Until I started fashion blogging and taking photos of myself every week, I didn’t realize how many things there are to think of to get a good photo. Oh, I knew not to cut someone’s feet off, or their head. At least I knew to try not to do so. For years Hubby complained about my photos. Hence the reason that most of our travel shots look like I visited Australia or the Yukon or the UK on my own. After one unfortunate travel photo too many, I became the perpetual subject, and never the photographer.

But since I’ve been blogging, I’m getting much better at taking photos. My landscape photos have really improved, and even the shots of myself are getting better. Through trial and error (lots of error), I’ve learned about framing a shot, about trying to get the best natural light, and about adjusting the camera angle so that my head doesn’t look too big and my feet unnaturally tiny. That’s one tip I learned from fashion blogger Catherine Summers who writes the blog Not Dressed as Lamb. She’s a trained photographer and I’ve learned a ton from her helpful posts on how to take good photos. Learning to look at the background of a shot has been the most frustrating lesson for me.

Best shot outside. Uniqlo jacket, Holt Renfrew sweater, Holt Renfrew scarf.
One decent photo.

When I look back at old photos of myself on my blog, I cringe at the background details I’ve missed. Clothes draped where they shouldn’t be, extension cords snaking across the floor, or Hubby’s big white and yellow buckets that he uses on the deck to catch drips from a leaking eavestrough. The worst shots, and the funniest, are the ones with a tree growing straight out of the top of my head. In particular, one small dead ash tree behind our front-yard fence. For a whole summer I blithely, and unknowingly, posed for photos sitting in one of our Adirondack chairs on the deck with that darned tree perfectly centered behind my head. I have no idea why I didn’t notice that right away, but I didn’t.

Fashion blogging can be complex. Certainly more complex than I knew when I started. Some fashion bloggers have assistants, or family members, who take photos for them, and people who do their editing. Or someone who is at least another eye, to tell them that their hair is sticking up, that one pantleg is stuffed into their boot, or that they have a tree in the middle of their head. But when you are your own team, the whole team, sometimes there are too many things to get right.

Fashion blogging in winter means taking photos in not ideal situations, with not ideal results.
Too dark, and too much snow.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I don’t want someone else taking my photos. I’m too shy for that. I’d feel like a prize idiot doing some of the things I do in photos with someone watching. Even Hubby. But I’m not at all shy when it’s just me, myself, and I. And so I learned early on to check after a few shots, about my clothes, my smile, and my hair. The background stuff took a while longer.

Besides I don’t expect to look like a fashion model. I care as much about “thinking aloud about clothes,” to quote Linda Grant, and writing about them, as I do about taking photos of them. More actually. Planning my wardrobe, editing and culling, making lists, shopping to fill niches, and philosophizing about why I’m wearing what I’m wearing are far more interesting to me than posing for photos.

Fashion blogging in winter means taking photos in not ideal circumstances, like too many shadows, even of the camera.
Too many shadows on the street.

But since yesterday when I ventured out into the frigid sunshine to take a few blog photos, I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of fashion blogging, and taking photos for a post. And how winter adds one more wrinkle to that pursuit. One more peril. Especially when you live where I do. During a pandemic. And after a substantial snowfall.

Yesterday I wanted to see if I could spin a very old sweater, and an even older scarf into a reasonable winter outfit. This charcoal, heathered, chunky-knit turtleneck has been with me since the nineties. But since I retired, I’ve only worn it on winter road trips. When my hair was still blonde and brown I’d begun to think it was too dark for me. That it didn’t suit me anymore. But I’ve been really liking black and dark greys with my new silver hair, so yesterday I thought I’d dig it out of storage and give it another try.

Fashion blogging in winter means taking photos in not ideal situations.
Hubby’s logging yard. The only place left to try.

I pulled my old sweater on with my black pull-on Liverpool Glider jeans, my newish Ugg winter boots, white Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket, grey AllSaints cross-body bag, and an old scarf that I found when I dug out the sweater. I love this scarf. And I clearly remember buying it at Holt Renfrew back in 1998. That’s the year long trouser skirts were big. Remember those?

