We are in the deep freeze here this week, my friends. Cold and sunny, cold and cloudy or snowy, very cold and windy. Notice the pattern there? And unless one wants to stay permanently planted in front of the fire, one has to adjust one’s wardrobe to the temperatures. So earlier this week, I realized that a winter closet edit was in the cards. The deep freeze edition.

I turned my closet for fall months ago. But I did not unpack my heaviest knits. And hanging in my closet were the pieces which worked well under a blazer. Light cashmere sweaters and long-sleeve tees that slipped under a blazer and were still warm enough for November winds, if worn with a scarf. Wool hoodies that worked with a tee shirt underneath and a light coat on top. You know. Fall stuff. But my heavy turtlenecks that were too bulky to wear under a blazer, and the really bulky knits like my hand-made purple woolen sweater, I left packed in my storage drawer.

And the other day when I wanted to be warm and still wear a skirt even though I was only going to run a few errands and pick up a drive-through coffee, I realized that a bit of a closet switch-over was required to make my closet ready for cold weather dressing.

Grey Theory turtleneck, black faux-leather H&M skirt, black boots from Brown's Shoes, white Uniqlo down jacket, white vintage brooch.
Black, grey, and cream and toasty warm.

My faux-leather skirt (similar here and here) looks great with my short down jacket. But in this weather the jacket is not warm enough with only a light knit underneath. I needed a chunky knit, or one of my heavier cashmere turtlenecks. But all my chunky knits were still in my storage drawer. I dug out this short, charcoal cashmere turtleneck from Theory (similar), and pulled it on with the skirt and my knee-high black boots.

I really like this combination. I’ve always loved a long full skirt with boots and a short sweater. I pinned at the neck of the sweater a vintage brooch that I bought at a flea market outside of Paris in 2015, and wore small silver hoop earrings, my grey AllSaints cross-body bag, and the new mittens that Hubby bought me for Christmas. I was toasty enough to brave the cold, and comfortable enough for jumping into and out of the car, and carrying bags across snowy parking lots. By the way, you should know that I have my ski underwear on under the skirt. Ha.

Grey Theory turtleneck, black faux-leather H&M skirt, black boots from Brown's Shoes, white Uniqlo down jacket, Eddie Bauer fur-trimmed mittens, AllSaints bag.
I was toasty and comfortable in this outfit.

And hauling out that grey sweater started me wondering why I should have to unpack sweaters that I want to wear right now. Sweaters that should be more easily accessible and either hanging in my closet, or folded in my sweater drawer. So this morning I effected a sort of mid winter closet edit. Below are the tops I packed away. Three light cashmere sweaters, and three long-sleeve tees. I also packed away a couple of fall jackets that are not really suitable to wear under a coat. I kept out the rest of my fall blazers. In a normal year I’d wear them under a coat out to dinner with jeans and boots and a turtleneck. Or out shopping and to lunch where I could take off the coat. That will probably never happen this winter. But, I left them out, just in case.

Long-sleeve tees and light cashmere sweaters to be packed away during a winter closet edit.
Light sweaters and long-sleeve tees to be packed away

The turtleneck sweaters below, which are lightweight but still thick and warm, I hung in my closet. My grey Theory cashmere. A cream, woolen mock-neck sweater from Gap, bought on sale years ago. And a navy, cashmere turtleneck from Uniqlo. These are the sweaters I will no doubt reach for on cold days to wear with jeans and boots and my down jacket or coat.

Light cashmere sweaters to be hung in my closet during a winter closet edit.
Light weight but warm sweaters to be hung in the closet

And these heavier, chunky knits I folded away in my sweater drawer. My lovely burgundy mock-neck from Akris. An investment piece, long searched for, and never ever regretted. My Vince chunky, heather grey mock-neck from two years ago. My purple handknit sweater that I knit eons ago and rediscovered in 2020. And the ancient Max Mara wool, cable-knit, zippered cardigan that I talked about in a video in the fall.

Chunky sweaters to be folded into drawers during a winter closet edit.
Heavy sweaters to be folded into my sweater drawer

So that’s done. The easiest winter closet edit in history. Took about half an hour. I can more easily see the pieces I need to stay warm. My closet and my sweater drawer reflect what I will be wearing right now. Plus when it warms up in March (hopefully), but is still too cold for spring clothes, I’ll have a few pieces stashed away that I won’t have seen for a couple of months. And I can shop my storage drawers for something a bit different.

