I have been actively doing my splurge research these days, my friends, and I thought it was time for another splurge report. Time to discuss what is on my Spring Wish List. And let you know how I’m faring shopping in this, the year of “Sue’s New Frugality,” 2022.

You might remember back in January I decided that I didn’t actually, really need anything new in my wardrobe. In my yearly review of my shopping habits for 2021, I concluded that in the past two years I had filled all the holes in my wardrobe that needed filling, and purchased the items that had been on my wish list for a while. But I also admitted that like many of the consumers referred to in this article about how the pandemic has affected shopping habits, I too was suffering from a pent up need to go wild.

After two years of a pandemic and a world seemingly devolving into chaos I was, and am, sick and tired of being careful and cautious. So instead of running rampant at the mall, I decided that I would make several planned splurge purchases over the year. Not because I really needed these pieces. But because I wanted them. A splurge. My answer to the so-called “new frugality” wrought by the pandemic.

wearing a blue over-sized shirt, with black tee, black boots, and black faux-leather pants. An pink over-sized shirt is on my spring wish list.
My blue oversized shirt, much loved, purchased in 2015.

Since I let my colour grow out during the first lockdown, and embraced my natural white hair, I’ve been favouring outfits that look a bit messy and undone. I remember my friend Barbara, who passed away in 2018, used to say that I always looked “perfect.” She’d open her front door and exclaim, “Sue how do you do it? You look fresh out a band box.” Gosh, I miss her. But, if she were still here, I’d have to tell her that I am eschewing the bandbox look. Or trying. I think a too perfect look with white hair looks… well… fussy. Not edgy enough, maybe.

I guess that’s why I have a reborn love for this oversized shirt from Equipment that I bought in 2015, and rarely wore until the summer of 2020. Below are two looks that I styled for a post back in August of 2020. I called my post “Blue Shirt Revival.” I wore the somewhat monochromatic look on the left a couple of times. By the way, monochromatic was what I was going for, hence the lack of a pop of colour. But the outfit on the right, which I also love, never made it out of the yard. A victim of too many lockdowns, and too few social engagements. I’m looking forward to wearing this look this year, though. I love the messy half-tuck of the shirt.

And because I’ve been thinking of oversized shirts, I tried my blue shirt again the other day. Over a black tee shirt, with my ankle boots, faux-leather trousers, and my black Everlane trench (similar.)

Vince tee, Equipment shirt, Aritzia trousers, Everlane trench, AllSaints bag.

I’m not in love with this look. Perhaps a white tee under the blue shirt would have been better. Anyway, I’d planned to wear this out for lunch on Friday and changed my mind at the last minute. Preferring the outfit below. Which as you’ll notice does not include an oversized shirt. Ha. But it does include my green cashmere hoodie that I bought from Club Monaco last spring. Such a spring-y, hopeful colour, don’t you think?

Feeling spring-y so I wore this bright green Club Monaco hoodie with my black Aritzia faux-leather pants, black Michael Kors raincoat, and black Stuart Weitzman boots.
Vince tee, Club Monaco sweater, old MK raincoat.

But let’s get back to oversized shirts. I have become enamoured of the loose-fitting shirt look. But here’s the thing. I own only two cotton shirts. One is white and quite tailored. My blue Equipment shirt is the only one I have that is not a slim fit.

So what’s on my spring wish list, you ask? Well, other than spring itself, I want another oversized shirt. In a colour. Pink. Or bright green. Not white. Pink or green will look wonderful with my navy jackets, while a white, collared shirt and a navy jacket can look a bit airline hostess-y to me. Probably because the Air Canada flight attendants have long worn navy and white with red accents.

I’ve been on the hunt for my shirt for a while. And I’ve pretty much settled on the bright pink shirt from Cos. But here are a few of the shirts I considered. Including one in blue that I’d get if I didn’t already own a blue shirt.

I have other pieces on my spring wish list. I’m searching for a spring jacket, not a trench coat or a raincoat, and not a blazer. More like a longer denim jacket. Or a French “work jacket”, a “chore jacket” as I’ve also seen them called. Slightly boxy, not cropped, and very casual. I’ve seen a couple that I like. But I’m in no hurry.

I’d be happy to find a pair of loose black pants, or tailored trousers, to replace an old pair. Not the same style as my tan ones. Less dressy than those. And a bit narrower in the leg. If I can find them.

And lastly, I want a new pair of sneakers. My Stan Smith sneakers have done yeoman service, and they are still in pretty good shape. But they are seven years old now, and will need replacing before long. Still, as I said, I’m in no hurry. For any of these pieces.

After all, I don’t really need anything new at all. And whatever I buy has to fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. And kind of rejuvenate what I already own. Nothing like a rejuvenating splurge, I always say. Doesn’t have to be new, either. Could be vintage, or thrifted. Or gifted. Ha.

Gad. I hope I’m not sending my slow fashion reputation to hell in a handbasket with all my splurging.

What are you wishing for this spring, my friends? Other than spring itself, of course.

P.S. Clothing links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog.