Trouser skirts were styled like men’s trousers at the waist, with a zippered fly, belt loops and pockets, and they fell in a long column from the hips almost to the ankles with a huge slit in the back. I wore my skirt with a charcoal and white striped button-down shirt, wide black belt, chunky boots, and this charcoal woollen scarf. The scarf is not a knit; it’s made from woollen fabric like a man’s scarf. It has black embroidery and a black beaded fringe. I remember that trouser skirt outfit so vividly. I felt very swish, striding down the hall at school in my long skirt and boots. Thank goodness for that slit because I have long legs, and I do tend to walk with purpose. Ha.

Fashion blogging in winter means taking photos in not ideal situations. Camera angle is wrong resulting in tiny feet of the subject.
Wrong camera angle. What happened to my feet? They shrank.

Anyway, I liked the mix of black and grey and creamy white in this outfit yesterday, and I was sure it would be great for my next foray out into the world, whenever that is. I was excited to see how it would look in photos.

Let’s just say that yesterday’s photo session was a little fraught. First it was getting on for 3:00 o’clock by the time I went outside. Hence the sun was low in the sky, and had totally abandoned the front yard. Shots on the deck were in the shadow of the house and too dark. Shots on the front lawn were in deep snow so my boots disappeared into the white stuff. I tried holding up one leg and fell over, and my tripod almost fell over too. It seemed using the waterfront with the frozen river as a background was out. So I decamped to the back yard.

Uniqlo down jacket, Holt Renfrew sweater, Holt Renfrew scarf, Liverpool jeans, AllSaints bag, Ugg boots, Ray Ban sunglasses.
An almost decent shot. But for those cement blocks. And that road sign. Sigh.

Besides the driveway and our street, Hubby’s logging yard, where he’s been splitting wood for his woodpile, was the only place at the back of our property where the snow wasn’t over my boots. The sun cast weird shadows when I posed on the street, including the shadow of my tripod. And the bright yellow “dead-end” sign over my shoulder wasn’t that photogenic. Cement blocks were propped next to the shed, cars figured largely, and telephone wires crisscrossed the sky. Somehow the camera became tilted when I’d moved the tripod, and my feet looked unnaturally tiny in a few shots. Then the wind picked up and tousled my hair, but I was so frigging cold by then I didn’t care.

Perils of winter fashion blogging, photos in the wind, with wind blown hair.
Wind whipped hair.

I scuttled around to our back door to get out of the wind. My hands were freezing, but I knew I should check to see if I had any decent shots at all before I went inside. That’s when my phone shut down. I guess it thought it was way too cold to be taking photos. So I gave up and retreated to the warmth of the house.

Later when my phone was working again, I saw that I had two decent photos. One of which had that stupid yellow sign over my shoulder. So really, one decent photo. And with no where else to go to take photos because of lockdown. And little motivation to go back outside in the cold to try again, I settled for what I had. You see, that’s one thing I’ve learned from fashion blogging. I have to settle for photos that are as good as I can make them. And be happy with that. And I am. Usually. Ha.

I will say that I am very happy with my new outfit combination. That old sweater really came to life when paired with my white down jacket. I have decided I have plenty of “good” chunky knits that I don’t want to ruin by wearing them around the house. And since over the years I have sat in cars on winter road trips for hours and hours in this sweater, I might as well wear it around the house. So it now has a place in the pile of sweatshirts and fleeces I wear in the winter at home. This might be construed as my upping the ante with my WFH wardrobe. Not that I have a work from home wardrobe. Since I don’t work anymore. Unless you count blogging. Which I don’t.

Sitting on the back step. Uniqlo down jacket, Holt Renfrew sweater, Holt Renfrew scarf, Liverpool jeans, AllSaints bag.
Cold hands. Then my phone died.

I don’t count blogging as work since our financial stability would not be affected at all if I quit. I do make some money from my affiliate links. Enough to pay for my hosting fees, and for the tech help I now get from Brandon and Tim. But blogging, fashion blogging or otherwise, is never going to make me rich.

It does, however, enrich me in so many other ways. In the sheer fun I get from writing about whatever is on my mind. In being able to yak to you guys about clothes and books and travel, and even to whine a little from time to time. And in meeting through the comments, and sometimes in real life, a wonderful bunch of women who have become a community.

