Hi folks. It is wonderfully fall, in all its glory, now. Since we came back from camping, I’ve been loving the crisp mornings. Hubby has been golfing although with frost delayed tee off times on some mornings. And I’ve been walking up a storm. Even one morning setting off in my wooly hat, gloves, and wearing long underwear under my light sweat pants. And when I’m not walking I’ve been layering up in sweaters et al. So… it surely must be time for my fall wardrobe edit.

Fall colour in Millers Farm fields near Manotick, Ontario
Miller’s Farm pumpkin patch. Or one of them

I’ve been planning to do a fall version of Allison Bornstein’s “Closet Editing System” for a while. I had such good success doing my spring/summer edit. You can read that post here, if you’re interested. But it seems that lately I’ve been so busy worrying about wearing my fall clothes, trying to cram as many fall outfits into my life as I can. Wearing cashmere sweaters, chunky turtlenecks, and light jackets whenever I leave the house. That I kind of forgot about the closet edit. So before the really cool weather comes and the snow flies, I’d better get that fall wardrobe edit done.

Just to review quickly, Allison’s closet editing and organizing system has five steps.

Step 1: Pull out your closet “regulars.” Those pieces which you love and reach for again and again. Identifying these will help you to identify your “signature style.”

Step 2: Identify those pieces which you “never wear.” Even if you love them, if you don’t wear them they go in this pile.

Step 3: Categorize your “never wears” into three subcategories.

a) No, No, No Pieces. You don’t like or want to wear them. This is the pile you will consign or donate.

b) Not Now Pieces. You are just taking a break from these pieces for now for whatever reason. Store these or just put them back in your closet.

c) How Pieces. These are pieces you don’t wear because you can’t figure out how to style them.

Step 4: Spend some time trying to style your “how” pieces by pairing them with your regulars.

Step 5: Organize your closet into sections to enable you to see what you have more easily. For me that means hanging like with like: jackets and blazers, sweaters, shirts, tees, jeans, dress pants, skirts and dresses.

So. Yesterday I began my fall wardrobe edit. And filmed the process. But halfway through I realized that the system wasn’t going to work for me this time as it did in the spring. You can see what I mean when you watch the video below. I should warn you to refresh your cup of tea or coffee. This one is fairly long. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

So, yeah. I told you it was long. The process didn’t quite go as planned. But that’s a good thing. It seems that I didn’t need as much help with my fall clothes as I did with my spring/summer ones. My fall wardrobe is pretty… well… healthy.

I was going to edit out the section where Hubby comes in from his golfing. He’s all ruddy-faced from being out in the sunshine and fresh air all day, and wearing his grubby clothes. But I decided, in the pursuit of full disclosure, you should know why I’ve totally stopped trying to reform him. He wears what he wants, and so do I. Ha. There’s also a bit where I couldn’t get the camera to turn off, but I left that in for comic relief.

I think I will do a coat edit one day soon. Just for my own interest. Especially since I scoffed at those other vloggers who have so many coats. I might surprise myself and have way more than I think.

And since we’re going back into partial lock-down, I thought I would start a monthly feature. A video about nothing much but what Hubby and I have been doing with our lives. No matter how boring that might be. Probably will be, in fact. Perhaps it will make you think that your life is très exciting compared to mine. And that would be another good thing, wouldn’t it?

To all my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey. And stay home people. Celebrate with your loved ones… the ones you live with.. and keep us all safe. And to the rest of you lovely people, I hope you are staying safe too. And have a wonderful October weekend.

Joining Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb for her #IWillWearWhatILike link-up. Check it out here.


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52 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Edit. Or Is It?”

  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I just said to a friend that it is a regular day but with better food. I am not too upset about being just the two of us as we have gotten quite used to that these past months. I am as well reallly satisfied with what I have accomplished outside this year reworking some areas of the yard and having fun with it. At this point I don’t feel there was any hardship, OK maybe the lineup in the grocery store. I really enjoyed your video and felt like we were just chatting about clothes and what we are not wearing. I am not getting rid of any more items for a while for the same reason, just because the circumstances don’t require them to get out for a bit, does not mean they won’t later. We will get back to travel some day and will look forward to what will feel like new items by then. I like what you said about not changing hubby and not worried about it….so true. Thanks for the wonderful diversion on a rainy afternoon and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Almost forgot, that gorgeous blue sweater that you knit yourself should be in the mix. It looks so comfy to wear on repeat.

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Diane. We had a simple roast supper for Thanksgiving… with dessert. After a long walk in the bush. Actually a surprisingly good Thanksgiving… and stress free.