This is what I wore the second time I left the house this week. Woo hoo… look at me… going out and about twice in one week. Under my old grey and black animal print scarf, I have on the same Theory turtleneck. And over it, my new down coat from Aritzia, and a Mackage cross-body bag. On the bottom, my Aritzia Melina faux-leather pants, and my lace-up Stuart Weitzman ankle boots. And believe it or not I’m wearing my ski underwear again; these long-johns slip so easily under faux-leather. Seriously, lightweight ski base-layers are the secret ingredient for cold weather dressing.

White-haired woman in black down coat, black faux-leather pants, black boots, black cross-body bag, and grey and black animal print scarf, standing in front of a garden shed in the snow.
Theory turtleneck, Aritzia coat and pants, Stuart Weitzman boots.

I realize that I’m wearing an awful lot of black these days. Black and grey and cream or white. But I love this black coat with my old grey and black animal print scarf. And I love the charcoal sweater with the faux-leather pants. Despite it being all black, I think the different textures of the coat and pants, and the pebbled leather of the bag give the outfit interest. It doesn’t feel like boring black. But like interesting black. If that makes any sense.

Plus, I find myself thinking of my hair as an accessory lately. I know that sounds weird. But the grey and black outfit with my white hair makes a kind of statement. A statement of what, I have no idea. Ha. I just know that, in recent years, when my hair was still brown and blonde, I’d never have worn all black and a bit of grey like this.

White-haired woman in black down coat, black faux-leather pants, black boots, black cross-body bag, and grey and black animal print scarf, standing in front of a garden shed in the snow.
All black with grey and white accessories. Ha.

Now, let’s talk about bags for a moment, shall we? I bought this Mackage cross-body bag back in 2016. I looked high and low for a small-ish, cross-body bag, in black. One that did NOT have gold doo-dads on it, or a big bright logo, or coloured chains. A simple, well-made, leather bag was really hard to find. And apparently it still is. This one from Longchamp is as close as I could get today. I almost never see a bag in a store that appeals to me anymore.

British YouTuber and influencer Emma Hill has a style aesthetic that is very similar to mine. She’s way more cool than me, but I aspire to her style. Or to most elements of her style. She is always talking about her Celine bags on her YouTube channel. They are what she calls “old Celine” when designer Phoebe Philo was still running the fashion house. Emma’s bags are lovely. Simple, elegant, really chic. She bought most of them second-hand on the internet. And even second-hand, those Celine bags are way out of my price range. Still, maybe it’s worth having a troll through some of the used designer bags online. Maybe I’ll find one I love, and can afford.

White-haired woman in black down coat, black faux-leather pants, black boots, black cross-body bag, and grey and black animal print scarf, standing in front of a garden shed in the snow.

That’s it for me today, my fashionable friends. I wore some warm clothes this week. And I felt marvelous doing so. Gosh it felt good to up the outfit ante even if I was only going to the drug store, the mail box, and to MacDonald’s for a coffee. Or the bank. The second time I went out, it took me longer to get dressed than it did to do my business at the ATM. So I made sure to walk back across the parking lot to my car REAL slow. Ha.

So, how are you doing these days? Fashion wise… and otherwise? Are you in the deep freeze where you live? Or are you gasping in those hot, hot temperatures down under? What closet edits do you find necessary this time of year?

P.S. The clothing links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission which helps to pay for the blog.


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68 thoughts on “Winter Deep Freeze Closet Edit”

  1. I love your posts! Am so glad to hear I’m not the only one dressing up to run errands. I wear lipstick under my mask too. You look beautiful in both pics.

