Okay, we all need a bit of a break. Am I right? After almost nine months of lock down, open up, election fever, building numbers of covid cases, diminishing numbers of covid cases, building numbers of cases again, post election fever, then more lock down. We can’t see our friends and family, then we can but only outside and with masks on, then it gets too cold to do that. We can bubble with the neighbours, but we can’t see our ninety-three year old mum. Then it’s back to just us and whoever we live with. And much as we love our loved ones… it’s not enough. Ackkkk… we just need a freaking break.

But, and this is the important bit, we are not going to get a break just yet. And we have to hang tough. Stay strong. So, we could continue to cry every once in a while. Have a bit of a barking fest with our loved one, and then bury our head in a good book. Or we could make a plan to escape. If only in our minds. Escape for a weekend away with some good friends many of whom we’ve never even met. Escape to somewhere wonderful… like Paris. So, are you up for a weekend in Paris? Even if it’s only a fantasy weekend in Paris? Huh?

Are you with me?

If you’re new around here, you may not know that we’ve done this before on the blog. We’ve had wonderful get togethers without leaving home. We had a fictional tea party last spring, and a book club event in my back yard in the summer, with a catered lobster supper and houseboats on the river. And I think it’s time for another event. A getaway to a wonderful city for fun and relaxation, and some “me” time before winter sets in. Before we gear up for Christmas, or between Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who live in the States. I know that holiday celebrations this year will be scaled down, big time. It will just be Hubby and me celebrating at our house. But still, that tourtière doesn’t make itself, people.

Here’s the plan, so far, for our weekend in Paris escape. We will arrive in Paris on a Friday afternoon, spend two nights, and fly out after brunch on Sunday. We’re staying somewhere fabulous, with shops and restaurants and assorted delights within walking distance. There will be shopping (ha, ya think?), various cultural activities not conducted by moi, and lots of eating and drinking.

We will not be dressing like fashion models, or I won’t at any rate. I’m aiming to be comfortable, warm, able to walk, and still look reasonably smart and polished. First off, bring something really casual, like your new sweat pants and a cosy sweater, for sitting around our accommodation drinking multiple cups of coffee or wine and yakking with friends. You’ll also need to pack something warm for strolling and browsing outside in the evening, an outfit which can possibly double as a casual dinner outfit. You’ll need an outfit for shopping or gallery hopping on Saturday, one for Sunday brunch, and one slightly more dressy outfit for Saturday dinner.

Here’s what I’ve planned to pack so far. I decided on a colour palette of black, cream, and grey. It’s easy to put together, looks smart and everything works with everything else in case I change my mind about what to wear with what at the last minute. On the plane I’ll be wearing a comfortable travel outfit. Turtleneck, crepe joggers, and my Cole Haan Chelsea boots. These boots are easy to pull off and on at airport security. Unlike my Stuart Weitzman lace-up ankle boots.

Black turtleneck, black joggers, Chelsea boots, cream scarf and down coat travel outfit for our weekend in Paris.
Travel outfit.

I will also wear my Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket and my new scarf which I just purchased. I’ve been looking for a cream scarf and this one with the soft grey window-pane stripes just fills the bill. My light down jacket is warm, and will roll up into a ball and pack into its little bag if necessary. It makes a lovely pillow too. I’ll probably wear my Mackage cross-body bag with this outfit.

Black turtleneck, black joggers, Chelsea boots, cream scarf and down coat, black cross-body bag: travel outfit for our weekend in Paris.
Travel outfit, wearing my pillow.

This is the outfit I plan to wear shopping on Saturday, and I may wear it home on the plane. Black wool leggings, my old Max Mara double-breasted blazer, a light mock-neck sweater from Vince, and my grey AllSaints cross-body bag. This roller bag is Hubby’s, and I’m bringing it because it looks better than mine with my black and neutral colour palette.

For my weekend in Paris: black Max Mara blazer, black laggings, Cole Haan Chelsea boots, grey Vince mock neck sweater.
Shopping outfit.

I’m going to pack all black or silver jewellry. My big hoops earrings, a pair of black studs, one other pair of earrings to be decided, some bracelets, and two vintage brooches.