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41 thoughts on “Splurge Report: Spring Wish List”

  1. I love oversized shirts. My favourite is the Uniqlo linen shirt. Only $39, but they wear well and have the perfect linen creasing:)

    1. I’ve been looking at Uniqlo too. Not sure how big I’d have to go to get one oversized. Just to get a regular fit I order X-large from them. I haven’t checked the garment measurements though. That always helps.

      1. Try the men’s shirts in Uniqlo instead to give the oversized look. They are basically the same style.

  2. I utterly like these outfits,both so classy and casual,beautiful blue and green colours

    Pink is simply not my colour although I like different shades of it,I even had (maybe still have) striped pink-white NaraCamicie shirt but have to wear it with navy or white scarf to feel good.

    Completely agree with perfection to edgy transition. It happend for me from changing type of shoes ,even ladylike pieces I’ve started to style different (though must say that I love cabin crew esthetic)

    What do I want?  Yes,spring to come,but I’ve just started to enjoy my winter combinations  …….Maybe new sneakers,maybe new summer bag,maybe Vivaia- like slingbacks…


    1. Low-heeled sling-backs are having a moment, aren’t they? I had a pair of pointy-toe cream sling-backs with a kitten heel that I kept for years and finally gave away. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t. For the once or twice a season that I’d wear them, it would be nice to haul out an old pair instead of investing.

  3. I’ve always liked a loose masculine style shirt rather than a ladylike blouse & would buy men’s shirts but my arms aren’t long enough . You wouldn’t have that problem 😉 I have a very pale pink linen shirt by Gap that I wear a lot in the summer , which surprised me as I have never been keen on pink . It seems to feel right on a sunny day . I really like those work jackets rather than blazers for summer & have a couple in heavy cotton denim , one off white & one light green . Both were from the Margaret Howell discount shop , both men’s & both had to have the sleeves shortened . I prefer them to blazers with my loose summer trousers They look good with skirts & dresses too , sharper than a cardigan & not as formal as a blazer . I love your green top . Such an unusual shade of green .

    1. I remember you mentioning those Margaret Howell jackets before, Wendy. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Kind of heavy cotton, still looks good when it’s rumpled kind of thing.

  4. I think a real or imagined splurge kind of suits the celebration of the end of our long days at home; and darn it, will Spring ever come this year? Says she looking at a newly fallen coating of snow on mud.

  5. I long for a certain pair of soft gold sandal’s and a pair of grey snake skin lace-up shoes. I’m on a walker and have neuro issues so these would both serve me well being safe, comfortable and stylish. I will be splurging!!! Probably really all I need!! I’m not shopping in April as a choice!! We’ll see how that goes!! My experiment!! I think the pink shirt is lovely for you!!

  6. My month of nothing new is nearing an end, and it has not been difficult. However, I realized that I do need a new spring jacket. The hunt for that is frustrating as I do not like a chore jacket style on me, or a denim type, which I have always found to stiff and restricting. I will have to be patient and do some more research before I make any decisions. So much rain now that all I can think about wearing is rain coats and bogs. Trolling the malls is not on my list for a while yet. I like the shot of you in the light jeans with your blue shirt, and am thinking I may have to try a light pair of jeans as well. Thing is, you look so good in your choices I am not sure I would get the same effect.

    1. Your comment about not buying anything in March, made me pause. Si I had to go look up when I made my last purchase. It was October! So I feel quite as if a splurge is well earned. Ha. I’ve been so busy wearing all the stuff that I didn’t get to wear the last two winters when we were in lockdown.

  7. I have two recent splurges hanging in my closet, not yet worn — they’re transitional pieces that I bought in the late winter sales, a long, body-skimming, short-sleeved navy crinkled silk dress and a medium-to-heavy weight linen tunic (cobalt-black check), wide, boxy cut, hip-length, elbow-length sleeves. Looking forward to wearing these, and you might have inspired me to pull out an old navy linen menswear shirt I bought at J Crew years ago for summer layering/coverup.
    Can’t wait to see that COS pink shirt on you — I’m rooting for that as one of your picks! It will look spectacular with your hair — and your styling! 😉

    1. I’m going to have a look at some IRL stores this week, before I order that Cos shirt. I’m not familiar with the fit of the brand. But in the end I think I will order it. The pink is so lovely and bright. Your recent splurges sound wonderful. You are so lucky to have that neighbourhood store… which is where I assume you found them.

  8. If you’re into oversized shirts, why not check the men’s section in your local thrift stores. It checks two boxes, oversized and slow fashion. From your pictures, you like to roll or cuff the sleeves for that effortless look so sleeve length would not be an issue. Although, if looking for a particular colour (pink) that might be a losing venture.

  9. Yes to the pink shirt! I don’t recall ever purchasing anything pink to wear, until this year. I found a soft rose field jacket and a graphic t shirt that has a bit of muted pink in the design. This softer shade of pink seems to compliment my ever changing complexion and lighter hair color. As this life journey continues, I’m finding that I need to look at options with eyes wide open. What worked ten years ago, may not be the best choice for me today.
    Love your posts!