  2. We’ve had a few below freezing days which I love when the sun shines and there’s blue skies, but less so when it’s foggy and gloomy!
    All good otherwise and tentatively making some travel plans. More trips in the Uk than Pre Covid though. Although we have flights booked for Switzerland 🇨🇭 🎉🤞
    I’m definitely wearing things to “pop to the shops” or for a walk and coffee, that previously I would have kept for evenings out. Thanks to inspiration from your grey knitted dresses … I’ve bought a few 😉 which I’m wearing on rotation and definitely hoping I will be for years!
    I wore knitted dresses years ago but for some reason I haven’t in the last, say 15 years. The ones I had became a little snug and until now I haven’t found any I love to replace them.
    They work so well in most situations except for maybe a hike lol. From casual to smart depending on accessories. As well with flat chunky boots as knee high with heels. Perfect for a cosy coffee or brunch or just a stroll.
    In a way it’s a shame we’re not travelling as they pack so well, but hopefully next Winter.
    Great post Sue … loving your black outfits and I think you’re right about your hair and how it complements the black and vice versa.
    I find I’m wearing more greens and autumnal shades this year. Thanks to a green knitted dress ( I’d say dark olive) and a similar shade puffa coat I’m now wearing bags, boots and scarves again that are around 15 – 20 years old but still in great condition!
    I’m vicariously enjoying all your snow and amazing sunrises etc.
    Have a good week!
    Rosie xxx

    1. I am imagining you in a green dress and puffa coat. Bet it looks amazing on you. Don’t you love it when something new gets you thinking about older pieces like your scarves and bags? THat’s real slow fashion, my friend.

  3. Your black & white looks great & it’s very clever of you to arrange the white snowy background for your shots . I wear black more than I used to but if I wear it often it makes me feel a little gloomy . Perhaps my hair isn’t white enough ? Like Rosie I’m enjoying greens , especially sludgy greens which I wear with navy & sometimes a splash of dull red in scarf or mittens . I do like mittens . Then there’s my sage green suede trainers with red laces – they always cheer me up 😁

    1. I have arranged the snow to go with my hair. Ha. I love greens as well. Especially with navy. And I love the idea of those sage green trainers. Hmmm. I need a new pair of sneakers for the spring.

  4. I’m reading this as I sit in Florida after a morning rain, drinking coffee and trying to decide when it will be dry enough for me to go out and thin down the ferns in the garden. No need for heavy sweaters now, although I love the texture of yours so much. I do have one of those in my closet picked up in Ireland a few years ago but not worn yet this year.
    But earlier last month we did have a trip to Stowe, Vermont, where it wasn’t very cold but colder than here in St. Petersburg! So I wore a sweater or two, but mostly the layers you wear there in the fall.
    All that aside, I enjoy your columns every single Sunday, and get something out of each and every one! Stay warm, now!

    1. Thanks, Eva. I have a lovely knitted scarf I bought in Ireland years ago. I love those travel memory pieces. Mine was bought because even though it was July we were freezing one day. Irish summers are very different than ours and I did NOT do my homework!

  5. Nestled in the great high plains, those bitter cold temps are here to stay for some time. Once we get a snow blanket, it’s a struggle to get above freezing. My dress code calls for layers of comfy warmth. I’m a huge fan of smart wool socks to keep my feet warm but not hot. I find myself taking extra measures to baby my feet.
    Oh, I agree that certain hair styles or color may count as an accessory. I’ve always been conscious that my eye wear counts as an accessory and therefore never wear earrings. Over accessorizing can be more distracting than attractive.
    Love your blog and your personal style. Your real life encounters give me pause and so often relate to something very similar in my life. Thank you!

    1. Smart wool! Yes. Since I tried Smartwool socks nothing else will do. I couldn’t believe how good my normally sweaty, clammy feet could feel.

    2. You are so right about the glasses, Jan. I had to have glasses for the first time in my late forties. I wore them all day until my eyes changed again and I only needed reading glasses. But when I wore them all day at work I had to rethink the earrings I normally wore. They suddenly seemed too much.

  6. Love that you dress so nice for an ordinary outing, you look fabulous. I am definitely going to have to up my game. No closet edit here, though I did order a sweater online. Not a fabulous purchase, but it’ll do for around the house, which is pretty much what life is in continuing covid times. Stay well everyone.

    1. I am so sick of dressing for around the house. And tired of the ongoing saga of Covid… as we all are, I know. Good for you to buy a new sweater for staying at home.

  7. Your white hair is definitely an accessory. Angie Cox of You Look Fab likes to bookend footwear with hair, eg. white hair -white shoes, brown hair – brown shoes, etc, and it works. I have found now that my bright silver hair is 2/3rds in I don’t like big earrings much any more, too much going on around my face. Also favouring more neutrals than patterns, like navy blue.

