Spring Trenches, Wearable and Otherwise

I’m happy to report, my friends, that I have had my first COVID shot. And I’m writing my post this morning with an ice pack on my left arm and joy in my heart. Okay… maybe not exactly joy. But gratitude at any rate. I did feel joy, however, when I tried on my new Everlane spring trench coat the other day. And that’s what I wanted to talk about in this post, spring trenches, wearable and otherwise.

I’ve been looking for a classic trench coat for years. In 2018 I did my research, and then searched all over Ottawa for a trench coat. I wrote about that search here. I am SO happy that I didn’t buy the classic tan trench coat I tried at Aritzia that spring. The slightly warm, almost yellowy tone of that Aritzia coat would have looked dreadful with my new hair.

Luckily I opted for my navy Moncler hooded raincoat instead. But, you know, much as I love my Moncler coat, it just does not fill that classic trench niche in my closet. Partly because, at just above the knee, it’s too short. And partly because I still longed for a classic trench. So based on extensive on-line research, and several consultations with my friend Jeannie who bought an Everlane trench last spring, I ordered the same coat she bought except in black.

Black Everlane drape trench, with striped ALC tee, black Liverpool jeans, Stuart Weitzman loafers, and Mackage cross-body bag.
Quite pleased with myself and my new Everlane coat.

Everlane calls this the drape trench. It’s made of cotton and Lyocell and feels soft to the touch. I’ve seen numerous light-weight trenches in stores, and I worried this one might be similar, too light and flowy, almost like a silky dressing gown. But it’s heavier than I thought it would be, more substantial, with just enough structure in the shoulders and lapels. And it’s not silky at all. I don’t do silky. Ha. I checked the stitching, à la Justine Leconte’s YouTube instructions, and it seems well-made to me. The coat is not lined though, which can make pulling it on over a sweater more difficult than if it had a slippy lining.

Now, if you are looking for a trench coat of, say, Burberry quality, this is not the one for you. I would love to own a classic Burberry trench coat. And I did consider holding out for a coat of really high quality. But I find I just cannot justify the Burberry price. Some of you may chuckle at that comment. I’ll admit I have a fairly high threshold when it comes to price tag pain, or sticker shock as they say, but even I can blench at some prices. I’d considered trying to find a vintage Burberry coat, or one of similar quality. But quite frankly I was sick of waiting, and looking. So I settled for something of good enough quality. With a price tag that did not make me fear for my teacher’s pension. And I find I am quite happy with my choice.

Black Everlane drape trench, with striped ALC tee, black Liverpool jeans, and Stuart Weitzman loafers.
With ALC striped tee, Liverpool jeans, and Stuart Weitzman loafers.

I was excited when my new coat was delivered, and downright joyful when I tried it on. Joyful that it fit, and was big enough to qualify as oversized as per the current trend. But not so oversized as to be ever after labelled a trend piece, if you follow my logic. I was joyful that it looked good, and went with so many things in my closet. And allowed me to create many of the outfits that had existed thus far only in my imagination. And on my Pinterest board.

Here are three images I pinned recently. I follow all three of these ladies on Instagram, and subscribe to Lydia’s and to Emma’s YouTube channels. They are all decades younger than me. But their style suits me. Minimalist, classic yet current, and polished without being fussy.

Trench coat inspiration from Anna Jane Wisniewski, Lydia Tomlinson, and Emma Hill.
Links to these style muses: Anna Jane, Lydia, Emma.

The other day, I tried to recreate some of my favourite Pinterest trench coat looks, or at least the idea of the look, with what was in my closet. My first attempt, the one I showed at the beginning of this post, is my favourite. My new black trench coat with my old A.L.C. striped, long-sleeve tee shirt, black Liverpool Glider jeans, black patent Stuart Weitzman loafers (similar), and my black Mackage cross-body bag.

The outfit below paired my new coat with the same A.L.C. tee shirt, white Frame straight-leg jeans, cream Michael Kors bag, and white Stan Smith sneakers. I like this one too, but it’s a bit too summery for right now, I think.

Black Everlane drape trench. With Michael Kors bag, Frame jeans, Stan Smith sneakers.
This outfit feels too summery for right now.

I wore the outfit below to my vaccine appointment yesterday. This time I tried my new Everlane trench with an oversized hoodie from Aritzia, my white frame jeans, Stan Smith sneakers, and my Longchamp cross-body bag. I purchased this Longchamp bag specifically for travel. It’s super light with zippered inside pockets, and an adjustable cross-body strap. I carried it everywhere in Italy in 2018 and Croatia in 2019. And the other day, I decided that I need to get more wear out of this bag. Travel or not. And it will probably be not, if current trends continue.