If it’s cool I’ll add my scarf, and tweed coat.

For Sunday brunch I plan to wear my Vince mock-neck cashmere sweater, my Max Mara blazer, Frame high-rise jeans and my boots. If it’s cool I may swap the blazer for my down jacket.

Casual Sunday brunch.

I will change the cashmere sweater and jeans for my light turtleneck and leggings for the trip home. I haven’t talked about my smart dinner outfit here. That’s because I’m not sure yet what I’ll be wearing. Maybe my leather pants and a dressy blazer with my Rag and Bone silk cami. I may pack my Max Mara tweed coat… or I may buy a new wool coat when I’m there. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Or maybe a very sleek, full-length puffa coat. I hear that puffa coats are all the rage in Paris. And my old Zara one did not wash up that well, I’m sad to say.

Heavy sweater will be needed for sipping coffee in an outdoor café.

Now, if you want to join us on our weekend in Paris, and I sure hope you do, you’ll need to get busy, my friends. What will you pack for our fictional getaway? Make sure you’ll be warm and comfortable. It will be December after all, and we will be outside and walking quite a bit. But you’ll want to look a bit smart and polished… because, well, it’s Paris.

First plan your outfits, and then take a picture of yourself in one, or more of them. E-mail me your photo here. Explain what you’re wearing and why. You might want to send a shot of your travel ensemble, your smart dinner outfit, or your comfy shopping and gallery hopping outfit. Maybe you want to take a photo of your warm and casual evening strolling outfit, or the sweatpants and cosy sweater tea-drinking ensemble. It’s up to you. Please don’t crop or use filters etc on your pictures. I can crop them to fit, and play with contrast etc. if necessary. If you’ve already edited the shot, your picture will just get fuzzier and fuzzier. Send your description and/or explanation and the photo to me by Tuesday, December 1. When I put together the post about our escape, I want to include as many photos of you guys as I can. Don’t be shy. We are all friends here.

Now get planning, time’s a wasting.

Here are some of the pieces from my packing list:

So that’s it for me today, my friends. I have to go now to plan my lounging and chatting outfit and my smart dinner outfit. I must say I’ll be tired of wearing all black by the time we get home from our weekend in Paris. Perhaps I’ll buy myself a colourful silk scarf while I’m there. Hermes, maybe? Or a soft cashmere sweater dress, in a jewell tone, that fits me perfectly and makes me look ten years younger. Ha. If I’m dreaming, I might as well dream big.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfit. So don’t forget to send me those photos.

Linking up with Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #IWillWearWhatILike link-up.


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51 thoughts on “Weekend in Paris, Anyone?”

  1. Oh I am so in for this. Since it is a fantasy trip, are we flying first class? This sounds so perfect for a get away and the decadance of just a weekend in Paris is pure indulgence. I love the look of your new scarf, perfect. For our flight I will be wearing my dark stretchy jeans, cashmere socks, light teal cashmere sweater, ankle boots, hip lenght pink puffy jacket, with a big plum/pink/grey scarf. For our coffee and chatting, comfy get together, black ponte pull on pants, lightweight plum tunic length sweater with the silver buttons on the cuffs, and again the ankle boots. Big earrings and a couple rings to finish. Shopping trip would be white shirt style top filled in with a silk scarf to be picked out, large hoop earrings, black skinny jeans all under my burgundy puffy coat. For our dressy evening, tea length grey wool flared skirt with tall boots, cream and grey cowl neck sweater with metalic threads, statement necklace and fun larger rings. For walking outdoors in the cold, I will add a wide knitted silver and grey headband for ears, and plum suede plum gloves with my smaller crossbody bag. I know for sure I will be spending time in perfume shops and pharmacies as well for great new skin care items we can’t get here in Canada. So much to do and so little time. Oh I am excited already.

    1. First class all the way, Diane. And as Annie from Yorkshire says, the flight only lasts an hour… from anywhere. No jet lag at all. Now don’t forget to send me a photo of you in one of your outfits.

