Let’s get this straight. I am sick of winter. Sick, sick, sick of cold and snow. Maybe where you live spring has already begun. But here… well.. we have tons of snow, and the wind chill yesterday was -22, and even Hubby had to gird his loins to go outside. Me… I’m not as hardy as he is. I cancelled my walk and huddled down with my book. And this morning, I thought that since I had conjured up a pub-night party out of thin air and my imagination, I might wave my magic wand and conjure spring. At least in my head. So I tried to think of soft spring rains, and budding leaves on trees. I tried to picture early spring flowers pushing their heads up through the earth into the sunshine. No. Nope. Not working. Even well-worn spring clichés couldn’t make me feel better today.

But I did know what might make me feel better. Spring fashion. Ha. I bet you saw that one coming a mile away. And I don’t mean just doing my spring fashion research, perusing spring runway shows online, looking for trends and inspiration. No. I mean the actual wearing of spring stuff. Or at least wearing one or two well-chosen pieces from my spring closet.

This is an old trick I used to resort to when I was working. When I was sick of winter and my winter clothes, I’d pop on a brightly coloured top or tee shirt with my winter duds. For instance, all fall and winter one year I wore a favorite chocolate brown pant suit with my brown suede ankle boots and a turtleneck. But in February, I started wearing it with lace-up brogues and a bright white, long-sleeved tee shirt under the jacket. The switch over from boots to shoes, and from a turtleneck to a bright tee, cheered me up enormously, as I recall. I was inching my way into spring indoors, even though I still had to wear my winter coat and scarf outdoors.

Pushing the season by adding spring fashion and a Club Monaco spring sweater to a winter outfit.
My new sweater from Club Monaco.

And it just so happens, people, that this week I finally took delivery of a new spring sweater. Just what I needed to urge my winter wardrobe into spring.

I saw this green cashmere hoodie from Club Monaco online a few weeks ago. I loved the colour, and since Club Monaco was offering a 20% discount and free shipping for the first online order I decided to go for it. I’d been kind of half-heartedly searching for a bright top for spring. Maybe a long-sleeve tee, or a light cashmere sweater that I could wear before summer. I wasn’t sure I would like the colour on me when it finally arrived. On the website it had looked much more blue-green. But turns out I love it. So does Hubby.

Plus it’s a loose fit, with a small slit on each side, and a kind of boxy cut. It’s made from recycled cashmere, is really soft, and is cropped, but not too short. I bought a size large, and on me it falls just over my… er… problem area. Plus it’s light-weight. I think it will be so pretty with all my navy pieces. My navy Max Mara suit or my navy Veronica Beard jacket or even with my navy Moncler anorak. And the hooded style is one I love. I have a grey hooded light-weight sweater that I’ve been wearing for travel for years now.

So this morning, I popped on my new Club Monaco cashmere hoodie with a white long-sleeved Vince tee, Frame bootcut jeans, my old Cole Haan Chelsea boots, and my even older Alfred Sung jacket. I like the soft green sweater with the deeper green in the houndstooth jacket. This outfit cheered me up enormously.

Club Monaco sweater, Vince tee shirt, Frame jeans, Cole Haan boots, Alfred Sung jacket.
I like the soft green sweater with this houndstooth jacket

I liked it even better, with the sweater worn on top of the jacket instead of underneath.

This way the soft green sweater and the bright white tee shirt were both visible.

Putting some spring fashion into a winter outfit with a bright green sweater, and a bright white tee shirt.
I like this look even better that the first one.

I wore my cream and silver vintage bracelet and silver hoop earrings. Now all I needed was somewhere to go, somewhere indoors, where I could take off my winter coat. Ah well, can’t have everything, I guess.

Putting some spring fashion into a winter outfit with a bright green sweater, and a bright white tee shirt.
This outfit cheered me up enormously.

Trying on this sweater made me think of all kinds of other ways I could conjure up spring by adding lightness and a bit of spring fashion to my winter wardrobe. I could put a thin white turtleneck under my lilac Vince cashmere spring sweater and wear it with my Max Mara fuchsia tweed coat. Or I could tuck a bright scarf around my neck under my white down jacket. I have a couple of small silk scarves in Easter egg colours, pink and green and white. I must have a rummage in my scarf collection to see what else I can find.

When it gets a bit warmer, and the snow starts to melt, I could wear my cream wool turtleneck sweater under my navy spring coat with jeans and sneakers. Or with my Hunter rubber boots. Imagining outfits has long been one of my coping skills. I remember using it to get me through the summer I had shingles, conjuring up outfits to wear once I could stand to wear normal clothes again. And it didn’t fail me today.

