So we’re back from our ski holiday in the Laurentians, as you know. And I made a short vlog of our trip. Winter vacation: the movie. Wish I had had Chevy Chase to star in it. But sadly it’s just me and Hubby for the most part.

clad in my cross-country ski gear and taking a coffee break along the P'tit Train du Nord on our Quebec winter vacation.
Trailside coffee stop.

With a couple of guest appearances. Like this gorgeous fellow. The one without the mask. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you won’t have seen the puppy we met the day we stopped for coffee at the trailside café. He’s adorable, isn’t he?

A new friend we met.

We skied and read and ate a lot, and had wine every night. And lazed around as I said in my post last week. This is the tarte au sucre that we did not buy. There were lots of other local maple sugar products which we did not buy also. We had French toast one morning, made with cinnamon raisin bread, and served with lashings of maple syrup. So that satisfied the sugar cravings… for like a month. Ha.

Tarte au Sucre that we did NOT buy.

Hubby spent a while trying to decide which local beer to buy. There was tons of choice. This is only one quarter of the display. Ha

shopping for Quebec micro-brewery beer during our winter vacation. Way too many choices.
Hubby tries to choose a new brand of beer.

I talked about the books we read and the YouTube channels we watched in my post last week. And then yesterday, I spun all our video clips from the trip into a short vlog for your enjoyment. And for ours, of course. Because I love to make these little videos. And we both love to look back on them.

So pour that second cup of tea. And have a watch. I apologize to you, and to Willy Nelson, for the bad singing.

Hope you liked that. But I think I’ve said enough about skiing for a while. And maybe even enough about winter. I just noticed that too many of my posts lately have been about cold and snow and winter. Next time I’ll write about something else. Maybe my splurge research which continues apace.


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28 thoughts on “Winter Vacation: the movie”

  1. I loved that Sue . What a beautiful area & that gorgeous powdery snow & those fabulous icicles – including those on Stu’s eyebrows . There are defunct railways here set up for walkers , bikers & horse riders but we don’t see skiers on them . Rory was very indignant at all those barky dogs in his sitting room though , waking him up . We were staying in the Scottish Cairngorms one hard winter & our cottage was at the top of a steep icy drive . We reached the top but when we got out the car slid back down with the dogs still inside , looking really puzzled . A kind local pulled it out of the snow filled ditch with his tractor but I can still remember that unusual feeling of powerlessness against severe weather conditions . I see why you moved down the hill . You looked very cosy & relaxed in your cabin except when you were working at your laptop when I saw the schoolteacher that was 😁

    1. Oh, that schoolteacher face still plagues me. Ha. Stu and I laughed about poor Rory waking up because of the sled dogs. They are a barky lot. But wow, they do love to run.

  2. This is magical,just how I imagine Three Pines in winter (although I know that you don’t like L. Penny)!
    This sound…..wonderful sound of crunchy snow…amazing….the only way( and in a place like that) I actually love snow

  3. Very wintry! What a wonderful memory with the blue sky, squeaky snow, and memorable setting. Thanks for sharing your holiday !

  4. I’m working from home today as we hunker down before a huge ice storm – I’ll save this video as a reward when I take a break (as long as we still have power). I EXPECT much talk of winter from my Canadian correspondent! I also think enduring winter is how we “earn” our enjoyment of the other seasons.

  5. Thank you for sharing your video vacation. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in a few days but unable to travel. So your video was prefect, as we relived some of our snow vacations.
    Stay safe

  6. Love this blog and your video today. Ironically, we are having a “snow day” today here in Texas where we live but it would be just a “dusting” compared to what you’ve been enjoying. I’m a hot weather, summer loving gal myself but certainly can appreciate the beauty of the new falling snow…especially from the fireplace hearth! And I’m so impressed with your skiing ability and stamina for days and days of it. You two must be in such great shape! Thanks for writing – such an enjoyable way to learn and “see” other parts of our gorgeous world!

  7. I enjoyed watching this so much Sue … such perfect snow and lovely conditions.
    Thanks for sharing a snowy vlog! Loved the shot of Stu’s eyebrows!
    I actually watched it during the night … when I couldn’t sleep, accompanied by a mug of Swiss hot chocolate… perfect combination!
    Rosie xx

    1. We had a perfect week of winter on our holiday. I’d like to get a few more ski days under my belt, but after that I’ll be ready for spring. Too bad it’s at least two more months away.

  8. Welcome home Sue! You really did have a perfect week away and I loved the sound of that crunchy snow. The reference to cornstarch is spot on. I agree with Dottoressa, the winter scenes could be taken right out of Penny’s books 😉. We are hunkered down here in Southwestern Ontario, lots of crunchy snow and with that comes lots of shovelling. I keep telling myself it’s good exercise. Thanks for taking us along with you and Stu, Sue.

  9. Well, it is hard not to write about snow and cold when that is what we are getting. Your chat was lovely and it is nice to hear that you did get a chance to unwind and recoperate in such a beautiful setting. Then you come home to mayhem in your city, take a deep breath and remember how wonderful it was.
    I am also looking forward to your upcoming posts about clothes again and your splurge research, should be a good distraction here.

    1. Thank goodness we are outside of the city and only see the mayhem on the news. But my friend just moved into a condo downtown and I feel for her. I’m trying to avoid anything about the “protest” online. The comments alone are infuriating. Focusing on clothes at the moment…which always cheers me up. Ha.

    1. Ah, well that IS too cold to ski. I can manage -15, and maybe a bit colder if it’s sunny. But colder than that and my hands never unfreeze. Brr. Those cold days are book by the fire days.

  10. Margaretanne Clinton

    I loved this. What a beautiful place.
    Thanks. I’ll consider that my trip.

  11. Hi Sue,
    That was a fun video. I enjoyed experiencing your vacation through your vlog. While I didn’t cross-country ski on the railroad trail, I did ski somewhere close to where you were on one of our Canada winter vacations. As you pointed out, it was a good workout. I don’t like downhill skiing, but I have enjoyed the little bit of cross-country skiing that I’ve done (except when there are hills). I like flat ground.
    The last time that you wrote about tourtière, I had to google what it was and I realized that it is what my neighbor from PEI calls meat pie. She makes it at Christmas and I’ve been lucky enough to have it several times. Yum! She’s an amazing cook and makes lots of food from the island.
    It’s been a cold winter here in New England, although not as cold as you described in the video. It’s solid ice outside today, so I haven’t left the house. Also, I had cataract surgery a couple days ago, so I am not risking a fall. My husband and I have an ongoing joke since my first eye was done, that I have to be careful that my eyeball doesn’t fall out (with all of the restrictions in the instructions I got from the surgical group). We had a huge snowstorm last weekend and I shoveled for hours (about two and a half weeks after the surgery, so it was fine), but we laughed about never finding my eye if it were to fall out in two feet of snow. (Very silly, since there was no chance of my eye falling out, but we take our laughs where we can get them.)
    I hope that you are settled into a nice routine at home and working on your wardrobe plans.
    I’ve been mulling over your last post about outfit planning and the start of some ideas are popping into my head from time to time. I think that I might take a peak into my closet soon.

    1. I am enjoying playing in my closet (so to speak) when it’s too cold to ski… or even go out, if I don’t have to. Glad your eyeball didn’t fall out, Dottie. Ha.

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