  2. I enjoyed the video but had problems hearing towards the end. I am also careful about editing my wardrobe at the moment. The pieces I edited were due to the fact they weren’t comfortable to wear. I have previously tried to make them work and they just don’t. Also love the idea of the monthly video as we should celebrate the ordinary and everyday things more.

    1. I think I was talking more loudly in the early sections because I was moving around and farther away from the phone. Sorry you had trouble hearing me.

  3. I really enjoyed your closet “edit”. You are one of the only bloggers who doesn’t push buying more clothes and I appreciate that. Your advice to be cautious making decisions when you do edit, especially now, is something I will remember when I evaluate my fall/winter wardrobe. When I retired, I got rid of some blazers/jackets that I now wish I had kept.
    Your husband looked great! Thanks for leaving him in your video 😀

  4. Happy thanksgiving, Sue.

    I watched all your video and charged up my coffee cup beforehand as forewarned! I like how you spent time considering the pieces and their uses and that was helpful, because that careful consideration can only be done with a pared down wardrobe and it gave me food for thought (I’m a massively pared up gal!). And PLEASE wear those two long coatigans, both charcoal and red will look gorgeous on you this time of year!

    Hugs, Mary The Pouting Pensioner.

  5. Love your simple edited closet! I could totally picture that beautiful red cardigan over your white collarless blouse with the black leather pants. That red colour is so perfect with your white hair. You really demonstrate how buying fewer pieces of good quality clothing can make dressing so much easier. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Stu!
    I started the video this morning,but than something or other happened,so I’m looking forward to watch it after lunch-every new video is better and better and I would like to watch your “vlogs”- it would be interesting and I would feel like visiting and spending some time in your company,lovely as it was last year IRL
    I liked your Hidden Treasures post and purple sweater is beautiful,especially with your new hair. I loved the doll,too
    Well,editing my closet….I have a couple of things that I wear now (“A capsule wardrobe” :-)),without proper editing,on repeat,places I visit now,like physio ,have very strict “covid free” zones (and I like it this way), but outwear zone is not so appropriate for nice coats or nice wardrobe in general,so……..I’ll be good with only a couple of nice outfits this year

    1. Thanks, Dottoressa. I guess we’ll just have to be satisfied with visiting our dressy clothes every once in a while, giving them a nice pat in the closet and assure them we haven’t forgotten them. 🙂

  7. Your video-making skills are increasing! You have lots of lovely pieces that are standing the test of time and I particularly like the mix of edgy and more traditional styles. Some days I want edgy, other days I prefer something more classic and it’s lovely to have a variety of pieces to choose from. Your thoughtful approach to clothes is reassuring. We don’t always need to run out and buy new stuff and shopping our closets is good for us and the environment.
    So sorry your lockdown restrictions have been increased. I admire the way you accept that with such good grace. I hope the Covid numbers improve quickly.

    1. Thanks, so much, Maria. I hope the Covid numbers improve as well. Visiting my mum in New Brunswick is now totally out of the question. And we were so hoping to be able to get down there in the fall.

  8. How about a post on your jewelry? Was that a bracelet “tree” on your dresser? Couldn’t tell if it was some kind of tree but it looked like chunky bracelets or watches on it.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I enjoy your blogs, videos and photos so much… keep ’em coming!
    My daughter, son-in-law and one-year old grandson live in Ottawa and due to the new provincial Covid restrictions facing us (I live in London, Ontario), we’ve decided to spend the holiday weekend apart… tough but necessary choice.
    Stay safe and well!!

  10. Glad you’re revelling in you fall favorites, Sue- same here! The closet editing system sounds like genius and I want to try it myself. I’ll look forward to your new lockdown sections as well. We’ve all got to find creative ways to get through this.

  11. Your videos are becoming more polished & professional each time . Some TV channel will be snapping you up as a presenter ! You seem to be right on top of your fall wardrobe & yes , it’s silly chopping away just for the sake of it . I’m also one who gets quite nostalgic for old loves – clothes that is . I can look at old photos & really miss what I was wearing at the time. I like your idea of future videos being a little slice of your life .
    PS Nice to see the gardener putting in an appearance – Mind he doesn’t take over 😁

  12. Happy Thanksgiving ! I enjoy your video visits and they are a great escape. I learn something from each one and have a wonderful time doing it. Thank you- Mary Lou

  13. Thanks Sue! I still haven’t gotten around to the first closet edit post you did in the spring (where did all my “not doing much of anything” time go this summer???), and now it’s time for the fall version! I am saving today’s video for another day to savor it. When I have more time – yard work is beckoning me today.
    Love your posts and look forward to your new monthly ones. Thank you for posting for all of us who look forward to your wit and style. Have a GREAT Day!

