May Vlog: Styling A “Maybe” Jacket

I am a week late with my May vlog, my friends. I filmed last week and the videos turned out so bad, even Hubby recognized that they were NOT worthy of using to create a vlog. Oh my. Too many chins by half. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Ha.

I'm having fun today in my blue Equipment shirt, styling a "maybe" jacket.
Can you see Hubby’s big catch from years gone by, on the wall in the hallway?

But this week I had much better luck. My camera was back in action, and chins were not quite so much in evidence. Phew.

In this vlog I am styling a “maybe” jacket. Or I should say, trying to style. My old white Lida Baday blazer has been hanging in my storage closet for years. And since I have been using Allsion Bornstein’s method to edit my closet, this old jacket has been in my “maybe” category. Mostly because I can’t decide how to wear it. When I did my spring closet switchover, I was determined that I wanted try to style this jacket.

My styling efforts were not as successful as I’d hoped. But the exercise was not entirely wasted. I did learn a few things. Including why I don’t like ladylike style anymore. Big epiphany there, for me.

But you have to watch the video to find out what that is.

At a little over sixteen minutes, this video has more outfits and less waffling on than some of my other vlogs.

I hope you enjoyed that.

But, while styling my “maybe” jacket was fun, it wasn’t profitable in the way I’d hoped. Of course, I did reinforce why I like a few older outfits, and found at least one new one. But, sadly, my Lida Baday jacket is still languishing in my “maybe” pile. I may have to give it up.


But not quite yet. I’ve another couple of ideas up my sleeve. I’ll let you know how I get on with them.

P.S. Here’s the link to the original video describing Allison Bornstein’s Closet Editing System.

So, my fashion friends, have you found new ways to wear old, well-loved, but problematic pieces lately? Do tell.


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83 thoughts on “May Vlog: Styling A “Maybe” Jacket”

  1. Always loved this hairstyle in you. The white is great…I gone that way as well…but the fuller, looser hair seemed a bit off to me. This is more edgy and fitting with your newly evolving style. 😉

    1. I know… you are right. When I let my white hair grow in I just wanted something completely different. But I think the pixie cut is much better for me.

  2. Love the haircut. Just so fresh, it makes me want to cut my hair again.
    This was a fun vlog and the time just flew by watching and listening to you. Each time you changed into another of your blazers I heard myself saying ” oh yes that is better” and not being able to explain why. It could be the length difference or the buckles on the sleeves or the wider lapels or a combination of all of the above. You look so comfortable in your new pants and I bet you will get quite a bit of wear out of them with all sorts of tops. Thanks again for the wonderful chat and explanation of why some looks just work.

  3. I love your ‘maybe’ jacket and new hair! Adorable! I would wear that jacket with blue jeans and a higher neck top – maybe even a leopard print that matched the color of the buttons. Good luck! ❤️😃

    1. Great minds and all that. 🙂 I was thinking of trying the jacket with a higher neck top and my high-waisted boot cut jeans. We’ll see how that looks.

  4. Thanks for the fun try-ons. In my opinion, the Lida Baday jacket needs a new home – it just doesn’t look like you any more. The other jackets are so much better (IMHO).

    Thanks again.

  5. The maybe jacket has a bit going on – cuff detail, buttons and belting. Not bad but not as minimalist as the other jackets you tried. Do you have a skirt that you could try it with? As the jacket is shorter it may work. Thanks for the vlog, a lesson in styling!

  6. What a terrific Vlog. I really enjoyed your editing process and comments. And your sparkling personality is a delight!

    Here is my take on why you may not be loving this Lida Baday jacket any more:

    Double breasted jackets are never at their best when worn unbuttoned. One reason is because it leaves a lot of excess fabric with ‘nowhere to go’, which makes them look slightly unkempt.

    The jacket is also on the short side, with an ultra-wide neckline. Plus, the cuffs end right at the jacket’s hem length, which adds visual width. And those cuff belts and buckles further emphasize that width.

    So you have a a total of at least five horizontals: the double rows of big dark buttons, the large neckline, the short length, the cuff length, and the cuff embellishments.

    In short, the proportions are off for you. The end result is a an unflattering boxy look that also makes you look heavier.

