Blogging during a world-wide pandemic is beginning to be a wee bit problematic for me, it seems. Not that I’m thinking of throwing in the towel, or mothballing my keyboard, or anything drastic like that. Far from it. I have tons of ideas for blog posts. But I have reached the end of my outfit tether, as it were. Maybe it’s time to mothball the outfit posts for the moment. And change direction somewhat. At least when I write about fashion.

The other day when I was struggling to plan my fashion post for this week, I was NOT feeling the outfit love. I tried on a bunch of outfits and hated all of them. I tried to take some pictures, hated them, deleted every single one, and gave up. “I’ll try again tomorrow,” I told myself. And then overnight it snowed.

How many expletives can you imagine were hurled around our house when we got out of bed and saw an inch of snow on the ground? And more falling. I’d sort of half planned to do something with my white jeans and take blog photos. Again. And although he’d covered everything up for the night, Hubby was afraid for his garden, his peas, and his radishes, and his carrots. Yep. Lots of emoting at our house that morning. So I made us both a latté as a treat, and we sat in the sunroom sipping and simmering with angst.

As I said in the video, fashion blogging during a pandemic, is beginning to feel artificial to me. I’m not feeling the love for trying on outfits that I will never wear. Nor for finding chic ways to wear my sweats when I know that I’ll be changing back into the non-chic version immediately. Wearing my good clothes when I’m not leaving the house goes against my philosophy of keeping my good clothes good for as long as I can. In reality, I’m not going to wear them to sit and read a book, or to go for walks, or worse, go help Hubby in the garden. So, I’m going to move away from outfit posts for the time being.

I won’t stop writing about fashion. I still love clothes. But I want to keep my blog real. And in a different way from what I’ve been doing, at least when it comes to fashion. When I was still teaching I was always casting about for ways to teach content that I’d sometimes covered for years. If I could make it fun and fresh for me, I knew I’d be a better teacher, and the kids would have more fun. It’s the same with blogging.

Cold spring day on the Rideau. Vince sweater, Moncler coat, Paige jeans, Hunter boots.
And then it snowed.

I don’t know exactly what form this new blog direction will take. I’ll just have to roll with whatever ideas come my way. But I think I will be a bit relieved to not have to come up with outfits each week. For one thing my hair is a disaster. In fact, I was glad that the change in the weather forced me to haul out my woolly hat again.

As the pandemic situation unfolds, I’m feeling quite mercurial, as I imagine you are too. I know that some of you have said you’re not really into fashion at the moment, and some others want to dive in as a distraction. I get that. And I agree with both views, depending on the day. Ha.

So I’m in the mood for change. Because I’m sick to death of hearing about Covid-19. Even though I still want to know what is going on in the world, and here at home. I’m sick of seeing fetching little WFH outfits on social media. Even the acronym gets up my nose. I secretly change it to WTF when I see it now. I know, that’s harsh, eh? I’m tired of hearing about the pandemic, and which politician said what stupid thing today. Or reading what I should buy to make my stay at home more fun, more chic, or more whatever. And I imagine you are too. To misquote Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, “I’m just tired… okay?”

And yet. And yet. I’m not. I’m quite willing to keep this whole thing going for as long as it needs to keep going. Some things are opening up in some places. I guess that’s good. But please, please, let’s not be hasty. Or impatient. And as a result do something stupid. Or dangerous to ourselves or to others.

And so to keep myself from getting impatient, I need to take a step back from what I’ve been doing. And try something completely different. Or maybe only somewhat different. Or even a little bit different. Blogging about fashion during a world-wide pandemic calls for a bit more creativity on my part, I think.

I guess we’ll just have to see where this goes. Hope you’ll stick around to see what happens.

P.S. For those of you who ARE still shopping, I noticed that the Vince cashmere sweater and Vince tee shirts I featured in previous posts are all on sale at Nordstrom. And by the way those are affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking my link I will earn a commission.


