Let’s take a moment, shall we, to recall all my pledges to embrace slow fashion. All my pronouncements about slimming down my closet. Buying less. Buying nothing, actually, for the last while, except for winter boots, and a woolly hat. “After all,” I said in my fall closet review video, “I don’t need anything for fall or winter this year.” Especially since we’ll not be going anywhere what with the holiday season being scaled down, and no big gatherings, or gatherings of any kind. Ha. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson about pronouncements, wouldn’t you? Well, apparently not because this week at my house it’s raining winter dresses.

But let me explain. Let me try to vindicate myself, and save my reputation as a mindful, restrained shopper… at least a little.

Back in the summer I bought a new Vince sweater online during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a chunky cable-knit, somewhat cropped, with a mock turtleneck, and I love it. I wear it all the time. And when it was delivered the first thing I thought was how great it would look with a black midi-skirt and black knee-high boots. I think I mentioned that when I was turning my closet for fall and I showed you the sweater.

So I began to look for skirts, online mostly, and on the very rare occasion when I was in a store. I didn’t hold out much hope. Especially about ordering online. So to cut to the chase, about a month ago, I found a black faux-leather, pleated midi-skirt online here. A fast fashion store, I ashamed to say. The skirt was out of stock and I filled out a form to be alerted if it came back into stock.

Meanwhile I continued my search for winter dresses. Something that’s been on my “want list” since 2018. I’ll admit my search has been half-hearted at best. I don’t really need a dress for my casual, retired lifestyle. But the more I looked, and looked, the more I wanted a dress. Or something a bit smarter in my closet other than my leather pants or my Theory black wool leggings. I know that sounds like I’m trying to justify myself, which of course I am. Ha.

My new grey winter dress from Aritzia. With black tights and black ankle boots
My new sweater dress from Aritzia.

On the Aritzia website, I found this dress. A loose, long-sleeved, turtleneck dress. And then I found another dress I liked, a midi-dress, also loose and long-sleeved, but with a mock turtleneck. I hemmed and hawed, checked and double-checked the sizing, and read all the reviews. So many of the other dresses were form-fitting, very body-con as they say. Body-con was NOT what I wanted. The product reviews finally persuaded me; a couple of young (I assume) shoppers complained that both dresses were too loose. Aha, I might have a chance then, so I ordered them both. I told myself that neither was likely to suit me. But maybe, just maybe, one of them might.

My new grey winter dress from Aritzia. With black tights and black ankle boots
I love this dress with tights and ankle boots.

I’m sure you know where this story is going. I soon received an email from H&M that the skirt was back in stock and I ordered it. It arrived within a few days. It fits. The dresses were delayed, and delayed again, and then I arrived home from my walk yesterday to find a package on the back step. Oh lordy, what if they fit? They did. Uh oh. I love them both. Houston, we have a problem. I’d kept the skirt because I’d assumed that neither dress would suit. Now it’s too late to send the skirt back. And it’s raining winter dresses and I have a decision to make.

I can easily justify having a new skirt and a new dress. But two dresses, that’s a bit more difficult. They’re both sweater dresses, they both have turtlenecks, they’re both grey. Who needs two grey turtleneck dresses in their closet? Well, me, it would seem. Because I love them both and can not make up my mind which one I like better.

The longer dress is a softer, heavier, better quality knit. I love how the sleeves are tight up to the elbow and then slightly puffy above. The blue-grey colour really suits my new hair. I love this dress with my brown tights and my brown suede Stuart Weitzman boots. It looked okay when I tried belting it, but belts are not my thing. I prefer it loose. And it would look smashing with black tights and black knee-high boots, I think.

But the short one is so much more my style. I like the shape, the way it hangs away from the body, slightly more narrow at the bottom. Just what I need to hide middle-age middle. It’s also more casual. I like it with tights and my Cole Haan black Chelsea boots (similar), but I think it will look great with knee-high boots too. Or even with my Stuart Weitzman ankle boots and black leggings.

My new grey winter dress from Aritzia. With black tights and black ankle boots
It’s decision time.

If I return the short one, I know I will regret it. Dresses that suit my shape are few and far between as I’ve found out in the last couple of years. A casual, sporty dress for lunches and dinners out, when we actually go out, will be so handy. Plus I love it. But if I return the dark one I know that I will regret not trying something a bit different. Besides, it’s the better quality dress. I feel elegant in it. And the colour is more flattering on me.