Early spring on the farm in Douglas New Brunswick. February 2016.
Late winter turning into early spring in New Brunswick in 2016

You know, I think that late winter is the cruelest time of year. We are so, so tired of winter. And yet we have to be patient. Spring will come when it comes. Might be March. Or April. Or some years into May before we get those welcome mild spring breezes and sunshiny days.

The shot above was taken in February 2016. I was home visiting Mum. A day after I arrived, we had a bad winter storm, snow and high winds. And then miraculously, it began to rain, and within a few days most of the snow had melted. What a glorious warm and sunny two weeks I had. I dug a pair of rubber boots out of Mum’s closet, and I tramped the hills of the old farm for the first time in years. Winter was over.

Then in mid-March, I flew home. When Hubby picked me up at the airport it was -10 and windy. My suitcase slithered across the ice as we scuttled to the car. It snowed the next day. Winter was most certainly NOT over.

So you see? Winter can be tricky. Mother nature can be tricky. She can caress one part of the country with warm spring breezes and freeze the pants off a region only a couple of hours plane ride away. At least that’s how she behaves here in Canada.

And I don’t know about you, but I am digging deep this year to fend off end of winter blues. I am employing all my tricks to be patient with spring.

Last spring was bad enough what with lockdown and bad hair and so many unknowns about COVID-19. But this spring is worse. Not as many unknowns, of course. But after almost a year of social isolation, I don’t have much patience left. Hubby and I are still being very careful. We will hopefully get our vaccinations before summer. Hopefully. But my mum at age 93 still does not have her shot. That is my biggest worry.

And on a miserable cloudy, frigidly cold day, I am looking for anything that can cheer me up. Anything that can conjure up spring and better days. And if that thing is spring fashion and pulling on slightly springy outfits and prancing around my sun room… then so be it. May seem stupid and shallow to some, but it works for me.

In fact, why don’t we all have a rummage around in our closet and pull out something that makes us think of spring. Something that gives us joy. Something that we haven’t worn for a few months, and which just might make our increasingly dreary winter outfits seem a little brighter. A pop of soft green. Or citrus, or pink. Maybe pink.

I just saw a bright pink shirt on YouTube while I was pedalling my exercise bike this afternoon. Gorgeous. I may have to invest in a pink shirt. And as a matter of fact, I think I’ll buy one for my mum. She needs more pink in her life these days too.

Have a look at these cashmere hoodies I found online today. I think a light-weight cashmere hoodie is such a versatile piece for spring.

So it’s over to you, my friends. What are you doing to bring more spring into your life? Or into your wardrobe? Especially if, like me, you probably won’t see actual spring for quite some time. If you shopped your closet for a few pieces of spring fashion to brighten up your late winter wardrobe, what new outfits might you create?

P.S. Clothing links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission.


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59 thoughts on “Conjuring Spring with Spring Fashion”

  1. Yes. Bored with winter clothes. Sun is shining but still a little too nippy. Mornings are good though, lots of birds singing. On the last stretch of the marathon, I think. Dig deep, focus on stopping.

    1. No birds yet here. Still soo cold and too much snow. When the birds are twittering in the morning then I will know that spring is coming.

  2. You have such a long winter but I seem to have always known that . When I was a schoolgirl Winnipeg was held up as the perfect example of an extreme climate . We were envious of Canadian children having all that snow to play in . Deep snow is usually brief around here . Something magical that gets all the kids out building snowmen & having snowball fights , shrieking & laughing . My sister used to put snowballs in the freezer for her kids summer birthday parties . Don’t suppose you do that . It even sends the dogs loopy , rolling around & jumping about . Then after a week or so , apart from the odd freak winter , it’s gone . I can see why you get weary of it , especially just now when our lives are so restricted .
    That jumper is a lovely shade of green . More so than the shade you ordered . I have one hoodie jumper but need a lesson in hood arrangement . Yours sit perfectly but mine seem to go all askew like I’ve been attacked by somebody . Lots of faffing goes on . I have switched from thick woolie scarves to lighter , softer ones recently . We have spring starting here . Drifts of snowdrops about , a few brave daffodils & the birds are busy choosing nest sites . It’s still quite cold but there’s a softness in the air & the light has changed . I’ll be able to hang the washing out today . Hang on in there .
    I hope your mum stays well & gets her vaccination soon . Try not to worry . I’d call her a tough old bird but that’s cheeky so I’ll call her indomitable.

