After years and years of searching for the perfect pair of jeans, a Sisyphean task if there ever was one, I have given up. And my goodness it feels good. I am embracing the concept of the “jeans wardrobe” first introduced to me by my friend Liz. I no longer expect one style of jeans to be “my style.” I may be searching for jeans… but no more searching for THE pair of jeans.

This conversion has been a long time coming. Jeans have been part of my life since I was fourteen years old when my sister Connie gifted me her faded bell-bottoms with the flowered insert in the leg that she sewed herself. When they wore out, I began searching for the perfect jeans. But being tall and skinny with long legs, a big waist, narrow hips, and no butt, the search was difficult. Still, I persisted. For years. And years.

Writing this, the denim memories come rushing back, plentiful and sometimes painful. A veritable plethora of styles and brands, often too big in the rear, and frequently too short. Bell-bottom, straight-leg, tapered, boot-cut, GWG, Levi’s, Howick, Lee, Jordache, Gap, Guess… and on it goes. After I turned twenty, for a couple of decades, jeans seemed to love me as much as I loved them. Then they didn’t anymore. In more recent years I have had some luck with J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, and Paige. And eventually, with Liz’s help, I hit upon Frame jeans which seem to suit me. I have several pairs of Frame jeans in my closet at the moment.

Gad…I need a hair cut!

Jeans have been an integral part of my wardrobe since the seventies. When I pull on a pair of jeans I want to feel as if I have come home, sartorially speaking. I want that sense of recognition that you get from a well-loved piece. The “Ahh… these are my jeans; these were made for me” feeling. In recent years it’s been harder and harder to manifest that feeling. For one thing, there are so many styles and shapes of jeans out there it’s a regular jeans jungle. And, for another, my body has changed. I can’t rock a pair of jeans like the old days. I mean, I’m not twenty, or even forty, anymore.

I’ve been narrating my denim struggles on my blog for years now. First back in 2015 when, after a Sisyphean search, I finally found my Citizens of Humanity Rocket jeans at Aritzia. I’m still wearing those, by the way. Then in 2017 I wrote about my unsuccessful attempt to move away from skinny jeans, which ironically ended up with my buying two new pairs of skinny jeans. And in 2019 I documented another attempt to expand my denim horizons, and try wider-leg, looser styles. Again, not so successfully.

Then in late 2019 I bought a pair of Frame high-rise, bootcut jeans at Nordstrom. They are as close as I have come in years to that “these are my jeans” feeling. Gosh, I love those jeans. Wearing them with my Paul Green ankle boots or with flat summer sandals takes me right back to my denim glory days. But bootcut jeans don’t look good with everything. So in 2020 I bought a pair of high-rise, straight-leg Frame jeans. I love those jeans too. I now had two pairs of jeans that I loved and which felt great. Plus a couple of pairs of skinny jeans that I still wore. It seemed as if I was on my way to building a jeans wardrobe.

But here’s the fly in the ointment. Except for my bootcut jeans, every pair of jeans I own are cropped. And I’m kind of sick to death of cropped pants. I have ankle skinny jeans, ankle straight-leg jeans, and several pairs of ankle length trousers. They are great in the spring and summer. They look fabulous with sandals or a pair of loafers. I’ve even worn them with socks and loafers. But I have been longing for a pair of looser fit, not skinny, full-length jeans for fall and winter.

So I decided that I should buy a pair of loose, not skinny, full-length jeans to round out my jeans wardrobe. Ha. Ha. Would it were so easy to fill that particular niche in my wardrobe. Or any jeans niche. Anymore. Can’t you just hear old Sisyphus laughing at me?

I’m serious. Shopping for jeans has become the new shopping for bras. A million possible styles, sizes, colours, and no way in hell can you find a particular style in your particular size, or if it is in “your size” the cut does not suit your body, or they don’t have it in a colour or wash you would consider wearing.