  8. I was thinking the same thing about your hair being an accessory as I was looking at your photos. Those colors truly compliment it. I love the sophisticated look you’ve achieved while still being warm and fun(those mittens) 🤗!!! I’m looking forward to seeing if you find a Celine bag….maybe one of your splurges you wrote about earlier? Happy Winter!!!

  9. First of all (and this is a quirky observation by someone who cares about words to someone who cares about words ;-)) — I applaud your use of the verb “effected” in paragraph six. So rarely see this used correctly — and efficaciously! — these days. Brava! (And yeah, I get my kicks where I can these days. Small thrills, for the win!)
    But moving on to your closet edit . . . here in Vancouver, we recently had two weeks of record-breaking (for YVR, that is) cold with temperatures down to 12 below at night (and lower with windchill) and staying a few degrees below zero during the day. And for those days I pulled out a few heavier sweaters, my silk longjohns (2-piece) and wool tights. Now we’re back to daytime highs of 8 to 10C and rain, but we may get another colder spell and possibly another snowfall before Spring arrives. I tend to keep the heavier sweaters and warmer undergear in a box under the bed with the lightest, most obviously Summer wear, but since we don’t get the extreme range and long, definite seasons that you do, I keep more of my wardrobe in circulation through the year (plus I’m less organized than you are, obviously. Ha.)
    Your hair is definitely a wonderful accent to all your outfits, and it looks spectacular with the black and white, cream and grey combinations you’re gravitating to these days. Gorgeous!

    1. I picked up on effected as well. Jumped off the screen at me and I cheered for good grammar.

    2. If I lived where you do, Frances, I would own way too many trench coats. The spring coat season here is so short, I can rarely justify buying a new light rainproof coat. Unless it’s a Gortex one for canoeing. And even then only every ten years. Ha.
      I didn’t even realize I was using that word… so glad I used it correctly. My big problem is commas. I try to use them sparingly, but man, it’s hard! I go over and over my posts making sure that I do the comma thing correctly. Until I started writing a blog I rarely used a grammar site, now I am a frequent visitor. 🙂

  10. I REALLY love your style, and find it to be SO much like mine. I, too, have white hair and consider it an accessory! I love to wear black, but break it up with accessories, even when I’m home! I’m 74, but will never be “a little old lady”! It makes me happy to have my red lip color on, my makeup, my hair combed, and a great little outfit, always with earrings!
    I feel we would be friends, if we met, but since I live in Michigan, it probably will never happen. So, thanks for your inspiration….my friend!

  11. I love your color choices, with your silver hair they look striking on you! And, you’re right, all black looks fantastic when pay attention to layering textures – it adds so much dimension. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Going to work in my closet now. Or, after a cup of tea…

  12. Love both your outfits – cute AND warm!

    Like Frances (perhaps even more so), I don’t do a closet turn as much of my wardrobe works year-round, both in LA and here in Portugal. Yes, the short-sleeved t-shirts have moved to the bottom of the stack, but the merino wool tank tops now serve as a base layer for my long-sleeve shirts, instead of their summer solo act. And all the boots are taking their turn when I go out – making sure they earn their wardrobe space. We’re going out for a fancy dinner next weekend, and I’m looking forward to getting a bit dressed up – it’s certainly been a while!

  13. Really enjoying your posts – now more than ever. I’ve dropped a lot of other bloggers – too focused on selling me things I neither want nor need. Or telling me I must tuck in my shirt in some convoluted way or add camo to my closet or have my colours done in order to remain relevant. Uh, no. Just no. But your posts strike just the right chord and I always look forward to reading them with a hot cup of tea. Thank-you.

    1. Thanks, Lianne. I do have affiliate links in my posts, but I try to not let them interrupt he flow of the text. That’s what usually bothers me about advertising on a site. How it breaks up the flow of the content.

  14. Hi Sue, I had to laugh, my outings were so similar to yours this week, on one outing I hit the Manotick Post Office and Scotiabank, and on the other, Rexal and the Independent. I reflected on what I had on, just in case I ran into you! 😂 It’s so hard to stay motivated!
    We can’t let what’s going on around us take all our fun away, you always find ways to keep it exciting!
    Your outfits look great, love your creativity, amazing what we can come up with, with pieces sitting right in our closets!

  15. Margaretanne Clinton

    Your outfits are terrific. You look lovely. And. Your hair IS an accessory. !! The “slow walk “. So funny !