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89 thoughts on “Fashion Blogging During a Pandemic”

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve got to the point where one day I am annoyed with my hair, my clothes, my shoes and my weight. The next day nothing bothers me and I reach for the same clothes that annoyed me the previous day. Until I wake up the following day and feel annoyed all over again! It’s so annoying! Hahaha 😆

  2. Oh Sue, I’m so with you on this one! WFH outfits and the constant harping on the need for us to dress up to maintain our self-esteem and/or our energy or our creativity. I’m just glad that I know so very many worthy people whose lives testify against that. . . For some of us, it’s undoubtedly true, but whether I get out the house for a walk or run is more important than what I wear for the rest of the day. And some days I’m pretty productive and creative even though I don’t change out of my pjs until noon. Honestly, I’ve been glad the ShelterAt Home has helped me resist the temptations of shopping (not much of an online shopper, which also helps) — as I’d hoped I could do more of this year in respect for our planet. . . To see the pandemic turned into another merchandising opportunity rather than a time to think ourselves out of the mess we’re in, Well. . . . . I’d better stop, ’cause I’ve hijacked your space and there’s still too much hot air in my lungs. Sorry.
    I loved your post, that you still had lots of sincere content for us, and that we can look forward to Fashion and Style posts from you in future, but from a different perspective. Meanwhile, Got Parkas? xo

    1. Thanks-you Frances. Your support is always so welcome. Stu pulled his down coat out for our drive to my sister’s yesterday… I just layered. I am NOT switching back my closet. Ha.

  3. I am not much of a fashion follower so your outfit posts, while enjoyable, do not interest me as much as posts on books, travel, daily life and family stories.
    Reading blogs from all over the world is a great joy in these challenging times and I am very grateful to all who take the time to blog.
    Thank you for your blog and for continuing to write it.

  4. Boy, I’m with you on all of this! I laughed so hard with the “WFH”…”WTF”, I’ve thought the same thing! My WFH uniform has consisted of work out clothes (not working out, lol) for the past 8 weeks! They’ve been great for cleaning, organizing, garage culling, yard work etc. anything to keep busy and comfy at the same time. But yikes, when I see myself in the mirror, whoa! Anyway, looking forward to a haircut/color and wearing real pants, if they still fit…lol!
    Love your blog and I’ll be here to read any topics you come up with!!

  5. You’re speaking for most of us here I think . Yes , I love clothes too but they’re on the back burner at the moment . I bought two or three spring pieces just before the virus descended & they still have their tags on . It doesn’t seem to matter . Like you I don’t want to lounge about ( or worse garden ! ) in my favourite outfits – it’s just not me . Oddly enough I don’t feel frustrated by this , it’s just how it is . And hair 😆, well it’s interesting shall we say . We had a zoom VE Day quiz with the family the other day & 40s outfits were compulsory . I think I might be wearing a turban style scarf now for the duration . Regarding your blog , yes I enjoy the fashion posts but you are so much more than that . Family reminiscences, great book reviews , travelling tales , human interest , a touch of history & plenty of philosophy – oh & humour , we need that more than ever now .

    1. My hair is …ah… interesting as well. Saw my sister yesterday for the first time in weeks. We had a hair comparison first thing. That VE Day quiz must have been so much fun. And with Max’s specialized knowledge you guys were a shoe in.

  6. I automatically read WTF when I see that annoying little expression written down. It seems appropriate. We have been having some amazingly hot weather here (sorry, but it is cooler today) and I have been able to wear the clothes I had assembled for my now-cancelled holiday to Corfu in the back garden, instead of in the taverna or by the villa’s pool. Tell you what has really cheered me up – gold transfer tattoos. I had some sitting about and they have been just the ticket. Last for ages too. It’s little prods of joy we need on the home straight. Hope the garden survived. Because I know how much you enjoy harvest…

  7. It’s the hair, no it’s the snow, no, it’s the hair……….. on repeat. In any case, fashion or not, your blog is a sweet spot for me, so please persevere.