Not to mention the personal satisfaction I get from having from learned so, so much since I started back in 2014. Including how to take better pictures. So much better in fact that I am now mostly in charge of our travel photos. Although, to be honest, Hubby still does take a lot of photos of me when we’re travelling. Partly because I ask him to take a daily outfit shot now. It’s amazing how valuable outfit shots are when one is planning one’s packing for the next trip.

But let’s go back to that one unfortunate photo taken by me, back in the day. The one that ended my photo-taking for quite some time.

It was 2003; we were in Australia, and I ruined what should have been a perfect photo. We were touring an underground mine and Hubby wanted his photo taken with a life-size statue of a miner wielding his pickaxe in one of the tunnels. He had the intention of standing beside the statue, draping his arm companionable across the miner’s shoulders. Like they were good mates.

We lagged behind the rest of the group to get the shot. We had to hurry before the tour group got too far ahead of us and we were left in the dark. After all, we were underground. Hubby had to clamber over a pile of loose rocks to get to the statue. And when he was close behind the statue, actually very close, almost hugging it, trying to turn around and not fall on the rocks, I precipitously clicked the photo. When we received the printed pictures a week later, he was furious with me. In the photo, Hubby looks as if he is in an amorous clinch with the miner. His head is turned toward me with a startled expression, as if they have been caught in a compromising position, as if they were… uh… a little more than good mates. Ha.

That was the last vacation shot I took for a very long time. We still laugh at that… well, mostly I laugh. He’s still a little miffed that I ruined his perfect picture.

Oh well. He’ll get over it. Sooner or later. 🙂

What are you wearing as your WFH outfits, my friends? Whether you work from home, or are just at home, like me. Do you live in sweats? Or have you upped the ante?

P.S. My old grey chunky turtleneck is no longer available. I mean, it is over twenty years old. But I liked these ones below, a couple of which are on sale.

P.P.S. The clothing links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I may earn a commission. Except for the Uniqlo link. That’s just FYI.

Linking up with Catherine and #IWillWeartWhatILike.


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65 thoughts on “The Perils of Winter Fashion Blogging”

  1. Morning Sue … great post to read with my morning coffee. It really made me smile and chuckle … having followed you for years, I can’t say I’ve noticed your less than perfect photography skills! I remember pics of you sitting in your red Adirondack chairs … can’t say I remember the tree! 😂 I guess I’m always focused on you, your smile and what you’re wearing and often the river behind you!
    Today it was great to chat and wander around your garden with you in the snow. Even if our cheeks and noses had a healthy glow!
    You seem to be finding some great sweaters in your wardrobe lately. This one works really well with the scarf and your Uniqlo jacket. Looks cosy too!
    I have a similar sweater … maybe thinner, and a grey scarf in wool fabric like yours, with a feint gold and mauve check. So easy to wear. Often with a grey or mauve jacket similar to yours.
    Mmmm around the house lately … sometimes jeans and a nice tee or shirt, often joggers and similar on top. By the evening always soft jogger style bottoms or check pj bottoms with a comfy coordinating top.
    Always something I feel ok, answering the door to the postman wearing!
    Thanks again for the chat and walk in the snow Sue.
    Rosie xxx

    1. Our mailman never knocks on the door. He just abandons packages on the deck and sometimes waves if we see him. 🙂 I have made up my mind to order some new joggers and hoodies. I know that is mostly what I will wear and I need some more choice. I spoil them by cooking in them and, even with an apron, I’m a terribly messy cook.

  2. The perils of photography . But I think you do it so well . Though I do like the bits & pieces of a real life in your photos . The human touches . Do you know how many pics Max took to get that one I sent you last time ? – twenty three & I still had the big head & little feet 😫We had to stop , things were getting very ‘ tense ‘ .
    I would have liked to have seen the photo of Stu snuggling up to the miner ( Max & I laughed at that ) but can understand why he doesn’t want it on general release .

    1. Oh… that did make me laugh out loud, Wendy. It is SO hard to get the angle right on phone photos.
      P.S. Stu says that his photo is NOT for general release. Ha.

  3. Super outfit! Watching with interest your colour choices now as I am 2 and a half months in of letting my natural hair grow in, which looks very silver/white. As a dark brunette saying it is going to be an interesting journey is putting it mildly!

