Bye, Bye October: My First Monthly Vlog.

Happy end of October, my friends. Happy Hallowe’en. Or whatever you are celebrating this weekend. I should warn you, I’m feeling particularly perky today. I can be slightly annoying to be around when I’m really perky. But I can’t help it, I’m excited. Excited to introduce you to my first ever monthly vlog.

opening screen for my monthly vlog, Bye, Bye October

I’ve been thinking about doing a monthly vlog for a while. Putting together all the little videos I make over the course of a month into one larger video, the purpose of which will be nothing much. Ha. Like Seinfield, I guess, “a show about nothing.” Except not as funny. Seriously though, I thought this would become sort of an “isolation diary” type of thing. What Hubby and I are doing and thinking… and eating.

Hope you enjoy my first effort. There’s a lot of walking in this one. But then, October was a walk-y month. The vlog is a little over 26 minutes. So you’d better pour that second cup of tea before you click start. 🙂

Well, that’s it. I edited it down as best I could. I shortened lots of clips, and even left out a couple of bits so it didn’t get too long. Still, I do waffle on in some places, as I am wont to do. Ha. I tried to play with the sound, especially with respect to my speaking volume. Sometimes it’s hard because I couldn’t mute the wind or the leaves rustling or the geese squawking at the same time. I’m learning something new every time I do one of these.

Thanks so much for watching. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. Stay well and safe. I’ll see you as usual on Tuesday when we will NOT talk politics. Okay?

The lovely soundtrack for my vlog is Gabriel Witcher “Blue Mountains.”


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55 thoughts on “Bye, Bye October: My First Monthly Vlog.”

  1. Love your Vlog and will look forward to November’s. Enjoyed going on the hiking trip and also, seeing more of your lovely home. I appreciate you opening your life to us, your honesty and your “perkiness”! ❤️

    1. Thank-you, Liz. I wondered if that shot of my living room would be too boring, or self-indulgent. But I just love sitting in my chair by the window and looking out at the river and then back at the paintings I bought a couple of years ago and which I love.

  2. Well, that was fun. Your hiking trip was beautiful and for those of us who are not able to hike for distances, rather energizing. I was out today putting a few more things to rest for the winter and noticed way too much rabbit damage already so it was nice to hear your voice to take my mind off that. It is a great idea to do this for us once a month to keep in touch and realize that someone else is having the same thoughts. Good to know there will be no politics on Tuesday, I can only imagine what Wed. will be like on all sides. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. I’m so glad you liked, it, Diane. Since I have no power to change what happens in a country that is not my own, I’m trying hard not to focus on what is going on there.

  3. Really enjoyed your vlog. It is so interesting to see and hear what is happening in your life and the effects of the virus on your lives.

    Here in England we are going back into lockdown on Friday. I am feeling very smug as my haircut is booked for Monday. Sadly after then I wont be going anywhere. Time for husband and I to rethink what we do till next spring.

    Stay perky

    Best wishes from another Sue

  4. Really enjoyed that slice of your life . Lots of my favourite things there . Your new bag next to that great grey woolie …autumn tree colours , very like the Scottish woods we’re walking in just now …Tom Thompson …your two paintings ….delicious fries ( or chips to us )…..the gentle music in the background …your chatsworth scarf . The pandemic is rolling on here too & we learnt tonight that when we get home next Saturday it will be full lockdown again . I’m so glad we managed these three weeks in the highlands but the contrast of home in lockdown will be hard . Stay perky – we need it .

  5. The vlog was great. One of the many joys of your blog is seeing and hearing more about your Canada. As we can’t travel at the moment is was lovely to see.

  6. Rebecca (in southern California)

    I’m sad that a “friend” tried to rule how you should grieve. You do you!

    I hadn’t realized how active you are; it was nice to see. Inspiring, too. I’ve got it so easy, weatherwise, that I really should put shoes on, go outside, and appreciate it!

  7. Brava Sue! I love your vlog,lovely music,amazing nature -it is wonderful to actually see places I’ve read about- slices from your life….Stu could have culinary minutes in the vlog,with recipes…..