  16. It’s hot, humid and occasionally drizzly down under but bush fires have been relatively scarce. My salt and pepper hair has changed some of the colours I enjoy wearing – less grey and navy and more bright colours. Your hair looks wonderful when you wear lots of black and your beautiful vintage brooch really pops with the grey and white outfit. I’ve found handbag shopping challenging for a long time. Finding an attractive bag that’s not too small or too large and heavy, with enough divisions or pockets and no logos is really, really hard. A couple of Oroton bags have worked well for me in recent years but I’m not sure how available the brand is overseas.

    1. Thanks. I love that vintage brooch. My husband and I visited the flea markets when we were in Paris. And I had the most wonderful conversation with the woman who owned the booth where I bought the brooch. It looked almost like a Chanel camellia, I thought… except in my price range.

  17. Twelve inches of snow accompanied by below zero wind chills in central Iowa had me dressed in multiple layers (think sweat pants, sweatshirts, cuddle duds, wool socks, etc.) as my husband and I cleared our driveway. Thanks to a heavy-duty snowblower, it took us only slightly over an hour. I was certainly not highly fashionable, but I was warm!
    I love your visits. They make all of us want to share a bit as well = warm and lovely internet conversations from all over!

  18. You are so so stylish in this post…AS ALWAYS. Love your skirt/sweater and puffer outfit as well as the others. I prob. dress up more than some of my friends (including makeup) but feel like slowly that is changing…who sees me..yet I feel better if I have minimal makeup, styled hair and a nice outfit. Would be in heaven to go out for dinner at a table, be served, wear a fave outfit and full makeup including LIPSTICK…how I miss those days and boy did I take them for granted I hate to realize

    1. I’d love to get dressed up to go out as well. Even just in nice trousers and a cashmere sweater. Dressing a bit better to do errands is better than nothing. But not much. Ha.

  19. I agree with Frances, you look spectacular! The black really sets off your hair, or is it the other way around? Love the skirt. We’re planning a trip to NYC in late February to see a friend’s artwork being exhibited at The Met. We live in Southern California so I’m lucky when I can wear a light sweater during the day, although it has been pretty cold here the last few weeks and I’ve had to bring out my sweaters. I have cold weather clothes and boots for when we go to the mountains in the snow. I’m not sure how cold NY will be but you just reminded me to find the silk underwear I bought for London a few years back but didn’t need. Do you get too warm indoors or are they comfortable? I have no experience with them.

    1. Thanks, Cindy Lou. Those city streets with tall buildings that block out the sun make winter so much colder in my opinion. Having said that I have no idea how cold New York will be. I think the ski underwear will be a good idea, though. Have a great time on your trip!

  20. I’m impressed you have lasted this long before digging out the winter woolies! Great choice of outfits. The black really sets off your silver hair or perhaps vice versa. Unfortunately my hair is stuck in the pepper/salt/mouse combination so black is not so good. I have found navy to be a better neutral for me but not much navy around at the moment.
    We are in the middle of a hotter than normal summer down under with most days in the high 20s(°C). Luckily we have the tail end of a tropical cyclone producing a fair breeze to keep things a bit cooler. So it is just shorts, tanks and sandals for me. With omicron at the gate we haven’t really been out much other than to shop for groceries or to go for a walk. It would be lovely to have a reason to dress up.
    It never gets particularly cold here so we don’t need to rug up the way you do but on a train trip across the States a few years ago, in the middle of January, I was very thankful for my merino wool camisoles and long johns as well as possum and merino socks and scarves. A great use for an animal that is a pest here! The temp in Washington was -18°C the day we visited the Smithsonian- brrrrr.🥶🥶

    1. I have never heard of possum socks! I still remember the protective metal bands around the tree-trunks in New Zealand when we were there in 2003.

  21. I can’t do -20C without my head covered. My outer garments must also cover my bum. So the white coat is not working for me but it looks cute on you. I have a black therma loft coat by Lolë which is light and warm but you know Ottawa and when it’s really cold it’s all about the Quartz parkas, Olang boots, fleece lined mitts with fur cuffs (that’s not for fashion it’s to keep the cold air from going up the sleeves) and…. a toque. Stay by the fire this week…40cm of snow over the next 24 hours:( Was planning on walking down the street and hopping on the canal for a skate but will wait for a few days until it’s cleared off.