  4. The thing I really appreciate about your photos is that your personality shows through. The occasional branch sticking out behind your head doesn’t faze me…or even one of Stu’s yard implements. I can think of some fashion blogs where there may be ‘perfect’ photos, but the individual is almost devoid of personality–so focused on ‘perfection.’ What does show in your photos is that you are having fun…and I enjoy being taken along for the ride.

    1. Leslie in Oregon

      I agree with Mary. I have always enjoyed your photographs and never responded negatively to any of the “flaws” you pointed out in this post. The snow photograph that you decided is the best from yesterday’s time outside is glorious…because it looks like the you that is projected in your writing (and because your hair is such a beautiful white)! Sending appreciation from Portland, where we haven’t had much winter (yet), Leslie

  5. Good Morning Sue, I agree with the comments above – never noticed a tree growing out of your head 😊 or any other what might be considered “imperfections” in the photos. I do enjoy seeing how an outfit is put together and also some of the amazing scenery around your place and on your walks. I also like how your photos always match the human feel that is going on in your blog of actually “talking to us” as a group of friends having a chat. I would have loved to have sent a pic for some of the imaginary get togethers but struggle to take even a somewhat decent selfie – so will head over to Not Dressed As A Lamb site to see what new & helpful things I can learn.
    Since Covid appeared, I seem to only want something that is soft and comfortable – but also cheerful and in “my colours”. This past year has really shown me what I do Not like in my closet.
    Thanks for another enjoyable blog to start off my week. 😊

  6. Our favorite funny (now) vacation pic story happened in Sedona. After a considerable climb to the top of Devil’s Bridge, I took a great pic of DH out on the “bridge’ showing the complete view in all its glory. After finally gathering up my courage, I decided to walk out as well. So I asked DH to make sure he got a pic or me once I was there. With palms sweating, I made my way out, threw up my hands, and he took a picture. When I got back, it turned out he had closed in on me completely cutting off the surrounding view. I could have been standing on any red rock in the area. Initially I was peeved, but over time I found it funny. I can’t imagine I’ll ever be on that particular rock bridge again, but what can you do?

  7. Love your conversation on your blog. I mostly like the natural quality to your photos and focus on what you are wearing. I never noticed a tree coming out of your head. I am still working and enjoy getting dressed for work, a casual environment. At home, I wear things that won’t be damaged in whatever task I am doing as well as things that don’t retain dog hair as easily as sweaters. I used to wear and love turtlenecks but find now that they irritate my neck and make the hair do wonky things. I really miss a good turtleneck.

  8. Love your blog. I agree with the others, I haven’t noticed your background much. The pictures of you are great. I enjoy reading/listening to you talk. So glad to have your perspective on fashions from a Canadian point of view. Keep up the great work!
    Maria from Niagara Falls

  9. Loved your vacation photo story. I struggle with photography and appreciate your insight into all that goes into taking pictures for your blog.

  10. Of the many things I love about your blog I think it is the way you can chat to us as if we are all together. I love the rambling explanations of the where and why of your life in weekly snippits. I must say, I have never noticed a tree in the shots from the red chairs, and enjoy all the glimpses of the background scenery. I think you are being a bit harsh since I just enjoy seeing how you put things together and take ideas for myself on clothes and storage and the process of living in the cold winters in Ontario. This morning I went out to fill the bird feeders and just slipped bare feet into the furry boots, eased down the steps that I had not shovelled and when I turned around to come back from the last one, my boot stayed in the snow and I was bare foot in the deep snow. Now that gets me back up the steps faster. I for one would not care if you showed your outdoor outfits indoors (say that 10 times) on these really cold days, perhaps with a hand on the door handle ready to exit. As for the lazing around the house clothes, pull on jeans and a sweater with heavy socks seems to be my go to for the cold. Since I have been sorting through the makeup drawers of late, I am trying out before tossing, and am enjoying wearing full eye makeup every day, may as well to use it before it has to go anyway. I must say it makes passing the mirror a bit nicer. Thanks for the reminder, I will revisit Catherine’s pointers for composition. Oh, and one last thing, hubby has his own camera to use for our travels since many are slightly out of focus but the good ones are usually a different perspective from the ones I take so it all works out.

