Spring is almost here, my friends. And by that I mean our version of early spring here in Canada. Still lots of snow. Temperatures above zero. Some fabulous sunny days. And enough rain to make the rest of the snow maybe, hopefully disappear…. soon. So I’m thinking positive, doing my research. And deciding what I will wear this spring. And what I won’t.

I’ve been reading those crazy trend reports. Mostly from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, but some blogs as well. And I’ve been alternately chortling, “You’ve GOT to be kidding.” And musing about what I might do differently with what I already have in my closet.

Let’s get the “no way, no how” trends out of the way first, shall we?

I am saying no to the sixties-style prints that look like wallpaper. At least that’s how they were described in the Bazaar article, “wallpaper prints.” To me they look more like those sticky vinyl sheets we used to paste onto shelves, and assorted old pieces of furniture we were gifted by our parents when we decorated our first apartment. Anyone else remember Mactac? I’m pretty sure there was a beige and orange print just like the one in the photo, below.

And if I’m not going to wear sixties shelf liner, I’m most certainly not dressing in head-to-toe doilies. A little doily goes a long way with me. I do have a crocheted sweater, which I plan to wear. But that will be it for crochet for me. And I am, of course, saying no to feathers. Just like I said no to them last year. I cannot be convinced to wear feathers. Ha.

I am saying never, ever again to hotpants. That was an easy one. And to head-to-toe highlighter colours. I’m not averse to a pop of bright colour, though. I also cannot see me in cascading ruffles, although I’ve been known to wear a soft ruffle on a silk blouse. And last, and definitely least in so many ways… bra tops. Need I say anything about that one?

A trend that I intend to say “yes, please” to this spring is the vest. I love a vest or a waistcoat. I’m going to give “spring leather” a try. And I’m also excited about the continuing suit trend. Pant suits and shorts suits, both. I’m there, people.

Trench coats are big again. Can anyone remember a spring when they weren’t? I’m still dreaming of a classic trench like this Fabiana Fillippi one, below. But since I invested in a navy Moncler spring coat two years ago, after searching for an eternity for a classic trench I liked, I’ll probably pass. Unless I find a seriously wonderful coat at a seriously great price. Which is never entirely out of the question, of course. Perhaps I’ll shop for a vintage, classic coat. We’ll see.

Fabiana Fillippi spring trench coat for 2020.
Fabiana Filippi trench coat has me dreaming … again.

So with my trends research completed, I turned to my closet. What do I have that I will wear for sure? How might I change things up just a bit to stay current? And what might I pull from the darkest reaches of my cupboard or drawers that has not seen the light of day for a while?

First, I piled all the garment bags that had been hanging in Hubby’s closet (aka my storage closet) on our bed. I pulled all the sweaters and pants and tees that had been folded into the drawers under the bed in the spare room, and piled them onto the bed too. Here’s a little tour of all that.

Most of what I own I’ll still be wearing this year. Some pieces I’ll wear in exactly the same way I wore them in the past. My Veronica Beard suit with a tee and my red loafers. My navy Max Mara pant suit with a tee and sneakers, or maybe my cream Theory turtleneck and crocheted sweater. I can’t wait to wear the new outfits that I crafted with old pieces, like my Elie Tahari safari jacket with my new-last-year Frame high-rise, boot-cut jeans. Or my old, old Max Mara linen, safari-style blazer with my Frame straight-leg white jeans and my Theory gold and cream striped tee. Those of us who tend to hoard certain pieces feel a special thrill when an old treasured jacket or suit gets a whole new lease on life.

What I will wear this spring and summer. All the stuff already in my closet.
What I will wear again this year.

My next task is to ferret around in my storage closet and drawers and pull out those things which I haven’t been wearing lately. For instance, I know that tucked away in the darkness of one of my storage drawers under the spare-room bed is a black, brocade vest from years ago. I’d like to try it with my boot-cut jeans, a white shirt or tee, and my black sandals or my sneakers. And I have a pair of black Theory Bermuda shorts that I haven’t worn for at least two or three years. I’m hoping to cobble together a reasonable facsimile of a shorts suit. With the vest or maybe with my black Helmut Lang jacket. Assuming that the vest and shorts still fit me. Fingers are crossed on that.

Inspired by the photos on my Pinterest board for Spring 2020, I’d like to try different combinations with my Theory white jacket. Like wearing it with a white tee and my DIY white cut-offs, shown above. Or pairing it with other pieces. I’m so happy that I bought that jacket last year. It brightens up my closet no end. And goes with almost everything. And although my “Eco crunch” jacket from Theory is no longer available, I love this white three piece suit from Lafayette 148. Very on trend.

Since I’ve been reading and researching trends, and surveying and sorting my closet, I’ve been compiling a small shopping list. I might shop for a coat. A classic trench. Maybe. Although I don’t really need one. I’d like a pair of straight-leg jeans. A light-weight cashmere or cotton sweater over which I can pull on my spring jackets, and which will ensure that I can wear those jackets much earlier. The season for spring jackets is so short here. It’s too cold for them, then we wear them happily for two days, and then it’s too hot. To be able to cast off my boots sooner rather than later, I’d like to find some sheer socks to wear with my shoes and my cropped pants. Navy with polka dots or something similar.

