Why is it that you can feel perfectly calm about Christmas on November 30… “Why, there’s lots of time, no need to panic,” you tell yourself. You’ve committed to a scaled down holiday this year, with maybe only the two of you, like us, and there’s absolutely no need to feel stressed. And yet when the calendar flips, and December arrives, you begin to feel pressured. At least I do. By my own brain, I might add. So what with self-inflicted Christmas stress, on top of covid stress, not to mention all the other stuff that’s been weighing on us, we all need a break. Like a trip to Paris in December. Sigh. I wish. I guess we all wish.

So let’s do it. Let’s escape, shall we? For a whole weekend. Just us girls. For three whole days there will be no meal planning or lists or feverish card writing or house decorating. We will attempt to block out worries about the current pandemic situation or about the upcoming holidays. We will try to avoid thoughts of family or friends who may be ill, or at risk, or lonely. Let’s just relax, and enjoy Paris in December. Because, I’m told by reliable sources, Paris in December is magical.

So we’re off. Right now. I hope your bag is packed. With a little help from our imaginations, the internet, and my trusty magic wand, we will have that magical Paris weekend in December. With a wave of my wand, Paris is open again. But only for us. And only for three days. Three magical days.

Liz waits for me to pick her up.

Our flight leaves early on Friday morning. That’s my good buddy Liz above in those fantastic boots with her Prada bag. She’s waiting for me to pick her up in the limo. We are travelling in style, my friends. On the way to the airport Liz and I will plot our shopping. What do we need, what do we want? I will record all in my little book of lists. You know, after years of shopping with Liz at Holt Renfrew and at Nordstrom, it’s a dream come true to have her by my side when I shop in Paris. And for the very first time we’ll be shopping for her as well as for myself.

I see that Linsey and Wendy are all packed too. Linsey is my friend and walking partner. She looks terrific in pink, doesn’t she? Of course if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know Wendy from York. Love that corduroy Margaret Howell jacket, Wendy. See you in Paris, guys.

Miraculously all our flights, from all over the world, arrive at the same time. And our accommodation has kindly arranged for limos to pick us up at the airport and whisk us to our hotel in the heart of the Left Bank. Situated on Rue des Beaux Arts in St Germain-des-Prés, L’Hotel is luxurious and cosy at the same time. How do they do that? We’ve booked all of their rooms. You can go on-line and find your room here.

There’s laughter, shouts of greeting, and lots of hugs as we alight from the limos in front of the hotel. We haven’t seen each other since the summer book party. We check in, unpack quickly, maybe have a refreshing cup of tea, or a café crème, and meet in the foyer in a half hour.

L’Hotel in the heart of the Left Bank welcomes us.

We’re going somewhere close for an early lunch. Chatting in groups of two or three, we wander down the tiny Rue des Beaux Arts, until we turn a corner and someone spots a perfect little café. The white-aproned waiters are a bit nonplussed by the arrival of so many ladies all at once. But they rise to the occasion with only the mildest of admonishments, and soon we are all friends. We sink into our seats, sip a glass of something cold, and order.

Then we get down to business. The plan for this afternoon. I thought we’d explore the area. Maybe scout out shops or a gallery or a museum or two, so we can return tomorrow when we’ll have more time. I always do a bit of reconnaissance when I arrive in a new place. Several of our group are pretty expert on what to see in Paris. Not me. I’ve only been here once. But Dottoressa, Frances/Materfamilias, and Fiona have been many times. And Eveange lives only a few kilometres away. We are well sorted with guides, I think.

So we happily tuck into our salads or croque-monsieur and discuss our plans. We decide which gallery or shop we’ll visit today, and which should be saved for tomorrow. Some of us prefer to simply stroll the Left Bank and soak up the atmosphere.