I knew the look I wanted. I’d been coveting for months the relaxed jeans worn by the vloggers I follow on YouTube. I created a Pinterest board for my “Jeans Wardrobe.” Current and future… I hoped. You can find that here. I did tons of on-line window shopping so I’d know what might be out there. And once in the stores I was willing to go beyond my “mandate” just in case something tickled my fancy. I wasn’t looking for THE perfect jean. Just something more relaxed, looser, and a bit more updated than what I owned already. And not cropped.

I had a look in Nordstrom first. Nope. Nothing even close to what I wanted. Skinny, cropped, and more skinny. I moved on. I tried ordering a couple of pairs of wide-leg, full-length jeans online from Ariztia. They looked dreadful. I was swimming in them, even though they were “my size.”

I returned my on-line order and tried on about a dozen pairs in the store. Sigh. No luck. I moved on again. In another store, I simply asked a young saleswoman to choose a bunch of pairs for me after I described what I wanted. She was very patient, but I know she was relieved to see the back of me. I tried tapered jeans, straight-leg, wide-leg-straight, wedgie, mom jeans, not to mention all kinds of styles with names that told me little about how they would fit. I hate that. Remember the old days shopping for jeans at Gap? When they showed a picture of the “fit” above the rack of jeans? That was helpful. This is where online shopping has the advantage over in-person shopping.

And don’t get me started on leg length. In my second trawl through the shops, I saw a couple of styles I could have been happy with, but the longest leg they sold was 27″. “Really?” I gasped at the salesperson. “Those are almost pedal-pushers on me.”

This look from is perfect.

Anyway. Let’s cut to the chase. I finally ended up at the Levi’s store. I haven’t worn Levi’s for decades.

After trying several pairs of Levi’s women’s jeans, all too short, I asked the salesperson about the men’s jeans. Because I’d remembered that twice over the years when shopping for hiking pants for travel, I ended up buying men’s pants. Longer in the leg, narrower in the hip… you get the drift here. In most stores where I shop for jeans, it wouldn’t have dawned on me to try men’s styles. But at Levi’s, there they were, side by side.

So I tried several pairs of men’s jeans. And ended up coming home with a pair of Levi’s 511. Kind of the men’s equivalent to the 501. Slim but not skinny, relaxed in the bum and the leg, but not baggy. They fit perfectly in the waist. And they are long enough in the leg.

I’m happy with them. They cost less than half the price of the Redone jeans pictured above. They are slouchy without being too huge. Without their falling off my hips. One thing that I did not notice in the store, the front pockets of men’s jeans are huge. I may decide to chop off the inside of the pockets and make them smaller. And while the fit is not as perfect as it might have been if they had been women’s jeans, I like them. Besides, if I want perfectly fitting jeans I still have my Frame jeans, bootcut and straight-leg.

This new addition to my jeans wardrobe is intended to be for casual, slightly sloppy, turtleneck, boots, and leather jacket kind of days. I even dug out my old Roots leather jacket from the storage closet. It’s a heavy, classic style, that hits me at the top of my thighs. I bought it back in the nineties and I really like it with with my Chelsea boots and my new slouchy jeans for that kind of vintage, kind of edgy, Helen Mirren meets Johnny Depp look. Seriously, google “Johnny Depp leather jacket in the nineties,” and you’ll see my jacket. Not to mention old photos of him and Kate Moss looking a bit worse for wear.

So that’s the latest installment in my ongoing jeans saga, my friends. The end of the search for jeans perfection. No more fruitless forays to the shops looking for the perfect pair of jeans to love. Now I am all about the jeans wardrobe. I will love many pairs and styles. Henceforth I will be able to shop for jeans with equanimity, confident that my denim reputation does NOT rest on a single pair. One pair of jeans cannot fill all my needs. I intend to be commitment phobic when it comes to jeans. And what a relief it is to just admit it.

Of course that does not mean that shopping for jeans will always be fruitful or easy. Ha. That would be way too much to ask for. A Sisyphean task every now and again is good for us, don’t you think? Life shouldn’t be too easy.