  2. Hi Sue
    Just have to say, I love your hair that colour and you look beautiful, yes I even noticed your pretty eye make up. Such jolly good taste and your new scarf is divine. We in Australia have faired pretty well, I’m in Queensland where we only went into lockdown for a couple of months from March onwards. Since then, no community transmission in our state and our state borders are closed, but slowly opening up to places that have been transmission free for some time. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in lockdown. As the Queen would say, it has been an Annus Horribilis. Two good things happened to me this year: I became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy and I gave up drinking alcohol. The rest of the year has been crappy, including but not limited to, having a nervous breakdown. But the stay in a private hospital was a positive experience, I was so well cared for, and I was complimented on my smart-casual yet comfortable attire, with one inpatient ‘friend’ nicknaming me Princess. The trauma that caused my breakdown was not grand at all and resulted in the termination of a long standing friendship with a girlfriend whom my husband had always labelled as ‘toxic’. Covid-19 has not been the only author of all things difficult this year, and I shall be glad to farewell 2020.

  3. I’m going to have to remember what I own . Can’t hit Paris in my dog walking gear & I haven’t worn much else for months . We’re waiting to hear whether there’s going to be a lift on lockdown over Xmas which sounds crazy to me . But we shall be watching the figures & taking care of ourselves . With a vaccine on the horizon we won’t be taking any risks now . Meanwhile – we have Paris ……

  4. Seeing your outfits makes me wish I could wear wool and turtlenecks…..always so smart-looking! But alas, I would break out in hives and feel like I was choking :~). My LLBean packable down jacket and coats (I have the hip-length jacket and full length hooded coat in black, and knee length in the plum/burgundy color) wash and wear beautifully, if you are on the lookout for replacement. And the way they are stitched gives a sleeker rather than puffier silhouette.
    Bon voyage!

  5. I would really love it if those of you who are familiar with Paris would specify some of your favorite spots (sights, shops, restaurants, walks. I’m always interested in hidden gems to add to my list….

    1. I would absolutely recommend you do the Coulee Verte Renee Dumont pathway. A converted railway track which is now a promenade de plante high above the Paris streets. Starts near Bastille and ends at Bois de Vincennes. Would also recommend the Chateau de Vincennes too… we had a marvellous lunch right by the entrance to the castle. (This was the predecessor to Versailles!)
      I’ve been lucky enough to go to Paris many many times, and in Feb 2020 we discovered this – we could see the walkway from our hotel bedroom and did a google search. Wow – what a day we spent walking it. Absolutely wonderful being able to look down on the street activity! Just a wonderful day and a 5* recommend from me. 😉

  6. Oooh la la! I’m on board with this — I’ll probably stay on beyond the rest of you and scoot over to Rome to see my g’daughter. Can’t get that close without a visit. Biggest challenge is trying to figure out packing for the dress I’m determined to wear in Paris — just because it’s new and I’ve had nowhere to wear it thanks to you-know (hint: begins with C, ends with -19). . . The dress has pleats from above-knee to mid-calf. I suppose I’ll either just have to press them out when I unpack OR wear it on the plane. Off now to plan shoes. . . and make a list of what I want to replenish in Paris. Are we going to imagine the city as pre or post-Covid? No lockdowns, all the shops and museums open? Can’t wait!

    1. Paris will be Wide open! If it’s our fantasy trip, it won’t be locked down. It’s been a long time since I’ve planned a travel wardrobe. I’m in!

    2. Looking forward to seeing this dress, Frances. The lockdown will be lifted, and everything will be open while we’re there. We carry our bubble around with us. Ha.

  7. Well well, time to say the truth: I don’t like Paris and I don’t like shopping, I know, shocking! But since this is a fantasy trip with great ladies, count me in! Can we go to the BnF?;-))
    Rug up, Paris can be very cold and humid.

  8. So loved the idea of going to Paris with girlfriends for a weekend away! I immediately called a friend and we discussed your post for 30 minutes. The real opportunity it gave me was thinking about packing and what I would take. Thank you for planting the seed of inspiration. To really look at my wardrobe choices and commit to edit for: style, comfort and the opportunity to feel joyful getting dressed so that when I can actually pack it truly brings me joy.