I’m keen to visit Shakespeare and Company again. Just for a few minutes. I visited there in 2015. But once is not enough for this Hemingway shrine. Then I’d like to hike over to Montparnasse Cemetery. I know. But it’s another one of those literary shrines I’ve always wanted to see. Jean-Paul Sartre is buried there. I’ve convinced Susanne to join me. I know she wanted to wander in Bois de Boulogne, but maybe beautiful Montparnasse Cemetery will suffice for today.

Then I’ll wander back down Boulevard Saint-Germain to do some shopping reconnaissance. I plan to meet up with a couple of others who don’t want to walk over to Montparnasse but would like to check out Boulevard Saint-Germain. I’m sure many of us have one or two special places we’d hoped to visit. Some have memories of Paris trips long ago to relive. We won’t be bothered if you decide to strike out on your own. So as we leave the café, we decide who will go where with whom, and who just wants to wander. And then we set off.

By six we’re all back at the hotel. Some of us have had a short rest and a shower, and maybe a cup of tea. We gather in the lobby, dressed warmly and casually for our evening. I see that Marina and Liz B. are sporting lovely, warm plaid scarves. Good idea. We’re off to the Christmas Markets and, now that the sun has gone down, it’s downright chilly.

The Paris Christmas Markets. Could anything be more iconic for a trip to Paris in December? We will be spoiled for choice. Some are right on our doorstep or a short walk away, like the one on Champs de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, recommended by Paris Insiders Guide. We’ll start here.

Christmas Market on Champs de Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

But I kind of have my heart set on seeing the Abbesses Christmas Market in Monmartre as well. The view of the rest of the city below is worth the longer walk, I think. We stroll, browse the artisans stalls, grab a cup of vin chaud, or two. Strictly for warmth, of course. And maybe a beignet, eh? Maybe we should buy a dozen to take back to the hotel for a late night snack?

Then, tired and footsore, with cheeks flushed from the cold, we head to a small but highly recommended bistro for a late supper. Carol has an in with chef Stephen Jego at L’Ami Jean, so we have no trouble about our large party in his very small restaurant. Somehow we all fit. And soon we’re unwinding scarves, surreptitiously slipping boots off under the table, comparing purchases, and holding out our glasses to be refreshed by the lovely waiter.

Gad, it feels good to sit down. But what an amazing evening we’ve had so far. I wouldn’t have missed the Paris Christmas Markets for anything, blisters or no blisters. Our meal is fabulous. My beef melts in my mouth. And I haven’t had Châteauneuf-du-Pape since Hubby and I were in Provence in 2015. Tasting that wine makes me miss him a little. But only a little. Ha. Stephen has even laid on a few vegetarian options for those non-meat-eaters in our company. Over coffee and herbal tea we begin to plot our Saturday.

Christmas at Le Bon Marché

Saturday is shopping day, at least for Liz and me. I was in Paris for six days in 2015 with Hubby and never shopped once. Except to try a jacket on in an Armani boutique on the Champs Elysées, just to experience an Armani jacket you understand. But I didn’t really shop. Today I will make up for that.

Lots of you will choose to do other activities. For those who are here for the first time, the hotel concierge has arranged for a half-day tour. I mean, you can’t come to Paris for the first time and not see the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower. There are just so many iconic and historical sights, so many famous and beautiful buildings, and a tour really helps, I think. Then you can decide if you want to go back in the afternoon to have a second look at a particular museum or park. Or go shopping.

We eat breakfast early. We want to make sure we have a full day in Paris. And it will be a very full day. Ha. At breakfast we table hop to find out what others want to do. My friend Frances S. of the blog Materfamilias Writes makes recommendations about galleries that she knows and loves. Others who are familiar with the city proffer advice, on this museum or that exhibit, several people agree to act as guides for others. “What a generous bunch of wonderful women,” I think as I sip my café crème.

I see that Rosie and Elaine are all ready to hit the tourist trail. They both look casual, comfortable, and polished. I may have to buy a beret today. Rosie, Linsey, and Liz B. have inspired me. Now, are you guys up for galleries, tours, museums, or shops? I know that Robin will be shopping with us, and I’m guessing that Rosie and Marina will too.

