I know I have been talking spring and spring fashion to death lately. And if you are sick and tired, or just tired, of hearing about it, I apologize. But, you know, I gotta be me. And when spring arrives I am all about unpacking my spring clothes, rearranging my closet. And getting excited about wearing clothes that are NOT for winter.

I have been intending to do a spring closet video for a while. But the temperatures were so cool I could not muster sufficient enthusiasm for trying on outfits and talking about them. Plus I need the house to myself for a few hours to do a vlog. And have fun doing it. Which, to be honest, is the point. If Hubby is home, he wanders in from the garden, yells for me from the back door to fetch him something so he doesn’t have to take his muddy shoes off, stumbles into my outdoor shots, or slumps down onto the sofa grumbling because it’s too windy to go biking. So you see my problem.

But yesterday was the first week of his Friday golfing group. He headed off at 7:00 A.M. wrapped in his woollies because it was only 3°C. I knew he would be gone until at least mid-afternoon. So I stretched luxuriously, finally arose, made tea, read my book uninterrupted for an hour, then washed my hair and did my makeup to be ready to chat with you guys. Bliss.

The secret to happy togetherness is sufficient alone time. With enough time apart so you actually have something to talk about when you are together again. Am I right?

Happy to be back vlogging in my new COS striped top.
Happy to be back vlogging this week.

Yesterday I wanted to talk about some of the things I am excited to wear this spring. Which, frankly, is mostly everything in my closet Ha. But I was judicious. This was not meant to be a “turning my closet” video. I swapped my winter wardrobe for my spring one ages ago. Nor was it to be a closet edit. I just wanted to look at a few things that are making me happy these days.

I'm excited to wear this spring outfit. COS striped top, Aritzia faux-leather pants, and Stan Smith sneakers.
COS striped top, Arirzia faux-leather pants, Stan Smith sneakers

But let’s get to the video, shall we?

I hope you enjoyed that. I had fun making it. Except for the shaky start. I will post below some links to pieces I mention in the video that are still available. And if they’re not available, I’ll post other similar options that I like.

I do have one other fashion news flash. I have now officially retired my skinny jeans. Yep. Months ago they moved out of my closet into a drawer. And now I have packed them away. My storage is too minimal to be giving space to something I know I won’t wear this season.

I had thought I might wear them with specific combinations, or with certain jackets. But the other night we had company for dinner, and I popped on my old comfortable AG skinny jeans. And thought they looked dreadful. So, well, wrong. How the eye changes in a year or two, eh?

That’s it for me this week, my friends. Hope you are having a good spring. Hope you have lots of pieces in your closet that you are excited to pull on and sashay around your garden in… or maybe if you’re lucky, out to lunch or dinner.

Why not tell us what jacket, or suit, or sweater is making your sartorial heart go pitty pat this week?

My new red Uniqlo "chore jacket", a favourite piece in my spring closet.
My new “Chore Jacket” from Uniqlo

P.S.Here are some links to the pieces I mention in the video, or as close as I can get:

The Ines de la Fressange jacket is mostly sold out except in very small sizes. If that works for you here’s the link. Here’s a very similar one from Madewell. You can find a navy and cream striped COS sweater similar to mine here and my navy and white striped top here. Nordstrom Signature striped shirt here. The Everlane trench coat here. Aritzia faux leather Melina pants here. And the rest of the links: Vince crew-neck tee, Levis 511 jeans, Frame straight-leg jeans, Veronica Beard Scuba “dickey” jacket, Stan Smith sneakers.

P.P.S. The links above are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog. The links to Uniqlo and Aritzia products are not affiliate links. These retailers are not affiliated with Shop Style which is the collective to which I belong, and which allows me to link to various retailers.


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29 thoughts on “May Vlog: My Spring Closet”

  1. Wendy in York

    Great vlog Sue & nice to see you outside enjoying the spring weather .
    I love the casual look of chore jackets & looser trousers . It’s my summer uniform . That soft red shade is gorgeous . Loose tops are great too . I like when they taper out at the bottom so there’s no clingy look around my tummy . Necks can be tricky ( as Nora Ephron said ) & I’m wary of hard necklines now . I’ve a couple of sweatshirt type tops with raggy edges that seem to make a difference . Wearing my hair a little longer seems to soften things too . But you don’t need to worry about your neck .
    We’re back in Scotland again so there isn’t much excitement going on with my holiday outfits , it’s all very practical stuff . I’ll be checking out waterproof outerwear as there’s always a good selection here , must be something to do with the weather . There’s a Swedish company called Didrikson I keep my eye out for . So whilst you are searching out sunny weather gear I’m thinking of waterproof parkas.
    I liked hearing about the cedar chest – bet the moths never got in there .

    1. I am loving that chore jacket. It’s a nice change from a blazer. I usually like a tight crew neck, since I’m not a fan on necks. But I’m trying this wider neckline… we’ll see how I like it in a month. I am currently starting to look for decent walking gear. Usually I wear any old thing when I walk, but since my walking buddies and I frequently go for coffee after, I’m going to find myself a decent windbreaker and a couple of athletic tee shirts. I imagine that Scotland is beautiful this time of year. Are the midges out yet??

  2. The red chore jacket is stunning with your hair and coloring. I enjoyed the vlog and love your narrative into your thoughts behind the outfits. I am loving a cropped quilted jacket I found in a small consignment store. It reminds me of my mother who was a very skilled quilter. I actually researched on-line and found a young lady who turns quilts into jackets. I own several of my mothers handiwork since she passed and may do that. Kind of like having her arms around me again. Sorry a tad teary eyed on Mother’s Day!

    1. Thanks, Kat. I too have a stash of handmade things… from my mum and my grandmother. Mostly crocheted blankets and knitted throws. I don’t use many of them but keep them safely packed away.