  8. Loved your VLOG! What a wonderful idea and I thought it was edited beautifully. Loved the background music 🎶 please share the name of the artist and song. Looking forward to November’s video.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I loved doing it. Learning how to edit and do all the stuff after the filming is so satisfying. P.S. I forgot to add the music credit. Thanks for reminding me. I’ve added it to the post and to the Vlog notes. 🙂

  9. Loved your vlog and thanks for taking us on your travels. It helps me to not feel so very isolated and I appreciate hearing about your feelings. Life can seem overwhelming these days and I appreciate realizing that I am not alone

  10. Thanks so very much for this… I needed a cheer up. We’re going into lockdown again on Thursday..for a month. Fortunately my hun will be with me, but I don’t look forward to being stuck indoors. Heigh ho. lovely to see Stu, and your living room. I’ve often tried to see it in the corner of your blog!

  11. What a lovely vlog that was. You have a natural talent for scenic photography and I felt like I was there beside you. Liked the ‘What I am wearing’ too, it was very acrobatic 😂. Looking forward to next month when I expect your lawn will be covered in snow. Your living room is very warm and welcoming and I can now picture you sitting there with your head in a book. Bye for now Miss Perky. X

  12. I’ve just discovered your blog and watched your Vlog today and feel like I have a new friend! Thank you – it was wonderful – especially the beautiful scenery and music. I will be looking forward to keeping posted from here in Colorado – where we have just experienced Winter and Fall – all in the past week!

  13. What a wonderful farewell to October Sue. I really enjoyed your Vlog! It was fun joining you and your friends on your walk, then you and Stu on your hike. The vistas are quite stunning. You did an excellent job and I look forward to your next Vlog. Thanks so much!

  14. Dear Sue, loved your vlog AND your lovely Canadian accent. I live in Australia and it sounds so soft and musical. I enjoyed every bit of it, it’s like visiting a friend. The only thing I struggled with was the sound, now bear in mind I am definitely losing some of my hearing so it may not be dificult for anyone else, I could hear the soft music in the background which was lovely but I think I read
    that there is a microphone that cuts out extraneous wind noise. That being said I think you are doing a wonderful job so please don’t take it the wrong way, I wouldn’t be able to do a vlog in a million years, I am going to put my headphones on and see if that helps because I don’t want to miss any of it.
    Warmest regards Carol

    1. Thanks Carol. I love the Australia accent. I remember when we were there I tried to imitate it with limited success. I will check to see if here is anything I can do to minimize background noise. But I don’t use a separate microphone, just the one on my phone.

  15. Good for you. I’m in the video learning stage also. So I feel for you. I saw that hiking trail and my first thought was this is the beginning of a very scary movie. They all happen on trails like that.
    PS. I’m perky also. What’s ya gonna do? That’s just the way we are.

  16. Love, love! Of course, it was great to put a “voice” to the face and words, and now I know the “voice” of the written blog aligns perfectly with you, the person—breezy, yet pensive and reflective, self-deprecating, yet confident and comfortable with “you”. We old…er…ahem…I mean “former” English teachers know the importance of an author’s voice. Spot on. Looking forward to more. Pray for us in the States as we count our votes and hope for change.

  17. Hi Sue, Happy Sunday to you and Stu!
    I’m late to the party again … sorry! I can’t emphasise enough just how much I enjoyed all aspects of your Vlog… I LOVED it! (that’s me emphasising not shouting! 😂) I started watching it, as soon as it was posted … then time whizzed by again. So here I am curled up on my bed with coffee and biscotti, having finally watched it all. Your choice of music complemented it perfectly.
    Great to be able to imagine where you’re sitting, looking out at the view I’ll never ever tire of, regardless of season, weather or time of day! 😊
    Like you my perky days are inter dispersed by the occasional blue day but I’m determined my Pollyanna view of life will win in the end. So much to be grateful for, regardless of all the constraints and lack of certainty at the moment.
    I agree with D, I so enjoyed the cooking spot and including the recipe, is a great idea.
    I realised as I relaxed and visited you vicariously how lovely it was especially as the times we met irl, we were, the first time, a little concerned of each other’s time constraints. Then the second time, we fitted what we could into both our travel schedules. So great to catch up though. 😊 Hoping it’ll happen again, one day when we can travel.
    Looking forward to this months Vlog and to seeing snow along the Rideau ( sorry! 🤣)
    Rosie xxx

    1. We’re thinking of what might work as a cooking spot. One where I don’t have to retype a long recipe with a million revisions that Stu makes. Ha.
      P.S. Us Pollyanna types have to stick together, Rosie. 🙂

  18. I finally watched your Vlog today – and loved it! Thank you for taking us on some of your walks. and your camping trip in such beautiful parts of Canada. We now have quite a bit of snow here in southern Alberta, but your Vlog reminded me that I can bundle up and get outdoors to enjoy a good walk any time of the year.

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