So, yep. Against my own fashion philosophy, and to Hubby’s amazement, I’m going to keep them both. It may be raining winter dresses at my house this week, but let’s just say that we’ve had a long, dry, dress-less drought. I haven’t had a winter dress or skirt since I gave away much of my business-wear after I retired in 2013. One winter skirt and two winter dresses does not exactly make me a shop-a-holic. Does it? Although I have been thinking of that fateful day at the Adrienne Vittadini boutique many years ago when my period of indulgent shopping behaviour began. And instead of choosing one sweater out of the two I was agonizing over, I bought both. I will also say that both dresses together, as far as I can recall, add up to what one of those sweaters cost.

My new grey sweater dress from Aritzia.
“Are you keeping them both?” Hubbys asked. Yep. I sure am.

You can find the two dresses I bought here and here. And see below for some other sweater dresses that appealed to me. Especially that long green one from Lafayette 148. And the black Allude dress from Nordstrom.

So that’s my sad story. Or happy story depending on your view. One moment I’m happy to have found three pieces that suit me. The next I feel sadly self-indulgent. I mean, buying two dresses and a skirt in the space of such a short time is quite unlike me. At least the retired version of me.

I’ve always been a pretty careful shopper. Making a list of what I wanted and needed. Resisting impulse buys, especially ones that didn’t go with anything in my closet. When I was still working, I used to shop for most of what I wanted for the entire season all on one day. I’d often go home with a new suit or jacket, pants or a skirt, sometimes boots or shoes, jeans, and a couple of tops. But I haven’t done that since I retired because I quite simply don’t need as many clothes.

And since I retired I have edited my closet down to only the things I love. With fewer clothes, I can more easily see holes in my wardrobe where a new piece or two needs to be added. And when I identify a “need,” I shop for a long time to find just the right jacket, or sweater, or jeans. A skirt or dress has been on my fall/winter want list since 2018. I’d begun to wonder if I would ever find anything to suit me. So, finding a skirt, and not one but two dresses is, well, almost an embarrassment of riches. And as you can see, I’m doing my damndest to justify my windfall.

I have my reputation as a mindful and restrained shopper to consider after all.

Now … I just have to buy some black knee-high boots, which will go with all three new purchases. But I’ll wait until next year for those. I think I’ve done enough shopping for a while.

How about you my friends? Is it raining anything besides rain where you live? Are you being mindful in your shopping lately, or a teensy bit self-indulgent? It’s okay. You can tell us. It will make us feel less guilty about our own self-indulgence.

P.S. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I will earn a commission. That does not include the links to the Aritzia products. As far as I know Aritzia does not offer commission to bloggers like me.

Joining Catherine over at #IWillWearWhatILike .


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68 thoughts on “It’s Raining Winter Dresses”

  1. Oh dear. We haven’t been able to shop together in person for years but here we go. I wouldn’t think too much about both dresses being grey because they are very different shades aren’t they? I do love the lighter grey with your hair but I’m not able to wear that shade and am better in a charcoal grey. The second longer dress I had thought about before and seeing it on you it looks much better than I had previously imagined. So now I’m thinking about the first one in the other available colour and the second one I haven’t decided on colour yet. I don’t have anywhere specific to wear them this year so far, with so many events postponed but love that they are not too trendy and can be worn as you say with tights, boots or leggings. Your legs do look fabulous too, you hot babe!

    1. Ha. And here I thought my “hot babe” years were over. Not that they ever began. I was surprised a bit by both dresses. I was pleasantly surprised that the long dress was as thick as it is, and the neck not as droopy as it looks in some of the pictures on the website. And the short one is thinner than I expected but still amazingly so not clingy. Hence my dilemma. They would both look great on you, Jeannie. You have the height to carry that long one off. Now, I’m imagining a big shopping trip we go on together when all this covid stuff has passed. 🙂 I can’t think of anyone (except Liz) whose opinion of what looks good and what doesn’t I would trust more than yours. You always had an eye. Remember that holey sweater you wore in high school? I remember thinking how cool that was.