Now it’s your turn, my fashionable friends. Do you have a jeans story to tell? Do you favour one style of jeans? Or do you have a number of pairs in different styles? A jeans wardrobe, in other words?

P.S. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission.

P.P.S. Other clothing featured in this post: Vince chunky sweater (similar), Cole Haan Chelsea boots, Everlane cashmere crew, Everland drape Trench, Stuart Weitzman loafers (similar), Fossil Jolie Hobo bag.


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62 thoughts on “Building My Jeans Wardrobe”

  1. Haha–I am 67 and built like you…and as I began to read your blog, i knew i had to write and tell you men’s levis! Then i saw you had found that. I cannot wear women’s jeans–only levi’s mens! Yes, 511..and 501, 510, 512 and yes, jeans “wardrobe” is the ONLY way to go!! Congrats on finding that out!

    1. I have no idea why I didn’t think of it earlier. I guess it’s because I normally shop in stores where there is no men’s department or where it’s on a completely different floor. But the side by side racks at Levi’s made me rethink things. I’m so glad I went there.

  2. oh, by the way, your hair looks GREAT in these photos! I love the gray (oh how i wish mine would go gray!) and it’s softer on your face when it is a little longer…

  3. I’m 65, 5’ 2.5” tall, and a bit apple shaped. I’m in search of the perfect jeans that don’t slide down from my waist and look like I’m wearing a soggy diaper! I’m forever hiking up my jeans only to have them slip down again as soon as I move. I’ve tried a variety of rises, wearing an elastic belt, etc. My wider waist, flat bottom, and narrow hips don’t seem to be made for today’s jeans. On top of all those issues, I need a petite length—but not too petite. Sigh!

    1. It’s is the eternal struggle, isn’t it? I saw a video made by a YouTube fashionista who purported to tell women how to dress for their shape. She had all kinds of videos for various “shapes”, but none for an apple shape. And when a commenter asked where was the one for women who had an apple shape, the “advisor” dressed it up in nicer words, but her reply was basically that she didn’t know what to advise. Apparently apple shape is too hard. Ha. I remember laughing… no kidding, Sherlock!

  4. At 72, I thought “Who am I kidding”. Time to replace my jeans with big girl pants. At 5’ 1” , with a tummy and a bum and no hips, the only jeans I have loved are a pair of Calvin Klein skinnies and Nicole Miller boyfriend jeans. The Calvin’s are too well worn to wear in public and the Nicole Miller’s are too short for cold weather. While shopping for new sweaters, the salesperson showed me some new jeans from Liverpool Los Angeles. Straight leg, dark wash, and pull on. They pull on so easily, yet look like a fly front as they have a button. The wash is very slimming and they look great with my boots and loafers. What a score! I’m loving jeans again and feel really good in them. I’ll hold off on the big girl pants for now.

    1. I have a pair of black Liverpool Glider jeans and find they are so comfortable. Mine are skinny and when I shop for a new pair of black jeans I plan to look at their straight-leg Glider jeans.

  5. As others, my favourite jeans are comfortable but getting to the point that they are now ‘housebound’ as in not appropriate for being seen in public. I like all your suggestions and the suggestions in comments. Now I have a focus as before I dreaded where to start and as I don’t like trying on clothes anymore, the task of finding new jeans seems doable.
    I opened the email and saw your picture and immediately loved your ‘new’ hair style – so soft and flattering.
    Books: just read Fight Night by Miriam Toews and I am enjoying another Iona Whishaw mystery, A Sorrowful Sanctuary. On deck, is State of Terror by the cross border authors of Penny and Clinton.

  6. I completely agree with you. There is no single Jean that works for everything. I recently cleaned my closet. The first thing I rehung was 9 pair of jeans that I love. I originally thought I would weed out a few pairs. But I love them all for different reasons

    1. I am always loath to get rid of jeans too. Unless they don’t fit anymore. Then they are out the door…I don’t need any more reminders about the burgeoning body. Ha.

