You know, ever since I retired I’ve been looking for ways to make dressing easy. Not the actual getting dressed part, necessarily, but the choosing an outfit part.

I want a daily ‘run to the grocery store, or to the library, or to meet a friend for coffee at the last minute’ kind of uniform. In the summer it’s one or another of my favourite tees worn with a pair of jeans and my flat sandals. During spring and fall it’s a good coat, or a spring or fall blazer, thrown over the summer uniform, but with sneakers or loafers instead of sandals. In winter it’s a good coat over a turtleneck, or a sweater and scarf, jeans, and boots.

Sounds easy, eh? But all this easiness comes from planning. Knowing what I need, and then shopping for something that fits me, my wardrobe, and my lifestyle. Then when I buy something new, I have a try-on day. I pull all kinds of pieces out of my closet and try the new piece with different tops, boots or shoes, coats, and scarves until I have a couple of outfits that I love. And which I can now reach for without having to think and plan.

ALC striped tee, Uniqlo down vest, Liverpool jeans, Paul Green loafers.
My old ALC tee shirt is black and white so works perfectly with my new Liverpool jeans.

That’s what I did this week when I bought these black Liverpool jeans at Nordstrom. I haven’t owned black jeans in years. I have black, light-wool leggings, and black leather pants… but no jeans. And I have some winter tops and sweaters that look great with black but which I won’t wear with leggings, or with leather pants. Leggings need a longer tunic-length top, for me anyway. And I’m not going to run errands in my good leather pants.

I was looking for straight-leg jeans, and these are in fact labelled skinny, but they aren’t super skinny. They have a looser fit than my other skinny jeans. I have to say I love these jeans. They look and feel like regular jeans, but they’re not. They’re called “Glide” by Liverpool because they just pull on. I know! I love a pull- on pant.

ALC striped tee, Uniqlo down vest, Liverpool jeans, Paul Green loafers.
I’m not done with burgundy yet. Far from it.

Once I had my new jeans home, I had a try-on day. I tried them with my old, striped A.L.C. long-sleeve tee, my Uniqlo down vest, and my Paul Green burgundy loafers. I wore my vest all over the Balkans, but I’m not even close to being sick of it yet. The striped tee is black and white and looks great with black jeans.

ALC striped tee, Uniqlo down vest, Liverpool jeans, Max Mara coat, Paul Green loafers.
Max Mara tweed coat, Uniqlo ultra-light down vest, A.L.C. tee, Liverpool “Glide” jeans, Paul Green loafers.

I’ll wear the striped tee and vest with my Max Mara tweed coat. And my loafers. Or with my black Stuart Weitzman boots and my burgundy paisley/plaid scarf. That’s what I wore to fly down to my mum’s yesterday. I folded my coat into my tote bag at the airport, draped my scarf around my neck on the plane, and popped the coat back on when we landed in Fredericton.

Max Mara coat, Uniqlo hoodie, Vince tee, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans.
Max Mara tweed coat, Uniqlo sweatshirt, Vince tee, Liverpool “Glide” jeans, Stuart Weitzman boots.

This is another look that I know I’ll reach for when I’m headed out the door in a hurry. My black Liverpool jeans, a short-sleeve Vince tee, my pink hoodie from Uniqlo, Max Mara coat, and Stuart Weitzman black boots. I like this look because the hoodie toughens up the pink, rather lady-like, coat. I’m quite partial to a hoodie with a smart jacket or coat.

Max Mara coat, Uniqlo hoodie, Vince tee, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans.
The hoodie toughens up the lady-like coat. Not to mention my combat-ish boots.

I hear combat boots are totally the thing this season. Ha. That works for me. My Stuart Weitzman boots are probably as close to combat boots as I’m ever likely to wear. Close enough for me to participate in the trend without shopping, anyway.

Max Mara coat, Uniqlo hoodie, Vince tee, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans, Holt Renfrew scarf.

Because we have snow, and the temperatures have been well below freezing, I wrapped my burgundy paisley scarf around my neck before venturing outside. I love this old scarf, bought at Holt Renfrew many years ago. Paisley on one side and plaid on the other, it sure makes mixing prints easy. And easy is what I’m all about these days.

On the Rideau in Max Mara coat, Uniqlo hoodie, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans.
With this old scarf mixing prints is effortless.