    I did book an online colour and Canadian Curated Wardrobe consultation with Your Shop Girl recently. It was an online, inexpensive, and very entertaining way to have fun in my Pinterest closet, and provided hours of entertainment and dreaming. I have worked with Suzanne in the past, and she is amazing. (This is not a sponsored comment at all). This little diversion really helped, kind of like paper dolls as a child.

  8. Thank you for saying some of what I’ve been thinking and sort of stewing about. I’m not going to start getting dressed “up” for home, when I spend most of my days, exercising, cleaning, cooking, painting, cleaning, cooking and even napping. Yes, the whole new “housedress” opportunity that’s arisen, an opportunistic take on Covid-19 to get us to buy more “junk”. Most of us are tired, moody and unpredictable in our moods. I don’t think throwing on a bright yellow dress with puffed sleeves is going to change that, nor do I think it has anything to do with my self esteem or self worth. Thanks Sue for being so real.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Cleaning, cooking, walking, napping, reading are always done in my sweats. I can’t imagine wearing good clothes to do any of those activities.

  9. Ditto. I agree with all the comments here. I bought myself two new pairs of pajamas. 🤪😷

  10. Keep writing !! We will read whatever , I so enjoy your posts , you have a fun sense of humor , just enjoy yourself while doing your posts and I feel we readers will enjoy also !

  11. I will definitely stick around for more of your posts, fashion ones or not! I enjoy reading your posts regardless of the topic. The longer this lasts the harder it is on everyone emotionally. We have to not be hard on ourselves if we have days that we are grumpy, unmotivated, or just plain down in the dumps.

  12. Sue, look after yourself. We are here for you. Whatever comes our way.
    I love your style and it inspires me. Now with nowhere to go, it’s a bit pointless for me to come up with new outfits though. However, I have personally enjoyed these days of seeing my clothes get distilled down to a naturally occurring small “capsule wardrobe”. My comfy LOLË travel pants at home. Jeans for walks. Old jeans for yard or house work. Skechers slipons as house shoes. Hiking shoes or Skechers sneakers for walks. Waterproof sloggers for yard work. Shortsleeved tee for housework. Long sleeved top for outside (sun/cold). Same with jackets, hats and gloves. One old windbreaker for yard work, a couple to layer for walks and birdwatching. The only bag I’m using is for birdwatching to carry water, binoculars, phone, wallet, sunglasses. Is this all I really need?!

  13. We are each trying to find new ways to feel genuine as our lives are changing, in order to be happy. I enjoy all aspects of your blog. Focus on those which inspire YOU and ignite your passion most right now…books, travel, showing us pics of the beauty surrounding your home. Fashion can go on hiatus, but never your discussions of books and authors. Great reads have been my faithful, non-contagious companions of late, providing a much needed dose of escape and satisfaction. I thank you for that!

  14. I’m teaching online so I see different people every day – so I could wear the same thing every day and no one would know (kind of like when I was an office temp years ago and would work in different offices in different parts of town). Since I’m on camera, I’m wearing makeup and because my just-installed overhead lights shine right down on my head and show my gray roots, I’ve taken to wearing … interesting … headgear. Which amuses my students and friends greatly. Some days I’ll wear a bandana – some days a fancy costume piece from the Renaissance Festival. It gives me a bit of a lift. But it’s getting old.

  15. Hugs across the miles…keep fighting the good fight and keep posting. I look forward to seeing/hearing your thoughts…we are all in it together.

  16. Ceri in London

    Lovely message Sue and lovely messages in all the Comments. So reassuring to see that we are all going through more or less the same reactions and emotions.
    The one comment that struck home with me was Frances …”To see the pandemic turned into another merchandising opportunity rather than a time to think ourselves out of the mess we’re in,…” I know many many businesses are desperate for custom and so I understand and support the impulse to encourage us to shop but — if this is not a heaven sent opportunity to review and re focus on everything about our life styles that has led to this – then what is it?!