    1. I can wear a short coat as long as I have on my ski underwear, or my ski pants for walking. I imagine it will be a few days before they get he canal cleaned off… so much snow today.

  22. Really lovely outfits,amazing that they are toasty warm,too(and, as I have similar pieces and wear similar outfits,I love them all indeed :))
    You are a fashionable and stylish lady with amazing hair. Black,white and grey are so classy and beautiful together. I wear a lot of black, with a scarf or necklace near my face and hair. Love navy also very much !
    I have only two of chunky sweaters-it seems that’s enough for our climate. Have you any experience with Uniqlo Heattech base layers? Or anyone else (I’ve haven’t read comments so far this time,so sorry if the answer is there already)?
    My son’s GF has similar faux leather skirt-it looks so good in a lot of combinations
    Emma Hill’s wardrobe,with her neutrals, is so wonderful and well curated. Ah,old Celine……

    1. I have worn Uniqlo Heattech base layers for a few years now. I think they are wonderful, and thin enough that they don’t take up much room under my clothes. I wear both the tops and the bottoms on really cold days here in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

  23. Nice post. It is snowing like mad in Cleveland today. It’s our first major snow of the season. I am wearing the heavier sweaters too. I am surpised you are putting away your long sleeve tees (with the exception of anything boat neck). They are a staple for me underneath my Vnecks and other sweaters. Stay warm!

    1. I can do a long-sleeve tee in the fall but in winter I need a turtleneck.
      P.S. Pretty snowy here today, and high winds. Blizzard conditions this morning. Good day to stay inside and read.

  24. What fun, Sue! Yes, your hair and the textures do keep all that black, white and grey from being boring. I, too, take pleasure in curating my clothes, and finding places to wear extremely warm sweaters. You have such lovely pieces- thanks for sharing them with us, and it makes me appreciate my own treasures more.

    1. Thanks, MK. My heavier sweaters are getting more wear now than when I was working. Our school was so variable in temperatures we needed to wear the layered look all the time.

  25. Love these outfits. My goal is not to wear a turtleneck or my heaviest winter coat till AFTER it’s officially winter (December 21 or later). You say it’s 10º out and it’s November 30? LAYERS. If I wear my warmest clothes in November, what will keep me warm in January, I ask you?

    My hair is my accessory but that’s because it’s purple and teal right now, I intend for it to stay that way for awhile. When the gray comes in with this color, it looks variegated, like “I meant that,” which is pretty much my motto for everything, really. When it came in with the auburn, it just looked bad.

  26. your fall type sweaters are as thick as I ever wear here in Australia. I have one down coat for really cold days which only happen when I am travelling. i do find the idea of having separate fall (or autumn for us) sweater collections interesting, an insight into a different climate world! I am not complaining about our australian weather but it can get a little boring.. all that sunshine…

    1. We were in Sydney in May one year, and I’d only packed summer clothes. But… wow… a rainy 20° was not as warm as I seemed to think it should be. I had to swap my sandals for my hiking boots, the only closed toe shoe I’d packed. I find it really hard to “feel” what 20°C will be like when it’s -20 here. 🙂

  27. Absolutely love your style, Sue! Also that’s a very impressive wardrobe edit. So well organised! I don’t really do season change arounds (as I tend to dip in and out as needed here on far south coast NSW, Australia) but I love your thoughtful approach to your wardrobe. Thank you!

  28. I wish that I was inspired to dress up when I run errands, but I am much too lazy. You look great for your outings!
    Your hair looks wonderful with the blacks and grays. I agree that it is an accessory.
    It has been cold here and I now have a cardigan hanging over the back of my work chair, so that I can slip it on when I get cold.
    All of my winter clothing comes out of the closed at the same time as my fall clothes, but some of it isn’t particularly accessible, which means that I don’t use it often.
    I love your burgundy Talbots shirt and I may hunt for that color. I have two in shades of pink: pale and bright that were given to me as gifts. They are very comfortable.
    You have inspired me to add least change out of my usual tops (several tee shirts that I rotate during the week) and put on something different for work. Working from home, it is easy to wear the same things day in and out, but perhaps I should try another top or two on days that I have Zoom meetings.

  29. You couldn’t have a better accessory than your beautiful hair. In the first photo, the cream colored jacket and your hair shine with the same bright lustre. It’s striking.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts.

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