    1. OMG… Hubby and I both enjoyed that story, Diane. How many times as kids have we lost our boot in the snow? Although not necessarily in bare feet. Brrr. I’m trying to go out as much as I can because I seem to take so many indoor photos. And I have only one or two spots where the light is good. But eventually I will resort to back inside again.

  11. I have realised the advantages of not only packing away unseasonal clothes but of creating a small wardrobe – I suppose capsule but really just coordinated – that I use, and selecting from that. It means I can enjoy putting different things together each day and I never have clothes rammed in so I can’t find what I want. It has made a great difference and I like playing about, jewellery included.
    A sort-out of the winter wardrobe will be looming and I know that some items will not be staying. I do the same with the house too – now all cleaned and tidied and colour schemes renewed for spring. It helps to pass the time.

  12. I agree with Mary and others….I much prefer the natural quality of your photos; I also hadn’t noticed some of the ‘problematic’ background details in the photos that you have discussed. This is likely due to the purpose we have for viewing images – we focus on what we have decided is important and don’t even notice or ignore what isn’t important. I want to see the theme or topic of your discussion in your photos, and I’m actually turned off by ‘perfection’ – the air-brushed, highly styled images one is often confronted by in the media. I’ll take the tree coming out of your head any day!

    When I was young, my mom always took the vacation photos. We now have many pictures of mom’s thumb and half of someone’s blurry head visiting some place…

    I only take temporary photos on my phone: every month or so I scroll through the 200 pictures of my cats and 2 pictures of my children, and then delete them all. I do, however, keep a photo of my husband hiking in Lake Placid in the fall of 2019 (my last vacation!) as a hopeful reminder that I’ll go somewhere again, some day. The leaves were breathtaking, the light was just perfect and he didn’t have that pained ‘the camera is stealing my soul’ look on his face. It certainly is difficult to get the the light, subject, and background all working together in harmony!

  13. Thanks, Sue, for sharing about your photography and its progression. I had never thought much about it until I did participate in two of your virtual gatherings. The disappointment in the pictures my husband took was strong. I looked so wooden and scared. We persevered and got a couple “okay” shots. I realized then, that this is not easy.

    Your pictures always look natural and friendly. Maybe that is why I thought it would be easy – not…! You, your pictures and outfits come across as accessible. You look great in your old sweater and scarf – perfect for a cold winter day.

    I generally wear jeans and a turtleneck for everyday. I have a lightweight denim overshirt that I wear over the turtleneck most days. I made a pact with myself to wear more of a variety, but haven’t done too well with that. Feeling rather lazy and uninspired, but your posts help to get me thinking. ❤️

    1. I think it’s hard to have someone else take my photo. When Hubby does it on vacation, I hate to ask him to take fifteen to get one that is good enough for me.

  14. I think you did well, considering the wintry conditions. . . white and black against the snow’s brightness confusing the digital “shutter” as well as the cold making it tougher and tougher for your subject to smile. . . The outfit itself is a definite success!
    Those trouser skirts — I did have one, a jean skirt. Despite the long slit which did offer some mobility, there was all that heavy, relatively stiff fabric! Didn’t work so well for climbing in and out of the boat and clambering up or down a slippery ramp at the dock. . . The things we do for fashion! 😉

  15. I have so many things to ask about/ comment on, I really Love your blog and relate very much. But I have one burning question- Does your Uniqlo down jacket keep you warm enough in Ottawa?
    I bought one of he longer coats, but it was so light weight I couldn’t see how it would keep me warm, even here in Virginia , so I returned it and got one from landsend.. Now I’m looking at a jacket and wondering, if the uniqlo would work.

    1. I love my Uniqlo jacket. When I bought it I thought it would not be warm enough for the coldest part of winter and that I’d be wearing my big heavy down coat come January. But I wear it all the time. If I’m running errands and will be mostly in car I wear it with just a turtleneck. But I’ve been wearing it with a turtleneck and a sweatshirt for walking and have been toasty warm. I’m thinking of ditching my heavy old one and getting another Uniqlo one but longer to keep my thighs warm, when I’m walking.

  16. Enjoyed your interview on Cindy Hattersley’s “Ageless Style-Sue Burpee” !! Great questions and Great answers. Fun black and white skirt !! Waiting for summer to rollback around….

