Playing with Fall Fashion: October Vlog

So, as I told you in my last post, I went on a lovely shopping day with my sister earlier in the week. And I bought some socks, and a pair of tights.

But. I almost bought… in fact I came very close to buying… a sweater that I loved, but did not in any way need.

A beautiful, feather-weight, soft green, cashmere cardigan from Vince. A sweater which I had been eyeing for a while online. After looking at similar cardigans by other brands. And all this after seeing comparable styles of cardigans on countless vloggers and Instagrammers. The same type of cardigan, worn in a myriad of ways by Influencers. Ha. Who says that influencers don’t influence us? Not me, my friends.

Anyway. I didn’t but it.

Instead, inspired by this close call, and by the book Loved Clothes Last by Orsola de Castro, I decided to come home and dig out a couple of old cardigans I’ve had for years to see if I can satiate my apparent “need” for a cardigan with something I already own.

In my sunroom in purple cashmere, reading Loved Clothes Last for my October vlog.
Thank you Orsola for inspiring me.

This is the topic for my October vlog. Chatting about Orsola de Castro’s book and trying to do something with my two old sweaters. Neither of which I’ve worn in years. So instead of writing what I am actually going to be saying in the vlog, let’s just get on with the video. Okay?

Hope you enjoyed the October vlog, my friends. I’m happy I found at least one way to wear that old Max Mara sweater. I just knew I was doing the right thing by hanging onto that. Like Orsola de Castro, I am a clothes keeper. And I always have been.

But I need to focus on being a better fashion revolutionary in other ways. Not just resting on my laurels, doing what comes easy to me.

Thanks to grade eight Home Economics, I do know the basics of sewing. I hate sewing, but I can manage simple seams. I can hem pants and sew on a button. But the “visible mending” thing is new to me. My friend Frances over at Materfamilas Writes has done this with really great results. I just need something to mend.

Maybe something of Hubby’s to practice on? He’ll never notice.

By the way, I’ve written about Orsola de Castro and the “Fashion Revolution” before on the blog. You can read that post here, if you’re interested. And you can find Orsola’s book here.


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36 thoughts on “Playing with Fall Fashion: October Vlog”

  1. You are so natural & unselfconscious in your vlogs . It’s like having a friend visit ( A friend who is having flashes of inspiration before my eyes ) I’m a clothes keeper too , especially quality stuff . It means I often reject a new buy as I have a better version at home . You were right about the animal print cardigan – just a little too neat a fitting . I could visualize it unbuttoned at the neck , no turtle neck top , maybe a necklace & worn with a calf length , black floaty pleated skirt . But that would be a dressy look , festive even . Too dressy for my life these days . I think your idea of a cardigan/scarf is much better . Now the cream MaxMara I really like . It has a lovely shape & fits perfectly . It’s not over bulky as so many cable type woolies are . I could see it worn as an extra layer under loose coats or jackets , unfastened & the collar sticking out . It’s actually quite jacket-like . Nice with your new jeans too ?

    1. I keep wondering how big and boxy that Max Mara sweater must have been when I bought it back in 2002. I was ten pounds lighter back then. That black and brown sweater would look lovely with a soft black floaty skirt… if I owned such a thing. Still I may try it with just a cami and my black faux leather skirt. Perhaps the turtleneck underneath makes me think it’s tighter than it is?? I’ve never worn it with anything other than a cami. Sigh. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

  2. Love the Max Mara cardigan on you. Great Vlog. I never save because once I’m not wearing things I get rid of them and I definitely miss some things I was too hasty to get rid of! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Clothes keeper! Yes, as well as sharing with daughters and friends. We all thrift and celebrate finding the ‘treasures’ that augment our wardrobes. Now in retirement, not needing the ‘business meeting’ styles, I am working hard at shopping my closet and reworking the blazers to create a more relaxed but still tailored look.
    Thanks for this vlog and styling ideas. Being a clothes keeper and wardrobe ‘reworker’ – two good ideas in my opinion.