First stop for Team Shopping is, of course, Le Bon Marché. We decide to split up; some of us prefer to shop alone. I understand that. I love to shop with others when we are shopping for them. Or if we’re just browsing. But I don’t shop well with others, except for Liz, when I am on a mission, looking for something specific for myself. My list includes a classic wool coat or a winter dress. Maybe boots. Liz and I head off. We agree to meet the others for coffee in two hours. Then if someone wants a second opinion one of us can accompany them back to the relevant store.

Later, over coffee we all talk at once, displaying our purchases, enthusing over the plethora of styles, moaning about the dearth of sizes. Twas ever thus, right? After coffee we spend the rest of the morning just browsing along the streets around Le Bon Marché.

We meet the rest of the group for lunch. It’s sunny so we sit outside. Frances T reports that she has finally visited the Musée Marmottan Monet. A few others accompanied her on her trip over to the 16th arrondissement. Of course, Robin was shopping with us. I think I see a purchase or two in that bag, Robin. Diane B has made a few purchases too. She loves the French Pharmacies for skin care products we can’t get at home. Me too, Diane. Before I forget again, I thank Carol for the wonderful dinner we had last night. How kind the wait staff and the chef were to us. No wonder she loves that restaurant.

After lunch several people are keen to return to places seen this morning on their tour, or to small shops and galleries that they scouted yesterday. I know there is so much scope around me, so much that I haven’t seen yet. But despite that, I want to linger for a while over my coffee. Wendy, Frances of Materfamilias Writes, Dottoressa, and Debra from Daily Plate of Crazy join me. We order more coffee, and soon a few others drift back and join us. We talk about books and travel and what life will be like after covid. We make imaginary plans for a walking trip in Derbyshire, for visiting the Croatian seaside and swimming in the Adriatic, or for cycling and dining our way around Vancouver. Ha. Maybe one day, eh?

Then we decide we shouldn’t waste any more of a beautiful afternoon in December in Paris.

Lunch and people watching, here, or somewhere else.

Eventually we all straggle back to the hotel. I have a shower and dry my hair. I make a pot of tea in my room and, carrying my cup, I wander around the beautiful building that was once home to Oscar Wilde. Since we are the only guests in the hotel, I pass many rooms with open doors. If I hear chatter, I poke my head inside and maybe join the conversation. I feel as if I’m in high school staying at a girlfriend’s house, getting ready together for a big night out. And just like in high school, I want to see what everyone is wearing to dinner tonight. Noreen is in red, which looks fabulous on her. Ann will be in black. All the better to show off one of her latest creations, a lovely red coral and freshwater pearl necklace.

Dottoressa will be wearing a purple cashmere sweater dress under her baby blue wool coat. That coat really suits your colouring Dottoressa. Debra says she will be in black cashmere and silver jewellry. While Eveange will be in cashmere too, but not black. Heather is elegant in black pants and cashmere sweater. I guess we all love our cashmere, ladies. By the way, I love that bit of bling on your shoes, Heather. Frances S. will be chic and totally on trend in her new sweater dress. What a wonderful shape that dress is Frances. Such a find. I should know; I’ve been looking for a dress for ages. Now, sated by my discussion of clothes and outfits and accessories, I decide I’d better get back to my room and get dressed myself.

For dinner tonight I’ll be in cashmere too, my lilac cashmere sweater from Vince, under my raspberry tweed Max Mara coat. And on the bottom? My old favourite black leather pants and black Chelsea boots. I’ll be drinking red wine tonight. It matches my earrings and bracelet. Ha.

We’re an elegant bunch as we stream out of the hotel and into the waiting taxis. It appears that we clean up pretty good. We are going somewhere special tonight. Somewhere magical. Where the food will be amazing. So many courses, each one perfection in its own way: tiny melt in your mouth appetisers, soup flavoured so delicately that we all say we’ve never tasted anything quite like it, salad greens with orange vinaigrette, succulent seafood, braised vegetables with a hint of honey and something else I can’t quite describe, slices of a crispy potato galette, smoked duck, morsels of rare roast beef, a twist of pasta with cream and black truffle. Then cheeses, and finally a desert trolley that beggars belief. I can’t choose. Lemon or chocolate? Lemon or chocolate? Okay, lemon and chocolate.