    1. Ha. You can call Mum a tough old bird. She’d love that. I am not faff-free when I’m wearing a hoodie. I have to be careful wearing cross-body bags. I get the strap all tangled in the hood.
      P.S. Washing on the line…. sigh.

  3. Bored with winter clothes too, spring is in the air. But.. spring is worrying. People are sick of isolation and restrictions, even if we have a relatively normal life here. Since February 26th 2020, the biggest par of my job is trying to draft some kind of efficient legislation without trampling on people’s rights. Seeing a lot of people outside, seemingly without a care in the world, is discomforting. Well, let’s put on a smile and an orange sweater and go for walk. “After all, tomorrow is another day”.
    Your green sweater is lovely!

    1. It is so disconcerting when my friends and I see other walkers gathering to chat on the trail. No masks. It’s as if they feel invulnerable. My friends and I are being careful and wearing our masks still, and we always get a couple of quizzical looks.

  4. I love,love this green colour,especially with navy. It suits you great!
    Sorry to add salt to injury-Yes,I’m walking everyday through Maksimir wood,white and lilac crocuses and yellow forsythia almost in full bloom. I’ve even wear a leather jacket once,as well as suit jacket (also once). But,I don’t have such a gorgeous colour sweater….so…..
    It is colder now and I hope to wear one of my coats-this winter was spent in down coat all the time
    Fingers crossed for your Mum and vaccine

    1. The green of my sweater would look fabulous on you Dottoressa with your blonde hair. Under that brown leather jacket that I coveted when we first met. Ha.

  5. It has been so long since I’ve commented on your blog (I think I lost touch when you changed to your own site). I wanted to say your hair looks fabulous. I’m over in midwestern Ontario and yes, winter is still here, too, but there is one patch on the lawn where I can see grass, so there is hope. -Jenn

  6. Yes, so very sick and tired of winter and all the layers to go outside for some much needed exercise. While dusting yesterday, I got really sidetracked by the travel scrapbooks and spent the best part of an hour just dreaming of places past and hoping for more of that before too long. As for the closets, I have pulled out some softer skirts and blouses to encourage me look for new outfits. I have a new soft blouse in a pink/green/burgundy and ivory floral that I am eager to wear with a pair of burgundy/plum jeans. By the look of our weather after today, it might start me thinking of spring for real. Actually just above freezing for a few days. But as you well know, Ontario weather is never consistant or predictable. Glad I am not alone with the frustration of this winter. That green will look fantastic with the fuschia coat, and I have just the scarf to tie them together (pun intended). I am sure you do as well. The red wing blackbirds have arrived so spring can’t be too far off.

    1. I can imagine that you are itching to wear that new blouse. On my walk yesterday I had to wear my neck warmer that pulls up over my face to protect against the wind. Then when the wind died down I was too hot, and had to remove my glove and unzip my jacket. Bu-ut Hubby says spring is coming this week. We have highs that are almost double digits. Almost. 🙂

  7. I enjoy your blog. I too have white hair and I think you look stunning with your hair white.
    But please, I can’t afford a $200 sweatshirt, $200 jeans or a Max Mara coat. How about more affordable options?

    1. You do not have to buy these brands to get the same look. Look at the style, the lines, shape….make a sketch or screen shot if you have to….then go look online or in stores for a “copy”. There are always many brands that copy the more expensive brands. If you need inspiration for the Hi/Low idea look at the magazine Style At Home…..they do two versions of the same room…one with a BIG price tag and one with a budget price tag and ask readers to guess which is which. The exact same idea can be done with clothes…..and it can be a lot of fun!

    2. Thanks. Ann. I hear you. When I create a visual of several products at the end of my posts, like this one, I do try to vary the price point. I always choose pieces that I would wear myself. But most of the time I post about what’s in my closet, which just happens to be several Max Mara coats. Except for one bought in 2016, they are all well over 15 years old. So I do consider them an investment. I buy whatever jeans will fit me, and sadly many of those are expensive. But to follow up on what Lauren has said, using shots on blogs and in magazines can be good inspiration. Chico’s in the States and Simons here in Canada have less expensive riffs on the more expensive brands. I use Pinterest to keep track of outfits that have inspired me so I can remember what I’m shopping for. But I do realize that clicking on an option in a blog post is so much easier.

