Winter Skincare Routine: February Vlog

Welcome to March… and my February vlog. I decided to do something different this month. Throughout February, Hubby and I were doing the same things we did in January. Skiing, walking, cooking, eating, reading. And I’ve talked about all those things ad nauseum. But what I haven’t talked about is the toll that winter activities seem to take on my skin. And I’m assuming on yours too. And how I’m trying to combat the ravages of winter with my skincare routine.

Chatting about winter skincare routine in my February vlog.
Chatting about my winter skincare routine.

I mean, everything I do in winter is hard on my skin. Even the healthy pursuits. Skiing on cold, snowy days makes my face red and my rosacea worse. And on sunny days I need an extra layer of sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays bouncing off the snow. Even sitting indoors reading a book has its perils. The air in the house is super dry in winter, especially when one cozies up next to the wood fire. I drink a ton of water, and my room humidifier does a good job, but neither of those change the fact that winter is murder on the skin.

Skiing can be hard on our skin necessitating calming and moisturizing products for our skin.
Snowy, cold ski day.

A new wrinkle to the challenges my skin is facing this winter is walking. That’s because my buddies and I wear masks when we walk the trail. I know we’re outdoors, but there’s no way we can maintain a safe distance between us, so we wear masks. Frankly I’m surprised that no one else we encounter on the trail does the same. But we’re taking no chances, and are erring on the side of being extra careful. The thing is that walking for over an hour in below freezing temps in a mask creates tons of condensation inside the mask. By the time I get home, I feel great from the exercise and the companionship, but my face is well irritated. Not to mention the seemingly permanent redness I now have on the bridge of my nose.

Walking in our masks on a beautiful sunny winter day requires some tweaking to our winter skincare routine because of irritated skin.
Beautiful sunny day for a walk in our masks.

So, yeah. Winter can be rough. I’m doing my best to protect and pamper my skin this winter with some new additions to my skin care routine. But I’ll tell you all about that in the vlog.

Pour yourself a second cup of tea and let’s chat about winter skin care, shall we?

I hope you enjoyed that, I want to follow up the video by saying that I am not a skincare expert. I have no formal training. And I don’t know what’s best for you and your skin. I wanted to say that because the other day I listened to a skincare expert rant on a bit about all the so-called experts on YouTube who are not really experts.

So I am NOT an expert, but I do know what has and hasn’t worked for me. And I am always learning. And that’s what I wanted to chat about. As I said in the video, I have sensitive, dry, aging skin. And I’ve tried a ton of products over the years that haven’t worked for me, despite the hype that they may have generated. As well as lots of products that I love. I’ve learned so much over the years talking to women who’ve sold me creams and oils, and who’ve given me facials. As I always say, I am not necessarily loyal to any one brand. But I am very loyal to women in the beauty business whom I’ve come to trust and who have taught me loads over the years. And I’m still learning during lookdown from some of the women I now follow on YouTube.

So I just wanted to make that clear. Not an expert. Always a learner. Who just happens to have strong opinions about what I like and don’t like. Ha.

Squinting into the sun on a beautiful winter days shows how hard winter can be on the skin
Sunny, squinty blog shoot.

Now it’s your turn, my friends, to express what you have strong opinions about. What do you do to care for your skin in winter?

P.S. I have linked below the products I use in my skincare routine, and which I talk about in my video. These links are affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will make a commission.

Morning: Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. Biotherm Aquasource gel hydratant. Darphin Hydraskin Rich all-day hydrating cream. Clinique All About the Eyes cream.

For skiing or walking: La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV rehydrating SPF-30 lotion Or for going to town: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Evening: Vichy 3 in 1 sensitive skin cleanser. Vichy Pureté Thermal sensitive skin toner. Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil for dry to very dry skin. Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Resurfacing Cream with Fruit-Derived AHAs.

Exfoliating, and Masques: Laura Mercier refining cream face polish or Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Rose purifying clay mask + Clinique Moisture Surge overnight hydrating mask.