And throughout it all, the wonderful food, the wine, the crackling fire, the lights glittering in the Paris night just outside the restaurant windows, throughout all this there is the conversation. The kind of conversation that friends, good friends, have. The sharing of stories, hilarious stories, fascinating stories, sad stories, embarrassing stories. Stories of joy and adventures, of loss or pain, and of hopes for the future. This is what makes the night truly magical.

But eventually the fire burns down, the conversation wanes, and we realize that we should call it a night. Regretful as we are that the evening is almost over, we pull on our coats and leave. We walk back to the hotel along quiet streets. The crisp air feels wonderful. Tomorrow we will have to say goodbye to Paris. But for now we have this walk, and Paris at night.

In the morning we’ll rise early. We want to have time for one more walk around St Germaine-des-Pres, maybe over to the Jardin du Luxembourg, before brunch. Then we’ll pile back into the limos. Each of us carrying an extra package or two, gifts for loved ones, a special treat for ourselves that can’t be bought for love nor money at home, a perfect dress finally found in a small boutique in the Marais, handcrafted toys for grandchildren, books, books, and more books. And then with a final wave to friends in other cars, we are off to the airport, or the train station. And home.

In pink cashmere and pink tweed for our weekend in Paris.

Sigh. I wish, I guess we all wish, that we could have that magical weekend in Paris, for real. But dreaming of it will have to suffice for now. Besides, if we’re all dreaming of Paris at the same time, it’s almost like going, isn’t it?

Except of course I didn’t get that dress. I mean I did, but only in my imagination. And I can’t wear an imaginary dress. Too bad. Think of the wardrobes we’d all have if we only had to dream them up.

Now it’s your turn, my friends. I’ve spent most of the day in Paris writing this. What do you have to add to my story? Any special sights that you saw while we were there? Any imaginary purchases that you made you can tell us about? We really want to know.

I’m joining Catherine for her #IWillWearWhatILike link-up.


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66 thoughts on “Paris in December … We Wish”

  1. Haven’t been to Paris for a long time so I was happy to be led by the rest of the gang . I loved the gardens …the architecture…the street life & getting those tips from Liz ( had to stop myself snatching that bag off her ) And Lemon or chocolate – always my dilemma too .
    Best of all was the chatting . Relaxed & getting a little sleepy after that sumptuous meal ( & wine ! ) Getting to know all you lovely ladies a little more .
    Thanks for your efforts in bringing us together Sue . I wonder where we are headed next ?
    PS One of my favourite views in the world behind you in that last pic

    1. Liz knows her bags. I love that one too.
      P.S. That print of Eilean Donan castle was given to us by friends after our trip to Scotland. Such a beautiful place. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Paris jaunt. I would wander down the Rue Saints Honore and stare in the window of the florist that specialises in magnificent roses while enjoying being surrounded by chic Parisians. Then I would walk along the Seine to the Ile de Saint Louis and wander the cobbled Streets before going to look at the Notre Dame to see the destruction for myself. These are some of my favourite things to do in Paris which I planned to do in March before COVID cut my trip shirt.

  3. Oh lovely ladies,what a wonderful weekend!
    Sue,your plan is magical -it would be wonderful if you and Liz would open ” Magical Travel and Shopping” enterprise (with Stu as out-of-Europe travel consultant)-I’m sure the three of you would be a hit!
    Thank you,but I can’t compare with a lot of you,especially Frances,I’ve been to Paris only twice
    Nevertheless,Musée d’Orsay is always my choice….and exploring all the magic!

