Fall Wilderness Adventures, No High Heels

Good rainy morning, my friends. We are home from fall camping now. Warm, dry, and cosy with the furnace running. And the washing machine churning. Ha. It will be churning for a good while since all the camping clothes and the bedding etc etc must be washed and put away for the winter. Hubby is outside in the drizzle cleaning up the vegetable garden. And I am awaiting the squash onslaught. And talking to you guys, of course.

Hills and fall colour somewhere on the road to Barry's Bay.
Somewhere between Ottawa and Barry’s Bay

Our fall camping trip is a tradition with us now. Fall is such a lovely time of year for wilderness adventures. Even if we were not entirely in the wilderness. Except for our day of fishing. And of course high heels did not factor into my camping wardrobe. Actually, now that I think of it, high heels hardly ever factor into my wardrobe anymore. I guess they are more of a metaphor these days.

We had a great trip. Fall camping is the best kind of camping. We fished, drove the back roads, read, sat round the campfire, ate, drank, and tucked up under our down duvet, we listened to the rain on the roof of the trailer at night. I experienced a few bug bites from our fishing day. More bug bites that fish, actually. But hey, we can’t complain.

I’ve put together a video of the trip highlights which you can watch below. Including a rather staged demonstration of me taking paddling orders from Hubby and trying to navigate the canoe from the bow. While Hubby, usually the main paddler, was busy yelling and holding the phone. Have you ever tried to make a canoe do what you tell it to do from the front? It is not easy, my friends.

We did end up coming home a day early this year. Our last full day dawned rainy and cool. Quel surprise. And the weather forecast told us we would have a couple of hours of sunshine in the late morning before rain set in for the next twenty-four hours. Arrrg. So we seized the opportunity to pack up while it wasn’t raining. We were sad to cut our trip short, but relieved to NOT have to get soaked while we packed up.

We compensated ourselves by taking the long way home, through Golden Lake and Lake Dore where Hubby spent his childhood summers at his grandparent’s cottage. And before we set off, we stopped into the Rustic Moose in Bonnechere for coffee and homemade butter tarts. Oh my. Those butter tarts were the best I’ve ever tasted. Flaky pastry, sweet, and a bit runny… just like they’re supposed to be. I think we have just discovered a new fall camping tradition.

If you are going to be in the Barry’s Bay or Killaloe area you have to take a side trip to Bonnechere and have some of the butter tarts from The Rustic Moose. Definitely worth the trip, believe me. And the coffee is great too.

Driving the back roads around Barry's Bay during our fall camping trip, we saw this old farm.
I love these back road farms.

So that’s it from me today, folks. The beeper on my dryer is driving me crazy. I’d better go and attend to my laundry. So little time… so much laundry. It would be so much more fun to settle in and finish the new Susie Steiner book. But, chores first. Then book time. Sigh.

Hope everyone is having a great autumn weekend wherever you are. What are you up to today, anyway? Chores? Fun? Or like me, chores and then fun?

P.S. I should probably say that the soundtrack in the background of my video is one provided by the i-Movie ap. It’s called “Blue Mountains” by Gabriel Witcher.

Joining Catherine over at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #IWillWearWhatILike link-up.


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50 thoughts on “Fall Wilderness Adventures, No High Heels”

  1. Loved this, thank you so much for sharing your camping trip! What is, and who is playing, the lovely music behind the video, please?

  2. At least Mother Nature gave us a beautiful fall this year. I like Hubby’s location of the church as right of the golf course. There may be a comment on twentieth century life style changes.

  3. You live in such a beautiful corner of the world. Your canoe gliding through that still lake- so peaceful. Thank you for sharing your camping trip with us. It made me want to get out in nature and just breathe deep.

  4. Beautiful, peaceful and other worldly ..thanks for the video. So glad you were able to take such a lovely trip.

  5. Beautiful,beautiful nature,such a peace and lovely views…..How balance is important in life-between wilderness and “high heels” :-)….
    I’ve enjoyed watching your video,it is wonderful to actually see things that I’ve imagined reading your posts
    It’s always lottery with the weather

  6. Thanks for the trip . If we don’t get to Scotland as planned I shall keep watching that on a loop . Spectacular tree colour & far from the madding crowd . You Canadians are very fortunate – such a big country & so few people . I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the latest Sue Steiner .

  7. Thanks for the lovely adventure with you. I must say, I don’t think the ‘instructions’ in the canoe would be so calm with us. Ha. I love listening to the rain on the roof and unless it is storming, it is so peaceful. Only thing is I hate being damp so that pot of tea would be my happy place in the rain. Glad you had this normal experience to share with us all.