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36 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine: February Vlog”

  1. Many years ago I read some rules for perfect skin . First stay out of the sun , second don’t smoke , third drink lots of water & fourth choose your parents carefully . I’d add not too much caffeine & lots of fruit & veg . My skincare routine is simpler than yours . An extreme climate must complicate things . Here in the UK we have a very temperate climate which is often damp . So not too bad for the skin . My skin is dry , like yours but not sensitive . So I can see you need to take more care & , having met you , I must say you do have very good skin .
    I read reviews on products from various experts . Sali Hughes in The Guardian is particularly reliable , her books are good & you’ll find her on the net too . I’ve followed a lot of her recommendations. Her current Guardian article actually recommends products for PPE wearers . I’m not sure detailing the products I use would be of interest as they’re mainly from our chemist ranges , Boots No 7 & Superdrug . Morning , I cleanse with Micellar water then use a serum ( Boots or Superdrug ) I use a factor 50 moisturiser everyday ( Boots ) even though I’m not a sunbather . Evening , I don’t often have make up to remove but a basic eye cleanser does the job . I cleanse properly with Superdrug cream hot cloth cleanser using a clean flannel to exfoliate . Then swipe over glycolic cleansing toner ( Superdrug ) then a low retinol ( Indeed Labs Retinol Reface ) finally my favourite Bio-Oil as a night moisturiser . If it’s good enough for scar tissue , it’s good enough for my wrinkles . Most of these products are very inexpensive . I don’t go in for the ‘big names ‘ or facials or masks but I’m pretty happy with my skin for my age . I try to use cruelty free products . Boots No 7 & Superdrug are supposed to be though it’s complicated .

    1. Shoppers Drug Mart used to carry a lot of the Boots No 7 line. I loved their body lotion. I haven’t seen it in a while, though. I must look for Sali Hughes articles in the Guardian on-line. I’ve tried some retinol creams but they don’t seem to agree with my skin… too sensitive probably. I agree about the sun and water and genes. I think after that we do what we can with the skin we have. Knowing that we’re all different. I remember so clearly the year I quit smoking at age 27. My skin looked so much better!

  2. From oily skin to really dry at this age. My skin has taken a beating with the sun…sports and my love for extra colour.
    I’m paying for it now. Anyhow…I’ve been using Riversol from Vancouver. They sent a 2 week sample pkg to try and then I bought the product. I still experience breakouts periodically, but has improved since I’ve been on this product. But I still have dryness and now supplementing with old fashion Nivea.
    Your skin looks fab Sue. The products you use certainly work for you!

    1. Ps…I do/was using Rx Retin…but lost patience as no results were showing. I guess I was expecting miracles. Ha!

  3. Great vlog/post. Despite all the troubles,your skin looks lovely
    I know and use/have tried almost all of products ,except Laura Mercier-we don’t have her products here (and I’m sorry)
    My skin is dry to normal,always has been,
    and my routine is pretty simple
    My favourite products are from Dr Hauschka,combination of Rose Cream and Revitalising Day Cream (the latter during summer,all kind of mixing the two of them during the year) . I don’t have eye cream and don’t use foundation at all-only Avene tinted cream 50 spf. We use the same Vichy cleanser Purete Thermal 3in1.I use their micellar water if I don’t wear anything at eyes (which was every day before masks and Covid,now I do something from time to time)
    Our brand Nikel has wonderful face oils,Rose Bud or Primrose,they are wonderful for night (or when it’s really cold,as first layer in the morning).
    From time to time (once a month) I use Darphin Age-Defying Dermabrasion and their Mask Éclat au Camelia.
    My friend has given me Cordes Vas 0,5% Tretinoin creme this winter,I’ve started very easy,once a week. From time to time,I try a new very rich,nourishing cream for night,Decleor,L’Occitane Immortelle Divine….just to change a little,but,I’m always back to dr Hauschka (and their masks,serums and ampules are great,too),their cosmetic is very simple,organic and natural,the best for my skin

  4. Same here with the red nose, I look like Rudolph all the time, and I blame it on the mask.At least no-one can actually see it ! About skin care, I don’t buy the big names any more, I just don’t believe their claims. I go for products from the chemist, here in Greece that’s Korres and Apivita mostly, also I like Caudalie. And the British company The Body Shop, I use their Chamomile cleansing oil, and the moisturisers are very good. And inexpensive! It must be a challenge living in such a cold climate, but your skin looks good.