  4. Thank You for the magical trip to Paris, Sue! Your writing made me feel like I was actually there with all the rest of you.
    Everyone looks amazing!
    I would love to visit the Christmas markets for all their unique ideas and colours. However, I would need to borrow Liz for a quick minute to get help with making an outfit look “put together”. ( p.s. I love my beret’s too)
    All in all, it was a magical trip to Paris and wonderful writing. Where are we going next? : )

  5. Ahhh Paris….I have had the luxury of visiting her twice and she never fails to delight. Just sitting on a little street cafe and watching the Parisian women walk by. You can always tell a Parisian woman because they always have fabulous shoes. I was to spend a weekend there on my way back from Morocco summer 2020. Was going to share her magic with my travelling companion….alas…Covid hit and that trip was not to be. But someday we’ll have Paris again.

    1. When Hubby and I were there in 2015 we did not sit in cafés enough. Patly that’s because it was our first trip. but also because he is not a sitter like me. He likes to keep moving.

  6. What a lovely start to my Sunday — transported to Paris with a fabulous group of new friends. Thank you! I think I’d probably have popped into a fromagerie and selected a sampling of cheeses to share with a glass of wine back at the hotel (or to bring home!), and I would have hopped on a bus so as to immerse myself in the language and enjoy watching the sights out the window. Definitely a walk in Jardin de Luxembourg and a peek at the Eiffel Tower from the roof of Galeries Lafayette department store, after admiring their festive displays. If there’d been time I would have also wandered into the art exhibition at the Petit Palais. Sigh…..but really, would any of that matter — just wandering the streets with brilliant women in a different city. Priceless.

  7. This was such a fun post, Sue. Wonderful to see faces of so many fellow readers here . . . and to think this was going to be the first year since 2005 that I didn’t get to Paris — you’ve made sure this year didn’t get missed out after all. . . 😉
    And the chance to once again stagger out of L’Ami Jean, far too full of delicious food paired with complementary wines. . . brilliant! I did sneak off a few times (didn’t need to see the Eiffel Tower again, but couldn’t resist a visit to my favourite footbridge, Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir, a stroll past the Christmas windows on Blvd. Hausmann, and mint tea at La Grande Mosquée). Merci beaucoup for organizing a dream weekend. Now back to December reality, enriched 😉

  8. This was the best blog I’ve ever read. Love the way you write. You brought Paris to life for someone who has never been there. More please!

  9. Such fun!! Wonderful to all be together … realaxed and happy in such a magical city.
    I especially enjoying wandering the streets of Montmartre and Le Marais, chatting and laughing! Oh, and of course, the shopping and the delicious food! Thanks Sue … you’ve conjured up such a special time in all our minds!
    Looking forward to our next trip!

      1. I seem to remember that you stayed above a coffee shop that made the best lattes! I remember reading your blog in the airport as I was about to fly to Italy! Hard to believe it was five years ago xx

        1. You have a great memory, Rosie. We did stay in a flat in one of those wonderful old buildings in the Marais. And downstairs in what looked as if it might be the abode of the concierge in the old days there was a coffee shop. And every late afternoon while Stu napped I went for coffee. And got to know the young staff who were from Australia and Germany, I think. They even suggested the best flea markets we should try. And we followed their advice and had a great morning there. Hard to believe that is five years ago!

  10. All I can say is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
    This reminds me about an evening in Monte Marte, a trip to Prague, a trip to Brussels… so many wonderful things, and also how nice it would be to travel with “the girls,” rather than my dear husband for a change.
    The food, the lights, the sparkle and clinking wine glasses — this is wonderful, and next time I will pack my suitcase and join you all. Will it be soon, and where?