  8. We are supposed to get a bit of a break from winter this week in Western Pennsylvania, with sunshine and highs in the upper 50s. I’m sure winter will come roaring back at least once more after that before it leaves for good.

    I love that green sweater, and it’s motivated me to try my old green checked blouse with my new COVID white hair! That blouse has survived several closet purges, and I usually only wear it around St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it needed the white hair to make it shine. We shall see!

    The vaccine rollout is moving along here. My parents (90 and 89) have had both shots, and hubby and I have had our first ones. I hope your mom can get an appointment soon!

    1. Mum is not in a care home so is not on the list of those who are priority. But I’m told that she will be up next after the end of March. Fingers are crossed.

  9. What a beautifully coloured sweater. It looks wonderful with your hair.
    I am in the same “last bit of winter hanging on” funk. Last month, in an effort, similar to yours, to cheer myself up with thoughts of spring and being able to get out, I purchased a pair of Madewell sneakers , in a cheeky mint green, blue and black and white spotted combination. Your sweater might look quite amazing with them. Alas, after “last of the snow season”, I have “yucky mud season” to slug through before I can wear my lovely new sneaks outside.
    I think the vaccine news is encouraging. My 91 year old mother -in-law got her first vaccination last Friday. She is in Guelph. I hope your mother gets her vaccination soon as it certainly is a relief for loving families when their elderly relatives get that protection.

    1. Yes. Once we are able to wear spring coats it will be a while before we can do the same for shoes. But rubber boots will make a nice change. Ha.

  10. What a fun post Sue! Yes to « tired of winter, » and you inspire me to open up the bin where spring/summer clothes are stored, and pull out a few things I can wear now. And stuff away some of the heavier winter stuff. Winter isn’t totally over here’s but I think the really cold sub-zero weather is behind us now so average to warmer than average weather will be just fine. Yellow and white tulips with eucalyptus for a bright touch or the house! Have a great week, this too shall pass.

    1. I will wait a while before I switch winter clothes over to storage. Meanwhile I’m bringing out a few spring pieces and my closet is getting crowded. 🙂

  11. Mary Lou Hartman

    You look wonderful in your new combinations. You have a wonderful ability to find just the right items to add to your wardrobe. I hope that our new President will be able to assist our friends in Canada with their vaccine needs. Hope you and your mother get your vaccines soon. My husband and I are 73 and scheduled to get our second injections this week. Hope you have an early Spring this year and stay healthy.

  12. Love that colour on you. And a hoodie is so youthful and fun. Cheers to your edgy white hair and great figure. You look fab!
    I am sad to see the snow go-it’s been a tremendous winter for skiing and snowshoeing over here near Gatineau park. Not quite ready to face the mud.

  13. It’s Spring here in southern Arizona. Seventy five degrees which to me is perfect weather. My husband and I took our side by side out to the desert for a drive around a nearby mountain range. Once we got back into the hills the greasewood bushes were dancing with bright yellow blossoms. And the Ocotillo…I love when they bloom. It looks like blazing matchsticks everywhere. It was such a beautiful sunny morning and we had a great time soaking in the beauty of the desert in spring. Before long it will be unbearably hot and we will be heading for the mountains. I never have time to get tired of winter clothes or winter weather. If you blink around here it’s gone.

    1. I lived in Bisbee for several years as a child. There’s nothing better than spring in AZ!

  14. Love the green hoodie! The colour really suits you and it looks great with navy Jeans.
    I can only imagine how sick you are of winter. Not sure I would cope with all that snow and cold. Here in New Zealand we are coming out of our fourth lockdown so everyone is suffering from a bit of cabin fever. Vaccinations are rolling out slowly here so it will still be a while before things return to “normal”. Unfortunately we are heading into autumn so don’t have lovely spring clothes and increased sunshine to look forward to. Where we live we don’t get the lovely autumn leaf colours you do. It seems to be pretty much summer one day and winter the next! Hope it starts to warm up a bit where you are and you can bring out the lovely colours to celebrate. I will be digging out the woollen jumpers and trying to hide a few covid bulges under them!

    1. Hope things go well for you down there, Kenzie. Autumn colours are so lovely. Even if you don’t get the trees in autumn colours… there are always sweaters. 🙂

  15. I live in Southwestern Ontario so temps aren’t as chilly as Ottawa but it’s still Winter for a little while yet. I love the colour of your new hoodie Sue, so bright and cheerful. I recently ordered a blue/green cashmere crew neck sweater from Lands End and just love it! They have a good sale on right now and their cashmere is very good quality. It’s light weight but oh so comfy and cozy. I figure I can wear it under blazers while the temps are colder and wear it on its own with white jeans and sneakers once we ease into Spring. Fingers crossed your Mum gets her vaccine soon.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, Glenda. I will wear my sweater first under spring jackets, and then on its own with jeans and sneakers.