  14. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and get cosy in front of the fire afterwards. Autumn is shaping up well here and I suspect that, like you, we are to go back into lockdown very soon. Already, here in the north of England, we are in partial lockdown but the numbers are rising inexorably. We shall do what we have to. The world seems to be shouting at itself all the time so I feel it more beneficial to withdraw from it and get hunkered a little before time. Began by planting daffodil bulbs and tidying the garden, washing pots, transplanting brave incumbents and having a good sweep up. Good for the rather weary soul.

    1. We aren’t quite into lockdown like last spring. But indoor dining and bars etc are closed again due to the uptick in cases. And we are being reminded to socialize only with people in our household. Sadly, experts are saying the rise in cases is probably more from large indoor gatherings, and house parties and not from restaurants or bars.

  15. That was a really good checkup. 1. I wear a lot of khaki olive green. There is a wide range of what manufacturers call olive or khaki. I’m pretty impressed that yours are all the same color and work great together. Looks great with the purples too. 2. Skinny jeans: with our current, societal love of comfy pants, my skinnies feel too restrictive. Thanks for reminding me how much we tuck them into boots when the cold weather comes. I will just put them on hold for now. 3. I’ll put away my “going out” clothes and look forward to rediscovering them when this is all over. “See you later ivory lace blouse, ivory coatigan, green velvet blouse. I’ll miss you”.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed your latest video as it felt like chatting with a friend. It was a good reminder on all things wardrobey, good quality, using what you have. I will definitely be keeping my skinny pants and leggings for when the snow flies as in my opinion they are the best, until I find a good alternative, tucked into boots.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! I so enjoyed your video. I wish I was even half as organized as you, when it comes to clothing. And, I have way too many clothes. I like how you think about each item and how you will style it. Maybe by reading your posts and watching your videos I will do better, but I doubt it. 😉 And, happy you had a good summer – we isolated all summer (still are), but other than not seeing my daughter and family, we had a good summer too. We got creative.

    1. I could not do a full edit in one day, that would be too daunting. That’s why it’s good to only have half of my wardrobe in my closet at any one time.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the video. Like Christy it felt like chatting with a friend. I thought the burgundy sweater you were wearing looked gorgeous with the camel jacket and the scarf, as well as with the other jacket that’s checked. If I am not mistaken a bit of pink runs through that jacket.

    Another blogger mentioned that style/taste can evolve and evolves through ones entire life. My husband has evolved during our 29 years together and a trip to Santa Fe initiated another evolution. It is fun to watch and I think he has enjoyed watching the many evolutions that I have gone through. At 78, I’m ending a two year period and reworking my closet. Did my editing during covid…now, back to the studio.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! There’s a tiny turkey in the oven for just hubby and I. Even so, there will be lots of leftovers!

    I should really do a coat/jacket edit. Thinking about how many of them are lurking in various closets around the house and how many don’t get worn is downright scary!

  20. Really enjoyed your video and have so many thoughts! Will you review your shoes and boots? It’s hard to find walkable footwear, but I think shoes can easily make an outfit looked dated.
    Also: would love to hear about your relationship with prints. It seems to me that you wear mainly solids, with a handful of checks or stripes. Most of the bloggers I admire dress mainly in solids, but I seem to have lots of prints. Maybe because it’s easy to pull colors from a print to make an outfit?
    Anyway, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on whatever topic you choose!

    1. Thanks, Louise. I may do a shoes and boot edit. It will be another review since I won’t be culling anything. I’m not a big wearer of prints. I often find them too busy up next to my face. I have a couple of print blouses, but other than my striped tees, that’s all.

  21. Hi Sue, I watched your video with interest. FYI I also struggled with hearing, and I have very good hearing and my computer and Youtube were on full volume. I did a summer shoe edit yesterday. I am also good for fall/winter and do not need to add or edit anything.

  22. I enjoyed your video very much, Sue – especially hubby’s guest appearance. I can’t wait for him to release the video of his closet! A snicker of solidarity came out of my mouth when reading that he wears what he wants, and you wear what you want, because I enjoy clothes, shopping, and styling outfits, whereas my husband would be content wearing jeans and a black t-shirt every day (sometimes he switches it up and wears a blue t-shirt, which I secretly suspect is actually a faded black t-shirt).

    I hope you show off the coat closet next!

    And finally, please know that I felt sympathy for you every time you said something along the lines of ‘I would have been wearing this a lot during normal times” or “I have nowhere to wear this now.” This pandemic is wearing (sorry!) on all of us: won’t it be lovely to return to normal times when we can go places and wear nice things again….soon, I hope?!

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