  8. I loved reading about your camping trip, have to confess to being a little bit envious, also your recent camp-fire book club meeting which I didn’t comment on at the time.
    The best combination, the elements doing their thing while you keep warm and cosy, and the always essential cup of tea !

  9. Thanks for sharing the lovely scenery. I miss those beautiful colored leaves. Here in FL there’s lots of color year round, but nothing can compare to fall’s display!

  10. Sue, all the memories of camping in that area. I was never there in the fall, just slapping mosquitoes and black flies in the summer. We had a canoe, and I can remember being – coached- how to paddle….even portaging.

    As I type this, we are at B&B in Tofino, much easier on gently aging body:-)

    1. Fall is the best. Campfires after dark, cosy hats and jackets, and no mosquitoes. Although I did get some bites up the river when we were fishing.

  11. Jen in Vancouver

    Loved your video – so peaceful.
    One thing though, bears down by the lake? You are brave to have walked there alone I’m thinking.

    1. No bears in the campground usually, although it has been known to happen. We did see a beautiful black bear on our drive to the access point for fishing. Ran right across the road in front of us. It’s funny that after so many years we rarely worry about bears. Although Hubby always has his “bear guard” pepper spray on his belt.

  12. Thanks for sharing your drive through the fall colours. Likely to be the only fall “drive” I take this year. Used to have a trailer like yours and camp up by Lake Pemaquid near Pemaquid Point in Maine. Loved sitting in the stillness near the edge of the water and then hearing the call of the loons over the lake. Good memories.

    1. I love Maine. Growing up in New Brunswick, I’m quite familiar with the state. Hubby and I spent a few days camping in Bar Harbour a number of years ago. That’s where I learned how to make my biscuits rise better. 🙂

  13. Loved the video; it brought back so many good memories because fall was also my favourite time to go camping in the mountains.

    It’s hard to explain to people who don’t camp how good a hot cup of tea (or, in my case, coffee) can be on a cool October morning—especially when drunk in little spot of sunshine. Your video captured the sheer pleasure of camping when nothing comes between you and your enjoyment in being outdoors in a beautiful spot. Thanks!

  14. Smiling as I type, “Thank you.” for the lovely and well done video! Love the titles, music, and beautiful scenery.
    We postponed an Eastern Sierras trip this week to the last week of October. Looks like the fall colors are at their peak right now so will miss out. Air quality is still an issue as fires still abound. A little rain expected in the next week.
    We will be in a lovely rental with son’s family. Hoping to take advantage of the last week of bait fishing until next year. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! A blessing to view this Sunday afternoon.
    P/S. Sorry for the travesty of the debate. Only God knows what will be unfolding in the remaining month before the election. 🙏🏼

    1. The colours are at their peak here. Since we plan our trip in advance we often miss the best colours. This time we hit it bang on the money. 🙂 Still, the last week of October will be lovely in its own way even if the leaves have dropped.

    1. Oh… it’s full on fall now. We came home to a driveway full of leaves which had to be swept before we could park the trailer. Next step … the wood stove. 🙂

  15. What a lovely video. I felt like I was there in the beautiful fall scenery. Hope you can keep doing this for many years to come.

  16. Like everyone else I just loved the video. Magnificent colours and so therapeutic.
    Made me laugh as holidays here in Ireland can be rainy year round. Just have to embrace it.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your camping video, Sue. So good to ‘hit the road’ wherever one might be. Those autumn colours are spectacular. Canada seems such a beautiful place.

  18. Oh country roads and autumn colours! Here in Melbourne it is the most unpredictable time of year, spring. Loved your video and I am a new follower of yours on Instagram even though I have been reading your blog for years.This is the first comment from me too…..who knows I may comment again.

  19. Hello. Just stumbled onto your blog! My husband and I are going on one of our fall camping trips tomorrow! The kids are gone now so it’s much more relaxing. Many years ago (with 3 kiddies) we camped at Pog Lake in Algonquin Prov. Park. Loved it! I awoke to the song of the loons. Oh my just lovely. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  20. Hi Sue … wow! your video was wonderful … I felt my pulse rate lower and relax as we travelled along … magical! Such great Autumn/Fall colours and beautiful scenery. Loved the clips of you in the canoe gliding along and hubby fishing. Brought back memories of a similar trailer tent we had when the children were younger. Nothing quite like camping especially at nighttime and food outside always tastes better!
    Thanks for sharing this …
    Like you, I’m alternating chores and fun at the moment.
    Take care, hope you’ve had a good week.
    Rosie xxx

    1. Thanks, Rosie. I see you guys are in a renewed lock-down in places in the UK. We’re moving backwards with infection rates in Ontario and Quebec. I’m mentally preparing myself for seeing fewer people the the next few weeks.

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