    I noticed that your alternative white and beige jackets, which you much preferred, were both single breasted and longer. They give you a more vertical, lean line that looks relaxed and easy when unbuttoned, unlike the Lida jacket.

    I have admired Lida Baday clothing for decades, and own a modest but carefully chosen collection which I wear frequently. I was very sorry when she went out of business. I truly appreciated her beautifully designed garments, and superb quality. So I know how hard it may be for you to relinquish that white jacket!.

    Best regards,

    1. Yep. I had noticed all the widening bits, the scooped necklines of both jacket and tee shirt etc. Plus the vertical lines on the Theory jacket are much more flattering with the scoop neck tee. I was amazed at how wide!! I looked in the video. Trust me, in a full-length shot that is NOT as evident. Ha. I love Lida Baday clothing too. I will probably out the jacket back in the closet. I can’t bear to think of it ending up in a bale of donated, unsold clothing bound for the rag market.

  7. I love that Lida Baday jacket–the cropped sleeves, the tortoise-shell details, that it’s double-breasted. But I see what you mean about having another white jacket that you feel better in. If you sell it, someone else can enjoy all those great details that are probably why you bought it to begin with, and you still have a great white jacket.
    Around here, people are dressing up. Even the teenagers are wearing pantsuits. It’s unusual because we are a tourist spot and even the locals tend to dress as if they’re on vacation. I think that everybody feels like going out is special now.

    1. The tortoise-shell buttons are so lovely on that jacket, I agree. My problem is that I don’t think a consignment shop will take it. I wish I knew someone who would like it, I’d give it to them in an instant!

    2. Hello Taste of France.
      It is a great news to me that people at last remember how to dress properly… yes I know pandemic and all.
      But i always found your pictures of people around you so elegant that is was a pity to see and hear about some wearing leggings our, trackpants and other …things.
      Getting a bit dress up and wearing fancy colourful mask did help me during these months albeit I was not everyday dressed up.

  8. The Lida Biday jacket looks as though it would be best buttoned up with no top underneath. I agree with Jay’s comments. You look great with the longer white jacket, but you know that – you feel it. Love your hair. Love your blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. Yes, I do know that the Biday jacket is not for me anymore. I just wanted to show the process by which I arrived at the conclusion.

  9. Firstly I really like your hair – so flattering & , not that it’s important , but more youthful I think . Now that jacket . I have to agree , it’s the Theory one for me every time . Just sleeker somehow . There’s quite a lot going on with the buttony one which isn’t usually your look – nor mine . It’s annoying when an item is really good quality & used to make you feel fabulous then doesn’t . It can sit on the hanger reproaching you looking sorry for itself . I’d tell you to send on it’s way but I’m not particularly good at that either . Perhaps there’s a case for not spending a lot on items then you can send them to a new home more easily when the time comes . But then I like good fabrics . Well that my sixpenneth . I’m no help but I do sympathise .

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I agree. I think that I just wanted a style that was completely different when I let my white grow out. I’m glad I tried the other. But I always seem to go back to really short. I hear you about the jacket. It’s harder to part with good things… but I’m not sure that I can guarantee that the jacket will have a new home if I donate it. My reading on the sheer volume of secondhand industry is depressing and overwhelming.

  10. Gorgeous,beautiful hair!
    New trousers are very nice (love the colour ) ,with a white linen blazer -lovely
    I’m still in love with your old MM linen jacket

  11. I loved Lida Baday and it’s hard to let a high-quality garment go—but agree with Maryann. Those gorgeous buttons and buckles create visual clutter and widen your torso, and the length of the jacket accentuates that. Sometimes wearing a jacket with a skirt (pencil) changes everything. But, how many white or beige summer blazers does one need in our part of the world?

    1. Yes, I originally wore the jacket with a pencil skirt and sling back pumps. Can’t imagine where I’d wear an outfit like that now. That jacket will go back into my storage closet until I decide what to do with it.

  12. The vlog was great. In my opinion, the “Maybe” jacket should be retired. It’s too fussy. The buttons are nice in themselves but they don’t work with the buckles and make the jacket look cluttered. The Theory and Max Mara jackets are both lovely. They fit you well and are more streamlined and elegant. Your hair looks great. Thanks for the idea of imagining outfits as a way to fall asleep – I can see that working well for me.