  7. Such a great classic pair of jeans and you look beautiful!
    You know how I look-so,your struggle with lenght and widht was my struggle as well,for so many years
    I first started to buy jeans on men department when all the girl’s jeans were very low rise-with the little help of my seamstress (because men jeans were still very wide around the waist), I had great jeans
    When I want something oversized (I like oversized blazer look very much),I go and look for in men departement-men blazers are really great (or sweatshirts)

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t think about men’s jeans earlier. And the blazer idea is a good one as well. I’ve heard that shopping in vintage stores in the men’s section can be very fruitful.

  8. Your new jeans look great Sue. So glad you found them.
    I have been looking for some new straight relaxed leg, or boot cut, dark wash jeans. A few weeks ago, I was in a store and tried on 20 pr of jeans – talk about a work out ! Whew! No Luck – it usually fits the hips but never the waist as I am an extreme pear shape ( small waist and large hips) . If anyone has found jeans that fit their pear shape, I would love to know the brand. The brand I use to wear has gone out of business.
    I have been supporting small local businesses since the beginning of the pandemic , in hopes of helping them survive.

    1. It’s tough isn’t it? Have you tried Yoga jeans? They were available in Canada a couple of years ago. Also the pull-on Liverpool Glider jeans. My sister loves her NYDJ.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, Sue. I will definitely check out the brands you mentioned, as I love a good fitting pair of jeans.

    2. I am a similar shape to you.. comparatively much smaller in the waist than the hips and have found some styles of NYDJ really good.

  9. I enjoy a jeans wardrobe too and really like the ones you found. One question: why are turning the hem up on them and making them cropped again? They look great but I thought you wanted longer ones. Did I miss something?

  10. I’m glad you’ve found the ‘right’ pair of jeans . You’ve described the pain of jeans buying very well . Isn’t it funny , our love hate affair with denim jeans . Mine has lasted since I was about fourteen with dark skinnies & an oversize black fluffy jumper – my Juliette Greco phase . My mum blamed my ruptured appendix on lying in a hot bath to tighten my jeans . Who’d have thought they’d have stayed in fashion for so long & that I’d still be so attached to them ? No skinnies now . I have a few styles but the current favourites are looser in the leg & tapering a little into the ankle . With my shorter legs I usually roll them up for cropped & in winter I roll them down . I used to need to try on ten pairs to find a good fit but these days it’s far more . I always thought if I had long legs like you it would be effortless . And yes bras are stressful too , nearly as bad as glasses . I get very hot & bothered choosing new glasses .

    1. Some brands seem to be made for my long legs. Others not so much. But no one makes jeans for flat bottoms… more’s the pity. Had to look up Juliette Greco. I had never heard of her.

  11. Like you, I have a long, skinny legged, on the thick side, short waisted body, that has been difficult to fit in recent years when it comes to jeans. I grew up in men’s Wranglers. In recent years I have found my unicorn in Kut From The Kloth jeans. The Catherine boyfriend, worn rolled or unrolled is the latest pair to join my collection, and their Mia style is the best skinny jean. They wash and wear well, and are comfortable enough to swap out for pajamas. They do have some stretch, so I do size down in them. I am quite happy with this find.
    Also, I found some great fitting cargo twill pants from Tristan. They are lovely and long, slimmer through the thighs, and have “push up” features that actually seem to give me a bum….glory be!
    It has been a challenging search for casual pants/jeans, but I know where to look now.
    Now I need to find the black turtleneck to go with my straight cut Catherine jeans and black loafers. I’ll bet you know the Pinterest pin of which I speak!

    1. I loved my cargo pants from Aritzia bought last summer. I remember when I bought then someone commented that I should get them in all colours and I just laughed. Now I wish I’d ordered the black as well. 🙁
      P.S. I don’t know what Pinterest pin you mean… am I just being thick here?