I’m inspired by the polka dot socks Dottoressa wore with her black patent oxfords way last fall when we shopped together in Zagreb. I’m telling you folks, I can’t get over how amazing she looked in her jeans, and those shoes and socks. My fashion envy knows no bounds, it seems, since I still remember what she wore that day. Is it weird that I have such a vivid memory for what other women wear?

My high school friend Jeannie would not find that weird. We share a passion for fashion that has not diminished in the years since high school. We live far away from each other, but we message regularly on FB. Jeannie tells me about a pair of boots she’s found on-line. I tell her about the Everlane cashmere I’m lusting over. Like we’re seventeen, instead of almost sixty-four. I still chuckle over a conversation we had one day probably more than a decade after high school. We were talking about a high school dance. And I recalled exactly what she’d worn. Exactly.

I think it’s wonderful to have friends with whom you don’t have to hide your embarrassingly abject worship of great outfits. Don’t you? Friends who know that there’s more to you than your love of boots and jeans. But who also know that boots and jeans, or cashmere sweaters, or a great fitting suit are important to you.

Friends like you guys. Who can talk books with great erudition one day, and drool over a pair of shoes the next. 🙂

Now, I’ve told you what I will wear this spring. And what I hope to wear. So, it’s over to you, my friends. What’s in your spring closet? Have you looked yet? If not, get in there, do your inventory, and get back to us. What are you excited about that you already own? And what’s on your shopping list? Tell us everything.

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27 thoughts on “Planning for Spring: What I Will Wear”

  1. I saw that vests were coming in, but haven’t seen any other bloggers mention them, yet. I’m a “we’ll see” on those since it’s been so many years since I’ve even thought about wearing one. I’m looking forward to finding a great fitting pair of wide leg crops, the search continues.

    1. The shots of all the vests on the runways this year spoke to me. Mostly because every year I pull my black vest out, don’t wear it, and then neatly fold it back into the drawer. I knew I’d be happy I kept it… eventually.

  2. Living in Victoria in Australia it’s possible to wear most of my clothes at some time every month – even my down coat has been known to see the light of a (cold) summer day. It is possible to have max temperatures of 40 degrees and 15 degrees in the same week. This has its advantages obviously from a wardrobe perspective, but we don’t get the same excitement at the start of spring. One of my memories of growing up in Scotland was getting a new spring coat for Easter and wearing it regardless of the usually freezing weather on Easter Sunday.

      1. Hi Girls, we here in Germany also had new clothes for easter back in the 19-sixthys. And allways for the first time of the year knee socks (mostly white with lace pattern), add with black patent leather Mary-Jane shoes. Sometimes it was very cold, but it must be…! In a year only the heads from the tulips rises out of the snow… nice memory!
        Take good care of yourself, everybody!

  3. I’ve done my overhaul. The prevailing theme is still black. Ha! But I have lost inches over the past couple of months and things look different, mostly in a good way. Some, not so much. Off to London for the day tomorrow and may fit in a bit of a browse as I trot through Cheapside. Re waistcoats. For me, probably not much of a go-er but more power to you.

    1. It sill remains to be seen if my vest will make it out the door as part of an outfit. Browsing in London sounds lovely. I wish I’d been able to check out some of the vintage shops when I was there in 2017.

  4. Aw,thank you very much Sue,for mentioning and in such a flattering way.I don’t remember my polka dots socks,although I wear usually those or fishnet ones. I remember other women outfits much better than mine,too.
    Nevertheless, I remember,more than ten years ago,a comment from one of my male friends-well, I used to think different about fishnet tights,but now,I guess,they must be ok
    I like your video-you should make them more often.
    We have similar taste indeed,I could wear your wardrobe this spring -so lovely pieces. I only don’t like bermudas-I’m more capri pants person
    Short navy trench is one of my wishes (but,not in a near future),as well as silk navy polka dot dress (not in a near future,too,but it is one of those perfect classic pieces that one has to find,so,who knows-I’ll know it when I see it.I’ve had one wrap dress thirty years ago when I was pregnant (so,I guess,it would be big enough),but I’ve given it to my friend)
    Another wish was Massimo Dutti navy silk-wool crew neck,but they don’t have it so far-maybe I’l have more luck in autumn. So,there will be more “old clothes in a new styling”-your Pinterest is inspirative

    1. Oh… my memory is failing. You are right… they were fishnets. And they looked amazing with your black shoes. I remember asking you if they were comfortable because I remembered back in the day wearing fishnet hose with skirts and they hurt my feet by the end of the day.