  3. All nice except the COS top. All the factors you mentioned so surprised you are keeping: too boxy, tent effect from side view, the neckline.

  4. I am such a fan. I appreciate our similarities of body type, taste, style and am a former teacher/administrator also.
    Often when I read your blog or watch your vlog I wish you would organize a shopping retreat for like minded women. My traveling companions are only interested in stained glass windows and statues which is fine but leaves out the experience of shopping in various parts of the world or even different cities.
    I still think about your lockdown blog about an imaginary trip to Paris. I want THAT trip.

  5. I, for one, love your blogs about clothing. I love seeing what great items you have found and how you put them together in myriad ways. I will never tire of that. I like that you include lots of your thought process in your selections and not just a series of pictures .
    I also really enjoy all of the other subjects you start a conversation about with us-travel, books, life, family, memories. It’s like a little visit with a good friend. There is always lots to talk about across a range of subjects!

  6. uniqlo in America is HUGE…XS, XXS. ordered both in linen shirt…both way to large….
    I am very small…but please…..Same with items from Ines, at least what is available in USA.

    Enjoyed your vlog, as always.

    1. Sizing can be such a problem when shopping online. I have several Uniqlo pieces, down jacket and vest, cashmere sweater, hoodie, and now the chore jacket. They are all size XL. So I thought that I had cracked their sizing code… always size up… but I guess not.

    2. That’s funny, because I am in the U.S., too and have found I have to size up like Sue in the Uniqlo always. But then again I am at the other end of their size range.! Who knows?

  7. Loved listening to your chat about clothes. I am with you on the skinny jeans, I just seem to be over the too slim styles, of course I was never one for leggings either and they are still very much around. I have been a fan of wider leg styles for years. Looks like we are to get warm weather for the coming week, so spring items are front and centre again. Bring on the skirts and dresses.

    1. I laugh at how determined I was to not give up my skinny pants a couple of years ago. I should learn to stop saying “never.”

  8. I had a delightful surprise this week – I was pulling out all my white jeans to give them a soak and wash with the magic German powdered oxygen bleach we’ve discovered (really, it gets *everything* out), and pulled out a pair that I’d ordered from Eileen Fisher and had sent to my bestie before she moved here in October. At the time, the size I ordered was a stretch, but I figured I’d be there when they arrived, but the dreaded plateau set in. And is still here, to tell the truth. Tried them on then, and I couldn’t zip/button them. BUT, I tried the jeans on yesterday, and they fit! Obviously my daily walking has shifted things. And then I did a Sue and envisioned an outfit that I could just pull out of my closet, and it worked. Unbleached white ankle denim jeans with a slim but not skinny cut, an embroidered maroon boho Johnny Was top that I’ve had for a couple of years that is now drapey but not oversized, and my Sigerson Morrison soft brown suede ankle booties. Looked and felt cute, perfect date-night dressing for our casual lifestyle here.

    Love the COS top. It’s me, if I can buy it before it’s gone. Made it into Lisbon last week, but only the the Mexican store to buy chiles for a Cinco de Mayo celebration (the struggle is real – buying chiles for molé was a bit of a journey), so the COS store still awaits.

    1. That is a wonderful surprise, Carol. I am so glad that you are enjoying your new home… now that you’re finally there. 🙂

  9. Lovely vlog! I love IdlF Uniqlo chore jacket,especially the colour,beautiful!
    As it seems,we’ve had only a couple of days of spring-tomorrow will be summer (and I mean literally,like Wednesday)-I’ve spent it in an uniform of navy trousers or jeans+ striped sweater+ navy trench coat!Winter was mild,than was something in between,cold and blah….. no dopamine, let alone dopamine dressing

    1. I must steal that line, Dottoressa. For those lovely spring days when we get to wear exactly what we want… dopamine dressing. Ha.

  10. The red chore jacket looks great on you. I love when you show your outfits. Keep doing it and keep experimenting. You’re one of the few bloggers in the over 50 category who I can relate to. While I respect their style choices, they are either too sexy, over done, or cutesy for my taste. You find modern ways to do classics. On a final note, taking your lead about experimenting with over sized clothes I’ve been putting together outfits. After much failures, the formula that works for me, which goes against style rules is an oversized top with…an oversized bottom. Not too oversized, it helps to have the top/sweater hit at just the right place. Which may require alterations-remember when stores did this for free? On me it’s the crease where my hip and leg meet. For pants I do a slight wide leg with a flat front. The wider pant balances my wide shoulders. My pants are old and mid rise which looks kinda cool when a shirt is tucked too. I’m 5’4 and short waisted. Oversized my translate different on different body types.

    1. You are so right, Robyn. Oversize does translate differently on different bodies. And to get a new look right we just have to keep experimenting with things from our own closet.

  11. Margaretanne Clinton

    Wow. Darling first outfit. Actually your neck looks beautiful in that shirt. ( that shirt will be so great looking as a scarf too. !)
    The colour reflections in that blue mug from the chair is so lovely in the blog .
    It was the best blog I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was there. So fun and natural.
    Thanks for making it.

  12. Hello Sue. I’ve been enjoying your blogs for some time, especially the ones about makeup and skincare. My hairstyle is very similar to yours and wonder what styler you used in your vlog about winter skincare?
    Margaret Orr

    1. I think you are referring to the spray wax that I used once I had used the flattening iron on my hair. It’s a Goldwell product called Creative Texture “Unlimitor” “strong spray wax. Be careful, Goldwell has other products called “Creative texture” which are not the same. One is a sea salt spray to use before stying, which I also like. But not on dry hair like the spray wax. I find that the wax allows my hair to stay in place without being too glued down. Ha. It allow my hair to look “piecey” as my hairdresser says, instead of too soft and fluffy.

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