you after your previous post, and what wonderful memories you have created. I hope you both savoured the tranquility and the gifts that nature keeps on giving.

  17. It seems that my comment get lost.
    Nevertheless, lovely trip! I agree about rainy days and books

  18. Loved the video, gorgeous scenery, fabulous sound track and I see a lot of Rose Sayers in you – the hat, the English rose complexion and something about the way you hold yourself 😉 I’m definitely not a camper, or even a canoe rider, but I appreciate how uplifting your beautiful Canadian wilderness can be. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Canadian wilderness is uplifting… but to get into the real wilderness you need to do a lot of lifting. Well, mostly Hubby. Ha. At least in this part of the country. Still the benefit makes it worthwhile. Now I am off to look up Rose Sayers. 🙂

      1. Rose was the name of Katherine Hepburn’s character in the African Queen. Her surname was Sayer – apologies for giving it an extra “s”. I haven’t seen the film for many years but a favourite memory is when Bogart’s character calls her the very proper Miss Sayer “Rosie”. I hope that’s accurate and that my memory isn’t embellishing things again 😉

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