  11. Many many thanks for whisking us off on such a magical trip! I’ve visited Paris several times, but never in December and to see the Christmas markets and the decorated shop windows was a dream come true. When I was there with my mother many years ago we each bought a tiny little Santon (crèche figure). I was thrilled to able to add to my collection on this trip! And yes, I finally did make it to the Musée Marmottan, found it open for once and enjoyed their special exhibit on Cezanne and the Italian masters. I also appreciated the help and advice while shopping with my new friends. I have trouble making decisions and to have someone else along with a keen eye for fashion and colour was a bonus. I think I’ll keep a bag packed for the next trip!
    Frances T

  12. What a wonderful weekend! I’m glad you all liked L’Ami Jean (the rice pudding!), and that those of you I dragged along to my favorite little vintage jewelry store, Tiany Chambard on Rue Jacob, had as much fun as I did. I think my favorite part was seeing the Hotel de Ville all lit up in its holiday finery, and the ice skaters twirling in front of it.

    Paris is magical, and never more magical that at Christmas! Thanks for taking us along, Sue!

    1. There must have been some magic for all os us to squeeze into that tiny café. Ha. I wish I had gone to that vintage jewellry store. Next time, for sure.

  13. I must say, this is the first time there has been no jet lag coming home. This was so well organized and your writing is transformative. To be able to pick out the little Bijoux room and gorgeous bathroom was heaven. I could have spent an entire day in there, but so much to see and do. If this was ever to become a real thing I would be in heaven to be able to go with such a varied group of wonderful women. Also wasn’t it amazing how we were all able to understand and speak french fluently while there. Now that made the shopping so much easier and ordering the food….oh the food. Oh, and thanks to Carol for taking a few of us to that fantastic little vintage jewellery store. I love my new pieces. Thank you so much for including us in your fantasy escape. I think a trip to the UK should be in order for next year as well. Of course there are just too many places to go.

    1. Ladies, I had such an amazing time meeting all of you. Thank God for our dear friend Susan for connecting us all. I have visited Paris before, but never covered so much on one trip. Susan has a way of highlighting the magic in everything!
      In all she says about me, she is the true fashionista!
      Can’t wait to to join you all on our next adventure 😊

    2. Funny about the no jet lag thing, Diane. And the fluency in French. Although some of us in the group speak fluent French… that number does not include me.

  14. I have been dreaming of this trip for months! I loved your story. My best friend, my sister and I went to Paris, Amboise, Lourdes and Nice in November 2019. Our trip was so fabulous that we planned to go again this year in November. We can’t wait to go back as soon as possible. Reading your piece was exactly what I needed.

  15. This is a lovely fantasy! I visited Paris in December, five years ago. I did much of my Christmas shopping there; the museum stores are great for gifts and stocking stuffers.

  16. What a wonderful weekend! The food was fabulous, of course, and the hotel pure luxury, but by far the best part of the whole experience was sharing it with so many delightful women! I loved reconnecting with friends from last summer’s backyard book party and also meeting some new ones. Hubby and I spent five days in Paris in May of last year, but shopping wasn’t on our agenda. How fun to spend some time browsing the shops and the Christmas markets this time!

    Can’t wait for your next invitation, Sue! There are so many possibilities… Boston is on my wish list and I’m dreaming of a return trip to Victoria when we’re able to travel again.

    1. Shopping with “the girls” is so much more fun than with Hubby. Now that I’ve researched them I really want to see the Christmas markets in real life.

  17. Such fun to read about your fabulous trip. I wanted to
    participate but unable to find my traveling clothes in time….today I spied my gray, long sweater coat when I got down some Christmas decorations in the hall closet !

    I went a few years ago in October on a tour with 2 buddies from high school, but it was a dud due to jet lag… won’t go into details but suffice it
    to say we were supposed to arrive at 9:30 am and got
    in at 9:30 pm – plus the only good meal was the cod we were served at the little restaurant by our hotel at 10 pm at night. Sigh…I hope to go again with women friends as hubby is not a shopper.

  18. This was an absolute balm for the soul. I would love to spend a weekend with this group of women, and it could be anywhere. Thank you for doing this, Sue. Even those of us who just couldn’t muster a photograph got to come along. xoxox.

    1. Thanks for that, Lisa. It was so much fun to write… if a little intimidating since I do NOT know Paris well, and many of the other ladies have been there many times.