      1. It really depends on shoes-I don’t have any problems (and I’m sooo sensitive ) with ankle boots or oxfords,but some shoes were a problem before. Sometimes I wear see through socks under fishnets during winter- it helps
        I’m wearing MM 30 den Tulle tights in Blu Notte for dressier occasions,with dresses and Mary Janes- they have lovely kind of microstructure (something like old,old tights,before lycra-), like micro micro nets without holes,if it makes sense 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed raking through your wardrobe with you . Waistcoats go well under jackets & coats . I’ve an almost hip length navy one with a collar ( Mgt Howell ) which I like to call a jerkin – lovely word . It fits well under coats & adds an interesting layer . Not sure that I’m looking for anything specific just now . I know we have to shop early to catch the best of the new ranges but I’m just not feeling very springlike yet .We’re in Scotland for three weeks where the wind & rain of this winter is still with us . Perhaps by the time we get home the soft spring sunlight will have arrived & I’ll feel more inspired .

  6. Lovely to be able to put a voice to the face! And to see into the depth of your closets. However my iPad only allowed a small viewing window, so it was like looking through the keyhole! Seeing how much ‘stuff’ you have shows me I really don’t have enough, so get me to the shops!

    1. Sorry about the small viewing screen, Mary. That’s what happens when you load an i-phone video into YouTube. It looks much better on Instagram. Plus the navy jackets and dress against the black of the garment bag made them impossible to see. I should have laid everything out, but it was only supposed to be a short ruffle through. 🙂

  7. Such a lovely peek in your closet and your thoughts for spring! Nothing has wowed me yet, but the vest may be a contender. I’m curious about what you think of “stealing” a particular item or a general look from a friend or acquaintance. You were clearly open about loving Dottoress’s polka dot socks, but sometimes one might not wish to be that forthcoming. Do you and your readers think it’s ever okay to copy someone you know without admitting it?

    1. I’m rarely wowed by anything I see on the runways. The way others interpret trends on Pinterest usually gives me more ideas. I think it’s fine to get ideas for styling outfits from friends. My friend Margaret showed up at lunch the other day in a tweed blazer and I noticed right away. She was pleased that I did. She said she’d been reading my posts about old tweed jackets and realized she had one. But I guess maybe it depends on if the friend would be pleased or miffed.

  8. Sue, I always look forward to reading your posts on fashion. You have a great spring wardrobe to work with and I can see that you have most of what you need to put those outfits together. Thanks for the idea of purchasing socks to transition my ankle pants into spring. I love those sheer polka dot ones on your Pinterest post. I need to hunt for a pair like that.

    I do love my wardrobe. I retired from the corporate world in 2016 but I did not retire from my love of fashion. (I think my love of clothing goes back to my teen years when I would visit Eaton’s and pine for clothes I could never afford.) Your posts on using pieces from your former work wardrobe have inspired me on ways to adapt pieces of my work life wardrobe to my today lifestyle. I still miss dressing for work! It is the one thing I miss from my working life – which my husband finds very amusing.

    I have purchased a few things for spring already. A new trench coat (no I did not need one), a knit tweedy blazer jacket – great with jeans I think and a wonderful pair of flats in white and tan. I have been following @redleopard_uk on Instagram and I am busy reducing my wardrobe of orphan colours that I know do not do me any favours. Would love to see a post from you on colour choices in your wardrobe. (I find their videos on colour so interesting.)

    You know Sue, when I first started working I made $95 a week. My first clothing purchase from my first pay check was a pair of Thomas Wallace black patent t-strap wedge shoes from Eaton’s and they were $75. I still remember them fondly.

    1. No matter the seriousness of our jobs, and I took mine very seriously, we still love to get dressed for work. I miss that too. I also miss the interaction about fashion with the kids. Especially come prom season.
      P.S. I am going to check out Simons on-line to look for those socks. They had a great in-store selection last year.

  9. If someone asks,I would feel flattered 😉 .
    Some sights,photos, films ,everything we see,another women…etc, could be inspiration for something completely different,our styling,even our personality ,will make it ours .
    I never buy ” the total look” even in stores,because I find pleasure in making my own combination. If my close friend (in geographic terms,if we are all the time in same circles) “steals” my total look,I will change my styling completely . Only a detail is not a problem
    My close friends on other continents can do whatever they want 🙂

  10. Ann in Missouri

    Oh, Suze, I totally hear you about the value of good friends who don’t think we’re ditzy [pick a hair color] just because we can be transported by a magnificent outfit. I still remember when Condoleezza Rice broke the internet wearing that long, black, gold-buttoned coat with tall black leather boots. My love for that outfit has zilch to do with politics (I play for the other team)–she simply rocked that outfit, and you could tell from her smile that day that she knew it! https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190902125437-02-condoleezza-rice-wiesbaden-army-airfield-2005.jpg

  11. We had a bit of a weird cold snap yesterday and I actually wore a poloneck ( with the collar folded, Sue ! ) and jeans for the first time this year !

      1. *Hug emoji* 😀

        It’s a bit nippy at the moment, so I’m wearing a cotton poloneck skivvy under a lightweight wool knit V-neck sweater… It’s hard to believe we were in the middle of a heatwave with bushfires only a month ago !

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