  13. Love your hair! Of course, I have the same haircut, so hey, great minds and all that.
    The video was a good teaching moment and there have been some really good comments from others about why the Lida Baday jacket is just not quite making the cut with your current style, especially with that white Theory jacket in your closet clearly (and justifiably) holding most favoured status. You have to ask yourself if you will ever feel 100% comfortable in the LD one–or will you feel the need to keep tugging at the hem or the cuffs or the collar, as you did in the video. Perhaps a sign that it just didn’t feel right anymore?

    1. I agree the jacket is not my style anymore. It’s too dressy and not “easy” enough for my current lifestyle. I wish I knew someone whom it would fit and who would love it, though.

  14. This was fun. However, I must agree with Kristi (above) the jacket seems to need a new home. Your other two jackets are so much better and simply great. Now, that said, if you love it you should keep it right? That’s what the experts tell us.

  15. Love your Lida Baday jacket, but yeah it doesn’t really ‘go’ with anything. But it’s still a really good maybe…maybe a pencil, scoop neck dress in black or navy?? Love your scoop neck t-shirt, may need to find one for me. Going for a driveway visit with the granddaughters today, think I’ll dress up a bit, thanks for the inspiration.

      1. I thought the suggestion of a long dark dress was a good one . I’ve a couple of very long T-shirt type summer dresses , very plain & casual , one charcoal grey & one denim colour . That might work . Didn’t you get a long cashmere dress ? That could give you an idea of whether it might work with a summer weight dress – but then you’d have to buy one 😄

  16. I love your Lisa Baday jacket. As a petite with very little waist, I prefer a jacket with a defined waistline and shorter length. I would try the jacket with a Breton top and navy pants and loafers. The jacket seemed somewhat nautical to me.

    Love your haircut. I also had a deck cut this week. What a lift!

  17. Love your haircut! Really great look for you.

    I think it’s time to send the Lida Baday to its next home, for all the reasons so eloquently laid out by others here. I could see it buttoned up, with a pencil skirt and heels (talk about ladylike!) but that’s not what you wear anymore.

    It is tough getting rid of our old loves. But sometimes we just need to channel Marie Kondo and thank them for their service and move on.

    1. I used to wear the jacket like that to meetings or presentations… and the pencil skirt is still in my “maybe” pile. I keep thinking of wearing it with flat sandals and a loose casual sweater.

  18. Sandra Thompson

    I like your evolving style and the more lady like styles can make you look old “ladyish”. I hadn’t thought of that but it is so true and that’s why some outfits just don’t do it for me. I had never thought of wearing a white t-shirt with a white jacket and I love the Aritzia pants. Great hair style too. I had tried to grow my hair out from a pixie but it looks plain and ordinary so I am going back to short and a little messy.

  19. I agreed with your comments as you tried on the outfits. I think the maybe is a no. The other two jackets are just so perfect. I think the wide open look of the maybe jacket accentuates wideness and the shortness of the jacket does the same. The other two make you look long and lean.

    1. I agree. There is no cp0mparison to the other two jackets. I am so glad I held onto that Max Mara blazer. I knew it would come back in style one day.

  20. Mary Lou Hartman

    Love your new hairstyle. My hair is so thin that all you see is my scalp if I wear it short! I learn so much when you evaluate your outfits. I also get so much helpful information from the comments. Thanks for all of your effort.

  21. From watching the video, your maybe jacket is a no. I gently observe that it doesn’t fit you in the way you remember. You kept trying to button it. I’m short waisted, too, and have come to the sad conclusion that short jackets are not my friend.
    Let it go, with fond memories of your sling back heels!

    1. You don’t have to be gentle, Chris. Although I said the jacket still fit initially, I did modify that later in the video. Ha. I still have my sling back pumps. They are kitten heel and too good to get rid of even though I don’t wear them at the moment. My feet are too hard to fit to donate many of my good shoes. 🙂

  22. I’m with Kristi…the Lida Baya jacket is way too not you and definitely shows it’s age (or datedness if you will). Someone who loves to be vintage might be soooo happy….