      1. I agree – both dresses look great, are classics you can wear for years, so why not keep both? And great for a car trip to a nice resort or??? Not that that’s on the menu right now, but….

  2. You look fabulous in both dresses. Much better than the store models! I agree that I love the lighter one with your new hair color, but the charcoal one works just as well. Grey doesn’t suit me as well, but the longer version comes in a beautiful Persian rose that is a good color for me. Sadly, I don’t wear dresses, but I love them on others. Will we get to see the skirt soon?

    1. I am repeatedly amazed at how some stores style their clothes on their website. Having said that, Aritzia is usually good at that. One of the reasons I noticed the shorter dress was because of how it was styled on the model. I think that Nordstrom is one of the worst for that. I’ve bought items there that if I’d seen them on the website first I would never have looked twice. Skirt may not be coming up until after Christmas.

  3. You look great in both dresses but my favourite is the darker grey one.I have had some luck with summer dresses. I bought 2 linen dresses and a denim shirt dress. I have been looking for awhile and all 3 will be worn all summer plus they can be dressed up or down and were on sale. Like your dresses all have a timeliness quality that I value in dresses.

    1. The darker blue/grey one (you can’t pick up the blue tint in the pictures) actually looks better on me colour-wise. Dresses are a good investment, I think. Depending on the style they don’t become too snug as quickly as a skirt. Waistbands always give me trouble.

  4. That short one is totally fab, especially with your hair. You look completely yourself. I like the other as well and of course you should keep them because you will do the thing they are designed for: wear them. Let’s face it, this isn’t on the scale of a Kardashian clothes-fest. This time next year you could well be slipping them on and heading out for wintery fun and friendship. As a matter of fact, I am going to put on a dress and boots today just because I can and they are favourites. I hope you enjoy every cosy moment.

  5. Hi Sue!
    Happy to validate all three purchases 😃 These dresses are gorgeous and you look great in them! They’re easy to wear and versatile! ( I haven’t said that for a while lol) I think you have been thoughtful and restrained … you’ve looked for a couple of years and waited for just the right one/s. As Jeannie said, don’t worry that they’re both grey as they’re very different in shade and style …. and you suit grey! I’d be thrilled with them both. I particularly love the style and that split! of the dark grey one. Stunning!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in your midi skirt and sweater as well. ( I also love the sweater and see why you’d wear it regularly) The skirt seems a good buy and versatile too and once again you’ve been looking for a while.
    I actually have two grey sweater dresses. One very dark, flecked charcoal and the other light grey., with roll / stand up necks. They’re thicker than yours and although I love how they look, I hesitate sometimes if I feel I’m going to be somewhere very warm. Outdoors, or for drinks in a cosy old inn, they’re great though! ( when will that happen again!? ) Yours are definitely the better choice!
    Actually I’ve just remembered I also have a third! Charcoal cashmere, thinner like yours, loose fit and a V neck … I wore that a lot! My go to winter dress for a few years but unfortunately it’s a little snug at the moment … 😞
    Weather wise … it’s dismal here! Dark and rainy! This morning I woke up wished I could walk out into a snowy balcony … or even a sunny one! Anything but rain! Feeling slightly guilty now, as I know other areas are desperate for rain …
    Have a lovely day Sue,

    1. Thanks, Rosie. I kind f thought you’d have some sweater dresses in your closet. I know your love of cashmere. Don’t get rid of the “snug” one too soon. You might regret the decision later. Now I’m thinking of sweater dresses and cosy inns. Wish we had cosy old inns around here. I’ll just have to travel to your neck of the woods again in the winter… after Covid of course… and bring my dresses. Ha.

      1. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about sweater dresses now … and always of country inns with inglenook fireplaces and roaring log fires! Definitely a case of wanting what I can’t have atm. It would be lovely to meet up at one, you can wear one of your sweater dresses and knee high boots and maybe my grey cashmere dress will fit again then. 😊 Perhaps a good venue for a fantasy trip! Snow on the rooftops and gently falling outside ….
        I wandered down the rabbit hole leading to the green Whistles dress. I used to wear a lot of green but rarely, recently. Unfortunately ( or fortunately 😂) it’s sold out everywhere here except for xs. ( no hope!) xx

  6. Hi Sue,

    I was hoping that you would keep all three!
    A little self indulgence is good for the soul, so take some time to revel in your recent acquisitions.
    ps – might as well get those black boots!