My new jeans will help to make everyday dressing easy this winter. They go with a ton of things in my closet, and I’ve chosen two outfits already that I can throw on and dash out the door. Easy dressing. No need to think up an outfit. And… these jeans are easy to simply pull on. So… easy to get dressed. Literally.

You can find my black, Glide, Liverpool skinny jeans here if you’re interested. And the straight-leg version here.

On the Rideau in Max Mara coat, Vince tee, Uniqlo hoodie, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans, Holt Renfrew scarf.
I love the light this time of day.
On the Rideau in Max Mara coat, Uniqlo hoodie, Stuart Weitzman boots, Liverpool jeans.
The river is like glass in the late afternoon. One last look before scurrying back indoors.

Shopping to fill a niche in my closet is something I do regularly. I always have a list. Whenever I’m out and about, I look for whatever is on the list, often wardrobe staples. New jeans. Black jeans. White tees, black tees, striped tees. Whatever. I know the Breton tee craze probably reached its zenith a few seasons ago, but I still think a striped tee is a wardrobe staple.

My A.L.C. tee shirt is beginning to look a bit tired. I’ve worn it a ton since I bought it back in 2015. So I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. Here are four tees I’m considering. The Madison Labiche one on the left is my favourite. I like the Vince one and the one from Ann Taylor too. But I think when I get home I might order that Madewell rugby shirt on the right. I love the loose fit. And, with my jeans and boots, it would be an easy, super-casual, run to the library look.

You know, just because I want to make everyday dressing easy, doesn’t mean I plan to give up dreaming of outfits, planning new ways to wear what I own, or shopping for a special new piece. It just means I want a few outfits that are easy to haul out of the closet without thinking, throw them on, and feel good about what I’m wearing. For those days when I don’t want to think too much. But still want to be confident that I look good.

I’ll be at my Mum’s for the next week or so. We plan to do not much of anything while I’m here. Drink tea, eat, watch Escape to the Country on TV, and yak. An easy, snuggle down and put on the kettle kind of visit.

I’m all for energetic activities, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes you just want things to slow down and be easy.

Now it’s your turn, my friends. Do you have an everyday uniform? What is your idea of an easy, throw on, run around town look?

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28 thoughts on “Make Dressing Easy. So Easy.”

  1. After a long time denying pull-on trousers, I bought some this year and love them. Very casual but they fit – actually a bit baggy but I cannot abide tight – and look fine with winter jumpers. You do have to be careful though, because there is a fine line between cool pull-on and vile things that you wouldn’t wash the floor with. We all know them. I may well do down the road of a pull-on jean as well because they are appealing. Like you, I cannot abide fuss when getting dressed and recently the fuss-factor is even more important, given that my patience levels are very low indeed. I tried wearing cool combat boots and gave myself tendonitis which is still there but on the way out. Knowing I have rather flat feet…and wearing pull-on trousers…like I said, a very fine line. Your outfit seems to be well away from that line.

  2. Hi Sue
    The perfect outfit! Right up my alley.
    I’m glad you did the legwork on finding black jeans. You’ve made my job easier. Ha!
    I’m sure I’m not alone, but with stretchy jeans I’m always pulling them up…with a belt or without.
    Could you meet me in Toronto 😉😉….I’m looking for a mother of the groom dress or probably a pant suit due to my touchy feet and wearing supportive flats. Ugh!! 😂
    Enjoy your time back home and say hello to your Mom!!

    1. I’m okay with high-rise stretchy jeans and pants. But the mid-rise and the low-rise were a nightmare for me. I hauled them up every time I moved.😀

  3. As always, you look so polished, even when you’re just dressed for running errands. Casual chic with such elegance — and you make it look easy!
    I’m not nearly as organized as you, but I do try to have a few combos I really love and work them regularly — and then have a few pieces that can sub in and out of those combos. You’ve reminded me that I should try the Uniqlo hoodie we share (’cause I copycatted you?!) for layering. I’ve been ignoring it since the weather cooled, but I love the way it looks under your tailored pink coat. My tailored coat is black but I think that would work too. And I guess I should haul out my combat-style boots (Fluevog) and either wear them a bit or send them along. . . I tend to default to my Blundstones (more comfortable, sleeker profile, and waterproof to boot — see what I did there? 😉

  4. I can easily get in a rut with ‘ popping out ‘ clothes , sometimes forgetting what else is available & just grabbing what’s handy . I enjoy the odd try on session too but it has to be when hubby isn’t at home as he finds it highly amusing . He just doesn’t understand how serious this dressing business is . Your padded vest under a ladylike coat is something I like to do as it does make for a more casual look (& adds warmth )
    Enjoy your visit ‘ home ‘ . I hope your mum is well .