    Love you in white pixie hair. Really gorgeous! Enjoy the 60’s…all of them. I recall mine were wonderful. Let’s just get out of the ‘covid’ time. Fortunately things are opening up down her in the southwest.

    1. One of the things with that Lida Baday jacket is that it’s a novelty jacket. They don’t often stand the test of time like classic styles.

  23. Years ago when I was working I started wearing my maybe items to work. I remember a friend and coworker giving me a definite NO.

  24. Love. The. Hair. Your shorter cut is the best and really suits you.
    Great blog post and really fun seeing you style your outfits. I think you are quite right that the white jacket does not look as good with a wide neck t-shirt. It sure is a great jacket though but I think some times our style “moves on” as it should with our life changes, as it should, but our clothes can’t make the transition.
    I love the Equipment blue shirt with the white jeans. A classic shirt is just great to have – you put it on and you look pulled together and crisp. I really love the look.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I agree about moving on style-wise. I am very careful about which pieces I give away since I could have easily given away so many of my good blazers when jacket styles went from long to short and back again. When long came back in, I didn’t have to go shopping. Not sure that will happen for this jacket, though. My body moves on too. Ha.

  25. I do have a problematic swing topper that I bought because I loved it, got it home and had a devil of a time figuring out how to wear it. The problem for me is that it’s collarless. I tried it with shirts but didn’t like the look. Mock neck and turtleneck tops brought new life into it and I am loving it again. Your problematic blazer is lovely but perhaps not as current as the others. Loving the ‘pixie’ cut Sue!

  26. I’m also becoming more sensitive to donating these days because I doubt most of the bagged clothing dropped off at the recycling store ever “gets a new home”.

    My two cents: IF you could find a friend or consignment shop to take your Lida Baday jacket, that would be a perfect solution. In the meantime, I’d try a couple of other ideas:
    (1) Playing up the “nautical” idea suggested by Marcia could be interesting. The LB jacket is a attention grabber so maybe you can refresh it by going completely against its “lady-like” associations? Maybe think of the jacket as a toss-and-go piece worn with an uber-casual Breton, white shorts, and straw bag outfit? The more unusual the juxtaposition, the more edge you’ll give that show stopper.
    (2) My second thought is to think of how the jacket could be re-fashioned—perhaps as a vest to wear over a vertical column like a slim dress or sleek top/bottom? A reasonably decent seamstress could remove the sleeves and perhaps even ease out the sides a bit. My point is thinking of how a trendy youngster might alter a $20 thrift-store jacket to remove the “lady-like vibe might give the piece a fresh role in your closet. And, if taking the scissors to a Lida Baday seems sacrilegious, remember that the Queen does it all the time to her garments!

  27. have you thought of wearing that lovely jacket with a longer black tunic length top with a higher neckline and those slim leg pants? that would add the longer lines that seem to be missing.. and also unladylike it a bit (can that be a verb?)

  28. That jacket does not look “lady like” to me at all. It has kind of a “utility jacket” vibe and needs faded blue jeans

  29. While such a garment might come back into style, it doesn’t seem to be your style any longer. It is too short and way too fussy for the classic look you have now. I love the long lean look that longer jackets give you. (Accessories will have a bearing on the overall look too. Your makeup looks great, by the way, and your new haircut too.

    The new pants are great. What fun to style them with things you already own! I will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  30. So much I planned to say but its all been said, EXCEPT maybe to change the buttons for smaller ones. You could also try to remove the banding on the sleeves. I’d also want to remove the collar. Or at least reduce it. However going overboard would be expensive with no guarantee of a good result, so on balance this one may be for the dump pile.

    Wish I had your closet!

    1. I don’t think I will mess with the jacket. Especially since I have another white jacket that I love. Thanks for the suggestions.

  31. You seem more comfortable in the more minimal jacket. Maybe a wide leg dressier pant for the maybe blazer? I noticed what you styled are older clothes, which lead me to thinking 🤔 Is it just me but…. I seem to like my older clothes better than newer ones? Is it just me but.. I find it harder and harder to replace clothes once they’ve worn out? I’ve put myself on a shopping ban because everything I’ve bought recently is too something. Maybe a blog post suggestion: Is it just me but….