    1. Oddly enough keeping both dresses kept me awake the other night. Imagine! In the old days I’d not have batted an eye about that. I’m on the black boots hunt now. 🙂

  7. Ha,I’ve checked Aritzia site after you’ve told me and it was my choice as well (maybe I considered other colours,too,but these are dresses I would buy too). You look great in both of them
    It might be raining winter dresses now,but it might be a drought for next couple of years. That was the case after I’ve bought the same cardigan style cashmere dresses some five,six,maybe more years ago,in three colours. I wear them a lot,they are still beautiful and I still think that was a good decision
    I’ve bought only a couple of things this year

    1. My dresses would be perfect for you, my friend. THose dresses you bought were a great investment, weren’t they? I think that mine felt like splurging because I can’t wear them anywhere at the moment. But considering I’ve been looking for so long… I didn’t want to pass them up.

  8. I love love the dresses…I’d do the same!! Keep them both! I’m interested in seeing how you style the skirt.
    I really think you’ll get so much wear from both….eventually. Now you’re prepared when life opens up.
    Chelsea boots and tights….love it!

    What size did you order? I’m hit and miss with Atrizia sizing.

    1. They are both size large, Robin. I think I could have gone with a medium in the longer one, but I did not want them to cling. I went with the measurements on the Aritzia site. Now pants I do have a problem with. I have a pair of Aritzia pants in a size 6! I haven’t been a 6 for many moons. But the salesgirl said to trust her and I did and they fit perfectly. That’s what so hard about shopping online, no personal input, and where the shopper reviews help IMO.

  9. I think you are well overdue for a new dress- or two ! It’s my experience that you never regret buying something you really love. I recently bought a new dress, it’s midi length, in a gorgeous teal and black leopard print. It is fitted, but in a comfortable fabric. To be honest not that forgiving for a tum, but I just loved it so much I couldn’t part with it. Will just have to hold myself in, and keep away from the cakes ! I also have a long ribbed sweater dress in charcoal grey, really old, that I had stopped wearing, again because of the tum issue, but then I thought, what the heck, I’m going to wear it anyway !
    And your two dresses are loose enough to allow for a bit of self-indulgence over Christmas so it’s a win win in my book. And you look lovely in both !

  10. Your dresses look wonderful on you and time will tell how they hold up. When buying, I always ask, “What do I have in my closet that I would wear instead of this?” (By which I mean, do I already have this wardrobe category well-served?) It seems you did not, and now are well-equipped. And one has to leave room for an occasional coup de coeur! However, I don’t feather the nest of fast fashion, tempted though I am at times. Everyone has her limits and perspective the practices of the industry.

    1. I usually do the same, fill niches, don’t buy what I already own. I find that particularly with jackets. I have not bought a fall blazer in yonks. My old ones are such good quality that they never wear out. And since I have no dresses or skirts for winter the decision to buy was fairly easy. What wasn’t easy was finding a skirt or a dress. I have looked and looked, and while I don’t usually shop fast fashion I bought the skirt from H&M. Hopefully I will wear it for years and thus, as Frances says, make fast fashion slow. Or slower.

  11. Both dresses look great on you, and I’m glad you’re keeping them. We can all benefit from a little bit of joy right now!

  12. Both those dresses are lovely & look great on you . Far better looser than tighter too . I’d really like a cosy sweater dress but I’ve never been good at caring for them in the past . I can make them change shape in the wash very easily . I’m also looking forward to seeing how the skirt fits into your wardrobe as I have one similar but in wool . I like it with chunky jumpers & ankle boots but I’m sure you’ll have other ideas . You did right to keep all three . You’d have kicked yourself if you hadn’t .

    1. We’ll see how I make out when it comes time to wash those dresses. How do you store yours? I’ve folded mine and placed in a drawer. I’m afraid that hanging will stretch them.

  13. Oh my goodness I have been looking forever for a sweater dress that wasn’t clingy and it looks like you found it! I love them both, especially the shorter one, but unfortunately both are out of my price range (maybe that’s why I can never find one I like, I’m not willing to spend that much money). It’s OK though, I have no where to wear such a dress because of Covid restrictions. I will just enjoy yours through pictures. You look amazing.