  12. I have a ridiculously short inseam, 27″. I am also long waisted. Cropped, ankle length pants are my savior. I’ve lost a bunch of weight and the petites now fit better than before. I am sold on Talbots jeans. I particularly like the high rise version. Can’t stand the belly bubble with the slightly below waist jean versions. I order almost all my clothing online and the best part about Talbots is that the jeans fit and there is no brewhaha in having to return them. The only problem is that I need more places to wear them!

  13. Madewell is my go-to brand. I love the Cali-Demi boot, which are what I would call “crop” where you actually can see the ankle. I guess I am not sure what “ankle” pants are. I like the Roadtripper skinny ones for colder weather, and they fit more like jeggings with a lot of stretch. I just bought J Crew Boyfriend ones, which are a much looser look. I have to give those a whirl around the house to see what I think in case I want to return them. I think I have too many jeans, but I have my seasonal favorites. I sympathize with your search. I also have narrow hips (but the middle age paunch takes up some of that room) and no butt. One thing I will say for certain–I will forevermore buy high rise jeans. The low cut ship has sailed.

    I also like your grown out hair a lot. It is a softer look that I think is very flattering.

    1. I think an ankle pant is supposed to hit just above the ankle. Also think that some brands have different names for the same styles. I’m with you on the low-rise jeans. But apparently that style is coming back. I may have to stock up on high-rise.

  14. Oh yes! I bought my first pair of jeans when I was 5 years old. I hated dresses and skirts and refused to wear them since my brothers didn’t. So my older brother convinced my mother to give me some money and let me buy something. I came back with my first pair of jeans, my first pair of sneakers and some change. The rest is history, I still live in jeans and sneakers, ankle boots in winter. My jeans are all medium rise (high rise look and feel like a corset with legs on me) loose or straight, ankle length. The button fly is mandatory, distressing is a no no. My *wardrobe* consists of colours: blue and more blue, grey and white.
    I like the wash of your new 511. You look great!

    1. Wow.. you were a very young bad-ass. I hate a button fly. The cargo pants I bought last summer have a button fly and it is such a pain. I thought that’s why zippers were invented. 🙂

  15. Interesting; here I thought it would be easy to fit slim-hipoed women. I’ve always struggled with big bum and small waist jean issues until menopause helped me out.
    Both my son and son-in law are very athletic , with slim taut abs and powerful thighs and butts. They sometimes find women’s cuts fit them better-but they dislike the shorter pockets 😉

    1. I wish brands could do a 3D measurement of our bodies for jeans like they do when you get fitted for orthotics. Then they could produce bespoke jeans on the spot. That’s my fantasy, anyway.

  16. I’ve never thought cropped pants or jeans look good on anyone unless you’re young, thin and have the right proportions and are wearing high heels. Shopping for jeans is as difficult as shopping for bathing suits. I hate it! A fashion icon friend in her early 70’s told me jeans stopped working for her when she hit 60’s, and she has a fabulous figure. If she has trouble making them work, I fear there’s no hope for me. xoxo, Brenda

    1. I have several pairs of cropped pants that I have had let down so they just skim the top on my ankle. Any shorter and I feel as if I am wearing high-water pants. I still love my jeans at 65… but we’ll see how long that lasts. Ha.

  17. I just brought a lovely moss green pair of Levi’s 311 shaping skinny Capri on clearance at our local Levi’s store. They fit my scrawny butt, actually made my sister jealous. I don’t have much waist definition and more tummy than I want but at 70 it is what it is

  18. Sue, Miss those sessions in the fitting room jean shopping. I remember how we would celebrate when we landed on the right ones!
    There’s a sense of “wardrobe security” knowing that you have a great pair (or pairs) of fitting jeans in your closet! The rest is easy, no matter how great the rest of your outfit is, if the jeans aren’t perfect, you never achieve that put together look we all want…. Hence, our obsession for the perfect jeans!😊

  19. Hi
    As a teen I wore boy cords called ‘His’. Then I would take them in, down the centre of the back leg. Or my boyfriend then who is my hubby now would break in my Lee jeans in so I could have soft jeans. That was love. There is no way we could do that today! Lol
    I really dislike hunting for jeans…it’s painful. I’m looking for a looser leg that doesn’t look like I’m swimming in!!

