I’ve been meaning to talk about winter skincare for a while. But other things got in the way … as they do. And now winter is almost over, not that you could tell by looking out my window.

I’ve made a few changes in my winter skincare routine over the past few months. And I think these changes have really helped my dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and aging skin. Canadian winter is hard on the skin. Going outdoors is hard on the skin, what with the cold, and the wind, and even the sunshine. And staying indoors is harder still, what with the dry overheated air. We keep our house fairly cool by North American standards. We turn the thermostat down at night, and mostly never have it about 68°F during the day. Part of our problem are the woodfires we have at night. So cosy and lovely. But so drying for the skin.

I’ve filmed a vlog all about my winter skincare and makeup routines. You can watch it below. Please keep in mind that, other than experience, I have no qualifications to advise anyone but myself. I just like chatting about makeup and skincare.

Hope you enjoyed that. Next time I won’t talk so much. Ha. Like that will happen.

I know winter is almost over and, as such, it’s late to talk about winter skincare. But I’ll still be slathering the creams for a while yet. And come spring, and more and more time spent outdoors, the only changes I’ll be making will be the more regular use of sunscreen. My face doesn’t react well to many formulations of creams with a high SPF. So in winter, if I’m staying in, I avoid them altogether. And if I’m going out skiing or walking, I use my SPF 50 and then wash it off the minute I come back indoors. Maybe this spring I’ll experiment wearing my SPF 50 under my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser which also has sunscreen, although not a factor 50.

I promised in the video to provide you with links to the articles I read about ceramides and ceramide creams. This first article talks about ceramides in general. And this one from The Cut explains how ceramides work and suggests several creams which contain ceramides. Including the one I purchased. Apparently ceramide is the newest “wonder ingredient” in skincare. And skepticism aside, the cream I’ve been using, Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, really has made a difference to my skin. By the way, I quoted the wrong price in the video. I paid $60.00 not $18.00. Eek. Bit of a difference. Sorry about that.

I’ll leave the names and links for all the products I talk about in my video at the end of this post.

That’s it for me for this week, my friends. I’m off to slather my face with my new miracle cream and hope that I look ten years younger by spring. Ha. Just kidding. So, how about you? Any winter skincare secrets you’d like to share with us?

Morning skincare products used :

Makeup products used:

P.S. The product links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link I will make a commission which helps to pay for the blog.


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43 thoughts on “Thoughts on Winter Skincare”

  1. Thank you for the video and the list of products. You do look fantastic so the products are working:)

  2. I enjoyed your video & liked the finished result of your make up . You used quite alot of products but didn’t look at all overdone , just polished & classy . Can I ask what shade of the Laura Mercier concealer you use ? I’m very interested in that .

    1. I know I do use a lot of products. But when we are travelling it’s just my day cream and my tinted moisturiser, eye brow stuff, cream blush, and concealer. And mascara. Ha. That still looks like a lot. I use the shade 2C in the Laura Mercier concealer. It’s much better under the eyes than the Bobbi Brown because it’s not cakey. It was suggested by the young woman who used to work at Nordstrom. I visited her regularly. She taught me all kinds of things.

      1. Went shopping today & bought the concealer . Really pleased with it . The assistant helping me asked how I knew what shade to buy . I told her about my blogger friend who I have met so I know we have similar skin tone . Thankyou blogger friend 😁

  3. Dear Sue, your skin is unlined, you have definitely done an excellent job taking care of yourself. Winter skin…this morning I shoveled my way out to the paper, Ponds cold cream on my face. Cold cream and Oil of Olay have been my staples since my 20’s. They have not kept me unlined, but I live in a cold, dry climate, so they’ve done the best for what we have to work with. When I smile my laugh lines are all over my face…but keep smiling all. Love your videos, always fun.

    1. So much depends on out climate and our genes, doesn’t it? Mum says my grandmother never used anything but Ponds cold cream and it sure worked for her.

  4. Thanks for the video and the accompanying research! This is timely because I too use good skincare but I recently recognized that my normal routine needs a little change. I’m looking forward to exploring your suggestions.

    1. My morning creams and oil have really worked for me this winter. There’s also a ceramide cream available at the drug store that is suggested in the article I linked to. But I am really happy with the one I bought.

  5. What sunscreen do you use? I am prone to acne even at my advanced age! So I am looking at options right now. I recently retired, and I am outside more walking, gardening, reading when weather allows. We live on Vancouver Island. Thanks, Nancy

    1. Sorry Sue, i missed the Biocreme sunscreen in the video, I will give that a try. Feel like a dufus for asking. I tried Laura M product line but I get the odd pimple. I am using an Emminence moisturizer but it does not have Sun protection in it.