  17. Your warm and engaging voice is a welcome part of my internet-surfing routine no matter what the subject matter of any particular blog post may be. (I think it was initially the author/book posts that lured me in.) Whichever direction you may go, I’ll remain part of your readership. Thank you for the community you have created here!

  18. Your thoughts bring up the question of who are awe dressing for – ourself or others. Do we ( may be subconsciously) wear nice things outside the house, but not inside? Is it to be complimented, to impress, to influence, to display wealth, etc. ?
    I love beautiful clothes and for many years struggled to reconcile this with being retired and spending most of my time alone at home. I pushed myself to wear nice ( but always comfortable) things: blouses, pants, dresses, skirts, not just jeans and t-shirts. It helped me feel like the rest of the world vs. wearing sweats or pajamas all day, like a lonely old lady.

    Now, the world is in the same situation as I was for the last ten years- home alone.
    It’s fascinating how people adjust their sartorial choices. So, back to the original question-who are we dressing for?

    1. That IS an interesting question, Faina. One which I grappled with when I retired too. I think I will explore that in a post. My answer will be way too long in a comment. 🙂

  19. Colleen Gander

    Oh, my goodness, all my thoughts and feelings expressed right here and the comments echo my mental conversation too. Last week I was so fed up with the coaxing emails imploring me to shop (I admit I subscribed in the first place), that I spent part of a morning unsubscribing to them all. The rest of the week was much less hectic as a result.

    1. I’m unsubscribing like crazy too. The one e-mail that I do look at is Simons (a Canadian department store) where I rarely shop, but their e-mails have been so interesting, exploring creativity, gardening, and all manner of things lately.

  20. I particularly like your blog because of the added dimension you bring to it. I love reading about where you’ve been, what you’re thinking and even seeing the beautiful meaningful photos you share of scenery. Of course I love your style!! And all you share each season!! I do agree, at this particular time in the state our world is in, it’s ok to change direction for awhile. Thank you for being aware, for being you!! Take care, be safe.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. I was feeling in such a rut with everything, that I thought I’d change what I can control. 🙂

  21. Yes to all of it. And it’s clear from your comments that most of us are in the same boat. It’s tiring, but it’s the right thing to do – staying home, I mean. We were covering plants the other night, too. No snow but a hard freeze. And another expected yet this week. Ugh.

    As for fashion, I’m living in jeans and leggings. But I do admit to fighting with my (overgrown, undercolored) hair for a Zoom call once or twice a week and filling in my disappearing eyebrows. And trying to wear something somewhat colorful on top so I don’t look as washed out and boring as I feel. Ha!

    1. You’ve just reminded me that I need to buy leggings. I only own one very ratty pair. I think I’ll wear them when the weather warms up (maybe) with a tee shirt and sandals.

  22. I’m not sure if I said this before as I’m losing track …of everything!
    When I can go back to a retail store, I’m investing in warm fleece pyjamas (I can’t get warm) and somewhat stylish track suits. Ha!
    I dress in normal clothes, apply makeup for weekly family zoom calls or if we go for a drive ( very rare) and an IG photo…sometimes. Then I rush back into comfy clothes.
    Write what moves you Sue! We will read.
    I heard it may warm up by next weekend. Fingers crossed. Lol.
    Take care!

  23. Sue, long time lurker here who eagerly waits for your next blog post on whatever subject interests you. I was originally drawn to your blog by the juxtaposition of camping and fashion which mirrors my own life as another retired English teacher who loves to travel off the beaten track and who is also a voracious reader and outdoor enthusiast. In other words, your topics are reflective of my world.

    So, while your outfits posts are fun, they aren’t the reason I’m drawn to your blog. Actually, when you talk about clothes, I’m far more drawn to posts where you ruminate and fulminate about how Fashion (with that capital F) fits into a life which doesn’t revolve around it. Those posts hit home because they reflect a much broader approach which tells me that I’m not the only person who can get excited when the laces on my hiking boots match my fleece jacket.

