Happy Holidays: My December Vlog

Hope you are not too busy over the next few days, my friends, to have a look at my December Vlog. I had so much fun making it. Hubby joined in. Sometimes with bits that I had not expected. Sometimes when I pressed him to sing. Twice. My walking buddies have a short segment. Thank-you guys! And my mum and I have a long conversation on the phone about fruitcake and assorted other stuff. Hope you can make her words out; she’s on speaker phone and you know how tinny they sound.

So… here it is. Happy Holidays: My December 2020 Vlog. In all its non-professional glory. As usual…. it’s just us being us. Ha.

I’ll be taking my customary week (or so) off over the holidays. I have a guest post planned for you at the beginning of next week which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I’ll be back in the New Year with my review of 2020… wardrobe-wise. Maybe even a hair retrospective. Or maybe, to steal a line from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, something completely different.

Until then… stay safe… read lots… and have a wonderful holiday.



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57 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: My December Vlog”

  1. Lots to enjoy here – the trip to collect Lady Cora ( of Downton fame ) – a snatch of James Taylor – great to hear from mum “ Get at it ! “ Richard Osman is on our tv a lot & becoming a national treasure . He’s very witty so I’m sure I’ll enjoy his book . The Clothes book by Alexandra Schulman is excellent & I recommend it . I too had an emerald green angora sweater dress in my twenties & loved it . Then the serious wood pile . It’s like you live in a sawmill . My favourite wood is apple , smells like apple pies on the fire . Last but not least , Stu’s singing & only 15 takes , amazing ! I told you to be careful – he’s becoming the star . Have a great Christmas both of you & thanks for your company in this bizarre year . Let’s hope next year is a good one x

    1. Ha. I don’t think it was fifteen takes. But it was a few. He kept missing a line. I am going to look for that Alexandra Schulman book. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a bookstore gift card for Christmas. Hope you and max have a lovely holiday, and win all the quiz nights. xo

  2. That was great. I had two cups of lemon ginger tea and just enjoyed the chat. Like Mary, I would have liked to see how the cake turned out, and enjoyed a slice with you. Funny about the wood stacking, I am the one who makes the piles so they are stable, and if I didn’t, they would just be a stack of thrown together wood. Your chat with your mom was bitter sweet as mine is no longer here and I would have loved to get the chance to ask more about the Christmas cake and puddings. I think there are alot of us that think our mom is the best at that. ha. Have a joyous and cosy Christmas and look very much forward to next year and new posts.

    1. I was so pleased that Mum was in good form when I filmed our conversation. She’d been a bit down earlier, and her comment “I feel better, dear” referred to that. I will admit I became a bit teary when I was filming. Wondering how many more of those conversations we have left, I guess. Hope you have a good Christmas too, Diane.

  3. Merry Christmas , enjoy the holidays! I’m saving the vlog for tomorrow-with coffee!

  4. That was an enjoyable visit with you! A little bit of everything, like visiting a friend for the day. Thank you. Frohe Weihnachten and best wishes for 2021.

  5. Merry Christmas, Sue and Stu! Loved your vlog closing with the aid of Elvis reincarnated. As I live in the beloved home city of Elvis- that song has never had more meaning than this year, indeed. Truly, the greatest gift we can give others this season- Stay Home- so that we will NOT have a “Blue Christmas” next year.

  6. OMG! “I’m a lumberjack!” cracked me up. My hubby thinks your hubby is a role model for active retirement. Thanks for the laughs and Merry Christmas to both you and Stu.

    1. Ha. He did that without warning. So glad he didn’t launch into the Monty Python version. I said that to him and he said he doesn’t know the words anyway. I had to write down all the words to the other songs because he always knows only the first line. Hope you and Kevin have a good holiday, Nancy. Are you making Granny’s rolls?

      1. Well, in a manner of speaking. I don’t think she’d recognize them as hers, as they have evolved from sweet white flour to malty whole wheat with ground flax, and they are 2/3 the size of hers. Still the inspiration begins with the hours she spent teaching me about mixing and kneading and long, slow rising, and I think of her whenever I make them – whatever the form may be.

  7. I loved every minute of your December vlog. Cute, funny and sentimental. You’re so fortunate to get recipe advice from your mom. I don’t know why, but your two walking buddies singing brought tears to my eyes. It was so sweet. Thanks for sharing bits of your and Hubby’s life with us. Merry Christmas!

  8. Thank you for your December Vlog – loved it. Loved all the fun things you did this month, and the singing, the baking, the cake, the wood, (brought back many Maine memories) and lovely Cora! Happy Holidays! Here’s to 2021 being much better and is all getting the vaccine! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Liz. My step-father and a friend worked “in the woods” in Maine one year when they were young. Same heritage as New Brunswick in so many ways. Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  9. Merry Christmas Sue and Stu … looking forward to more wonderful posts and vlogs in the New Year! Like D I’m saving the vlog until I can relax with a coffee or a glass of wine … most likely Boxing Day! Can’t wait to hear Stu sing and your chat with your mum!
    Wishing you both lots of happiness and good health! … oh and good books and great skiing!
    Rosie xxxx

    1. Same to you Rosie. The vlog is pretty long even though I edited out a ton of footage, and tried to keep it moving. Still you need two cups of tea and a half hour to view. Hope you have a lovely Christmas as well. Although I’m sure you will be missing hugging that sweet granddaughter. xo

  10. The Vlog was a treat Sue and I was thinking you may need to change the title of your Blog to ‘High heels and Work boots in the Wilderness’. What a good sport Stu is. Thank you so much for a year of fun, thoughtful and at times proactive posts. They really helped to make a challenging year much more bearable.
    Sending you and Stu warm Christmas wishes from my bubble to yours.