  9. I love planning for a trip and packing just the right things in a carryon. We took three trips last year, a Rhine River cruise, a week in Albuquerque/Santa Fe and two weeks in London, during the fall and winter. I base everything on black and white and add accent colors with outer wear, cardigans and scarves. We post on IG and send pictures to friends and family. Each trip has a slightly different look, I wore mustard pants in Provence and they looked great in that light and setting. In NM I wore a beautiful ivory Pendleton coat in the Hudson Bay pattern and I received compliments every day. And in London I took a red raincoat and it looked great in the gray weather with the red buses and phone booths in the background. I guess I’m saying I pack for the location and what will photograph well. For Paris I might choose dark red and burgandy outerwear. I do take a black puffer coat that folds into a pocket for the extreme cold.

    1. Every place has it subtle differences, doesn’t it? But I hadn’t thought to dress to compliment my surroundings. Can’t wait to see your choices for Paris.

  10. I’m in! I’ve been twice in January (birthday trips) so I know how to pack for our December trip. Looking forward to introducing you all to my “kitchen pass” chef (my husband likes to joke about that) – Stephan Jego at L’Ami Jean. Outfits to come…

  11. Last December, my sister in law (“Sissy”) were talking about going either to Rome or back to Italy early December 2020. I have always wanted to go to Europe in the winter. Oh well – maybe 2021!!!!

    I just have to tell you Susan, I love your hair color!!!!! It looks wonderful!!!!

  12. A most excellent idea! I am checking hipparis.com (the Blog HiP Paris) for all kinds of ideas on where to eat, sightseeing, shop, etc. Now what to pack….Hmmm. And can we just pretend that Paris is not on COVID lockdown?

  13. I better not stand near you then, because I will be wearing pretty much the same outfits. But with my big furry coat because smart is one thing and cold is quite another. I need some new leather gloves but am happy to come along and hold coats while people go into changing rooms. Shall check the magical plane can touch down at my local airport and I will be there in an hour or so.

  14. What a great idea! I’m going to cheat a bit – we were actually in Paris at the end of January 2020 (we’re big rugby fans) so am using my capsule packing list that I used then! All very simple and coordinated, in a pull-along TravelPro suitcase that I’ve had for 9+ years, and my convertible rucksack handbag. We travelled via Eurostar, so weight wasn’t an issue. The only downside with the packable coat is that the seams aren’t as waterproof as I’d like, but for light showers it’s fine. The idea was to mix-match over the 4-5 days we were away. I hardly ever take pictures of me wearing my clothes, but I usually do a screen print of the item from the website I purchased, then store it in a folder to help me “manage” my wardrobe.
    A little background… I used to work in fashion, plus I actually grew up above a ladies fashion shop belonging to my parents, so I have always been a bit colour obsessed (it has to match!). And then I worked in retail for about 10 years, before heading into an office, where I spent the next 20 years. I now run a B&B and Campsite, as well as a wedding venue with my husband. Most of my wardrobe is made-up of smart-casual stuff, with random smarter outfits that rarely (if ever) get worn. 
    I’ve sent you an email with a photo collage, which I hope you enjoy…

    1. It’s so convenient to have a packing list already to go, isn’t it? Hope you can also send me a photo of you in one of those outfits, Fiona. Doesn’t have to be when you actually were in Paris.

  15. Paris? Yes please! Make that Oui, oui, oui!

    Your classic black/ gray neutral palate is gorge… you look stunning (comme toujours), and there is nothing like a beautiful simple cashmere sweater as a staple in ones winter wardrobe. By the way, I am also a huge fan of sterling accessories. Now, my fantasy outfit for nippy weather in the city of light? May I pretend that I am 15 pounds lighter as I was the last time I was there pre-Covid pre-all kinds of stuff? OK, yes, let’s pretend.