  5. From a skin care junkie, this was so much fun. I love to hear what others use, especially when they have sensitive skin/rosacea issues. When I was using skinceuticals I had a list of the order to use them, but I have ventured off the path and use a number of different brands, but no less steps most times. I use a hyaluronic acid once or twice a day and then another serum, then a moisture layer. I use a vit C in the morning and alternate between a retinol and aha in the evenings. There are times in the middle of the day where I will use a micellar cleanser then use a brown spot lightener (which don’t make much of a difference) then add a serum over that again and reapply the sunscreen and if going out, a bit of foundation around the spots that the mask does not cover. One of the serums that I have used for years is Elizabeth Grant and find it is the most soothing when the rosacea hurts too much for others. I have a vit c rose oil that I will use any time throughout the day as well as just plain squalene oil. One derm mentioned that the oils should be put over top of the other serums in order of thickness, but they don’t all agree and I feel if it works and dosen’t pill, then go with it. This sounds like a massive amount of stuff, but some days I need more care than others and like to have an arsenal of product on hand. As I said, junkie since I was 12 and loving it. Thanks for the chat.

    1. I’ve never used any Elizabeth Grant products, although I have heard of them. I’ve read a few articles on the order of products and you’re right, it seems to depend on who you ask.

  6. Yes, terribly sensitive skin is bad enough when very young but combine it with aging–YIKES! Like you, so many things would work for a short period of time and then wham, downhill from there. And winter is just the worst time for sensitive skin! I was all over the price and ingredient spectrum for so long. My skin is so sensitive that I cannot even use the products my daughter uses and sells (she is an aesthetician). So many dept. store brands–Erno Laszlo worked for the longest time, almost a year– until it didn’t. I narrowed down the ingredient range after trial and error revealed parabens as well as their alternative, phyenoxethenol, were causing horrible reactions. Then came Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Korres, and so on. After a lot of searching and trial and error, I landed about 10 years ago on a company called Shea Terra Organics located in VA, US. Literally the only line I can use, have been able to continue to use over a long term and, even then, not all the products. I do love their ethic. Their cleansing oil alternated with pure organic and raw coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, and rose toner along with interemittent use of pure black soap powder and another of their cleansing powders. Same with any makeup, after about 3 months pop! go the allergic reactions no matter the purity or expense of the product. For mascara, nothing has not caused a reaction. Sigh. So, writing this down…and hoping not to jinx myself, ha ha! I have to say, I feel less alone now.

    1. I’m the same… love a product for a while and as you say…”pop” goes the redness and I have to find something new. I’ve been lucky lately, though. No problems with anything I’ve tried.

  7. Mary Lou Hartman

    Enjoyed our chat and helpful information. You may not be an expert but your skin looks wonderful. I find that as the years pass my skin is changing more and needs different things on an almost daily basis. Thanks for another helpful vlog!

    1. Thanks, Mary Lou. My skin has changed in the past year too. Although that might be due to spending more time outdoors and wearing makeup less. Like Wendy said, so much depends on genes. I just try to do my best with the skin I’ve got. Wrinkles and all. Ha.

  8. Sue, thanks for this vlog. It was very fun to watch as well as informative. I’ve been thinking of adding a Vitamin C serum to my routine, so I will give your recommendation a try. Thanks again! (Also, fun to hear about your working at Robert Simpson. I grew up in Ottawa and I’m currently living in San Francisco, but I go home at least a few times ever y year.). I can’t wait to get home when it’s safe to fly.


    1. Robert Simpson’s was an Ottawa institution when I moved here in 1979. It even had a tea room. When I worked there I really related to that old British tv show “Are You Being Served.” 🙂

  9. Dang, that Caudalie Night Oil is sold out at Sephora. I love their line and I am looking for an oil that has no active ingredients, for those nights when my skin and I just need to take it easy;).

    1. Diane Buchanan

      Lisa, after much research I have found that the squalane oil is a substance that is close to the oils in our skin and the Indeed one is just that, no extra products in it. I will put a few drops on after coming in from the cold and it soaks right in and I find it helps. Don’t take my experiences as a treatment that will work for others, but perhaps look into that as an option.

    2. I am really loving using oil on my face. I also use Sephora a lot, Lisa. They have such a variety of products. Plus they will give samples and that has allowed me to try so many different products that I wouldn’t otherwise.