      1. No worries, Nancy. Sorry I missed your earlier comment. Yes, I use the Biotherm SPF 50 which seems to be okay for me. But I may go back the La Roche Posay this summer. I find an SPF 50 can irritate my skin.

  6. We found CeraVe at Costco and swear by it…ceramides and all…I have found that skin “lotions” do not do much for me so I must use skin “creams”. I have always had oily
    skin and that has worked for keeping wrinkles from forming at a young age. I have had to use sunscreen for almost 40 years due to a pre-cancer spot on my cheek and that’s when the M.D. told me to always wear a sunscreen and a hat with a brim. Love your chatty manner…keep talking.

      1. I put a baseball cap under my bike helmet and it acts as my brim. Maybe you can give that a try if you haven’t already.

  7. I always enjoy hearing what others use and wear regarding skin care and makeup. There are so many voices out there claiming this product and that, and it can get a bit overwhelming. I have decided to go by dermatoligist recomendations for the most part and reading the ingredients in everything I use. There are drugstore brands that are really good as well such as Neutrogena and Olay on the afordable end and if you know what to avoid and what works, are great products. I was informed that the Elizabeth Arden vit. C and retinol that I was using, are really not what they claim, so for the vit.C I am going back to the Skinceuticals which has had board certified results and studies. Each of us has a preferance and there is no right answer without doing some digging, so if it works and you like it, well then, that is the best for you. Recently after much trial and error with sunscreen for the face that does not make my eyes sting, I was told about the good old yellow box of Olay with SPF 30 for sensitive skin and really enjoy it. Such a great video, I enjoyed it.

  8. Margaretanne Clinton

    I loved this. You have a very pleasant speaking voice. ( unaffected).
    All the tips are simple and resulted in a beautifully natural makeup look .
    Thanks so much.

  9. That was fun, I love seeing others skincare and makeup routines. Your skin looks great and the makeup is perfect for you, enhancing without covering.
    My skincare is basic. I don’t like to use any night creams. In the morning, Estee Lauder Daywear cream with SPF 15 over their Advanced Night Repair Serum but I’m looking for a new serum to try. I’m still miffed that years ago they dropped Fruition which gave my skin a lovely glowy sheen. Also I slather on Clarins Flash Baume as a mask when in the bath. For makeup when I wear it, I’ve recently found Chanel colours and textures suit my (now faded) redhaired pale skin. Chanel Sublimage L’Essence de Teint, Chanel eye kohls in very similar colours to your Laura Mercier ones, their Stylo on brows and their navy or brown mascara.
    My dermatologist suggested steering clear of sunscreen with SPF above 30 as he sees a much higher incidence of allergy and the screening benefit above 30 is minimal.

    1. That is good to know about SPF. I used to use La Roche Posay SPF 30 moisturizer in the summer and stopped because I thought I should have a higher SPF.

  10. My Dermatologist recommended Elta MD sunscreen or La Roche Posay for my grumpy reactive skin…..I can’t use any of the sunscreen brands that are the usuals in the sunscreen section of the drugstore.
    I have always been a Bobbi Brown fan since her products first came to Canada….things have changed since she sold to Este Lauder a few years back when she thought that she would retire. Since COVID restrictions I often just ordered right from Bobbi Brown. Some of the colours started to be deleted which I don’t like.
    And…then I discovered that Bobbi did not stay “retired” and she has started up a clean line of makeup and cosmetics called Jones Road. I just ordered direct and waiting to see what she has come up with now 🙂

    1. That settles it for me, Lauren. I’m going back to the La Roche Posay day cream with SPF 30 that I used to use. I just heard about Bobbi Brown’s new venture. I must check out her new products.

  11. I use EltaMD broad spectrum moisturizer spf 30 with good results. I have skin issues (psoriasis) and have always been very particular when it comes to skin care.

      1. Hi Sue, I use EltaMD tinted moisturizer and love it for my pale skin tone. It covers well ( use it on my face and hands) , feels very nice on and offers great protection from the sun as I burn very easily. I originally found it in Shoppers but they stopped carrying it. I found my latest tube on Amazon.ca
        Thanks for all your helpful info in your video.

  12. I enjoyed your video! I have always admired your makeup — a face that looks fresh and awake without being overdone. I don’t very often wear makeup, especially during these pandemic times of spending most of my time at home, but when I do, I try to achieve the same kind of look.

    I’ve been slapdash with skincare over the years and am fortunate that this doesn’t seem to have caught up with me. I’ve always avoided sun exposure as an adult, which I’m sure helps. Also, what I considered “problem skin” as a teenager and young adult has probably aged better overall than the flawless skin that I envied in some of my peers. But my face is a lot drier now than it used to be, and feels quite parched at the moment (we also heat with a wood stove), so I need to step up my moisturizing game. Looking forward to browsing some of the products you mentioned.