    So write about whatever pleases you—fashion (with or without a capital F), books, travel, New Brunswick, or whatever else captures your interest—and I’ll be eager to read about it.

    1. That is so good to hear, Marily. Until I started this blog I’d rarely met anyone who shared my interests. Of course I have friends who love books, and ones who love clothes, and a couple who even go camping, but not all three.
      P.S. I love that the laces in your hiking boots match your jacket. 🙂

  24. Like Annie, I always read WFH as WTF. Since retirement, WTF is more appropriate. Lost a fair amount of weight so far these last two months (intentional) and if times were different, buying some new things that fit might interest me. But, like you–and most commenters–clothing just isn’t that important to me at the moment. In fact, the plan is to keep on losing weight until satisfied with my health/body. If, in the meantime, my clothes are baggy, so be it. What I haven’t lost is my intention to simply live each day as it comes–no matter what I’m wearing. So whatever your content–I’ll come back to hear what you have to say on any topic.

    1. Baggy is better than too tight. I need to take myself in hand when it comes to too many cookies after lunch, and that extra glass of wine with dinner.

  25. I confess, I get a chuckle out of the bloggers who get dressed and put on make-up & scent to WTF (there, I said it!). My WTF these consists of cleaning out the garage and gardening for the most part, so I’m in my most casual of clothes, and make-up is but a memory these days. Johnny Was had a huge warehouse sale, so I got a very pretty embroidered linen top that I’ve worn on several Zoom calls, but that’s about the extent of my thinking about fashion right now.

    Like Marily, I was first drawn to your blog for the combo of outdoorsy/reading/travel/fashion – other than the actual camping, fits me to a T. So I’m happy to roll with whatever you come up with going forward.

  26. Was the snowfall before or after the day of on and off hail showers in our part of town?

  27. I always enjoy all your posts whatever they are about and read them because you reflect many of my thoughts, so whether it’s about fashion, books, life in general, I will continue to read what is one of my favourite blogs and I don’t have many. Frances’ comment about the pandemic turning into a merchandising opportunity certainly aligns with my thoughts.

    1. Thanks so much, Christy. I do try to keep my affiliate links to things I’m buying myself. But when “needs” are manufactured that really gets up my nose.

  28. Mary Katherine

    Oh, golly, Sue – DITTO DITTO DITTO!!! You’ve expressed everything I’m feeling this week (especially translating WFH to WTF in my head EVERY time – bwahaha!)
    “Outfit posts” just aren’t cutting it for me these days….
    I could be back to my office every other day as early as May 18th. VERY afraid of what will and won’t fit. My stretch ankle pants are turning into leggings, and leggings turning into tights, if you know what I mean!
    We had a HARD freeze 2 nights ago, and it’s blowin a hoolie outside right now. 20 degrees colder than normal, but at least no snow. Bless you heart. Bye, friend.

    1. I do hope your transition back to the office goes well, Mary Katherine. And if the weather stays cold, you’ll need to wear tights. 🙂

  29. When all this started, I philosophically thought it was a much needed cosmic reboot of some kind. Well, my ‘take the high road’ journey has hit a few bumps. I’m just a couple of years ahead of you, Sue, in retirement. I feel so fortunate that I don’t have to deal with the new workplace challenges. I’d be lying awake every night with the stress of the unknown. Such a relief! But I am missing lunch with friends, shopping for sales and exciting trips we finally canceled this week. An empty calendar except for – hallelujah! – a hair appointment at the end of the month. Freshly coifed, and with your blog, I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks for putting into words all these complicated feelings.

    1. I’m with you on the relief of being retired, Chris. The stress of working teachers who are trying to teach on-line and deal with their own kids who are trying to learn on-line… phew. I’d be pulling my hair out. And speaking of hair… I have an appointment in June that I hope I can keep. My coif will be very interesting by then.