  10. Sue have you tried wearing a silk mask? It has made all the difference for my face . I was wearing the hospital mask for most of my day and my face was so irritated and when my husband bought a box of them and I wore them outside in our Ottawa climate it was worse. I bought two silk masks from a Toronto company ( triple layered with filter pockets, washable and with adjustable ear bands). I am really happy, they are so soft, my skin is not irritated with very little condensation build up and very pretty too. Even with the vaccine I think masks will be part of our public wardrobe for awhile.
    I second the Riversol products from B.C. developed by a dermatologist. They are simple, they work and are fragrance free. Another company that I love and have used for years Skin Biology out of California. They were developed by a biochemist and rely heavily on copper peptides as an active ingredient. There is no fancy business here…the packaging is straight up basic and some products look ‘different’ due to the copper peptides and smell hmm different ( not awful ) all I can say is that pretty much nobody believes I am 65, it’s based on science and research not hype and advertising( I would say the same about Riversol too) Not the cheapest but far less and far more effective then expensive department store brands. Only sold on line.
    I follow a couple of California bloggers and I can’t believe this Ottawa girl has discovered these great products and they haven’t, right in their own back yard!!
    A word about hydration…a few years ago I was admitted several times to the hospital for an ongoing bowel problem. A couple of girlfriends always came to see me and after the third visit one commented on how great my skin looked saying ‘Every time I see you in hospital your skin looks fantastic’ ( even though I felt awful!) Thinking about it I said to her it’s the IV! I had been NPO and on IV for a couple days each time so I was incredibly well hydrated!! I later found out there are actually spas where you can go to for an IV a day or two before a special event to get ‘pumped up’ so drink that H2O!!!:)

      1. Hi Charlene, Susan B.
        Cindy Hattersley
        Classic Casual Home
        Mary Anne andSusan B are quite petite ie short so it helps me when they do fashion posts from a less than 5’3” perspective. I have to say though that a lot of American blogs have so many dang links and ads that it gets frustrating and I’ve cut them off.
        Cindy is an interior designer her blog is just beautiful.

  11. Other than a bit of Rosacea, my skin is fairly normal. I used to use Clinique products until my mid 50’s when my Rosacea started to bother me. I visited a clinic and had an ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ (IPL) treatment that really helped. I get this treatment twice a year and it keeps the Rosacea under control. The clinic also sells ‘Zo Skin Health’ products that contain retinol and I have used this line for years now. Your skin really does look radiant Sue which proves your skin care routine is working. Thanks for an informative Vlog. It’s nice to see everyone’s comments on what works for them.

  12. Debra Gutenson

    Sue, your skin looks so good, I guess we’re always our own worst critic. What you described really struck a chord with me. I had very oil skin growing up, but now, at age 65, it’s very dry, especially in the winter. A few years ago I tried botanical oils, and it’s been a game changer. No more dry tight skin after washing and slathering on moisturizers which never felt like quite enough. I use QĒT Botanicals. I was extremely skeptical of the cleansing oil, but I love it. I use the restoring line in the winter, and switch to the balancing line for summer since it’s a little lighter. You can get their “getting started” kit, which is more than enough product for two weeks. It’s a great way to try the product. And it makes great travel sizes, once we’re able to do that again.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Cheers from Virginia.

  13. Another reader here who’s prone to rosacea. I finally got it under control a couple of years ago with prescription Rosavir (topical ivermectin), which has done wonders. Other than that nightly, I use several of the products you do, including the Vichy cleanser, but my rose oil is from super-cheap The Ordinary. Will try some of your other suggestions, thanks!

  14. I really enjoyed curling up and watching this Sue. Your skin really is lovely and I found it interesting to hear about (and see) your routines.
    I remember the scent of the Origins Night O Mins … it’s just wonderful. I used it regularly a few years ago when my brand of choice was mainly Origins for skincare. I was always happy with it but somehow over the last couple years I’ve moved to mainly Caudalie. Like you, I layer morning and evening and my skin seems to love it. I use La Roche Posay sun protection which is the best that I’ve ever found. It protects my face so well, especially on days when I’m out all day, walking in the sun. A combination of that and the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum that I use in the summer months really seems to help with dark spots, freckles etc
    I mainly use tinted moisturiser, hardly ever foundation ( usually only for occasions where I want to look more “polished”) My tinted moisturiser is usually Bobbi Brown or Perricone MD … I especially like this as it has a SPF 30. Although I have tried Chanel Les Beiges water fresh tint recently, which is incredibly light. I had to guess at the shade as I bought it online, which was a risk, but as it’s so light I think it works. Felt slightly crazy buying this when I’m not going out but having a treat arriving in the post, feels especially good these days!

    1. I haven’t worn foundation for years. I used to only wear tinted moisturiser in the summer, and now I do all year round. Foundation is just too much makeup for me. Plus I’ve found that it always settles into fine lines and dry spots.

  15. I meant to add that I’m tempted to try the Caudalie oil now… thanks for the recommendation 😊

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