    Fitted black jeans with plenty of pockets. A low heel but chic, walkable ankle booty, preferably with a slightly pointed toe which I prefer. And to me low heel is 2 inches. I am Piaf-sized after all. A fitted black cashmere sweater, preferably long sleeves, and perhaps with just a little bit of décolletage, a lacy black camisole peeking up (hiding the impertinent cleavage). Naturally, exposing the neck, I would need a beautiful scarf – (warmth and un peu de pudeur) – I have several in patterns with black that would work perfectly. And sterling silver earrings, very modern, that work with great versatility when I wear a mix of silver and pearl bracelets or a single silver cuff bracelet I Purchased in Paris nearly 20 years ago.

    Since that is an awful lot of black on black on black, even for yours truly, and of course I would be wearing a black warm pea jacket, I will inject some color with one of my favorites from last year – cognac. I have a beautiful Crossbody cognac bag that hasn’t seen the light of day in well over a year and warm leather gloves to match.

    Et voilà! All that’s left would be to dig up or sew up a mask to cover over my three layer surgical masks. What do you think – basic black or something with a touch of cognac?

    Then again… my comfiest blue jeans, slouchy sweaters and sneaks?

    So when do we leave?


  16. Even though Paris is my favourite city in the world, I was thinking of sitting this trip out for lack of a “chic” outfit, but today I saw “the perfect dress” in a shop window in our little town: a black sweater dress with some bling around the neckline – very chic, very Parisienne. So I’m booking my ticket! No photo though because I doubt the dress will be leaving the shop window! The perfect fantasy dress for the perfect fantasy trip – just what we all need!
    Frances T

    1. Oh… don’t sit this one out, Frances. Take a photo of your tea-drinking, chatting, lounging outfit instead. Your fantasy dress with be in your mind’s eye when you read the post. 🙂

  17. We’ll always have Paris…..:-)
    I’ll imagine Paris as Covid free zone….
    My usual combination will be : black velvet trousers,white and black cashmere turtle necks,2 scarfs for colours,burgundy Uniqlo down coat,black crossbody Lancel bag,black ankle boots…
    For lounging,dark grey knitted trousers + one of aforementioned turtlenecks,for dinners, cashmere purple v-neck sweater dress with thick black tights and a scarf- this is how I usual pack for travel in winter
    But,in this Paris fairytale ,I’ll take first class flight as well(I have only two hours or so to Paris) and take my baby blue coat,so,thank you for the unique opportunity!
    Looking forward to meet you all again

    1. I’d pay big money to have a cashmere V-neck dress. It is so hard to find a dress here in Ottawa. I can’t wait for the pandemic to lift and allow me to go shopping in Montreal again. I’m sure I’d find a dress there. And while I’m dreaming maybe I’ll pop by Zagreb and find one there. 🙂

  18. Oh great idea! Could i be in as well… even if I live only 12 km from Paris?
    Weather forecast wise, temperatures should be normal for the first week of December, as in around 4-9° Celsius during the day and might be raining but, take this with a grain of salt as those are, well, forecast.
    For this trip to Paris, I would certainly take the opportunity to wear some skirts, very comfortable with thick tights, either back or coloured.
    I would wear derbies or my trustee chelsea boots I got 10 years ago and still going strong, thanks to my cobbler!!
    I would wear a cashmere sweater, different colour for each day (so, no black nor dark colours) with a light “tee shirt” of silk-wool blend underneath.
    As a whole, still, french tends to never wear sweater without a shell (tee shirt or else) underneath, never right to the skin. But, of course, there are exceptions.
    Depending of the weather, I would then either wear one of my jackets (velvet or wool) or a light down jacket, either yellow or orange. It does not have to match what you are wearing under or over, that is the thing!!
    And then, a coat, thick or “thin” but, of course, always wool.
    And to finish it, gloves AND scarf(ves).
    But it is not that cold yet, even if we follow the forecast.
    For only a week end, you probably will walk a lot, share the festive feelings, go shopping and then, getting in and out shops, in and out in the over heated and in the cold, so layers are key.
    For eating out, this may depend on the place we would dine but a nice jacket, a black trouser, nice cashmere sweater would do. I would not overindulge, just eat what I need so no need to have an elasticized waist. The thing is to enjoy the moment, the ambiance, the friends.
    If you want to see some houses in Paris, you could go in the 13th arrondissement in Paris.
    I all wish you a very good trip to Paris.

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