  11. Oh Sue, while you were driving to get your tree, I was hoping you were not going to Ovens farm in North Gower.
    I would be crying. We used to have a huge tree party, where we would all meet up and drive there, usually in the snow. Return to our place, other side of river from you, for a pot luck. The cars parked on the road in front of the house with trees tied on top. One year their must of been fifty people. Even now, all these years later, the second Saturday in December, we speak about it. The start of the Christmas Season for us then.
    I wonder if the Tree Farm still exists.
    Enjoy your Christmas day.

  12. Enjoyed your video very much.. the singing, the sawing, the walking , the baking, and especially your mom. Merry Christmas 🎄

  13. Enjoyed your video very much. Speaking with your mom was very special. As others I am waiting to see how your fruit cake turned out. Merry Christmas to you and Thanks for taking us along with you.

    1. Well… it turned out pretty good. I cut about a third of it and we ate it for dessert last night. I froze the rest. We can’t be eating that every night. Very rich.

  14. I will save your blog for a quiet moment ! Been a lot of wood-stacking here, the cake is still to come as I haven’t iced it yet. Now off to make stuffing ready for the ( small ) turkey tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday and have lots of ideas ready for your blog next year, already looking forward to it !

  15. “A man and his woodpile…” You make me chuckle. Stu singing the lumberjack song – I laughed out loud! Delightful! (And why does fruitcake get such a bad rap?)

    Wishing you both a wonderful holiday week!


  16. Thank You Sue for all your hard work and thought that goes into each of your well written blogs. I am also enjoying your new monthly venture into Vlogging.
    I had been wondering what this year’s tree would be named and Cora fits your dainty tree perfectly. Loved the singing serenade at the end and the comment of “15 takes” . Made me laugh out loud.
    Best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe 2021. Merry Christmas all.

  17. Your Blog and Vlog are the best! I have other blog links show up in my e-mail but I get tired of gift lists (buy buy buy), clothing that is sold out or only available in the USA, bare feet and bare ankles (yes even in boots!when they pretend they understand Winter), etc. It is so nice to see content that makes sense to a Canadian…..so a great BIG thank you for what you create here for us.
    And if anyone needs some inspiration on how it is NOT that hard to have one odd Christmas….go look at some old photos of the guys in the trenches on Christmas Day during the wars…..not hard to be Grateful looking at those ….

    1. Well said Lauren. One odd Christmas in a lifetime is not a hardship and can even be made special in a different way. Merry Christmas.

    2. Thanks for that, Lauren. Funny I said that same thing to Hubby a few days ago. What is there to complain about when you think of Christmas in the trenches.

  18. Your vlogs just keep getting better. I love Stu’s cameos. Perhaps your mother could also have a cameo each month. It was lovely to hear you two together. Happy Christmas to you and Stu.

  19. You are so right. It’s just one Christmas. This year has given me the chance to change my Christmas tradition. This year there are only four of us instead of 20. Next year I will simplify and make it easier for myself. I will still have people over because to me Christmas is about sharing and visiting. But no more sit down dinners, maybe a buffet and more ordering out. Loved the vlog and you look great. Love the white jacket. That Stu is a hoot and a good sport. Very active like my husband, who once chopped wood for an entire campground because he found an axe in the woods when we were camping up there in Canada. Merry Christmas and thank you for your blog.

  20. I loved your December vlog, Sue! It’s just like visiting a good friend, when your conversation bounces from topic to topic, you have tea, you go for a walk. I loved your hubby’s cameos and laughed out loud at his Lumberjack rendition. The man is a good sport! Christmas is past, so I’ll wish you both a very Happy New Year. All the best in 2021.

  21. Hi Sue,
    I’m just relaxing with my morning coffee and your vlog! I have tears in my eyes from Stu mentioning the 15 takes and “that’s as good as it gets” … such fun! Say thanks to him for doing this for us!
    I found the chat with your mum emotional too … loved to hear her voice filled with humour and thoughtful advice … especially loved the “Bake” 😊
    Your walking buddies segment was so heart warming too … as was hubby’s lumberjack rendition 🎶 and snapshot into the work that takes place to establish log piles! Yours reminded me of a rustic Jenga!
    Quilted plaid shirts are really popular over here in Winter … my son in law has one … I think its Black Watch tartan. So hubby’s bang on trend!
    I enjoyed your trip to find Cora too … and seeing her in all her finery!
    Thanks again for this Sue … your vlogs are truly wonderful and I enjoy them so much!
    Rosie xxx

  22. Happy Holidays Sue and Stu! Loved seeing this and recognized some other people and places as well. We are also staying cosy and quiet this year.

  23. Your December vlog was delightful! And your husband breaking into song by the woodpile- that made me grin from ear to ear. He reminded me of my woodsman grandpa in that mackinaw and it was so wonderful to hear the sound of a power saw slicing through wood again. I am so glad I finally got around to watching your video post-Christmas. You and your husband just seem like the nicest people ever. I hope you are enjoying your holiday break. Continued thanks for your blog.

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