  14. Love both dresses and glad you are keeping them. They look wonderful on you and you will get a lot of use out of both. Everyone needs a splurge now and then. And, I bet like us, you have been saving a lot of money during this pandemic – no trips, no eating out, not using much gasoline and very little shopping. So, when this is over I am going to splurge (although I have been doing a bit of internet shopping). Enjoy your lovely new dresses. Looking forward to seeing the skirt.

    1. We have been saving money, unintentionally. No lunches or coffees out with the girls, no dinners out, we don’t even do take-out. And no travel, that saves the most money. 🙂

  15. So glad you decided to keep everything- you look great in both dresses and I’m sure the skirt will be perfect. Hope you enjoy them for many years.

  16. I would have done exactly the same thing — oh wait, I did exactly the same thing just last month except that I didn’t have your excuse with the timing and the ordering and the out-of-stock and the on-hold. . . . I just decided to check out the fall/winter offerings of an independent women’s-wear shop in a neighbouring area and Yep! they had some good stuff to offer. . . my damage was even worse than yours (although the good news might be that my purchases weren’t Fast Fashion, that was also the bad news for my wallet!). I very much like Annie’s consolatory words: It’s hardly a Kardashian clothes-fest. . . and I also agree with Dottoressa that floods will often be followed by years of drought, Fashion Retail-wise. I love my new gear and know I’ll be wearing it for years to come, and I suspect the same of your elegantly casual sweater dresses. (I have a pleated midi-skirt, not faux-leather but wool tweed flannel; It’s almost 15 years old, and was bought at The Gap — so sometimes Fast Fashion can be Slow Fashion. . .

    1. Shopping in an actual shop is so much more fun, though. I agree that fast fashion can be slow, sometimes. Hopefully that is the way with my new skirt. I was getting so exasperated that I could not find a skirt anywhere else.

  17. So you’ve validated something I’ve been over-focusing on for quite some time…soft and cozy dresses I can wear around the house (but will I…?). I’ll be looking very carefully at the two you purchased from Aritzia. I also bought the Vince sweater you love. I love it too, but it pills very badly every time I wear it – especially the sleeves. Does this happen for you? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Thanks!

    1. Sorry that your Vince sweater doesn’t seem to be working out. Mine has not pilled at all. But just to be sure, I pulled it out of the drawer and checked it and found two tiny pills on one arm. I can’t explain that. The first time I wore mine, it shed all over my black jeans, and so I bagged it and placed it in the freezer for a few hours. I wonder if that has made the difference. I have worn mine mostly under non-abrasive jackets and coats. A Theory anorak in the fall and my down jacket now. They both have “slippy” lining… could that have made the difference? I’m just grasping at straws here. I do know that rubbing can cause pilling, as I’ve had that issue with other sweaters when I was working and carrying around books etc at school.

  18. I think both dresses are fabulous. Good for you keeping them. I wish I could wear that neck… Bet you get lots of wear of your dresses…better times ahead.

  19. Hi!

    Love how you look in both dresses. I am planning on ordering the light grey one, but in between sizes. At 5′ 6″ and 160 lbs…would you say a medium would fit best?

    1. I am about 145 and a little over 5’7″. I ordered both dresses in a size large. I particularly needed the extra width around the middle. Hope that helps.

    2. I peeked at that Artizia dress and was curious about the sizing . . . so I used their assessment tool and was impressed by how well-designed it is. I’ve shopped Aritzia for many years and have always found the SA’s to have a good eye and be well trained for fitting. . . and to accommodate a wide range, even if their main demographic skews late teens to mid-thirties. I like the way the sizing assessment tool takes height and weight into consideration, but also lets you choose an image closest to your hips, your waist, and then asks for a bra measurement . . . and age, explaining that this makes a difference to weight distribution — yes! . . . and then has a sliding scale to adjust for desired Looseness (or fittedness, I guess).

      1. I used that tool too, and went with my measurements, and the recommended size. I was ready to size up, but both dresses are exactly the fit I wanted.

  20. You look so great in both dresses! Glad you’re keeping both, for sure! And … there are so many amazing sales this year, I’d be looking for the fabulous boots you must have in mind. Nice job in finding darling dresses!