    1. I wish that some of my nieces wanted to wear the clothes I no longer need. I’d love to pass them on. But we are all different sizes and different styles.

  4. Hi Sue – just watched your Vlog. I think BOTH sweaters suit you; the first one just needs the right match. Could you try it with a black dress? I think sweater #2 would look fantastic with jeans and boots – give it a try.

    As for me, well, I tried to purge my closet as I keep everything forever (90s prom dresses, anyone?), and after I formed my ‘give away’ pile, I panicked and shoved everything back into the closet again. Clearly, the only sensible thing to do is to toss out my husband’s clothes so that all of my excess can fit into our closet…

    1. Thanks, Jo. I will no doubt wear the MM sweater with boots and jeans. I’ve often thought the same about the black and brown cardi. If only I had a black dress. Still I may try it with my black faux leather skirt. That’s pleather to you, eighties girl. Ha.

  5. MM has a lot of similar patterned jumpers in FW collection….but,what a quality was there before,all those pieces you have are gorgeous (and your hair too)
    I’m definitely a keeper (but around 2000 I was italian number 40,42-so,things from those years are given to my friend’s daughter) and I’m wearing things on repeat,I find such a joy doing this indeed. This fall I was wearing my (old)M.Dutti navy trousers a lot ,they are very thin wool and I was so happy to find that I could wear my ( very ) old thick wool navy trousers bought years ago. The brand is croatian,excellent quality,unfortunately they’ve closed some five (or more) years ago

  6. My goodness, you have such an awesome view of the river! And what a cracker of a vlog. Your purple jumper looks fabulous with your jeans. The colours of the two items are similar enough but not identical and my eye bounced from one to the other in a very pleasing way. I really liked the animal print cardigan. The colours and pattern are so beautiful and I hope you can make it work somehow. I thought it looked good worn without doing up the buttons, not too small, but only you know how it feels on. The cream Max cardigan is so classic and lovely and I’m sure you’ll get some wear from it this winter.

    I keep lots of things for years and years, especially woollen and cashmere knits and blazers though I also get rid of things that no longer fit or I no longer like. I’m almost always happy with decisions I make about what to divest but there have been some exceptions, like a lovely camel and black knitted jacket that I’d wear today (it was oversize so I imagine it would still fit) if I still had it. I think somehow it is the exception that proves the rule that you shouldn’t hang on to absolutely everything 😉

    1. Thanks, Maria. I don’t believe in keeping stuff that no longer fits. Even if it’s tough to part with. No good having a tweed jacket that I can’t button. Ha.

      1. Interesting that you say that because we had two women on UK tv years ago, Trinny and Susannah, one very thin and the other had a bust. They’d both studied the best ways to enhance (and disguise) their shape and Susannah (bust) was in favour of wearing jackets/cardigans which didn’t necessarily fasten because the gap was more flattering than wearing them done up. I think that’s true of your dark cardigan as well.

  7. Enjoyed your vlog and how you paired up the two cardis. Look forward to seeing if the Tahari works as a scarf. Think the black turtleneck would also work well with the MM cream cardi and black pants. Would really highlight the beautiful knit pattern of the cardi.
    If there is one thing that you consistently prove in your fashion posts, it would be that quality, classic clothing has a very long life span. Great job.

  8. Yes, another fabulous visit from Sue. I really like the thought process as you are working through the outfits. When I saw the cream one, I thought to myself, that would look fantastic with the cream cargo pants and tuck the green polo top under the half zipped sweater.
    I am a keeper of some items, but have sadly gotten rid of a few things that I wish I still had. After all the ‘advice’ to get rid of clothes, it is so good to see another keeper. I really like the leopard and lace sweater, but then again that is my style, and maybe not yours now. On a chilly windy day, that tied around the neck with the body keeping your back warm under a coat sounds like a solution I may try here.
    I am off to find a pair of grey tall boots, no heel to replace a pair from the 90 s that I just kept polishing and keeping tidy but alas, I put a gash in the heel area and they are done. Seems that grey is a difficult colour to find in that style this year if you don’t want a masculine look. I need them to wear with a skirt and skinny jeans as well. Wish me luck. Thanks for a great vlog again.