  20. I have been struggling with the jeans thing lately, and actually went and tried on my husband’s 505 Levis after reading this, as he now wears a 30w32l. The L was perfect, the waist a tad tight, the legs way too baggy. The sizing on women’s jeans makes me crazy. The best I have found in recent years are the J Crew Perfect Straight Vintage Jean, so I just get them in different washes. I too am thick through the middle, small in the hips, and joke that my shape is rectangular. We were not allowed to wear pants to high school until the year it was so cold, the water tower that supplied the school actually froze over(I live in the southern US). They granted an exception, which to last until it thawed and more normal weather returned. This was 1970, and we were feeling a bit rebellious, so we ignored the reinstatement of the dress code. I owned exactly two pair, no idea what brand, but I am sure they were bought off clearance as money was tight.

    1. The early seventies was a big time for changing school dress codes, wasn’t it? In early 1970 we had to wear dresses, by 1972 everyone was in jeans.

  21. Have you ever tried jeans from LandsEnd? They are having some supply chain issues like everyone else so you will need to keep checking back for styles and sizes. I buy their TALL no matter which style (mid-rise, high-rise, skinny, straight, bootcut, various colours/rinses, etc.) They usually offer a 34 and 36 in leg length but currently this varies a bit due to supply chain issues….I can shorten if I need to buy the 36′.
    I too have tried MANY jeans but this is what I can wear

  22. I’m wearing my new perfect jeans purchased at a most unexpected place — Rural King, a farm and outdoor sports store that makes Target look like Saks. I was wandering the aisles being a good wife while my husband did some man shopping. I saw them on a sparsely stocked rack and thought ‘why not?’ Slim but not jeggings, wide pull on band, length just covers my ankles. Oh, and did I say they cost $20? It made my day!

  23. So much choice … yet so many of us, regardless of shape or size seem to find jeans shopping frustrating. Rather like swimwear shopping 😉
    I’m 5 foot 3 and that all important half! I definitely find that a selection of styles and wash … light, dark, indigo works best for me. Including grey and black. Nothing shorter than an ankle or 7/8. None that need to be worn with high heels, any more. I like to walk when I’m out. I still like skinnies but only with boots, ideally knee high. Straight are definitely my “go to” style. My wide Boden “crops” are just above my ankle and I love that they can be worn with various style shoes and boots and always feel a little more stylish.
    Like Connie I had a much loved faded pair ( men’s levis! ) in my teens that I embroidered down one leg with various words, flowers etc and probably the occasional heart.
    As always a great post Sue, encouraging such interesting “conversation “ I love reading everyone’s thoughts, opinions and experiences…
    Have a good week! So glad we had sunshine in Devon last week it’s so dark and drizzly here now.
    Rosie xxx

  24. Sue I have a similar body, tall, long legs, no butt and if I pick up weight it is on my tummy, so yes, if my jeans fit in the waist they always a bit loose in the butt. I inadvertently bought two pairs of male jeans at the thrift shop because they were in the female section. They sit very similar to your new pair. One is a burgundy cord, when I got home I noticed the label said Zara Young Man, excellent quality made in Morocco, and the other a Swedish brand the denim is such a fabulous quality and I again when I got home I notice the style was call Jeff. Anyway they suit my Feminine Tomboy Style perfectly. I love them with booties. I was happy to see this season that my style is actually becoming trendy ha. One thing I have noticed is the rear pockets on male jeans are usually bigger and lower.

    1. What a score, Lise! My friend Fiona who used to own a consignment store said that jeans were the hardest thing to find in her store. Because everything was a one-off, there was no sizing up or down. I noticed that about the rear pockets on men’s jeans as well.