  16. I agree… I think your new sweater/hoodie looks better on you than on the website. I love the colour!

    We’re experiencing what seems to be an early arrival of spring here in Alberta. The snow is rapidly melting away and I’ve even heard that a few early arriving geese are back, but I’m afraid to get my hopes up. Mother nature likely has at least one more nasty winter storm up her sleeve.

  17. Great color of the hoodie! I love how you styled it under and over. Fell in love with New Brunswick on a trip to the Maritimes in the fall of 2019, days after Hurricane Dorian hit. It was our honeymoon trip 32 years late.
    Thinking of spring only because my husband is getting ready to start sugaring (making maple syrup for down country folks.) But what I do to mitigate the clothing boredom, and I’ve done this for years, is to create different colorways for each month…I have waaaaay too many clothes just for this purpose. So as we turned the calendar page to March, I retired the grays but kept the blush/pinks. I added greens. I have both forest and sage color jackets and sweaters. I like to put on my “school clothes” at home for most days, but if I have an appointment (car, optometrist, um, groceries???) I’ll dress up a bit more with jewelry, scarves, and a little more make-up. Livin’ the high life!! First vaccination for me on the 17th, (and I will wear green) and for my husband, the 18th. Carol in VT

    1. Maple syrup season is almost upon us. I feel so nostalgic about that. Love your plan to stave off outfit boredom. My closet is much too small though.

  18. Always enjoy reading your thoughts. Of course fashion and style are fun and a welcome pursuit or distraction. I wanted to thank you for sharing Allison Bornstein’s videos. So helpful and interesting. With spring on the horizon in Hamilton (ON), I’m wearing more shirts and blouses with blazers and cardigans rather than my cozy sweaters. Still working from home but love getting dressed every day.

  19. Thanks to you I am looking at hoodies. They are a younger look. Also looking at more colorful clothes.
    I heard geese coming back to our creek so spring cannot be far off. The skies are bluer and sunnier so this is also a good sign. My husband, 74 got his second vaccine this week and I, 66 get mine next week. I hope it is available to all who want it soon. It is definitely easier to schedule a vaccine appointment, which are open to those over 60 in Ohio.

    1. I snapped up my hoodie because I haven’t seen a light-weight hoodie for a while and I love the style. My grey one is showing the wear. Glad you are able to get the shot. We have to sit tight for a while yet.

  20. Love that hoodie on you! I’ll check it out since a cashmere hoodie is something I have long wanted but they only seem available in gray or beige. My husband will flip if another piece of cashmere comes to our door…I have been indulging my obsession with all the good sales going on.
    What is up with NB and vaccination of the elders? My FIL in Dieppe is 86 and is still waiting to hear. My 95 yr old father in Oakville just got his first shot last Thursday. He is in a retirement home and maybe they are better organized.My FIL lives in his own home so maybe NB feels those elders are at less risk than those in congregate settings?
    Hopefully we’ll get ours later this spring so we can plan to visit both of these gentleman whom we haven’t seen in person for more than a year.

    1. I spoke to the social worker who arranges Mum’s homecare on Friday. He said that NB is hoping to have all seniors in care-homes vaccinated by the end of March. And next up are seniors over 85. The good news is that these seniors will not have to delay their second shot like the general public. So that is some consolation. When the vaccines were in short supply NB was hit hard. Their small population helped them with the spread but is hurting them in getting the delivery of vaccine.

  21. Hi Sue,
    you look brilliantly in your spring green hoodie. I love the way you combine the new item with your existing clothes. Very good and inventive!
    In Germany and special here in the rhine area winter is over and we saw signs of spring everyway yesterday while walking through a town park, along the fields and in the allotment garden area. I don’t know, weather you know allotment garden? Maybe it is such a german thing?
    Only my 94 year mum had got her two shots, we have to be patient… . It is very interessting to read in the comments, how the different countries fights again the pandemic. We all have to learn a lot, because it’s our first pandemic…
    Take care, be patient,
    Hugs from Susa

    1. Thanks, Susa. We have only started allotments here in the past few years as far as I know. I guess before that most people who had gardens had backyard ones, like us. I think it’s a great idea. And what a lovely way to foster community.