  21. Both dresses look great on you, Sue. I noticed this summer, that there was all of a sudden a huge selection of dresses with various styles & fabrics for every body shape and personality style – Hurrah! Dresses are not easy to find as they either fit the bottom or the top but not usually both! I have learned over the years that if I find something that fits me and is my colour & personality style, I buy it because won’t show up again for years. Glad you were lucky enough to find 2 beautiful dresses. They are a great find. Enjoy!

  22. Love both dresses, Sue, and they’re different enough in both styling and color that of course you must keep both of them! I have a plum sweater dress in a looser cut that I bought last fall that I wore *everywhere* before ::waves vaguely around her:: It packed beautifully for our January trip to Portugal, where I dressed it up and down depending on where we were dining, and then it was perfectly elegant with heels for our French Laundry dinner in February. I’m looking forward to pulling it out of the closet once again when this is all over.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I think my shorter one would be a good travel dress. You must be looking forward to when you are able to travel again… not to mention the move.

  23. Oh boy, I absolutely LOVE that long dress! Gorgeous. Nothing wrong with keeping them both. I’ve found that when it rain it pours. Like high-waisted pants are en vogue now and I’m a long-waisted gal, so, multiples it is! You need this kind of dress, it’s en vogue, two different lengths, very practical IMO. (My theory would be that letting your hair go gray made you want to balance that with a little more “girl?”)

  24. To buy both of those dresses was the only sane thing to do. See, I can justify anything if I have to. But honestly, they are both gorgeous on you and I have found in the past if I pass on an item I like so much, I regret it for ages after. I whole heartedly believe that due to the changing fashion and store inventory if it works and will get used in the coming years and looks great on, well that is all it takes for a closet increase. I have gotten rid of a couple of sweater dresses in the past that I seriously miss now. You will not be sorry.

  25. First time reader here…showed up on my news feed and I bit, but glad I did. I’ve been on a dress/long tunic kick for awhile now and, 65, retired, and with Clovis restrictions, I’ve been trying to justify my desire for sweater dresses. So, just glad I’m not alone! Admittedly, I search thrift (online now). Still, a purchase is a purchase. Do I need it or want it? Right now, I’m hoping to need it at some point in the near future. Very nice choices you made. Classic.

  26. I’m glad you kept both dresses! I certainly couldn’t have decided between them if I was you. Winter dresses were on my list this year too. I found a navy blue above the knee sweater dress on sale at Reitmans when I was Christmas shopping last month. I absolutely love it and I was thinking about looking for another one, but now that we’re almost completely locked down again out here in Alberta, I have absolutely nowhere to wear one. Well, not entirely true… even though church is only online and I wasn’t going anywhere else today, I decided to wear my one and only sweater dress with a pair of warm leggings anyway!

  27. I need help with the whole Nordstrom thing. I clicked on your link for the sweater and it shows up on Nordstrom Rack….which is good because of the price. But Nordstrom has changed the way they sell to Canada. I am not allowed to order from nordstrom.com and must order from nordstrom.ca….the .ca (Canadian version) does not have anywhere near the same stock as the US site. As I understand it Nordstrom Rack is US so how did you get the sweater???
    And I ordered the longer dress in the pale basil colour….the grey looks great on you but not on me…

    1. I just checked out the Nordstrom Rack link for the VInce sweater. I clicked to order it, then went to checkout, and it allowed me to change delivery details from U.S. to Canada with a drop down menu. Hope this helps, Lauren.

  28. When you’re hot, you’re hot!! I particularly love the longer grey one – it would look fabulous accessorized with oversize boho silver earrings. Like you, I used to take a vacation day off work and shop Bloor Street for work clothes back in the day. Have to get a jump on the season to get the right sizes etc. You did the right thing keeping all the pieces you like. We often find what we like in clusters. Don’t sweat it.

  29. Hello! I’m a first time reader and love the dresses. I have hair just like yours and can visualize myself wearing both! However, I have avoided sweater dresses because I haven’t found a way to keep them from creeping up my legs when wearing tights. Any suggestions?

    1. Welcome to the blog. Elisabeth. I haven’t worn a sweater dress for many years, and have not worn my new ones far enough yet to encounter the problem. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Maybe someone else has a suggestion? 🙂

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