  25. I have had really good luck with Old Navy the past few years, which I’m sure aren’t high enough quality for you. I’m 5’1” and round, let’s put it that way, and on a lark I tried their Rock Star Skinny jeans in 18short. Perfect. Pry them from my cold dead fingers kind of perfect. Beyond that, I’ve been very surprised by Lands End wide leg jeans. When I was a skinny single girl I lived in my 501s. I’m glad you found what you like!

    1. I have not tried Old Navy jeans. I admit I rarely go into Old Navy. I keep thinking of it as a kid’s store. I must do a walk through next time I’m at the mall.

  26. So, jean hunting is in the air. I just ordered 7 pairs of black jeans and hoping one will work. I’ve read where women have good look with men’s jeans. I can’t seem to find the waist size I need. The pictures you have on your Pinterest are similar to mine only I can’t seem to find any that fit that way. I’m 5’4, no hips, little definition between my waist and hips and slim legs. If jeans fit in one place they don’t in another. I did buy a pair of B Brand jeans and I like them. They are the traditional stiff jeans but should soften. Also I should have sized up for room in the waist. Also no button fly for me -just too lazy. And I’m done with skinny jeans. They make me look off balance like an apple with two arms and legs.

  27. This past spring, I was dying for a pair of off white jeans. As a rather newly size twelve, I am very disappointed to find that my size never seems to be in stock in stores! Weird, isn’t that just a normal size!?
    I wanted to try several brands from Nordstrom as well as JCrew and Madewell. I whipped out my credit card and ordered them all…in two sizes each!
    I waited until they all arrived, and then did my best to mix them up, and try them one at a time without looking at labels. I ended up with the AG ex boyfriend in a 32. Wouldn’t you know, the most expensive of the lot!
    I spent an afternoon running everything to the storefronts to return the rest. Quite a project.
    I recently was feeling equally in need of black jeans. I have a
    particular favorite thrift store that I browse in occasionally. On a whim I grabbed several pairs of black jeans, and had two of them fit to perfection. One is a full length straight leg, the other a slightly cropped trouser jean.
    I feel it was payback for the white jeans saga. I think I paid about $20 to a worthy charity for both pairs of them!

  28. The short jean look seems to have taken over. I am fine with an ankle jean in the warm weather, but I want my jeans to cover my ankles when it is colder.
    I agree that one needs a jean wardrobe. Sometimes you want a boot cut (one of my favorite looks), sometimes a flare. Skinny jeans are great for tucking into a boot and straight jeans pair well with loafers.
    I purchased a couple of pair of Levi’s boot cut this summer and I like the look. However, there is a bit too much stretch in them and I sometimes find myself tugging at the waist to pull them up. I sized down one size and will see how that works for me. (I might not want to sit in them, but walking might work out better.) I don’t remember Levi’s from my youth having the stretch feature.
    I have some inexpensive jeans from TJ Max (Nicolle Miller, I believe) that fit well. They are a bit on the thin side, but they are comfortable and look pretty good.
    People rave about Agolde. I haven’t tried them. Some people love Everlane’s jeans, another one I haven’t tried yet.
    I really like the look of your Frame jeans. The men’s Levi’s look great on you. I may need to give them a try.

    1. The dreaded jeans that won’t stay up. I am afflicted with that as well especially if that are not high enough in the rise. I like my Levis , but my Frame jeans are still my favourites.

  29. Have you tried Everlane’s Way High, either the regular or ‘baggy’ (not huge) fit? Or their Cheeky jean? Free returns, too. I buy those or Talbot’s; Talbot’s are cut for grown women and hold up really well. Because I have to order Talbot’s from US, I wait for a free shipping promotion and/or a good sale.

    PS Try your ankle jeans with short boots (indoors or outdoors versions)— they are great for our northern winters b/c they don’t drag in snow or slush.

    1. I do wear some of my ankle jeans with short boots… but I need the right length to do that. Often, because my legs are long, they don’t meet the boot and I don’t like the look. I haven’t tried Everlane for jeans yet. I may consider that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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