Black Everlane trench coat with Aritzia hoodie, white Frame jeans, Longchamp bag, and Stan Smith sneakers. Rideau River in the background.
Aritzia sweatshirt, Frame jeans, Stan Smith Adidas, Longchamp bag.

You know, there are lots of good enough quality trench coats out there. Not Burberry, but still chic and stylish. Here are a few I found on-line today. That Cole Haan one at Nordstrom Rack is a steal.

I’m not the only one around here who’s been thinking of trenches this week. While I was out on the lawn and on the deck, prancing around in the wind in my new black trench coat, Hubby was occupied with spring trenches of a very different sort. He dug a new trench so the water from the sump pump can continue to flow unimpeded away from the house, and keep our basement dry. All part of life on the river, folks. And yesterday he dug the trenches in the vegetable garden to plant his potato crop. We are in year two of growing potatoes. New potatoes fresh from the garden always warm the heart of this New Brunswick girl.

My new black spring trench coat, worn with white jeans and a grey hoodie. On our deck on a breezy afternoon.
Bit breezy on the river.

And while I’m on about trenches, I want to commend everyone out there who is working in the COVID trenches this spring. Especially the health care workers who have been toiling in the trenches for months and months. What a tremendously long haul you have had. And here in Ontario numbers in hospitals are still rising despite a recent lock-down and a stay-at-home order. Yesterday we were told that the restrictions are being tightened further still, with consequences this time for those who refuse to stay at home. Let’s hope this works.

So yeah, we’re stuck at home for a while yet. And as I said, I’m grateful that I was able to get my shot yesterday afternoon at a local sports complex.

What a well-run operation that was. Guys in high-viz jackets directing traffic at the entrances to the parking lot, a loud speaker explaining who should go into the building and who should stay with their vehicles, based on their appointment time. It felt like I was at a big Bingo game, but instead of B54 or O27 the caller announced 5:00 pm or 5:10 pm etc. A couple of times a car drove up, and despite having been told by high-viz guy to stay in his car, the driver climbed out, and bustled over to the door. Thirty seconds later he returned and climbed back into his car to wait. The second time it happened the lady in the car next to me and I exchanged a knowing smile. Those people who think that rules are not for them drive me nutty.

Well, that’s my tale from the trenches here in Manotick, my friends. Where we are well-trenched in every sense this week. Ha.

My arm where I received my shot has stopped throbbing, thanks to the ice. But my head has taken up the slack. So, I’m off to apply an icepack to my head, lie back on the sofa, and feel grateful for all that I have. I am warm, safe, and well. And now partially vaccinated.

And (apologies for spoiling a solemn thought with superficiality) I have a lovely new trench coat around which to plan a myriad of outfits. Life is good, people.

So, how are things in your neck of the woods this week? I’m assuming that many of you are feeling a bit less confined, maybe even visiting the hairdresser? Any tales of trenches you want to tell the rest of us?

P.S. The clothing links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link I will earn a commission

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65 thoughts on “Spring Trenches, Wearable and Otherwise”

  1. Ah, the trench. I love it but it doesn’t really love me. I have, over the years, tried them in all sorts of guises and currently own a Muji mini-trench. It will have to do – that’s the best I can say. Too short, that’s my problem. But I will continue to love them. Two weeks today I get my second jab and cannot wait. Hair cut due on Thursday…really cannot wait. The other day I looked in the mirror and Beethoven looked back. Spring has sprung, visited a pub yesterday, a friend coming round for coffee in the garden. Fingers crossed. Saw a report on the bbc yesterday about your figures and hope that those vaccines keep rolling out.

  2. You look great in the Trench. There is a certain satisfaction of buying a long wanted item.

    In Australia we have been very fortunate regarding COVID but our government has made a complete shambles of the vaccine roll out. I have no idea when I will get the jab. So pleased you have had your first dose.

    1. Thanks, Maryann. Our vaccine roll-out has been good I think. Lots of complaints though. But considering we’ve had a hard time finding a reliable supply, I think things have gone pretty smoothly.