  17. Love all your photos. And agree with the previous comments that appreciate the “real you”. It is this conversation-like tone that is enjoyable and draws this reader into your blog.
    I try to “dress” everyday…jeans, sweaters, tshirts. I love turtlenecks, too, but like Mary, I found that snug-fitting ones were uncomfortable. Enter, Uniqlo! I found knit turtlenecks that were very comfortable.
    One thing not previously mentioned…I don’t always wear a bra. 😬 Am I breaking Canadian good manners? Sorry, if I have offended! I should also say, I don’t really need one! 😉
    So, I am very comfortable as I go about my Southern California-casual day. Of course, for exercising and going out and about, I do wear one.
    Keep up the inspiration via your words and your photos!

    1. Ha. Not offended by the discussion of not wearing a bra at all, Charlene. I’ve pretty much switched to wearing stretchy, pull-on sports bras lately. They are much more comfortable and they are warm in the winter.

      1. 🤗. Would you mind sharing any recommendations for that “stretchy, pull on sport bra”? Thank you!

        1. I used to love the Nike ones but they are made smaller now, with a more scooped neckline and with not as much coverage. Then my hairdresser who is a triathlete told me she gets all her sports bras at Victoria’s Secret. And here I thought they were just a lacy underwear place. I can’t wear lace at all. I have bought only Victoria’s Secret sports bras for the past two or three years and find them really comfortable. And inexpensive. I like the racer-back ones that just pull on.

  18. I enjoyed your interview on Cindy’s blog, Sue. And I’ve always thought your photos were just great. I never noticed anything sticking out of your head or any other funny details that you mentioned. And I have to say it again….your hair is so beautiful. It really makes you look younger. Who knew!

  19. You led up to this big reveal and then never showed us the photo you took of your husband in the mine. Darn. I’ve always thought your photos looked great. I wouldn’t complain about any of them, including that red sign that I didn’t see until you pointed it out. I’m lucky, I have an instagram husband. He loves taking photos.

  20. Oops, I meant the yellow sign. I don’t know how the words turned to red. Plus I love wearing a hoodie and tights all day. I do dress up to record but I’m always wearing tights and probably leopard patterned slippers.

  21. I take all our travel photos. I don’t think hubby had ever held the camera until I decided to add a weekly fashion feature to my blog, but he bravely agreed to be my photographer and over time his skill is improving. Winter is tough though. Too cold for many outdoor shots, so we end up taking a lot of them against a blank wall indoors. I envy bloggers in warmer and more interesting places who always seem to have gorgeous backdrops for their pictures.

    I really appreciate the fact that you blog for the love of blogging and not for financial gain. I’ve almost given up on a couple of the bloggers that I’ve been following for a long time because their posts have become little more than advertisements for the various retailers that they’re affiliated with.

  22. Love the outfit and the photos because you always keep it real.

    During our lockdown I decided to dress in my going out clothes as it made be feel better about myself. If I dressed in leisure wear I felt sloppy and out of sorts. I also decided to wear all the clothes that I never seemed to wear and discovered why. Mainly it was lack of comfort and ease of movement so I donated them. I have decided that going forward that I will dress as if I am going somewhere everyday because I want to enjoy my clothes, not have them sitting there unloved until we can return to some form of normality.

  23. I’m so bad in “fashion photos”( or any other btw) that you are in Oscar award heights in comparison to me
    Poor Hubby:)!
    I’m at home and I’ve postponed everything that was possible to postpone or did it organizing people.
    Before the Covid,I’ve bought two cashmere sweaters a couple of years ago to wear at home. I simply can’t go out in the same outfit when I cook or clean or wash windows or whatever but wanted to level up my home uniform.(These days I can’t imagine to wear clothes that I’ve had somewhere out, in my home,because of Covid)
    I’ve bought grey cotton-cashmere wide trousers last year (and got one similar pair,more as joggers, from my friend,as I’ve said before)- so,this is it. During the day I wear home trainers,slippers only in the evening and early morning.