  30. I love your blog, Sue!
    I’m working at home – University – but my meetings are increasingly
    in very comfortable clothes. I still put on minimal makeup and earrings, but the rest of me is comfortable, albeit still coordinated! 🙂 At one point I thought I might wear some of my dress shirts – but why? The reality is that there is nothing familiar about how we’re living and working now. Comfortable realism does seem to be the order of the day, (at least for me!) – and it was refreshing to read your words today.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori. It just feels so artificial to be sitting around in dress shirts, doesn’t it? “Comfortable realism” is a good way of putting how we dress now.

  31. Mary Lou Hartman

    What a great post! I enjoy your videos- it feels as if I’m sitting down for a chat with my friend. Your statements reflect my thoughts and feelings exactly. I focus on dressing comfortably at home and have my covid uniform when I do errands and take it off and put it in the washer as soon as I get home. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight.

    1. Thanks, Mary Lou. That’s another thing about wearing good clothes. They’ll have to be laundered right away. I’m not going to want to wash a silk shirt because I’ve worn it to the post office.

  32. Hi Sue, great post as always and for once my comment will be short (ish) as I don’t have much to add that hasn’t been said. The only time I’ve “dressed up” recently, was for our visit to Chateau Laurier and I totally get WTF but only came across WFH a week or so ago! Obviously totally out of the loop!
    Btw …Olive Kitteridge arrived .,, she’s been languishing by the front door for a couple of days … hopefully ready to read tomorrow. Thanks Sue!

    1. Wow. That was fast. I ordered books for my Mum two weeks ago and she’s still waiting for them. Hope you enjoy reading Olive. I sure did.

  33. Although you may feel it is time for a change of topic, I am glad that you will continue writing. Your blog is always interesting, encouraging, and uplifting . As long as you are willing to write, we are certainly more than willing to read!

  34. Sue I really enjoy your blog regardless of the topic, so please continue. I particularly enjoy comments on what you are reading and favourite authors. You have introduced me to several authors and I look forward to more inspiration. As we are housebound with winter approaching (in Australia) reading is the perfect occupation.

    1. Hubby and I would love to get back to Australia. I just chatted on-line with a friend who moved to Burnie, Tasmania. We really loved Tasmania.

  35. Your writing is what brings me here. You offer more than fashion, and I enjoy your conversational style, especially in this time of not seeing anybody. Also, you are among a very small elite able to correctly use it’s/its and their/there.
    I don’t mind a little escapism/denial/eye candy. I am a hardcore news junkie and can use a little variety to my hard-news diet.
    In fashion news, yesterday, I made a dress out of an old cotton sheet. No pattern–I used a top that was in my “gardening/icky jobs” pile and cut it up for the pattern (no buttons or zipper), then sewed a big skirt (with pockets…all clothes should have pockets). It cost me nothing but an afternoon of work, and it was pouring rain here, so I couldn’t do much else anyway. I still have to dye it–it looks a little weird in white, like I should be wearing a head scarf and carrying a bible.

  36. I’m with you as well,thank you for writing about a real life
    When at home,I wear my Nike power women’s yoga trousers ( I buy those for more than 10 years,for home,yoga,physio…- they used to be cotton/elastin-happy days!- and I especially like them for their straight cut) ,t-shirts,polo shirts…something that looks good and washes well. I cook,clean,garden…..and like to keep my “nice”clothes – nice. Nevertheless,I like to look good when at home and wear (Woolovers, bought for home) cashmere sweaters for reading (or ironing…), but,as I’m not on bussines calls- no regular outfita for me. I don’t think,especially now,that wearing things for going out at home,is a wise decision,at least for me.So,I’ve bought new Nikes and Uniqlo top and yoga pant’s and that’s all

    1. I need to order some more leggings to wear with tee shirts when it warms up a bit. I’m going to try to spruce up my at home clothes with some inexpensive pieces that I won’t be sad to lose when I inevitably spill something on them.