  3. I really like the cut & weight of your new trench . As you say , there are some like dressing gowns whilst others are so stiff they could stand up on their own . I love the original heavy trench by Mackintosh but when I tried one on it seemed to be wearing me . I’ve not tried a Burberry . The quality looks good but I have a thing about the check . It’s been done to death here & I don’t like it ( sorry to anyone who is a fan ) I always avoid any obvious logos or trademarks .
    I’m so glad you’ve got a good dollop of protection now . I had my second one yesterday , 10 weeks after the first which is what our scientists recommend for the best effect & after a sleepy day I’m back to normal . I never used to read much about Canada but now I’m drawn to news around you . Your Mr Trudeau stirred up quite a hornet’s nest the other day saying we were on the verge of a third wave . We didn’t realise . Politicians **! *! ** Hope he’s not right .

    1. I really don’t like the ones that feel like silk caftans, too flowy. Or the ones that feel like canvas… too stiff. Mine is just right. For me, anyway. We are definitely into a third wave here. Not sure who is contributing to the spread. But like my friend said the other day, we are pretty isolated by being retired and able to afford to stay at home. Many have had to work throughout this whole thing. And live in more crowded and thus vulnerable conditions.

  4. Congratulation for your vaccine!
    Lovely trench! Black (or navy) is a very versatile choice
    I need (do I?) a light summer trench,for possible rainy days,searching for years…it has to be a reasonable price,because…how many rainy days do we have in summer? But than,a rainy summer could happen from time to time. First,I wanted a yellow or red one and didn’t buy a pretty nice black flowy viscose Zara one,light and breathable,but with enough protection….now I regret it…. (and I don’t like Zara at all,but this one was perfect)The search is to be continued-I have to feel it and try it,so this time,no online purchases
    Good luck with Stu’s trenches as well

    1. I almost bought the trench in cream which would have been good with my hair, but so hard to keep clean. My coat is not a raincoat. But I have my Moncler one for rainy days, so I’m still happy.

  5. How timely your post is! I’ve had trenches on my mind as well. I always wear a black trench — my knee length one is London Fog, years old, and has a removable lining. My long one, every more years old, is Gallery, and also has a removable lining.
    But I have been looking for a khaki color for ages, and nothing seems right (I covet a Burberry but share your sensibility about price and value, and am not sure what size to look for in vintage or consignment). Recently ordered and returned a Brooks Brothers and London Fog from Macy’s. Truthfully, with my coloring and white hair, most khaki or beige tones just don’t look great on me.
    I love the photo which shows the sides and back of you hair! Looks fabulous, I may pin and bring to my hair artist next month!

    1. Everlane has my coat in cream (they call it stone) which I almost ordered. But didn’t think it would be as versatile as the black. When I posted that shot, I should have labelled it “hair by Carmen.” Ha.

    1. I did have to take my sweatshirt off, well, partly. Enough to slide my arm out. I had a short-sleeve tee on underneath. It was too darned cold to wear just short sleeves under my coat.

  6. Perfect Spring fashion! You’ll get a lot of wear out of your new trench, I’m sure!

    And congrats on the jab. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Hubby is fully vaxed, but I could only get my first before we departed the US, so that’s one of the things I’ll have to figure out here. Fortunately, from what I’ve been reading, even having just the first shot has me at 80 – 85% immunity, which to me translates to, “I still have to mask, hand wash, and sanitize, but at least a trip to the grocery store probably won’t kill me now.” 🙂

    Oh, and substitute PEI new potatoes from your New Brunswick ones, and I’m your girl. 🙂

  7. I would love to find that style Longchamp crossbody for some upcoming ( hopefully!) trips. Do you remember the style name?
    Congrats on your first shot- we’ve had both of ours and it is quite a relief to get that over with.

  8. You described my style, which I didn’t have a name for: minimalist, classic yet current. Now I can identify it!

    This post spurred me to go into my coat storage to find a trench coat that I had bought back in the 80’s when my girlfriend and I went outlet shopping in lower east side NYC. She knew all the places for good deals. I had very little extra money, but loved, bought, this coat which is still in excellent condition. It seemed like a lot of money back then, maybe $80.00. I checked the label:Gallery. I was an educator and wore it for years. Maybe I’ll take it out of retirement.

    Thanks for the post. Love your coat. Just my style!

    1. Time to haul that coat out, Marie. Trench coats are having a very big moment this year. Longer ones worn open with jeans and trainers is my new favourite trench look.

  9. Ahhh the trench coat. Funny how these things sort of find a collective consciousness moment. I pulled mine out just last week and have really enjoyed wearing it. In fact wore it yesterday to get my second jab here in sunny but breezy Texas. I never had a trench coat until I saw one through a blogger last year. On a great markdown through banana republic. Bought it online and promptly stashed it in the coat closet cause by the time I got it, it was already too hot to wear it here.
    I, like others was sort of jonesin’ for a Burberry, but that price, though! Love the one I got, new look for me and fun to be able to wear something khaki without looking like a cadaver!

