Home Again, Back Again, All the Agains

I’m home again, as you might have guessed from the title of this post. And the blog is back up and running again. Hopefully. After many. many headaches, and frustration which I was not able to handle well, I must say. On a couple of occasions I was almost in tears. And so frustrated I thought my head might pop off.

I will say that the guys at Site Ground who, when I finally figured out how to talk to a real person, were most helpful and patient. And I did try to keep my ranting humourous, at least. I am not sure if I have solved all the problems, but I’ve made a stab at it with lots of help, and after reading many, many articles and “tutorials.” I’ve learned a lot over the past two weeks. Kind of reluctantly, if I’m honest. Since I really just wanted to hand everything over and say “you do it” (if I could find a “you” to do it, that is) and don’t talk to me until it’s done. But I did that last time, and those two years of being almost completely divorced from the technical stuff are what landed me in my current problems. I do need to keep my hand in at least a little, I think. Other than writing and taking photos.

And now to the other “again.”

About that travel guest post I’d planned to publish last weekend. Let’s try that again, shall we? I’m sending this post out as a trial balloon to make sure that everything works, and see if my email subscription service works. Hopefully the travel post will be up on Saturday night. And you should receive it via email on Sunday morning. Or afternoon or whenever you normally receive them depending on time zones.

Fingers crossed my friends. xo

On my sunset walk last week.

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30 thoughts on “Home Again, Back Again, All the Agains”

  1. I received this post loud and clear but there was a lot of white space between the end of the post and the comments, which I don’t usually see. I share your frustrations as I am about halfway through trying to format my manuscript for publication on Amazon. Like you, I thought my head my explode. Am bracing for another hour of fiddling/shouting at the instructions/making adjustments. It’s a funny world.

  2. Sunsets in Ottawa have been amazing.
    Nothing more irksome than tech issues in my book. Glad you’ve got things sorted.

  3. Great to have you back in any form. Sorry for all the frustration you had to endure to stay in touch with us. Much appreciated.

  4. Arrived in the mid-Atlantic region at 8 am this morning. Welcome home. May your days of frustration taper quickly (because we know they simply won’t disappear altogether).

  5. Glad you are back. I received my post through the mail. Looks like it is working well. Enjoyed seeing your Instagram pictures and posts of your visit home. ❤️

  6. And I received your post in Pennsylvania on Saturday morning via my Feedly app, which means your RSS feed is working. Welcome back!

  7. Hi Sue … I received your email a little while ago but the link didn’t work initially… I decided to try a few times before I let you know and consequently stressed you via email 😉 and luckily it works fine now!
    Welcome back!
    Rosie xxx

  8. Welcome back, Sue! I completely empathize with you concerning the techno stuff. I had to replace my laptop recently because there was simply no way that I could continue publishing my blog with the old one. I tried using hubby’s for a little while, but that was utter frustration as I’m a Mac user and he isn’t.

    Looking forward to the guest post!

  9. Glad you are home safe and sound. Tech seems to advance faster than I can keep up. I have a deal with my son – I taught him to use a knife and fork, he repays by helping with tech issues.

  10. So glad to see you back. Looking forward to seeing your photos and posts.
    I have a tech guy at work but struggle with tech stuff at home. ” You tube” is amazing at helping sort out the problems, if only you could identify the messages you get!

  11. Hi Sue,

    finally, I’ve got your post in Cologne, long way from Canada to Germany…. only joking, I’m the one, who is late in reading!!!

    Welcome back,

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