    1. Thanks, Diane. Good luck with the boots. I finally found a pair of tall black boots at Brown’s. It was difficult… so many clumpy and chunky styles out there. And the clumpy white knee high boots with the black soles… oh my. Not for me.

  9. Loved watching your Vlog. You’re so authentic, it’s a pleasure to watch. You also give me much to ponder and consider on this whole Fast Fashion discussion.

    Your view out your windows is amazing!!

    Thanks for blogging/vlogging,

  10. I enjoyed your vlog and appreciate your perspective on reimagining your sweaters. I have to admit that I would have been tempted to purchase the new green sweater as a reward to my self for all of the past months’ difficulties. I admire your self control and enjoyed our visit!
    Mary Lou

    1. I must confess that the green cardi is not totally out of the question yet. If Nordstrom puts it in their Black Friday sale I may get it. May. 🙂

  11. Sue. For my opinion….the leopard with lace looked fabulous just open….the whole outfit wonderful. The zip sweater, quite honestly, looked better allowed to be it’s natural length…rolled up shows your tummy more from the side.

    Well just my feeling of chic-ness.. which in your own way is terrific!

  12. I really have been working at pairing down my clothes since I have retired. You are very good at assessing how it looks and if you will wear. I have never purchased expensive items other than Talbots. I always thought I didn’t purchase trends but some jackets really look dated by their lapels. It’s a struggle.

    1. It is a struggle. But with so many pieces out there looking like vintage, I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as the jacket is styled in a way that is current.

  13. Hmmm….try wearing the Tahari (black/brown) cardigan as a top….buttoned up and in place of a T-shirt. Wear with black pants/jeans and a black heavier cardigan over the Tahari sort of the same look as your MaxMara cable cardigan but a more plain Black cardigan.
    I have always been a clothes keeper so I get that part. The other part where she advocates being mindful of where the clothes come from only goes so far. I will push for a fair work environment and wage for the clothing industry but still buy some transient clothing because the workers still need a job. It is one of those situations that will take time to change….the workers need to eat and support their families while we push for change on their behalf

    1. I could, do that but I don’t own a plain black cardi. I may try to wear it under a jacket. We’ll see. My problem is that aside from my buying power, I don’t really know how to push for more ethical practices. I need to have another look at the Fashion Revolution website. I donated a few months ago to a program which works for “transparency”… I’ve dropped the ball on that.

  14. Hi Sue, Like Lauren I want to suggest you button up the cardi and wear it as a top under a heavier topper BUT because the buttons may pull open a bit because of the snug fit turn it around and wear it backwards. I did this recently with an animal print cardi of mine that I actually bought a bit too small as it was a thrifted item but could not resist the print and colour, and now I can still enjoy the pattern and colour but looks like a pull-over or sweater (not sure what Canadians call them). I know yours has those lacey insert- thingys but it may still work well.

  15. I love your vlog – it is just like having a visit with a good friend! The view out your living room windows is amazing.
    I appreciated your decision-making process with your two cardigans. I can see you wearing both in different ways through the winter. The cream one will be more versatile, I think.

    1. Thanks, Sue. Glad you enjoyed the vlog. I have fun making them. I don’t want to give up writing my blog, but the videos make for a nice change of pace.

  16. Loved this exercise on pulling out saved clothing and refashioning. My passion is coats. Looking for a good place to donate some good wool coats I no longer need.

    1. I used to take my clothes to a big Salvation Army store in Ottawa, now I travel twenty minutes to the town of Kemptville where they were thrilled to have my donations. Much smaller place and less wealthy community. Worth the extra drive. Plus I had a coffee and strolled around the town. Win, win.

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