  10. Love your new trench coat. I have always been partial to trench coats. I have two beige and black. I have to go out today and will wear one of them.

    Thankful you got your first shot. I am fully vaccinated as of a few days ago. Tomorrow we have friends coming to the inside of our home for the first time – all fully vaccinated. It seems strange and we have been cleaning industriously for days! More company coming on Wednesday. Thinking I may feel overwhelmed. Hope your arm and head are feeling better. ❤️

    1. I love that you say they are “coming to the inside of our home.” We have not had any people inside our house either. Except the night I had four friends over for drinks on the deck, and it started to rain. We ducked into the sun room and stayed as far apart as possible, but still it was a bit worrying.

  11. The weight of that trench looks perfect. Just last week I dug out my light grey one which I have not worn for a few years. Seems right for the rainy days we are sure to get after this little round of snow this week. Do you wear a light scarf with yours? I like a bit of brightness around the neck to cheer me up. With this current stay at home order we really do need cheering up. The numbers in our area are the highest since this started, and I think all of Ontario is the same. When I heard of a group of young people holding large parties because they ” just want to live their lives” I wanted to strangle every one of them. We are all tired of it but that is the reason we are in such bad shape, well, and the fact international flights are still arriving. Sorry, I will stop and go admire the sunshine to cheer me up.

    1. I haven’t experimented with wearing my new coat closed at this point. If it’s rainy and cool enough for a scarf I may opt instead for my navy Moncler which is waterproof. We are supposed to get snow later in the week. So I may be put to the test… if I have to go anywhere… which I doubt. Ha.

  12. So glad you received your first vaccine! You coat is fabulous and looks perfect on you. I think the typical khaki trench coat does not look good on most people due to the color and some trench coats are too stiff or heavy. I don’t know that I currently have any coats below my knee, which look best when wearing a skirt or dress which I haven’t worn in sometime. I need to think about this as hopefully things sometime return to normal.

  13. Sigh. I look like a spy when I wear a trench coat. No: I look like I’m trying to look like a spy when I wear a trench coat. Funny how there are just some looks that won’t work for some of us, no matter how much we want to make it work. I once spent 30 minutes in a dressing room trying to make something work: as if the longer I looked at myself in the mirror the greater the chances the clothes would work. I finally had to admit defeat when I realized that the outfit really did look better on the hanger than it did on me (but no fair: hangers are lovely and slim and everything looks good on them).

    Anyhow, as an Ontario teacher, I will be working from home for the next….6 weeks? End of the year? Who knows! I’ll have to turn on the TV to find out when everyone else finds out. Suffice it to say, the kids don’t turn on their cameras, and I’ll be sharing notes from my screen instead of my image, so no-one will be seeing me, meaning that clothes have become irrelevant in my life. I am right back to where I was one year ago! The question is: do I now turn my closet and put away the spring work clothes and take out the summer clothes? Or do I admit that the summer might also be stay-at-home, and put out the fall clothes? Do I just rock the jammies every day? Or just drape my Siamese cats around my nether regions and not bother with clothes at all? 🙂

    Congrats on Vaccine #1 Sue – what a relief!

    1. Funny you should mention that, Jo. I’m planning to write a post about that idea soon. About those outfits that we just know are wrong because they are not US. It’s so hard to believe that this summer if we get to meet for drinks on my deck, the conversation may be exactly the same as it was last summer. Covid fatigue, teaching, and teaching with covid fatigue.
      P.S. The draped Siamese cat is NOT a good look for many. But you might just be able to pull it off. 🙂

  14. No fashion comments, but just popping on to say that I’m very happy to hear you’ve had your first vaccine! Every dose administered is a little ray of light in the darkness we are all experiencing. Yay!!!

    1. Thanks, Denise. I’m so glad to have the shot as we enter our third wave and stay-at-home order! At least we have had a shot, Hubby and I keep saying.

  15. Chris in Kentucky

    Just have to share my favorite bargain. About 30 years ago I bought an authentic Burberry trench for $99 at a local discount store known for designer deals. It still fits and looks great. I wore it on my last trip to New York in fall 2019. I felt fabulous! I’m so glad I didn’t consign it when I retired.
    Sue, I’ve been thinking of you during this new lockdown. Our governor has promised to lift restrictions if we achieve a vaccine goal within the month. Why is Ontario having such difficulty with vaccine and virus numbers?