  37. Sue, I am thrilled to read your post, and am with you 100%! I had just about given up on reading the blogs because they just don’t reflect where my thoughts and mood are at the moment. I know that many bloggers depend on outfit/new merchandise posts to generate income, and my heart goes out to them. Still, one more “snap up these (still wildly overpriced) trends from Overpriced Store X” post would send me around the bend, a place I didn’t need to go – ha! Luckily, I decided to read one post from one blog this morning before my walk. Instinctively, I knew yours would be the best choice, and boy, was I right! You echo everything I’ve been feeling these past few weeks, even down to the WTF (applicable for SO many situations these days). Please keep on writing what you feel is right, and I’ll happily read. Sending you a virtual hug!

    1. For me affiliate links in my blog never drive the content. Easy for me to say, I guess, because I don’t make my living blogging. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Susan. Hope you enjoyed your walk. 🙂

  38. I enjoyed hearing your voice in audio as well as through your writing today. Thank you for sharing. It is a difficult time, and what one day seems bearable the next seems much less so. We are still hewing to the stay-close-to-home advice but for necessary trips to the grocery, which continues to have some surprising gaps in the shelves. My daughters (one come home; one in her own home), knowing my propensity for reading from the 1930s/40s, tease that I must enjoy this rationing — though I’m not sure the pleasure in the planning discipline outweighs the anxiety of wondering what will be in stock when next I go. I do admit I tend to be the only one at the grocery in a skirt and cardigan. About clothes: one thing that I have been pondering is the meaning they have not just as cover nor even as adornment but as message, message to the world (Robin Givhan wrote about this for the Washington Post in March, ‘Our Clothes Tell Our Story’) and message to myself, whether the message is the lift of color (‘Think Pink!’; ‘Florals for spring. Groundbreaking.’) or the connection with past me’s (I apologize for the apostrophe for plural, but I don’t know how else to mark the word) or with whoever-from-whom-the-garment-came (as gift or hand me down). You have written before about certain items in your wardrobe — evocative musings. Perhaps that will be something you will feel drawn to think on and word.

    1. That’s a wonderful idea, thanks, Katherine. Those apostrophes can be pesky. 🙂 I just finished two books by O Douglas. Was it you who recommended them? I loved them both and am sad she didn’t continue the Rutherford series.

      1. I did recommend O Douglas, Sue. I enjoyed the three Rutherford novels. When I commented, I had just bought The House That Is Our Own, which is set in 1937. There’s a great deal of Canada in that particular book; reading, I wondered how much of that focus was part of knitting the then-empire together in anticipation of the then-coming conflict. KB

  39. Love this post! My “shelter at home” clothes are jeans and a black tee, my not “shelter at home” clothes are jeans and a black tee. I have grown tired of reading blogs that tell me to put on make up and accessories to feel better about myself at home. I love being at home. Like Frances, getting outside is important to me and with all this new found time, I am doing more running and walking.

    So Sue, keep writing on whatever topic catches your fancy. Even if I don’t always comment, your writing is always worth taking time to read savor.

  40. Another vote of confidence from me , Sue. I enjoy everything you write about, and a new subject waiting in my in-box always puts a smile on my face..
    My big grrrr is the your/you’re misuse one !
    No dressing up at home for me, by the way. It would feel downright silly.

  41. Just a heads up re Hay Festival which is sadly online only this year. Information at hay Event 57 might interest you – Jules Hudson talking about Escape to the Country !

  42. ChristineCascadia

    I’m late to this party, but I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. There are a lot of WOACA blogs out there that are wearing a bit thin these days. Not yours. And like any good teacher, when things get boring or repetitive, you change the assignment and find new ways to approach the subject:) I’m looking forward to what’s next

  43. I wish you well in finding a new angle for your blog.
    The continued selling on social media during a pandemic is irking me, I’ll admit.
    Apropos outfits, on days when I’ve been working particularly hard in house or garden and clad in scruffies, late afternoon I declare my work is done for the day and shower. Then to paraphrase dear Ms Kahn too, I tell hubs that “I’m going to change into something LESS comfortable”, I slip on a “presentable” dress and that lifts my spirits somewhat.
    Hugs, x.

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