  13. Please don’t think I wasn’t paying attention to your skin care talk. I enjoyed it very much- lots of good tips. I know I don’t do it consistently and carefully enough, but at my age it might be a bit late! i have two off-topic remarks. I really like the the striped sweater you were wearing in the second part of the video. Did it have bright pink tips on the sleeves? I also want to say how lovely your living room looks in the background- very bright and yet relaxed and serene. Any details on either? I am looking for a different window treatment for my sliding doors- do you like the shades?

    1. That striped sweater is from Massimo Dutti. It’s cotton and has a bright pink stripe on the cuffs and at the bottom. I bought it back in 2017 to take travelling, so I doubt if it’s still available. Thanks for the room comment, Cathy. I am so NOT confident choosing home decor. We love our blinds/shades on our big windows. They are really old, from a previous reno in the mid-nineties! When we changed our living room furniture and window treatments in 2019, I kept them because they are still good and look even better with the cream box valence, than the one we had before.

  14. Sue,
    A bit late to respond. I have been using Dr. Jart+ Ceramide Cream for a few years and my dry, aging, (69) skin loves it. Recently I have added a tine drop of facial oil to the cream before applying. What a luxurious feel and my face has shown improvement.
    I love your blog, you hit all the right subjects for us retired ladies who have earned this stage of our lives!

  15. Great topic-at the end of winter we all need more care. I still have the whole YT video to watch,looking forward to it

  16. Sue, just a few months ago I found your blog and really enjoying it. I am even reading past articles from years back for the book lists, and great stories. I enjoyed your skin care video even though originally I was going to skip it as this is such an individual area. But I came away with some new ideas. I also like to ‘slather’ on the moisturizers but find that then my makeup peels off when I try to blend it in. But I noticed this did not happen to you and was wondering if you had any experience in this. That pilling of makeup is so annoying for me yet the sales people at Sephora, Ulta or the department store have no idea what I am talking about.
    Keep up the great blog! I am so glad to have found it and told others about you also.

    1. I know exactly what you are talking about!! But funnily enough I forgot about it until you mentioned it. I used to have issues with that a lot. I wonder if it’s because I use the foundation primer? Or whether I’ve stopped using foundation altogether and only use tinted moisturiser. I tried all kinds of different foundations for ageing skin before I abandoned it, and it always looked cakey to me on my dry skin. The last time I had my make-up done at Nordstrom, they used foundation and I hated it.

  17. I enjoyed your video about skincare and makeup. You look really healthy and your skin looks youthful, so you are doing something right.
    You have more patience than I do. I put a layer of sunscreen on every morning, because I have had a few MOHs surgeries and sunscreen is a requirement. That is it. When I feel a little motivated, I may try to do a little more.
    I have tried so many things for my nighttime skin care and I cannot say that I have found the one thing that makes my skin look better. There are so many things recommended, it gets confusing. Use retinol for wrinkles, vitamin-C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and on and on. When I am being disciplined, I alternate a few creams at night. No miracles have happened yet.
    I do like a couple of Fresh creams: the Lotus cream, especially in the summer. It is light and has a fresh smell. The Rose cream in the winter when my face feels dry. It has a light rose smell and is a little bit thicker, but perfect when I feel like my skin needs a drink.
    I’ve tried Vitamin-C and B serums from Glossier. I haven’t noticed that they do much, but I haven’t used them for long. They smell good.
    I may give a couple of the items you use a try since you like them so much. I need to read the articles about ceramides.
    Thank you for all of the information.

    1. Last year I watched a dermatologist speaking about building a skin care regimen. She simplified everything for me. Vitamin C ( cream, serum, or oil like mine) then moisturizer, then sunscreen in the morning. Anything that has acids or retinol should be used at night. And no layering of creams or products which have acids. That’s why I abandoned the cream I mention in my video. It had too many “active” ingredients. I just wanted moisturizing.

      1. Thank you for sharing that information Sue. I’ll try the Vitamin C in the morning. Useful tips about when to layer and when not to.

  18. Was away from home so did not see this entry until today. Loved to hear you talk about your skin regime.
    My question, do you do anything for your neck? My neck is what makes me look my age and I wonder if there was something I could have done to help with that.
    Love you and your blog and your videos too. Books, some fashion and outdoors adventures all appeal to me. Looking forward to your answer.

    1. Thanks, Diane. My neck makes me look more my age too. I use my Vitamin C oil and the Origins Night-a-mins cream on my neck. I don’t use any special neck creams although I know they exist. I suspect that the idea of a specific cream for the neck is a bit of a con. And my products say to use on face and neck. It’s only been in the past three or four years that I’ve done that. Before then I just used my body cream on my neck. Now I wish I’d taken better care.

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