  24. Great outfit, Sue, and several chuckles over your post today! Yesterday was “busy” with a curbside lunch birthday party and then hosting dinner back home so I saved your pst for this morning. I reprised my inauguration outfit with warm navy wool pants and a new navy New Vince V-neck cashmere sweater, striped menswear shirt underneath since we were leaving the house! Ha – a rare “dressed up” day. A comfortable outfit but at home usually joggers with a nice top. It’s February, time to change up our decor and look ahead to spring! Thank you for spending time with us

  25. Boy, do I hear this loud and clear, Sue! I have the same perils here. Still working full-time, I leave the house before daylight in the morning, and have about a half-hour of light when I get home. It’s also cold, and while snow is only occasional, there’s mud to deal with. Very few spots in the house or outside that work – grrr. That puts a lot of pressure on weekends for outfit photos, and this last one was cold and rainy. And I needed to split firewood more than I needed photos…First World problems, eh? I, too, have learned SO much from Catherine – would LOVE to meet her one day, as I would you too – you were both major inspirations for my own(sporadic) blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary Katherine. I learned all kinds of things from Catherine’s’ photo tips, but also from her blogging tips. I never knew about tagging photos and all kinds of other things until I read about them on her blog.

    I have learned to take a sample one and check the surroundings!!!
    My thinking take a perfectly good photo so NO MORE STEPS to THE PUBLISHING PROCESS AS WE HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY!
    Morning and Late Afternoon are the BEST times outside…………I have been told by photographers.

    1. I agree. When I was reconfiguring my old blog into my new format, one of the tech guys told me not to play around with photos so much. He told me that each time I saved a version of the photo it became less and less clear. That iPhone photos are actually pretty good quality if I left them alone. So now I do. Way easier too. 🙂

  27. Ha! Photos! Mine always suck. At least when I try to take some with my phone and use them in a blog post. For one thing, The apartment I live in has absolutely horrible light. For another, I have clutter everywhere! But I have always found your fashion photos to be terrific! And I applaud those fashion bloggers who so courageously and skillfully photograph themselves with proper light, details, positioning and so on — for the readers benefit. That has to be a massive amount of work.

    I hadn’t thought about issues of lighting in the snow and issues with shadows outside… See? My cluelessness on this score explains in part why the few times I include a candid image rather than purchased images, my candids are less than delightful. (I did a bit better back on the day in my little house. Really good light, places to store all my files and books so there was less clutter, and that helped.)

    By the way, your hair color looks fantastic in the snow. Your hair color looks fantastic, period.


    1. Thanks, DA. I know that some bloggers have light reflectors & special backdrops, etc etc. I bought a cheap tripod and a bluetooth shutter at Amazon and have never looked back.

  28. Fantastic post! My daughter is a full time food blogger (Ali from Gimme from Oven). I know shooting food is not like shooting fashion, but your observations are SO true. Few people know the work (shooting, editing, reshooting, moving stuff around, reshooting, waiting for better lighting, etc.) that goes on behind the scenes. And that is just getting the photos. Kudos for you for recreating yourself after retirement (I just retired recently) and using the writing skills you have developed over a lifetime. And I am totally buying that white puffy jacket. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Linda. There’s a ton of work behind the scenes in blogging. Good thing those of us who do it love it. 🙂 I’m going to go check out Ali’s blog, now.

  29. Ha ha, I tried to “up the ante”, but I am a very messy cook–anyone remember “Pigpen” from the Charlie Brown comics? Yep…if there is something that will stain, it will find me. So, lounge pants for comfort and camis with sweaters are my go-to pandemic wear right now. When I’m feeling adventurous, maybe an old cashmere. “My good clothes will just have to live with my stopping by and giving them a pat every so often.” Yep. Me, too! Regarding photography, you are quite photogenic and your shots are beautifully natural.

  30. It’s summer here as you know, but it hasn’t been the literal bushfire hell we experienced last year ( not counting Northern and Eastern Perth ).

    I’m just bumming around in a loose fitting crewneck tee and a pair of shorts that I bought just around the time George Bush Jnr. became President. I won’t need to pull on a poloneck sweater for at least another three months ( I always start with a skivvy style shirt that’s similar to your beloved Vince turtlenecks ) and a pair of jeans or slacks.

    As for your photography skills, I think you’re doing much better than Stevie Wonder at least 😀

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