  5. I bought my Timberlands having just glimpsed an ad for the Stuart Weitzmans – have since seen them in store, fantastic! And I always found SW to be a comfortable shoe, in the world of elegant footwear.

  6. As always I relate very much to your wardrobe decisions especially since I am also a retired high school teacher. Must admit that I love your new black jeans and find that a similar style is an absolutely basic in my wardrobe…I don’t own blue jeans! Black is the base colour around which my year round wardrobe is based….whether wool, leather, cotton or silk. It suits my colouring and provides an easy, practical and elegant wardrobe base for my lifestyle. My quick outfit choice is a black turtleneck (or silk blouse) and a black bottom (usually wool or black denim) depending on what the occasion/event is. The fun and colour come from the addition of silk scarves, jewellery and a great coat with a lovely fit….then it is out the door! Enjoyed the post and look forward to hearing about all your adventures whether travelling, reading or shopping!

    1. I always love black. But not black tops as much as when I was younger. Except if worn, as you do, with a scarf for colour. I see so many women in winter in black winter coats who need a scarf to brighten the look.

  7. I agree that uniform dressing makes life so much easier. My winter uniform: blue jeans or gray pants + black crewneck or black turtleneck + wool or silk scarf + black or red coat + black boots. It’s not original or at all exciting (except for the red coat), but I feel confident wearing it, and it’s appropriate for most occasions.

    1. I feel the same Jo. It’s just jeans and boots and a coat… but it’s all in which jeans, boots, and coat. Bet that red coat of yours looks fabulous.

  8. I tend to figure out one outfit (taking the extra time….) then wear it for a few days that week for different “stuff”. Then try another the next week. I don’t mind wearing the same outfit a few times in a row. It also works nicely for the laundry as I don’t usually need to wash after one wear.
    But your planning ahead approach seems better as you are already “ready” anytime to grab and go. One funny question, how do you remember those ensembles? It’s probably just me but I think I would forget what I had planned out…..hahaha….
    Thanks for the post and the Liverpool jeans suggestion.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. I like wearing the same thing more than once a week, especially if it’s a current fav everyday outfit. Now that I’m retired I rarely see the same people twice in a week, so it doesn’t matter. I keep track of outfits I’ve planned by taking photos. I don’t use all of my photos in the blog. But I still keep at least one photo of an outfit in a digital file. I used to keep notes, but now there’s no need.

  9. Sue, did you size tts or go down a size in the Liverpool jeans? I looked at reviews on there & Nordstrom website & some say to size down.

    1. I didn’t size down. I usually take a 30 waist in jeans, and that what mine are. Now that I think of it that’s probably why they are a bit looser through the leg. But I like them that way. I didn’t want ultra skinny jegging style. Having said that, I wore my jeans to take photos for the blog, then all the next day to travel to my Mum’s last week. Up early, sitting in airports and on a plane, then driving, grocery shopping etc etc. They did not stretch out or slip off my hips or anything. They felt great all day. Hope this helps.

  10. I love your “combat” boots and have been looking for similar. If they’re trendy, it means I have a chance of finding a pair.
    The blog “This Is Glamorous” just had a post about mixing athleisure with blazers. In Paris.

  11. Hi to your Mum!
    Black jeans(as well as navy and white) are real basics. Mine black jeans are couple of years old,from S. Oliver
    Your combinations are nice,as ever 🙂

  12. I’m fairly boring in this department, but it works remarkably well for me.

    In summer: No brainer… Pick a T-shirt, a pair of shorts and either flat sandals or thongs ( not the undies version )

    Winter: Usually a turtleneck skivvy or a knit jumper version over jeans with boots and either a winter coat or jacket.

  13. Thank you for the intro to the Liverpool Gliders! I ordered a pair, and wore them yesterday for (American) Thanksgiving, and they were comfortable for my day of feasting and hanging around with friends, and looked great as well! My new faves – I’ll probably wind up geting a 2nd pair, I like these so much.

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