    1. I am SO glad you did not consign that coat, Chris. You would not have had a decent enough return on it to make up for kicking yourself now if you had. Ontario has struggled with vaccine supplies, as had most of Canada. Delays in shipments, I assume. We only received our first batches in December and for a while it trickled in. Virus numbers have followed on the heels of opening up, I think. And are mostly concentrated in high-density areas like Toronto and surroundings area. Ottawa has increased as well, but nowhere near the problems in Toronto.

  16. So pleased you’ve had a dose of the vaccine! Hope your mom is still doing well.

    My favorite look for your new trench is that last one with the hoodie. You look so hip! So au courant and ready for adventure, which, to me, is your true self!

  17. Yay, congratulations on getting that vaccine, happy news. You look fabulous in your trench coat. I’ve always wanted one, but not a look I look good in. Hope that headache goes away and the numbers in your area go down so you can get out and wear some of those fabulous outfits.

  18. I bought a trench coat a couple of years back and found it sooo useful. I wear it with my striped teeshirt and black pants, just like the first girl on your blog. Hey! I did something right!
    I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, thank goodness and we get our second jabs in about ten days time.
    Hope your ma is doing well!

  19. Lucretia Roletta

    I also considered a Burberry trench, way too expensive for a coat that I would not get enough use in sunny California. You make a wise choice in your choice of color, all these color classics are NOT universally flattering to everyone.
    I was looking for a classic camel blazer and decided that it was not my color.
    I look forward to your musings.

  20. I’m so happy you like my recommendation for a trench coat. I’m actually thinking of buying another in black as my original one is a bit small now and I’ll probably stop colouring my hair as well. After three pandemic lockdowns here and no hairdresser, I give up.
    I actually do have the traditional beige Burberry that I bought on sale fourteen years ago. I remember the lady I was shopping with that day was horrified at even the greatly reduced sale price and went on rather too long about it in the store and outside.
    Her new husband was a friend of my husband and she and I didn’t know one another well. Fortunately when we met up with our husbands immediately afterward my husband laughed when she decided to tell him what I had purchased. He didn’t know I’d wanted a Burberry trench since seeing one modelled by Kate Moss, didn’t know the price but guessed because of the name of the store on the shopping bag that it wasn’t inexpensive. God bless him for laughing, which infuriated this woman. I can’t imagine what she was thinking.
    My Burberry one is in great shape and my daughter begged to borrow it when she was going to school in Paris for five months and I said no. I wore it quite often and was worried she might lose it. As it is I permanently lost a handbag I let her take it to Europe as it was quite pickpocket proof. She used it nearly every day and it never did made it back to my closet.
    While studying in Paris my daughter who was studying fashion photography, worked as an unpaid intern for a designer during Paris Fashion week and he gave her and other female helpers, a small black handbag. She wouldn’t give it to me haha. Even so, I will give her the trench coat now as the colour is no longer great for me and she will be thrilled.
    I have my first vaccination next week Sue. Rob has his the following week.

  21. Happy that you found a trench coat that works for you. Unfortunately, though I like the look, I could not wear the style: too short in height and too short-waisted–a bad combination for wearing a trench coat. I do, however, still have a Burberry raincoat (Camden car coat version) that I bought in the UK in 1981 (before the plaid became ubiquitous 🙂 ). It may be 40 years old, but the gabardine fabric has held up beautifully, as have all the interior finishes. It is a wonderful weight–substantial, but a with a lovely finish. Certainly couldn’t afford to buy one today.

  22. Sharleen Millering

    I really liked the trench you had on the blog today. Would it be suitable for a long waist? I find that many of the tie in the middle items, end up tying around my ribcage. Also thank you very much for your book recommendations, I’m enjoying them!

    1. I am quite short waisted, but my friend Jeannie bought the same coat and she is long-waisted, so you may be in luck.
      P.S. Just came back to update this reply. I just tried the coat on and the belt hits below my natural waist, at the top of my hips, actually. Which explains why I never like trench coats with the belts tied, I guess.

  23. Your new trench is lovely! As for other trenches, I had my first Covid shot on April 7. Studies show that, while the first shot provides the general population with greater than 90% protection, that number is less than 40% for those of us with cancer. The second shot, if given on time (21 days for Pfizer), increases that number to over 90%, but here in Alberta, we’re being told we have to wait 16 weeks! That’s the trench I’ve been trying to find a way out of. So far, no success. Apparently Ontario has done better, though it’s been somewhat inconsistent from one region to another.