  19. Wouldn’t it be wonderful…. I’ll be re-reading this post whenever I want to be there with you all !

  20. What a lovely trip… and staying at L’Hotel is actually on my bucket list!! LOL – Went there many years ago with my ex, and had the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

    One of the things I love about Paris is the fact that wherever you choose to stay, there are little bistros and bars within a short distance, with boulangerie and little supermarkets for snacks. Hubby and I have been twice in the last 3 years – bizarrely my FB memories popped-up over the weekend from 3 years ago in December, so I literally was there! 😉
    Thanks for doing this – it was certainly fun. It’s just made me want to go again. We hope to go for the Rugby World Cup in 2023, so maybe I’ll see you all there…?

    1. Oh, that is a co-incidence, Fiona. We all have our special memories, eh? One of mine is the Marais coffee shop I visited daily while Hubby had a lie down in the afternoon. By the end of the week I was chatting amiably with the young staff members who were from all over the world.

  21. Like Lisa, I didn’t get around to photograph an outfit, almost entirely due to the fact that I really didn’t think I had anything lovely enough to wear to Paris, or warm enough. However the text and photos on this blog really warmed up a grey day. Thanks so much for the time you must have taken to put this together. Yes, London next time!

  22. Dear Sue,
    thank you to give me the opportunity to getting together with such inspiring women! It was a pleasure meeting you all. After my walk with Sue across the cemetery Montparnasse I go for my own to the Rue Mouffetard, a very picturesque and unique street in the old part of Paris!
    Hugs from Cologne,

  23. Thank you Sue for this marvellous trip to Paris and the description.
    I enjoyed it so much.
    I too am missing Paris as we were in a one kilometre radius confinement: Paris was so far away then… except to go to the office of course but that is not the kind of trip i enjoy
    Now we can safely travel a bit further.
    I would have tried to take some of you ladies to some of the shops I know that are either away from the tourist path or not part of a group, like this shop that specialised on pears, as in baroque pearls or real cultured pearl. Hidden in rue Saint Antoine, close to the Marais, this is the paradise for pearl lovers… Or some of the clothes shops that are a bit different. But mostly I would have enjoyed walking in Paris streets with open eyes and happy to discover new places with you lovely ladies. Although an introvert, I would have been very happy indeed to speak english all day long and share with you. I also have some address of salon de thé ( tea room) to share with you… for next visit perhaps?
    And for those of you willing, to show some of Art Nouveau buildings in Paris.
    I’ve been very happy to meet you ladies, so were all so elegant and a happy lot to spend the days with.
    Hope to see you again, I do think that Paris in winter is the best of time to visit: when one is well covered, visiting is a bliss.

    1. The Marais has all kinds of hidden corners. When we stayed there I strolled on my own one day and became lost… I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs, I guess. 🙂

  24. what an elegant bunch we are! i wonder if the rest of you have in reality spent most of this year in trackpants? i have been lucky enough to go to paris many times, the first time backpacking in my twenties and it has always been a joy. i have never gone on a girls adventure there though so this was a very special treat. you conjure up word pictures beautifully Sue, thank you!

  25. I’ve never commented before but this…this is such a special post. One that we all needed! How lovely to read your words and let our imagination take us to Paris with you and your friends. I’ve been to Paris twice and it was magical both times – once with my husband and once with my daughter and girlfriend. I’d love to go back some day. Hoping and praying that we can all travel safely again one day soon. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to research and create such a lovely post! Cheers from Texas – you know, your crazy border country…;-)

  26. This trip with so many fascinating and wonderful women was a joy to read! Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your creative writing gift and imagination with all of us. I’ve been to Paris quite a few times with Mr, as a family (2 sons who also enjoy travelling), as well as solo. Each visit offers a different experience as did this one. Thank you! London? Berlin? Rome? Dottoressa’s city or Frances S’s? All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go! Hugs to you across our wintery country.

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