  32. Could you share the brand name of the new trousers? I don’t have good speakers on my PC and couldn’t quite make it out.



  33. Well I am going against the trend here…
    This white jacket is beautiful and you still look good in it BUT what jumped to my eyes was the length of the sleeves and the black buckles on said sleeves.
    This length is not good anymore and reads quite old fashion to me and the buckles add too much visually to the jacket.
    For the length I do not think you can do anything but you could easily get rid of the buckles, if not sure, ask a tailor, that’s an easy fix.
    In my opinion, as the jacket is, as you put it, a bit “fussy”, it would be better to wear it with a tee shirt or a thin linen shirt without collar: no blouse at all.
    Again this jacket is great, quality seems to be great, it just needs a bit of “modernizing” hence the no more buckles, no blouses or button up.
    Did you try to wear it with bright colours if you wear any? Also, it needs something sharp at the bottom so no drawstring trousers, too loose. A straight trousers or jeans, either black or white or even a wide legs trousers but… sharp.
    And it would look good with sneakers as well.
    I really think you could give it another chance to stay in your closet, it looks too good to be forgotten. Also, what about a small coloured neck scarf, easy to wear and which can add something in the decollete area? Or a a necklace.
    Well those are only ideas and I am sure you will take the best decision anyway.
    Here in north of France Spring has sprung at long last: I am going to make the switch over of my closet this week.
    We had 5 long months of cold, rain and no sun, unusual here so I was glad to keep all my jumpers and heavy jackets. And my cats are so much happier!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Some of those I have tried, but didn’t film. I think I will not alter the jacket… I don’t want to change it… at least at this point. You are right about tee shirts. I’ve never worn it with anything else. 🙂

  34. I love your haircut, Sue! It really suits you and looks perfect for summer.

    Have you thought about trying to sell the Lida Baday jacket online? I sold two jackets last fall within hours of posting them on a couple of Facebook buy and sell sites. I usually just give clothing to our local thrift stores, but I felt that these were too good to do that with and it didn’t hurt that I got a few dollars for them.

  35. I had a LB suit that I loved and the term ‘novelty’ describes it well. Garments that fly under that flag date quickly. The jacket languished in my closet for years although it’s simple pencil skirt I literally wore out.
    The jacket is dated and if your style has changed ( which it clearly has) I would sell it on Poshmark or FB market place instead of having it take up space in my closet. The two other jackets you tried on really suit your style..cleaner, contemporary and classic. I think your shorter hair lends itself to this look too.
    Futsy, ladylike style can too easily head into a futsy old lady like look. I am petite and although we are told to wear shorter jackets, with the exception of my jean jacket, leather moto and a couple cropped cardigans I don’t listen…too ‘ladies who lunch’ for me.
    Love the way you just hitched up the sleeves on the Theory jacket, took it to a whole other level.

  36. I would keep the jacket, even if you’re not wearing it much these days. I would try the jacket with a longer skirt (Don’t you have a midi-pleated skirt?) or a dress. The jacket does seem too “dressy” for the outfits you have shown here.

  37. Love, love, love your hair! That jacket— not so much. But I always enjoy your thought process.

  38. Love the hair, suits you so well, definitely more edgy! The Lida Biday jacket? Not so much, looks a tad dated and doesn’t really suit your body shape. The Theory jacket looks great! I have an identical body shape so when looking at clothing tend to immediately hone in on the styles that I – sadly – know I can’t wear!🥲 Btw, love your blog, your style, your love of literature especially British authors – I’m British!! 😄

    1. Thanks, Vikki. I loved that Lida Baday jacket a lot less after I watched my video. I should film my “try-ons” more often. Gives me an objective view.

  39. I’m delighted that you replied! I’ve been reading blogs for a number of years but have never commented on one. I have always found yours especially enjoyable (to the extent that when it arrives I add it to a blog file and save it to read at the weekend!). Our similar taste in clothes, literature, travel makes for most enjoyable reading. I live in Cheltenham in the U.K. a town in Gloucestershire which hosts a Literature Festival each year, so should your travel plans ever include a trip to the Cotswolds……

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