  10. I really like both of the oversized blue shirt outfits on you. You seem relaxed and comfortable in the photos. I truthfully need nothing for spring and most likely summer; however, I want a navy, Kelly Green or pink linen shirt. I own one pale blue oversized shirt now.
    But, I am petite so I end up tucking or reigning it in with a belt. It seems almost like I’m swallowed in the material. Spring would be nice but I’m living in reality of sunshine sporadically and cold days.

  11. Love oversized shirts and have a good collection of several colours but nothing in pink, so far. Mine are mainly Gap shirts that have really held up well. I find oversized shirts very versatile as you can wear them buttoned up or unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath. You have poked the bear Sue and I will be looking for a pink oversized shirt to add to my collection. Happy Spring!

  12. Well Winter seems to be telling us that he’s not done with us yet and on the first day of Spring we woke up to a snow storm. Heavy wet snow coming down and a wind whipping it around! Oh joy!!!

    I’ve decided that I don’t have any major gaps in my wardrobe right now but I always enjoy a good thrift store browse. It saves me from dropping a pile of money and gives me the feeling of having something new and interesting to wear.

    I guess if I were to buy anything it would be pants, but this means actually going into a store and trying on. I love buying tops but bottoms not so much! I never have luck ordering them on line and even less luck at a thrift/consignment store. Maybe when spring finally does arrive here I will venture out

    Loved the green shirt above and think it would look awesome on you! I always love you in the green Club Monaco hoodie.

  13. Margaretanne Clinton

    Sue ,
    I love the monochromatic first outfit. And ,the last one with green pop and black. Both are terrific. !
    Can’t wait to copy. !!
    Thanks for this post

      1. I have a Cos shirt, thrift store purchase, that runs narrow in the body. Great for a fitted look, and of course the style will make all the difference. I’m also seeking another pair of the Birkenstock rubber sandals I bought a couple years ago in a bright turquoise, this time in a darker metallic, I recall you had a pair in anthracite last summer?
        Happy shirt hunting!

        1. Yes, I finally bought a pair of Birkenstock-style sandals from Brown’s Shoes last summer. In black patent. I was happy to find a brand of that style that fits me.

  14. Margaretanne Clinton

    Oh. I forgot to type this.
    I found a Burberry trench coat at Salvation Army for 5$, 30 years ago. It’s still gorgeous and one of my go to outfit tricks.
    (It was a man fit. I had the sleeves altered. )
    Best 5$ I ever parted with.

  15. I like your edgy look and agree with you that sometimes too put together can just look fussy.
    Bring on the pink!

  16. I like a loose shirt which can be worn open or closed. I have a heavy slub thread blue one, an aqua linen one and a lightweight dark coral one all of which can be toppers in warm weather or worn under a jacket or sweater in colder weather so have given great mileage. Now a pink one could be an excellent addition to both our wardrobes I think. Would look great with your hair!

    1. I used to have a number of Oxford-style shirts. Striped, plain etc. But gradually I grew out of the habit of wearing them. I may look for a striped one as well.

  17. Hurrah for your slow fashion choices. Thanks to you, the concept is slowly working it’s way into my wardrobe.

    I’m your exact coloring minus your long lovely legs and love wearing deep pinks. So, leap for a statement pink with blue undertones. If it feels like too much, try tying a scarf with pink, raspberry, burgundy around your big shirt collar. Or, just tie it on your purse strap and/or accessorize with a chunky pink tone necklace.

    Rooting for fun on Camano Island, WA,

    1. I love that slow fashion is slowly working it’s way into your wardrobe. If I can’t find a pink shirt I like, I have several pink scarves and I will use your suggestion. Thanks, Diane.


    Sue, That pink lemonade shade would look lovely on you. I like the contrast of the feminine color with the masculine tailoring of the shirt. The French online retailer Sezane has an attractive denim chore jacket, the Will jacket. You might also want to look at the website for Power of My People, a Canadian company based in BC. They have a denim duster that is not too dissimilar from a chore jacket. They also have great looking shirts, though none offered in pink. I love your style, and your writing. — Dianne

    1. Thanks, Diane. I will check out those companies. Sezanne has lovely things, and I haven’t looked on their site lately. The Canadian company I have heard of but have not explored yet.

  19. I love the pink COS shirt. It has great energy. I also like your blue one and your lovely green sweater. I love button down shirts and I like the oversized shirt trend. You can do so much with it. You can put a tank top, tee shirt, ballet style top under it. I saw in the comments that you might look for a striped shirt. I have a few striped button downs and really like them. I have a few light-weight cotton ones that I like in the summer. I really like light denim shirts and have white and a blue denim versions.
    I have my eye on a frilled collar denim shirt from Boden. I don’t know if I will splurge on it, but I am tempted.
    I’ve splurged on shoes lately. I have a pair of Dansko clogs in gray leather that I love. I just treated myself to a navy brushed leather pair. I also got a pair of waterproof Birkenstock’s for beach trips and a pair of Kork’s sandals. I don’t know about the Kork’s (which seem very comfortable), but the other two pair will be worn until they fall apart.

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