    1. Gosh, Elaine. That is worrying. We are scheduled to have our second shot about 14-16 weeks after the first as well. I don’t understand why they are not making exceptions for people with conditions that make them high risk.

  24. Back in the early nineties, when I was appointed to my first vice principal position, I treated myself, by way of a flight attendant friend who frequently flew to the UK, to a beautiful navy, mid calf length Burberry trench. It was expensive, even then, but fitted like a dream and made me feel amazing. Imagine my shock and horror when it was stolen from the staff room closet at my mid town Toronto school…a large urban one that has been often mentioned in the Covid news as of late. I have never gotten over this…my first real experience with the worst of human behaviour. I might mention that at this time, the community, as well as fellow staff members had access to the staff room on a regular basis. I love your new coat and hope you wear it proudly and happily for many years. Alas, I now spend down on my outerwear.
    Congratulations on your vaccination. I am two days away from the end of the two week “kicking in” period, and am now looking forward to my booster…who knows when.

  25. Love the trench coat! Also, love the salute to health care workers. When we got our shot at City Hall in Ottawa on a Sunday at the end of March, everyone from the security guard at the door to the person who signed us in, the person who took our info, the vaccine administrator, and the person who gave us our “receipt”, were uniformly cheerful and kind. Kudos to all of them.

  26. Relieved and pleased to hear you’ve had your first vaccination Sue ( any news on your mum receiving hers yet?) and that you’ve found a trench coat that “ticks the boxes” It looks great on you!
    I hope your headaches have settled and you’re not experiencing any other side effects.
    I’ve recently bought a shorter A line trench/Mac to wear on warmer days over jeans, trousers, with trainers or pumps, etc. Those sort of days when my usual trench feels too heavy. So possibly a similar weight to yours.
    Everlane actually have one the same style that they call the Mac Coat.
    Onto other trenches … I may be digging some shallow short ones, as I endeavour to add more plants and shrubs to my garden.
    Spending more time at home recently has us giving our garden a little more TLC. 😊
    I’ve had some really enjoyable mornings recently, shopping for plants etc
    Take care …

    1. My mum has not had hers yet. I seem to be the only one stressing about that! I remember your lovely tan trench coat, Rosie. You were wearing it the morning you took Elizabeth and me to Broadway. 🙂

      1. I did, thanks Sue. I also remember you and I chatting about Trench coats and Paris. As I went just before you, if I remember correctly. Hard to believe it was six years ago next month! xx

  27. Very stylish new trench Sue and I appreciate the research you did to settle on the perfect one. I have a very tailored pewter trench coat that I love but adding another less structured and longer one is worth considering. Very happy to hear you received your first vaccine dose Sue. My Husband and I are receiving our first Pfizer shots tomorrow (20th). I have never been so excited to get a needle!

    1. That’s what I was looking for, Glenda. Longer, less structured, more oversized. I have a couple of shorter, knee length raincoats, but the longer coats fills a niche for me.

  28. So glad you got your first shot! Feel better soon! Here in the states, we are on everyone aged 16 and over now. We hosted our first dinner party this weekend; old friends also fully vaccinated and more than two weeks out. It was glorious! However, we still felt a bit… weird about it and we were still distancing and careful. We will travel to Austin in late May as our daughter ( our baby) graduates The University of Texas School of Law. There will be a small ceremony with limited family of those in her small study group. A gradual opening up… a tentative toe in the cold water… We will fly in mid-June for a week-long visit with family who live on the coast in North Carolina. It will be a process and we are grateful. I love your beautiful poses and am a fan of Everlane because of the usual reasons but also as an extreme petite, I love their range of sizes. I am also a longtime fan of all-things Longchamp and will be taking a tote as my beach bag! Best wishes to you and yours!

  29. It is perfect raincoat weather! I just got my first black trench coat in many years, a Soia & Kyo on sale. In BC, as in Alberta, it’s supposed to be sixteen week wait for a second shot, but am still glad to have had one already…

  30. Hi, I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ll probably purchase the Everlane trench in the fall. Here in Virginia it’s too warm to wear now. I wear white jeans all year long. Probably my favorite color of jeans and the easiest to style. And… I too enjoy getting inspiration from blogs of younger women. Not because I want to dress young. It’s quite the opposite I find most of these women dress in a more grownup fashion than women my age. A pet peeve of mine is that clothing for my age, 61 seems to be child like.

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