  22. Hi Sue, Love that colour of green hoodie on you and how you are able to layer it so many different ways. Thanks for all the suggestions.
    Thanks also to all the commenters as to what they are experiencing as their next season – whether it be heading into their Spring or Fall . So many places that so many of us will never be able to travel to, so it is wonderful to learn about each person’s area and what they are enjoying seeing when they look outside. 🌺
    Happy International Women’s Day !

  23. I’m with Janet: I’ll be truly sad to see the winter end. Cross country skiing has been the only steady activity I’ve been able to do, and my children have been able to do, for the last three months. Once that’s over, they’re back to no or minimal socialization outside of school. I love skiing: you can go hard or coast slowly, whereas when the snow melts, I’ll be back to running, and that never feels easy and truly relaxing like skiing! Please don’t hate me, but I feel as if the winter is never long enough…

    The closet turn hasn’t happened in my house yet, but as I wear each winter piece, I’m putting it away for the season. My closet it looking a little less like a bloated abomination; however, in April I’ll bring out my spring and summer clothes and the closet situation will be a disaster again 🙂

    1. Stu is right there with you, Jo. He will be sad to lose his daily ski. And I will be sad when he does too. But for a whole other reason. Ha. I like the idea of saying goodbye for now to one winter item at a time. I mean if I were actually wearing my clothes instead of sweats all the time. 🙂

  24. It is difficult to pull oneself out of the doldrums, more so during this time than others. Anything that works and does no harm is certainly not “stupid and shallow”. Especially during a much longer winter–and “winter of the soul”–than is normally the case. Fashion-wise, I’m pulling out the linen, albeit the heavy linen. Bright colors and spring materials just feel, right now, like hope.

  25. Hi Sue … gorgeous spring green hoodie! Such a pretty shade. As it’s a lightweight cashmere and a boxy style I’m thinking it may work well with a skirt. Certainly your faux leather one and depending on fabric weight, maybe your check one? ( black and white check) I’ve seen a few pictures in magazines where boxy sweaters are styled with pleated skirts and trainers and they look really good … quite fresh and modern.
    We’ve had some really dull, misty days recently but also some frosty, sunny ones. These mornings have been perfect for walks, although I regretted trying a lighter weight coat one day and quickly reverted to my long puffa one! Bearing in mind out temperatures are no where near as low as yours! As much as I love snow, I do empathise! I think, as Wendy said, it’s such a rarity here that it causes great excitement!
    So worrying about your mum not having had her vaccine, hopefully she’ll get it very soon. I feel very lucky to have had my first one … not that I’ll change any of my habits. Still wearing masks and distancing when outside, as you do and only us inside our house etc.
    Glad to hear Stu’s able to enjoy lots of daily skiing on great snow … and I imagine you’re in your sun room, cosy with a book and tea 😊
    Take care …

    1. I thought that the hoodie would go great with my black and white striped skirt as well. I wear my boxy lilac Vince one with the skirt and the proportions are the same. Well spotted!

  26. I love this new hoodie of yours, and I like both stylings (although skeptical of how well I’d manage the sweater-as-scarf look). As for Spring dressing, you really don’t want to hear from me, do you? We’re in such an anomalous situation here on the Southwest Coast of Canada — snowshoeing half an hour’s drive from home last week, but also sitting out on our deck for lunch one day (albeit with the fire table). . . Still, of course, many opportunities for frost and even for a random snowfall, but Spring is unstoppable here now . . . and will make its way to you and your green-as-new-shoots cashmere hoodie, I promise 😉

  27. Beautiful Green hoodie- it looks Great on you! I have to ask- How do you decide when purchasing clothing, whether to spend $298.(Club Monaco) or $29.99 (H&M) for a hoodie? I love the look! You have shown items lately from both ends of the spectrum and some in between. I tend to spend right up the middle- and maybe that’s not the best bet. I really am interested in your very deliberative process.

    1. Well, I am familiar with the quality of Club Monaco. Not as luxurious as Vince, but somewhat less expensive. And I’ve also checked out H&M sweaters in person, so I fear that a cheap cashmere sweater would be cheaply made. But I was willing to risk it on a hoodie. And the quality of cotton in my black hoodie is okay. Not as nice as Aritzia. But eventually I will wear it for camping anyway, even if it begins to fall apart. Whereas a cashmere sweater I expect to keep for good for years. Hope that explains some of my thinking, Cathy.

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